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am i really that much of a sissy?  

kimgetsdown 45T
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3/1/2020 6:24 pm
am i really that much of a sissy?

im 45 yo sissy, usually not into men only their dick interest me. the other day i was on my knees sucking this guysdick. it was thick and perhaps 9nc. head wasto large to go past my throat opening(i thought) any way. i never cum with a guytakes me to long. i asked him please cumon myface nlips.....wene ready and he agreed.....so i was supprised wene i was takeing it slow and far as icould takeit in my mouth and suddenly he pulled my headhard and fast into him....i felt and heard my throat openup and him down my throat. i thought i was gaspingfor air wich i couldnt. then suddenly with no warning i realized i was cumming so fucking hard i wasshaking and i actually saw stars!!!! i cam so much it lookedlike ipissedmyself and it was thick sticky sperm!!!! i cam so fucking hard just from him injecting my<b> stomach </font></b>with hisload... icould not think this was possi-le! i was em-arrassed and confussed and i think i fell inlove with him..!!!!!!! has something like that everhappened to anyone ?

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