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Posted:May 13, 2019 11:14 am
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2019 4:12 pm
Victoria was my former boss in my work life. She was a micro-manager and rather demanding at times for everyone under her, but overall, a bit more of a micro-manager and demanding when it came to me I noticed in the beginning. The micromanaging of me only started when she became the boss. It never happened with the previous boss. It was kinda annoying at first, but as time went on (about two weeks after her new position), it began to break me down inside, especially after noticing she seemed to have a particular focus on me. It broke me down in a positive kinda way. I was already very attracted to her both physically and otherwise and she knew it. Whenever she would come around me and we both locked eyes, there was a whole lot of non-verbal talking taking place in addition to her verbal bossiness and demanding character. It was a type of subtle but clear power move to assert her dominance and the real tangible power she held over me both professionally and personally. Her eyes and demeanor toward me said it all. It was the sort of subtle but unmistakable message that she practically owned me in a big way, and she made sure I knew that. It's quite mind boggling that this sort of non-verbal communication, dominance and control can happen without a word being spoken. My submissive desire for her kept building and building over about 2 months until it felt like I was ready to explode. I'm surprised the building fire alarm didn't go off because of the sparks and fire taking place between us. It finally came to a head (figuratively and quite literally) when I was walking beside her one day in a room where no one else was around and I accidently dropped some papers I was carrying on the floor. I bent down to pick them up (heart racing like a muscle car and palms sweating because that is the effect she had on me). Suddenly, I felt her right hand firmly grab my ass (I was wearing jeans). My testosterone level raced through every last inch of my body as I suddenly went weak in the knees and everywhere else. Needless to say, I took a little bit of extra time picking up the last piece of paper. After seeing my receptiveness, she planted a firm open-handed smack on my ass while still in the bent over position. At that point, the ice was melted and we both fell through. She told me to stand up in a stern, yet subtle and commanding voice, so I did. I was a blinding submissive mess at this point and she knew it. My mind and emotions were reeling. After all, this is the boss lady, which made it much more intense. I locked eyes with her in a state of near testosterone-induced submissive hypnotism after standing up, and she gazed back as if to express the fact she knew she owned me all along beforehand, head, heart and soul and that she had some "plans" for me. She did indeed have me all along. I couldn't hide it. Not that I had the strength to try or want to try and hide it. She half guided me out of the room when we were done getting what we were in there for. She went back to her office and I half floated down the hallway back to my work station, unproductive for the remainder of the day.

Later, I found a note sitting in front of me from her telling me to call her at a certain time when her work day was done, which I promptly did. She told me to meet her a couple streets down in a near-by parking lot ... which I dutifully did. As I reverently approached her car, I heard her automatic door locks unlock for me as she confidently watched me approach her car. I got in and she asked me if I had any plans after work tomorrow. I said no. She said "good, then we should meet here at the same time and I want to take you back to my house tomorrow." Still having a submissive glaze in my eyes that I felt right on down to my soul, I submissively said o.k. while looking at her straight in her confident, demanding eyes. My heart was viciously racing. She then began to tell me of the things she wanted to do to me, which was primarily alot of oral service and bending over for her. She used more graphic terms than pegging, which totally ruined me for getting hardly any sleep that night. I am a very verbally oriented man and apparently, so was she. To hear this coming out of the boss lady's mouth, the one I looked upon in reverence and tip-toed around while walking on egg shells at work, was rather powerful. We started feeling each other up a bit while talking. She spoke to me with a confidence and a subtle aggressiveness that made me feel as though my heart was going to leap through my chest and onto the floor. I was beyond turned on. I was slipping into a coma I was pretty sure (not really, but you know what I'm saying). Whenever she would ask me a question, I would respond in my typical subservient/subordinate manner. She told me to refer to her from that point forward as "mam" when answering her, which I dutifully did. After a bit more of her fondling my crotch and slipping down toward my ass, which I dutifully offered up to her as much as I could in a sitting down position in a car, she dropped me off on the corner near where I live.

The next day at work wasn't all that productive for me either, but there wasn't a whole lot to be done anyway. We ended up back in the same room as yesterday where she proceeded to purposefully drop more papers on the floor, which I dutifully picked up so she could begin her molestation of me with her hands, but this time, with her stepping behind me with a stern and aggressive dry-hump/smash into my ass (she told me in the car to wear the same pants today as yesterday, so I did). Long story short, she drove me back to her house at the end of the day, and she proceeded to do to me what she said she was going to, but not before she wrote her name on my ass with an accompanying arrow pointed right to the very spot she now felt she probably owned (thus the explanation of the Victoria pictures in my profile). She was very verbally aggressive about it all, other times subtle. But the amazing thing about this whole experience was it came from an already established fact had been building for two months, which was her asserting herself over me where I work. She took advantage of her authority over me and broke me down into a submissive mess to put it simply. It didn't take a whole lot of breaking down since I already had submissive tendencies toward her. She must have smelled it like a shark smells blood in the water. Women's intuition I suppose. The following Monday at work, much more of the same would happen at work. It progressed to aggressive bending me over for a quickie tribbing, oral service to her on my knees and some relatively aggressive face-slapping in the room I'll never forget. She later revealed to me she wanted me as her sub and then progressing to outright weekend slave or any time she could have me. She was to be my Master (her word, and now it's most definitely mine thanks to her). She revealed to me some of what that would entail, which included cleaning her bathroom floor naked, sometimes wearing pantyhose and heels and things of this nature while doing so. Unfortunately, every time we planned on getting together, something came up with her job and had to keep going out of town due to her position. She eventually transferred out of state.

With her departure, she definitely left a permanent mark on my mind, psyche and soul. I can now honestly say that I do know what it is like to practically worship a woman. I was in awe of her quite literally. If she would have told me to, I would have kissed and licked her boots in utter devotion and humbleness. It was an extremely powerful emotion for me. It seemed to be for her too. Four of the pictures in my profile are ones she took of me back at her place about one hour before she fucked me in the ass. Two of them are me on my hands and knees in slightly different positions just before she wrote her name on my ass. She liked to experiment with this position by telling me to arch my back a certain way or arch it the other way. I did as I was told. She really liked my back arched and ass out. The other two are me after she actually wrote her name on on my ass. This was the first time I had ever been butt-fucked and officially turned into a woman's bitch. She clearly relished the idea of her name on her subordinate. Of course, before this, we both already knew the score obviously.

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