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Baths are great, but a shower is a girl's best friend!  

kelleebabes 60F  
492 posts
1/5/2020 5:10 am
Baths are great, but a shower is a girl's best friend!

If the spray hits just right on my spot... atop that fat mound, where the curls begin to halo my entire pussy, if the incredibly , water hits my sweet spot ... oh, it’s on! the water is going to be all over my pussy!... My tight puckered asshole is getting soaked...sprayed until I can’t stand the heat anymore...ohhh back atop to my clit’s hood...ohh the water makes my knees weak, I must grab the bar...I cum so hard!...my whole crotch is on fire! from the water, from all the blood rushing to my clit and plump, labia lips...my ass hole, my pee hole, ohhh, I must cry loud...my body is in pure pleasure!..

My blood is alive...with many voices
that tell me...I am made of longing,

kelleebabes 60F  
118 posts
3/4/2020 12:01 pm

good one...

My blood is alive...with many voices
that tell me...I am made of longing,

Leegs2012 47M
52773 posts
2/27/2020 8:23 am

How have I missed your sexy Blog all of this time? I am a blog watcher now!! You are amazing!!

kelleebabes replies on 3/4/2020 12:00 pm:
thank you!

photon46 72M  
338 posts
1/25/2020 1:00 pm

And all this time, I thought showers were to get clean.

RobK2006 52M
5551 posts
1/6/2020 7:00 am

Well that sure turned me on!

kelleebabes replies on 1/6/2020 8:21 am:
mmm that nice...

NJGUY08090 53M
3181 posts
1/5/2020 5:33 pm

I'd love to be in the shower with you -- I'm thinking something with multiple spray heads. I'd love to give you what I got too

boobwhisperer69 57M  
6026 posts
1/5/2020 10:16 am

Both can be fun with the right partner!

bronzeartist 51M
71 posts
1/5/2020 9:32 am

I am lucky enough to live part time in Thailand now. In Phuket, Thailand I have a long lease on a , multi-unit, house for all the players/LadyBoys for HARD ROCK CAFE. I rent the rooms out six months at a time with six month, managers fees, and you can get a " REAL SOAPY ", from any one of the LadyBoys at my bar. The shower is the fun place for two bodies to become one. You can lose yourself in a real soapy. They have flavored gels for extra heat and sensuous fun. I would love to give you a real soapy at my house.

If you read this and want a Real Soapy, with my big steel fingers, read my profile and send me real mail. Do you want to have some real fun???? I love sissy Gurls and I would love showing you a few new tricks. \\o// + me = big time fun.

sensualmaninmn 58M  
502 posts
1/5/2020 7:39 am

And showering with a partner can make those sensations even more intense..

azriel1970 49M  
29639 posts
1/5/2020 6:17 am

Ohh my yes. Can I see you shower LOL?

in2oralfun69mm 72M
237 posts
1/5/2020 6:16 am

Good to hear someone enjoying some alone time

Nnsbound 40M  
1 post
1/5/2020 5:53 am

That sounds so damn hot

hardtofuk 72M

1/5/2020 5:53 am

post pics please

one2onegso 59M
70 posts
1/5/2020 5:51 am

Hot experience! May I hold and direct the shower head?

fishing1362 57M
145 posts
1/5/2020 5:40 am

love to see that baby

Paulxx001 63M  
16582 posts
1/5/2020 5:34 am

Wow.... Sounds like you have it down to a science. I'd love to watch...
So... How long does it take for you to meet the stars?
That was... hot 🔥 and wet 💦 😎

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