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Tied down and helpless  

karababe26 40M/33F
16 posts
8/26/2020 4:09 pm
Tied down and helpless

One night, my boyfriend came into our bedroom right after I'd gotten out of the shower. He asked if he could tie me down to our bed so we could play around. I was already very horny, so of course I agreed. I LOVE to be tied down and helpless. He tied my hands then my feet, and then he even strapped on my favorite ball gag. I was naked under a sheet and spread wide open ready for some fun.

Just then, he told me that he wouldn't be the one playing with me. Our friend, Mike, was over earlier and I knew where this was headed. Mike works with me and had asked me out<b> multiple </font></b>times before I met my boyfriend. Somehow, that came up in the conversation my boyfriend and he had while I was in the shower. I was not remotely attracted to Mike. He carried some extra pounds, was very hairy, and just didn't turn me on. I also was against people from work seeing me naked, much less play with me naked.

My boyfriend confirmed what I thought as he told me how I was about to make Mike's dream come true. I started to pull at the ties and try to protest, when just then, Mike walks in. I tried to pull myself myself free in some way... in ANY way, but I was stuck with only a sheet between Mike and my naked body. My boyfriend told him the rules, and Mike walked over to the bed. I looked at him and shook my head to try and dissuade him from pulling off the sheet and revealing all of me to him. He looked at my boyfriend who just asked what he was waiting for. He told him how much I got turned on by situations like this, and he was right. I was secretly turned on but tried to resist a little anyway. Mike slowly pulled the sheet down to reveal my breasts, then my stomach, then all of me. The slowness in which he pulled the sheet off of me made me a little wet. Mike's eyes were big as he told me how perfect I looked. He placed his hands on my breasts and ran them down my body. He was fondling me all over. The excitement from the embarrassment made me wet, and he could tell when he ran his hand over my clit.

My boyfriend gave him my vibrating wand, and I started to shake my head no. That thing makes me orgasm almost constantly, and I didn't want Mike to get the wrong idea when he saw that side of me. He took off his shirt and jeans to reveal a paunch belly, hairy back, and equally hairy chest. He was also very hard. He climbed up on the bed and knelt between my legs. With one hand, he touched the wand to my pussy, and with the other hand, he stroked his cock as he stared at my naked body. I threw my head back and let out a soft moan as I could feel myself about to cum for the first time. My boyfriend was on the chair across the room stroking himself as he watched Mike make me cum over and over.

Then Mike pulled the wand away and laid himself down on top of me. Our naked bodies were pressed together. I could feel his cock throbbing against the front of my pussy. His hairy chest was coarse against my tits as he uncontrollably started to thrust his dick back and forth gliding over my slippery wet clit. He raised himself up so he could look at my body. Then he grabbed the lotion that was next to my bed, and he smeared it all over me. I looked up at him and began to pull on the ties again as he rubbed the lotion on me. My resisting was only making him enjoy everything more. I was completely lubed up and slippery all over. Mike started to rub his dick up and down over my clit again. I was about to have a massive orgasm. I looked at my boyfriend, who was intently watching and started to shake and moan. I may not have been attracted to Mike or thrilled that he was having his way with me, but the whole situation was so damn hot.

Mike started to slide his cock up my slippery body toward my chest when he started to repeat "Oh my God" over and over. His dick got rock hard as he started to cum all over me. It shot onto my face and tits. Mike's body fell onto mine as he was still cumming all over me. He finally got up, looked at me and then my boyfriend and said "Thank you. That was amazing." My boyfriend came over and took off my ball gag. I looked in his eyes and told him to fuck me, and that I didn't care if Mike watched. My boyfriend put his dick in me and began thrusting as Mike watched. At this point, Mike had seen and experienced enough that I wouldn't have cared who was watching. I was THAT horny.

After we both came, my boyfriend untied me. I got up and walked over to Mike, still fully naked. I made him swear never to tell anyone, or I would never let him see me naked or touch me again. I didn't really plan on letting him see me or touch me again, but he didn't know that, and I didn't exactly plan on letting him have his way with me this time either. I did enjoy it though. And that would be another one of the many crazy sexual adventures I've had...

looking2cumwthu 56M

10/10/2020 3:41 am

your definitely a good sport, sounds like mike doesn't get laid much. maybe next time you should let mike have a once in a lifetime sex with someone as beautiful as you and let him fuck you and make ur boyfriend watch mike get the one and only best piece he will ever have. guys like mike never get a chance having sex with a woman like you and ill bet he wil never forget sex with u as long as he lives. your the hottest

KentKinky 54M
2 posts
8/30/2020 8:37 am

Great story! So fucking sexy....

7up48 68M  
50 posts
8/27/2020 4:21 pm

That story was so hot!!!

all_about_you73 47M
181 posts
8/27/2020 4:17 pm

Damn that was amazing. I get the sense that this will happen again.

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