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Blue Balls  

kinklove1 41M
58 posts
4/8/2020 5:23 pm
Blue Balls

Well, it finally happened. My balls are turning blue. Damn virus.

kinklove1 41M
41 posts
4/8/2020 5:25 pm

Tight as hell.

xxxgreatimes69 39M  
135 posts
4/8/2020 5:41 pm

Dumbass post! Congrats fella!

kinklove1 replies on 4/9/2020 7:55 am:
Whatever your intentions, I found this response hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

idblueswoman 61F  
708 posts
4/8/2020 6:06 pm

They look strangely pink to me. Perhaps some grooming is in order.

lighthousecollec 57F
398 posts
4/8/2020 6:07 pm

They might be blue a little bit longer.lol

I have set up a private mailbox on my Blog for your convenience.

bangforbuck2000 56M  
17 posts
4/8/2020 6:30 pm

Might be a good name for a new group on here!

Bunker7119 48M

4/8/2020 6:30 pm

I haven't had any in so long that I might have blue balls too!!!!!!!!!!!

JustLookn439 54M

4/8/2020 6:34 pm

Maybe he never heard of masturbation hmmm ....who wants to let him in on that?

Only_one_14 51F
744 posts
4/8/2020 7:22 pm

Every hear of idle hands?

Masters_sl_a_v_e 51F
96 posts
4/8/2020 9:34 pm

I gather this one is credited to Benjamin Franklin:

Idle hands are the Devil's playthings.

Then I use mine quite well in playing with things and thingys.

author51 57F  
94082 posts
4/8/2020 11:32 pm

A lot longer by the looks of it...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

dogslife2live01 68M
1924 posts
4/9/2020 1:19 am

lucky guy! at least yours still have some color!

there is a world of difference between insanity and stupidity

kinklove1 41M
41 posts
4/9/2020 8:01 am

Those suggesting I masturbate. Thanks ? I guess. Not really the point of trying to find some commiseration while keeping happy and positive. Hope everyone is finding their own joy during these times! I like to hang out with other humans, so it can be a little hard nowadays. LOL, what am I saying, IT is always hard.

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