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Lingerie question.  

kgbuds69 31M/30F
383 posts
2/19/2014 7:33 am
Lingerie question.

Do you think that buying lingerie to wear to wear at home or to a party is a waste of time or money? Greg says that women take it off when playing so what is the purpose, save money just play naked. Of course I don't agree with him on this. What is do you think or say? Hugs Keri.

Newcastle7222 44M  
74 posts
2/19/2014 7:40 am

I think do what turns you on...If buying lingerie makes you feel sexy and winds you up then Go for it. Nothing sexier than a beautiful woman in a sext pair of silk pink panties and teddy.

sexynewf61 58M
2877 posts
2/19/2014 7:52 am

I have to agree with Newcastle, There is nothing more sexier then seeing an attractive lady wearing sexy lingerie. Especially when us men have to tease & take our time taking off those items. That's the whole build up of foreplay. That's my opinion. Hope that this helps.

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bigrljulie 37F
859 posts
2/19/2014 8:25 am

On my job during the week I have to dress daily in business clothing. Then when off work, I like to dress sexy wearing lingerie. I wear it at home and when I'm partying.

foz19504 65M
1582 posts
2/19/2014 3:58 pm

Lingerie definitely heats up play time.

GoldwingGL15009 68M
842 posts
2/23/2014 5:57 pm

Lingerie is part of the foreplay process.

JackHofff 69M  
695 posts
4/3/2014 7:48 am

But you look good naked!

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