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We are at a Party  

kinky_prof 59M  
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12/10/2019 10:32 am
We are at a Party

We are at a party. Do we know each other? It's hazy in my thoughts. You look luscious in a black dress, black clad legs, and black heels. I catch you gazing at over your shoulder as you disappear into an empty room. I follow you, locking the door behind . I turn. We don't say a word. You are sitting on the couch, legs spread, your hands flirting with the hem of your dress. I move toward you, hovering over you and lower my face to your neck, teeth gently stroking your skin, lips grazing yours, tongue lapping the front of your nec..
You writhe beneath , pulling your dress above your stockings. My teeth dig into you more intensely before I draw back and stand, my eyes moving to the hem of your dress and then flitting upward. You follow the instruction and raise it over your head, dropping it at your side. What is left is stunning, a soft, leather body suit, high-collared but with a full zip that runs from your neck down under your ass. One full pull on the zip would reveal all of you. But I’m patient. I bring my face to yours once again, my tongue sliding into you, my teeth gently tugging your bottom lip. My fingers find the zipper and slowly draw it down, pulling it down to your breasts - leaving just enough room to slide my hands inside the soft leather and feel those lovely soft tits, my fingers finding your nipples and pinching. You look up at with a bratty grin on your face. I press my knee between your legs and slide it up, pushing into your pussy as I continue to tug your nipples. The moan slips from your mouth, your lips opening. But you reach forward and undo the buttons of my shirt, peeling it off. I tug your zipper down and your tits spill free of the leather. Our eyes lock and our fingers find each other, tugging in unison, both of us feeling the delicious pain in our nipples, like an electric wire running between us. My fingers bear down on your nipples and I tug. Hard. You gasp loudly as you embrace the delicious fucking pain in your stretched tits.
Releasing your nipples. My arm reaches under you and lifts your ass while my hand fully unzips you, exposing your beautiful pussy. I stand above you again and tell you to touch yourself. Show how you pleasure yourself. Spread your fucking lips and show that hole like a good little . Your hands dip into your pussy. Your wet finger emerges and you bring it to your mouth savoring the sweet taste of your cunt. My cock is so fucking hard. I look down at you and growl at you to suck it. Telling you what a hot fucking slut you are while I feel your tight, wet, warm mouth wrapped around my coc Thrusting, my cock fucking your mouth, pushing into your throat, making you take all of it. Your eyes looking up at , I pull it from your mouth and start<b> stroke </font></b>it as I watch you. Angry with you for forcing this self-indulgence on , I start using my cock on you, slapping your tits with my hard cock, wiping it across your face. That only seems encourage you. I look down, your legs spread, your head back, lustful eyes staring at . Your hands working furiously on your cunt. The juices dripping from your wet cunt into your ass. You feel lift your hips higher, the head of my cock pushing into your tight asshole, stretching you open. The shaft of my cock filling you, my hands puling you on to my coc

Your finger rubs that clit and I hear it start sweep over you - the staccato tone of your orgasm as it approaches. My knees flex, my back arches, my hips pumps furiously and I feel the release storming up my cock, erupting and spilling into your ass as my ears fill with your beautiful screams... open your mouth like a good little bitch and let hear you cum.

42DDSusan 57F
5 posts
1/25/2020 2:51 pm

Gorgeous scene. Is it fact or fiction?

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