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Face Play with my Hungry Daddy...  

kelleebabes 62F
587 posts
7/1/2021 8:14 pm
Face Play with my Hungry Daddy...

lay on the floor Daddy, and I'll come squat down over your face, wipe my pussy and tiny tight pee-pee hole across your lips, your mouth, your nose... dangle my cunt lips over your wide-open mouth, I go down on my knees and cover Daddy entire face with my musky,<b> vanilla </font></b>coochie, my pussy smashed on your tongue that's sticking out of your wide-open mouth, my pee-pee hole wanting you to drink me,, swallow my juicy, sweet flow. my clit rubbing your nose, oh sniff me, smell my excited pussy,, feel my hard erect clit, all wet and slippery rubbing your face...your hands have to push against my soft rolls pushing up, up ...so my pussy drags back and forth across your lips and tongue as I hump your face, rolling my hips, riding your tongue, riding Daddy face like my little pony...

My blood is alive...with many voices
that tell me...I am made of longing,

Stockshill 59M
44 posts
7/3/2021 4:25 am

yummy lady sandwich

wanttodoall2 63M  
548 posts
7/2/2021 5:50 am

That sounds so wonderful. It would be a pleasure to lay on the floor for you to do as you please and pleasure yourself on my face. I would drink everything you give me.

Wanttodoall2 postbox

RobK2006 54M
5957 posts
7/2/2021 2:54 am

This was my first hard-on of the day. I'd love to play a game of how deep can I get my tongue while you did that.

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