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Noise Complaint  

kltmpt 48M/48F  
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9/14/2018 3:44 pm
Noise Complaint

We had been “dating” Brian for awhile and though he was somewhat immature and younger than someone we would normally have an interest in he was fun to hang out with, have some drinks and was always willing to jump into bed with his “massive” cock as he liked to refer to it. This particular night started as any other with Brian, we went by his apartment with some beers and tequila for shots and settled around his kitchen table playing games, listening to rock from his collection and having drinks while laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Brian always had stories he would share from his job as an EMS tech and they generally centered on some of the odder and funny things that he had experienced during his calls. As usual the night started to fly by as the ease of the conversation and the alcohol began to sink in to us, I felt the first tingles of desire build up inside me as I watched Spenser and Brian laughing at some odd joke I made that I can no longer remember. I excused myself to the bathroom and asked my men to pour me another shot, returning a few moments later with only by bra and ever dampening panties on.

A huge grin came over Brian’s face and Spenser gently slapped my ass and handed me my shot which I quickly tossed back, grabbing Brian’s hand and pulling him out of his char into my arms while I kissed him deeply, my tequila covered tongue dancing with his as his hands unclasped my bra and quickly found their way to my breasts, gently squeezing them and playing with my hard nipples. I could feel his cock growing hard through his jeans against my thigh and felt my pussy yearn to have both men inside of me, my had tracing the outline of his impressive member that was aching to get free of his clothing. Spenser stood up next to us and began to kiss the back of my neck and suggested that and we all move to the bedroom, his very hard cock pressing against my ass through his pants, pinned between two men with their erect, clothed penis’ both wanting to do very bad yet very fun things to my body. I was in heaven and quickly led them both to the back bedroom and shut the door.

I sat on the edge of Brian’s bed and began to unbuckle their pants as they took their shirts off, pulling down both pairs, immediately greeted by two very hard cocks leaping out and into my face causing me to laugh as I was smacked by two dicks at once. I wrapped my lips around the tip of Brian’s cock and began to work my way down his shaft, my tongue paying attention to the front part below the head with circular swirls of my tongue as my right hand began to stroke my husbands’ cock, both men moaning in pleasure to my delight and causing my clit to ache for attention. I moved my mouth from Brian and onto Spenser, repeating the same motion on him and feeling his cock grow even harder in my mouth from the stimulation, my left hand now racing up and down on Brian’s thick penis, his spit lubricated cock moving easily in my hand, both men groaning loudly as I worked my magic on their poles. Spenser pulled himself out of my mouth and pulled me onto the bed, kissing my breasts and working his mouth down my stomach towards my thighs as Brian laid next to me, kissing me deeply and massaging my nipples and I felt the familiar wet feeling running down my inner thighs as my body grew hotter with each touch of the two men on my skin. Spenser’s tongue found its’ way to my clit and I gasped loudly into Brian’s mouth as the sensation washed over my body, his tongue working around the outside of my clit and then making stabs directly into it while his fingers pushed into my soaked pussy, fucking me while expanding his fingers out readying me to take their cocks. Spenser continued to tease my clit, my moans filling the room until Brian took ahold of my head and pressed his cock into my mouth, fucking it a slow pace and pulling harder on my nipples while Spenser moved up my body, spreading my legs up over his shoulders and thrusting his hard cock into me in one swift movement causing me to immediately squirt all over him, my cum splashing out around his cock and over his stomach as he fucked me faster, my breaths become more desperate between the force of him cock inside of me and that of Brian’s mouth fucking me. I pulled Brian’s penis out of my mouth and my screams filled the room as a second orgasm rocked my body, the sloshing sound of my cum spraying over Spenser’s cock and soaking the bed, adding to the noise in the room and pushing Spenser over the edge, his own moans now turning into screams as he pulled out of me, thrusting his pulsating cock into my mouth and sending his load down the back of my throat, his balls slapping noisily against my cheek. After I finished taking every drop he had to offer Spenser pulled his penis out of my mouth and sat down on the chair next to the bed and I looked up and Brian telling him I wanted to feel him inside of me right now. Brian reached over to the night stand and turned his iPod up and I heard Motley Crue come on as he walked to the edge of the bed and moved towards me, his very hard and thick cock pointed directly at my still very sensitive, cum soaked pussy.

Brian wasted no time entering me, pushing his whole self inside me, stretching the lips of my pussy around him as he thrust against my body, his cock slamming into my clit sending my screams throughout the room and echoing off the window. Brian wrapped one arm underneath my shoulders, the other lifting my leg and he began to fuck me very hard, his long cock seeming to get deeper with each thrust, his lips on mine as I screamed for him to fuck me harder and deeper, a constant flow of cum erupting from my squirting pussy as orgasm after orgasm rocked my body, his thrusts alternating between slow and teasing to jack hammer like, my body thrusting against his as I worked to make my lover cum with me until he too began to grow louder as both of our screams filled the room until he finally pulled out of me, his cock pumping its’ cum across my stomach and onto my tits, the feel of his warm liquid like pins against my sensitive skin as it dripped of my nipples and down the side of my body onto his sheets.

The next morning Brian awoke to a violation from his complex as several tenants complained about the amount of noise that was coming from his apartment but we joked about how many of the tenants actually took the time to just sit back, listen and enjoy what was going on that night in his apartment!

kltmpt 48M/48F  
7 posts
9/14/2018 3:45 pm

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and some of our adventures over the years. Have an amazing rest of your summer and an even better fall!

Wonder167 53F

9/14/2018 3:55 pm

I think the neighbors think we are dead!!

Thanks for sharing your adventure.

benard69 63M/63F  
5597 posts
9/14/2018 4:13 pm


Amoculi 65M  
19 posts
9/14/2018 10:02 pm

A girlfriend of mine was quite a noisy woman, which was one of her many charming traits. One night when she was being particularly active and noisy, there was a loud knock on the door with a shout of "Police!"

I got something on quickly, and answered the door (it was my apartment) and got the third degree from two policemen, including a lecture on the illegality of having sex with a married woman when I admitted she was still attached. I've never thought it very wise to lie to police.

They also demanded to see the "victim" in the flesh to make sure she was okay. So she came to the door as red as a beet wearing a rather skimpy towel she had grabbed. They then said okay, and even apologized for the intrusion, and we went back to making noise. But after that, she would push her face into her pillow or bite bit it when she came to muffle her screams.

The neighbors who had called the police, two guys, were very apologetic but it was even funny at the time, so there were no hard feelings (don't say it).

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