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My Inner Slut...
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Just the tip...
Posted:Oct 16, 2020 9:07 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2020 11:27 am

Just the tip of your tongue over the tiny hole of my pee pee ...now, wait for it...wait for it...oh Yesss, now, feel the warmth of my pale, sweet juice on your porous tongue as it wicks the erotic mixture of my female sweetness and my pure musky desire into a delightful ribbon of sensual deliciousness that your thirsty mouth yearns for...
Decisions... decisions ...what's a slut to do?
Posted:Sep 24, 2020 2:28 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2020 9:04 am

I got a notion,... a little tingle in my cunt, a blooming desire that sends a signal to my brain that starts toying with my libido ..."Ahhh , my pussy is already aflutter with butterflies of yearning, of desire, of brilliant flashes of secret lusts"... I squeeze my thick thighs together tightly rocking, wiggling, humping myself ...into convincing myself ...I need to cum! now, my mind is racing ...how do I want to cum? Do I want to draw this delightfully tangy, slutty nasty feeling out? do I have the time?... I close my bedroom door, lock it... I pull my long gauzy sundress over my head, my pussy's sweet musky fragrance hangs in the air, Ohh my coochie is aching for touch, I move slowly because I afraid any movement will set me to orgasming...now chose, do I go to my favorite live chat room site, and choose "phone" where I know I can almost instantly find a more than willing partner?...do I want to seduce? or be seduced? sub? or age play?...or do I first...turn on my favorite porn...My "go to"... hungry mouths eating out, lapping up. sucking off, kissing tenderly, ...or do I go Taboo?...mmm I grab my
new vibrator, a gift, I haven't even experienced half the speeds it has!...
Ohhh I can't stand it anymore!... I touch myself ...Ahhh yes, I mean noooo Ohhhh I came so quickly...I'm not nearly through...where's my phone?... I'm off to the Taboo room now... and the Phone room ..Oh, Lookout world...Kelleebabes got a notion again!...
My Rosebud Anus...
Posted:Sep 22, 2020 8:00 pm
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2020 4:09 pm

I need you...Please , please bend over... my big voluptuous body across your naked lap, take your hand and slowly slide my long, gauzy skirt up my thick legs, feel the firmness of my calves as you go,... up farther, farther the sensitive backsides of my thighs..., ... exposing my wide, fat ass, I have no panties , grasp with each hand a firm handful of my fleshly, creamy white mounds, and ohhh, so gently, pulling them apart exposing my sweet puckered rosebud anus... Kiss it, , kiss it with your tongue...
My Rosebud Anus...
Posted:Sep 22, 2020 7:47 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2020 8:47 pm

I need you...Please oh, please bend me over... my big voluptuous body across your naked lap, take your hand and slowly slide my long, gauzy skirt up my thick legs, feel the firmness of my calves as you go,... up farther, farther to the sensitive backsides of my thighs...oh, ... exposing my wide, fat ass, I have no panties on, grasp with each hand a firm handful of my fleshly, creamy white mounds, and ohhh, so gently, pulling them apart exposing my sweet puckered rosebud anus... Kiss it, kiss it with your tongue...
"Giving pleasure is receiving pleasure,"
Posted:Sep 18, 2020 10:36 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2020 6:59 pm

The idea of someone touching themselves, stroking their cocks, fondling their bodies with the intent to...sexually satisfy the urge. the overpowering yen to be a part of my act...this thrills me! as I'm touching myself, I feel pleasure because I have sensory cells specifically attuned to slow, comforting stroking, when I'm masturbating, I feel, a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling that I want to share "Giving pleasure is receiving pleasure," I'm 'Ol Skool' I was taught to share and play nicely with others...
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Taste My Desire..
Posted:Sep 10, 2020 11:10 am
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2020 6:15 pm

I don't want my pee-pee hole be stretched or hurt, , I want you barely touch the tip of your tongue to my tight tender pink pee-pee hole, caress your tongue's tip gently against my slit...
oh, yes , kiss it softly, loudly, I want hear you slurping and cooing as you mouth my entire coochie, lap my pussy's juices, nibble my little erect clit, my button......tongue my pee hole,
coax my sweet ribbon of straw-colored pee to flow into your open mouth...taste my desire ...
The Innocents of Lust...
Posted:Aug 15, 2020 6:50 am
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2020 10:28 am

I'm lying on the floor on my belly coloring pictures in a book, you're seated in the plush recliner back in the corner of the room...in a relaxed position, you were watching ...you enjoy watching my legs as I them back and forth...it reminds you of the first time you laid down atop me...rubbing your hard cock against me while we wrestled, my legs were flailing all about, opening and closing tightly while you began tickle , I was laughing so hard, I felt the urge pee, oh I so wanted pee..I remember bucking my bottom up and down and feeling your big hands wiggling and tickling beneath me, you worked your fingers,...then your whole hand in between my thick thighs and down even further to my mmm' no-no' hole... I melted when I felt you rubbing my tight butthole and, grabbing my big soft hinne kneading it like dough... and then, slipping a finger up against the cotton crotch of my damp panties...Oh, you froze, not moving any part of your body ...only your fingertip, on my pussy with just a thin piece of cotton between flesh and flesh...your breathing became deep, uneven, and heavy with faint moans escaping from your throat...then, ohhh then, you hooked your fingertip on the moist, slippery cotton crotch and you pulled it slowly aside...exposing my pink sweet pussy and tiny pee-pee hole to your hot lusty breath you stuck out your long, strong tongue and caressed my dripping love slit, tasting how sweet and juicy wet I had become. from all your fondling and mmm petting...with my legs spread open with my pussy gaping wide, just begging for 's mouth and tongue to finish what they had begun...Ohhh , please make cum for you...
until the water runs cold..
Posted:Aug 2, 2020 11:34 am
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2020 2:59 am

I'm going take a nice, long, hot shower...wash my hair, wash my body. just .let the hot water run.. over my face, closing my eyes feeling the warmth of the water as it coats the soft fleshy curves of my torso, the fullness of my hips, the thickness of my legs, mmm, the hot water lulls , my breathing slows, the fringe begins blur as my soul soothes... then, suddenly,
.your body presses hard against mine...you wait, absorbing the moisture, the wet, and quickly become as slick from the hot water, as I ...our throats, our backs, your sexy hairy chest, my softly rolled belly...I lean my big, fleshy body against the cool tiles, pressing my huge tits flat while you grab my hands and holds them above my head pinning me against the shower stall...my heart-shaped ass wiggles and grinds against your hardening cock , pushing you farther into the valley of my fleshly butt cheeks, poking, prodding, knocking at my backdoor, ...the hot water is seducing us, soaking our bodies, making our skin touchable and slick, and lubricated, primed ... ... you're biting my shoulders, my throat, my ears, pressing your body, feeling your weight against me...whispering in my ear..." spread your legs and bend over! grab your ankles " you instructed with a quiver of lust in your voice!..." do as you're told", you growled between clenched teeth, "now!"... I bent over slowly, my pendulous tits swaying as the water ran off them like a torrid springtime thaw! With one hand you grasp my hip and the other you guide your throbbing penis to the mouth of the warm, wet hole,.you thrust your hips forward and with a quick hard jerk your entire cock deeply thrusts and fills my aching cunt...with one hand on my back and the other on my hip...you begin slowly pushing yourself, your hard stiff cock deeper and farther inside of me, humping me, pumping me...a sound escapes my throat of pure pleasure...a mix of a cry and a purr being squished by mouthfuls of hot water...I'm being fucked ...and fucked hard and deep, your wet balls are slapping my ass, the sound echoes off the tiled stall..and that's where we stay... banging, engaging, fornicating fucking until the water runs cold..
be safe , have fun...
Posted:Jul 4, 2020 10:07 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 10:39 pm

I've enjoyed sharing my naughty mind with you, my friends...Don't forget my name... thank you for your support...Love, Kelleebabes
It's just starting to heat up nicely...
Posted:May 11, 2020 8:16 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2020 2:31 pm

It's just starting to heat up nicely...
It's so hot here tonight...I just stepped out of the shower,,, I'm wrapped up in a thin white sheet, Island girl style...My huge breasts muffin topping over the big knot holding all my softness in, straining against the thin material...holding back my big pendulous tits ...wanting to fall free so you could open your mouth and mouth my titties, suck them, kissing them...nipple orgasm me... then, ahhhh you are going to either eat me out for hours or... jack off and paint my girls with your hot creamy cum...I'll lick them clean...
Standing On My 'Naughty and Proud' Milk Box...
Posted:May 8, 2020 5:07 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 6:48 pm

I’ve had this post lurking about inside my mind for the past few months...As we, a world of all one specie, humans beings, creatures of habit...lets come to the consensus that, and not wanting to be a downer I don’t pretend to know everything but, it’s pretty clear the world has had to change in ways that, it’s not just a matter of a personal preference anymore…..bareback?... Female condoms? Dental Dams, kissing?...cum.?...6 feet?...face masks?...opening up states, cities?... counties?...stay home orders? ...It’s become a matter of life or death (that sounds so surreal)
I’m very...hesitant, I believe in error on the side of caution, even though the thought of me slowly swallowing a hard throbbing cock, milking all the hot, creamy cum with every swallow is one of my absolutely most favorites...I’m not going to be meeting anybody anytime soon...I’m in Oregon, we have A STAY HOME order in place until July 8th...if that’s a deal-breaker for interest in me, well, so be it... I know that...if someone wants to contact me, privately for ...personal, private, catered to whatever your kink is..fun..., written or phone. perhaps we could have some great fun together...I’m very good at what I enjoy doing...I enjoy lusty, naughty, mmm taboo roleplay and mmm just straight-up nasty, dirty, cheeky chats... I’m very creative, I know it won’t replace the wonderful feel of skin to skin...nothing really ever could...but, until we can ...come play with me here or over there.. Just cum find me, Kelleebabes,...
The day I have a Cam Show...
Posted:May 6, 2020 10:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2020 9:58 am

One of my favorites I wtote this about 3 years back...,hummmm

I'm an artist...always looking through a right-sided brain's eyes...looking for that artistic touch...reminded of something I wrote a while back...
now you have an idea of why I don't cam...and some men...that's a deal-breaker if you don't...I know most men are very visual!,...I have even thought about how I would approach the whole cam idea...It would have have a theme or something more than just me being cam...It would have an artistic touch... If I were to have a” Cam Show”.... my show would have to reflect my creative side...I think I would enjoy having a" Bubble Bath Show"...I'd have in an old clawed foot bathtub...they're so cool...you can fill them with water and bubbles so deep...mmmm hot bubbly water your neck...I'd pile my long red hair loosely on top of my head with one of my prettiest chopsticks..mmmm maybe have a couple of sexy locks cascading down around my face and the nape of my neck... dancing atop my big full, .ample breasts...maybe have one of my tiny rosebud nipples peeking out shyly from amidst the beautiful iridescent bubbles that cling to my slippery wet skin.
I'd point my pretty red-painted nail toes ...out of the water... I think they look so sexy with tiny bubbles covering my feet...l shift my body to a more lounging position...I slowly raise my knees up and out of the water while slightly spreading my legs wider...my thighs open...my soft skin is wet and slippery as I slide my hand down between my fleshy upper thighs...my hand knows where to go..I lean my head back...close my eyes...mmmm my fingers find my sweet spot..and rub my hard clit...the combination of masturbating...and the sensuous feel of the hot water would be such a turn but, ..the absolute ultimate turn for would be the knowledge that I was being watched!.. knowing that someone might be right now, as I'm bathing for them, be stroking their stiff... hard throbbing cock!... and those tiny precious droplets of sweet, sticky precum may be welling around the tip of their cock..I love kissing the tip...swirling my tongue around the smooth rim of the head...tasting every droplet of that sweet, special cream...mmmm...ohhh gosh, I almost forgot I was on cam... ohhh I did forget one of the most important parts of my cam show too..music...I 'd choose the sexy sounds of Sade playing in the background she's so smooth and sexy ...and well, to make my voluptuous body bubble bath show even more provocative...I 'd set the scene and mood with candlelight about the set...just because, everything looks sexier in candlelight... I do so enjoy..being a sensual, seductive, woman...and if , I was, to share on cam...it would have to be ...the real , the nasty .
Doing My Duty...Part 1
Posted:Mar 31, 2020 11:27 pm
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2020 2:39 am

“I have plenty of room, and hey, it doesn’t Iook like either one of us are supposed to go anywhere if, it isn't,”... I slowly turned around and coyly lowered my eyes and suggestive;y bit my bottom lip ... I gently squeezed my elbows inward against my big, soft body, pushing slightly upward, making sure that my huge, pendulous 48DDs caught his FULL attention, I could feel his hungry eyes all over me, oh, it made my pussy ache... “If it isn’t necessary... Social Distancing,hunking down, sheltering in place...Mister, you don’t know how lucky of a man you are!”... “By the time I’m through with you in 15 days”...I reach down and pull my sweater over my head allowing my harnessed tits to mmm sway within the confinement of my favorite silky underwire push-up bra “You just may need to self-quarantine yourself out of pure exhaustion!”...Now, come here Daddy...

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