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Pet peeve  

kcutemilf 53F  
234 posts
7/3/2016 7:37 am
Pet peeve

Not everyone is for everyone . With that in mind I wanted to share something . Recently a couple tried to add me as a friend . I don't add everyone really . Sometimes given age and distance - anyhow they must've gotten really offended because I received a nasty message.

People - there's no need to be mean - we are all humans and have our own preferences.

Be nice!!


seems6666 49F
4024 posts
7/3/2016 7:50 am

OMG! how rude! ,I only add friends as people I chat to. I'd name and shame!

InsectorGadget 40M
96 posts
7/3/2016 7:53 am

"Thank you for revealing your true colors" is something like how I would have responded.

iwalkstilts 45M  
2859 posts
7/3/2016 7:53 am

They're loss.

iwalkstilts 45M  
2859 posts
7/3/2016 8:00 am

I looked at your pics. Very sexy!

iwalkstilts 45M  
2859 posts
7/3/2016 8:09 am

Oops. Meant to say, "their loss!".
You're super sexy!

ComstockCreek 63M  
3 posts
9/6/2016 9:43 pm

AdultFriendFinder is not a place for nasty messages. Rude, crude, you don't deserve it.

danomano21 67M  
1 post
11/29/2016 1:31 am

Kimmy sends mean messages too, so I say CHEATER, CHEATER PETER EATER!!!

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