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Sunday Funday  

kcutemilf 53F  
230 posts
5/29/2016 6:23 pm
Sunday Funday

Hey everyone !
Long time no post

This is my version of 7 minutes in heaven . If you had one wish with me what would it be ?
From the most milf to the devious I want to hear it all!!

Tell me your naughty little secrets . I'm just so booooorrrreeeddd lately lol. Who wants to gonna go out on the town and then back to your place for a dirty fuck??

Maybe if I pick your dirtiest secrets it will be you . You never know!!

Can't wait


kcutemilf 53F  
32 posts
5/29/2016 6:46 pm

Nice try ...

paint1 65M  
47 posts
5/29/2016 7:11 pm

I want to pour honey over your huge boobs and then lick it all off but along the way i will be sucking on your hard clit and tasteing you!

kcutemilf 53F  
32 posts
5/29/2016 7:57 pm

That's a better try...

reallyready46 60M
1212 posts
5/30/2016 10:07 pm

Well you said I am not your type, but in the spirit of things here goes. To have pleasure with a woman. Just not some woman but one that turns me on. One with a great smile, nice body and a brain. A woman with a soft touch but a dirty mouth. A regular looking lady that others pass by, but unknown to others is a great roll in the hay. But since I last longer than 7 minutes I guess my time in heaven would be cut far short........

reallyready46 60M
1212 posts
6/17/2016 10:29 pm

I just can not believe this! One guy that takes some time to type something. Good Lord AdultFriendFinder has really slid. So that your lovely ego is not bruised here goes. You call me for dinner. You tell me to get dressed and take you out some place nice. I pick you up and you smell like a woman should. You have on a low cut dress that shows off the top of your legs. When we arrive you ask for a Table that is very private. We order and as soon as the waiter leaves you start asking me questions. Would you like to suck this boob? As you pop one out. Could you get the nipple on this one hard? As you pull out the other one and squeeze the nipple. You put both boobs away as the waiter enters with drinks. He leaves and you slide away from the table. Pulling up your dress I see you have not panties on. You play with your clit. You tell me how much you need a real man. Can I be that man? You slide back to the table. The first part of the meal arrives. We talk normal talk. As soon as we finish you stick two fingers inside yourself and hold them up for me to taste. Am I better than the meal so far? you ask. Well yes I respond. We finish dinner and are asked about dessert. Give us 15 minutes you tell the Waiter. You tell me that I should go under the table and eat your pussy. I do so and in a couple of minutes you squeeze my head between your legs as you cum. You tell me that you need something sweet before going home. I may need some energy later. Dessert arrives and you tell me to unzip and pull out my dick. I do so and you reach to feel it. You are sliding your hand up and down the shaft, cooing softly. you reach over and take a finger of cream off your dessert and wipes it on my dick head. Your mouth follows right behind, deep throating all of it in one move. I reach down and squeeze those tits. You tell me to finish my dessert. We finish I pay then out to the Car. We start making out in the car. We kiss, feel each other up before we leave for the safety of my home.

avg_nice_guy 53M  
261 posts
7/29/2016 3:07 pm

I have been in love with your breasts for a long time, so spending ALOT of time enjoying them to start, but then I have fantasized licking that sweet pussy too! Having you on all fours at the edge of the bed, walking up and sliding in from behind to get those awsesome breasts swaying while pumping from behind! hell, what wouldn't a guy want to do with you lol

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