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kinky_prof 59M  
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12/10/2019 10:34 am

During the summer many of my rides take me through vineyards, some of them quite famous. You've traveled through vineyards haven't you? A slight breeze blowing, the sun beating down. I think of taking you into the vineyards, a collar around your neck, cuffs around your wrists. You in a light summer dress. Me carrying a basket. Looking like we're just going to have a picnic among the vines. I lead you between rows. The foliage full, the ripe grapes bulging on the vine. In a secluded spot I spread the blanket and tell you get on your knees. I reach into the basket and pull out a rope. Sliding the rope through the rings of your cuffs, I bind your wrists to the vines. Your dress is so thin and low cut. I pull it down and your tits spill out. I reach into the basket again and extract a set of clamps, clamps attach your nipples but the chain is attached a single clamp. I reach between your legs and<b> stroke </font></b>your slit. It's soaking fucking wet and your clit is engorged. I take the hanging clamp and fix it your clit. The pressure makes you moan. There you are bound, clamped, on your knees. I tell you lean forward and as you do, I lift your dress up over your bare ass. I reach into the basket one last time and pull out a jewelled butt plug. Out of the corner of your eye, you catch the sun glinting off the crystal and you know what to expect. It's no surprise as I push that steel plug into your ass. Oh Corina, you look like such a good sub. Can you feel the sun beating down on you? You sense me standing and watch as I walk to the vine and pull off one of the branches. Grape vines make such good switches. You feel it as I draw it between the lips of your cunt. It's emerges glistening. God, you're so fucking wet. I draw it down your back and through your cunt, over and over and over, until you can’t take it. The pressure on your clit, on your nipples. the plug in your asshole. You're ready to explode. And just as the first wave of your orgasm hits, you feel it. My wrist, full force bringing the switch down on your ass. the incredible mixture of pleasure and pain taking you places you've never been.

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