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young dumb and full of cum  

kittsharley 63M
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7/11/2021 11:30 am
young dumb and full of cum

this happened when i was before i was 19 yrs old. minus 5... we had a shed in the back yard which there was no door on. that the previuos owner had hung centerfolds from play boy and pent house on the walls . the fence between the nieghbors back yard and ours ,was only 3 feet tall. i would go in the shed sit and a chair look at the centerfolds on the wall and get an instant hard on. the door way faced the<b> neighbors </font></b>yard ,, one day while sitting in the chair with a hard on i felt the sunshine bath my crotch. i decided to drop my pants and sqeeze my erection ..this was the 1st time i had played with myself , sqeezing my rock hard cock , felt fantastic . add the warm sunshine i was incredably hard .. soon i was tugging sqeezing and stroking my self ,.i dont know how long i had been doing this when i glimpst over to my right and, saw our nieghbor lady standing in her back yard very near the fence . i imediatly froze . she was not looking directly at me .sort of almost looking stright at the back corner of ,what would be her right hand side of the back corner of her fence . but she just stood there for what seamed like for ever . i was not sure she had seen me up to this point,i stayed motionlessfor a bit .then i noticed her left arm was extended stright down and slightly moving . i cound not see her hand and did not know what she was doing ..only later i figured out she was touching herself ... horrified at the thought of her telling my parents on me i slid off of the chair onto the floor and crawled to the back part of the shed where she could not see me any more . i few minuets later as i tood up and got my pants back up i peered out he door way and she was gone . i was releived but also frightened that she would rat me out to my parents .. that never hapened thank god ..the following week end my dad told me the nieghbor lady wanted me to come over and mow her lawn and she would pay me to do it .. i did not want to but i thought if i did nt she would tell on me. so i went.. it was a very warm summer day i went over mowed her lawn when i was done she had me come inside to pay me . she offered me some lemon aid. i really just wanted to get out of there ..as we drank our lemon aid ,she excused her self for a moment when she returned she had changed tops .it was low cut . i could see her cleavage ,i tried so hard not to look but i failed ..when she finaly asked if i had a g/f and if i had ever seen a womans brests before . and added live .. not pictures of them . i responded no i have not.. with that she asked if i wanted to see what breasts looked like in real life .. i did not have the chance to answer. she unbuttoned her top and exposed her breasts to me then asked if i wanted to touch them .. i actualy said no. i was so freaking scared,, then she told me she had seen me in the back yard shed and knew what i was doing ..omg i thought id die from fright.. she then told me if i did not touch them shed tell on me .. so i reached out and touched one of them . then she directed me on how to touch them as i fallowed her instuctions she sighed with pleasue and told me how much she liked what i was doing .. then with out warnning she grabbed my crotch and said take it out for me .i was reluctant and scared . then the threat of her telling my parents what she had seen just days before ,made me obay her .. when i took my now was erect dick out of my pants .her smooth hand grasped a hold of it and she started to strok it. at the same time her other hand was touching her lady parts . soon i shot a load of hot cum all over her hand arm and neck and part of her face .. then she started shaking and quivering . i did not know what was going on at that time, it was only later i figured out that she had ,had an orgasum needless to say it was a great summer for me and very educational i might add to this true story later ..

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