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Full Swap Fun
Posted:Sep 25, 2018 2:46 am
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2019 8:11 am

While living in the bush of Alaska had its benefits one of them was not finding people in the lifestyle in which we could play with. This was why whenever we had the opportunity to come back home we would try to find a couple or single person on one of the adult sites in which we could meet for drinks and then if everything went well head back to our “get away from Alaska” home to have some fun. Now generally we aren’t the type of couple that goes out, picks someone up and has sex however when our time is limited our course of direction changes from one where we meet and get to know first to meet, there’s a common interest, let’s fuck mode. This was the case during the summer of 2017 when we were planning our three-week vacation back home, so we posted an ad on one of the sites and were fortunate enough to find a nice couple named Daniel and Susan whom we spoke with online for a few weeks with and everyone decided that we would meet for drinks when we returned and see how things went.

We met Daniel and Susan at a bar close to our house and the energy we felt speaking to them online was also immediate upon them sitting down at the table with us. The four of us spoke easily and the conversation was light hearted and full of laughter as we exchanged stories about each other and had drinks, a sense of mutual attraction was felt by all as playful comments and light touching developed starting to build a sexual tension amongst us. We asked if they would be interested in coming back to our home to have some more drinks and talk in a place where the noise level was not as loud, and we could better understand each other to which they immediately said yes. Spenser and I have always been the entertaining types and having anticipated the possibility of them coming back with us we had arranged the island in our kitchen with an array of drinks, wines, glasses and shot glasses along with music playing in the background before we left for the bar to set a fun and light mood upon arriving at home which we felt would ease any nervousness our guests may possibly feel when they entered our home. We all entered the kitchen and Spenser took drinks orders as I sat at the table with them, reaching over and taking Daniel’s hand in mine as Spenser sat and did the same, taking Susan’s in his, a sort of “ice breaker” if you will to make the first simple move and help them to relax. We chatted more as we held hands, mine and Spenser’s other hands now rubbing their thighs softly and a considerable amount of heaviness hung in the air at the anticipation of what was to come for all of us. I announced that we should all do a celebratory shot in honor of us meeting, stood from my chair and gave into my urge to kiss Daniel, my lips touching his gently and our tongues brushing against each other’s before I stepped away anticipating what Spenser would say and reacting before he did, moving over to Susan and now kissing her but in a deeper manner, both of our tongues pressing against the other and our hands softly touching each other’s breasts. The kiss ignited a fire in my pussy and I felt myself become very wet and I had to force myself away from her body as I took Spenser’s hand, pulling him and his grinning face to the kitchen island where we poured shots of tequila for the four of us, a silent toast to the night ahead, all four shots quickly thrown back and the fun beginning as Susan began to kiss Spenser and Daniel seeking me out to continue our kiss from a few moments ago.

The four of us migrated to our bedroom where clothes came off in near record time, Spenser laying Susan down on the bed, moving between her thighs, his tongue immediately attacking her clit, a loud gasp coming from her mouth as her head thrust back into the mattress while I kissed Daniel and stroked his cock at the end of the bed. I watched as Susan’s body rocked against Spenser’s face, her moans growing louder until he released himself from her, moving up her body and driving his fingers into her pussy causing her to quickly squirt all around them as he fingered her. Spenser looked at me and said that she tasted very good and I needed to come over and see for myself, I quickly moved onto the bed and pushed my face into her cum soaked pussy, swirling my tongue around her clit and loving her scent and taste, Spenser now kissing her as her screams echoed off the inside of his mouth. Daniel had moved to the bed and was stroking his hard cock while he watched us dominate and pleasure his girlfriend, Susan begging Spenser to suck his cock and let her pleasure him. Spenser grabbed a hold of Susan and guided her onto Daniel’s hard cock, a loud moan emitting from her as she sat down on it and I immediately moved between Daniel’s legs, licking his balls and once again tasting her pussy as its’ juices flowed down his shaft onto my tongue. Spenser stood up on the bed and thrust his cock into her mouth, her lips wrapping around his very hard penis, moving up and down over him quickly, her pussy riding Daniel’s cock, both men filling her holes much to her delight based on the screams that were escaping her mouth. I moved to my knees and joined Susan as we took turns blowing Spenser, one of us swallowing his cock while the other licked his balls, switching on and off, her tongue and mine mingling as we moved over him, enjoying the feel of his hard cock in our mouths. Susan removed herself from Daniel’s cock and laid down on the bed, spreading her legs wide and inviting Spenser to fuck her while I did the same next to her but only wanting to feel Daniel’s tongue on my clit so I could watch my husband fuck our lover. Daniel moved in between my legs and began to lick my pussy as I watched Spenser slide his cock into Susan, his body laying down on hers and her hard nipples pressing against his chest, my excitement growing as her moans turned to screams, Spenser’s cock moving faster and harder into her vagina until her climax spilled into the room, her pussy once again erupting and spraying her cum over our bed. Spenser then rolled her over and she joined Daniel as the two of them ate my pussy, my hand sliding between her legs, feeling Spenser’s cock pushing inside of her again as he took her doggie style, his balls slapping against her ass and my hand, the sensation pushing me closer to orgasm myself as Susan was attacking my clit and Daniel announcing how good I tasted until it all became too much for my body to handle, my pussy climaxing on her face, my body shuddering involuntarily as waves of pleasure rocked my body. Spenser’s moans grew louder as he continued to fuck Susan, staring at me watching as I orgasmed, his own body beginning to convulse with orgasm, his cock now in his hand and his cum erupting from it all over Susan’s back and onto my stomach, all of us melting into a pile of bodies on our bed from an evening well spent together.
Noise Complaint
Posted:Sep 14, 2018 3:44 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2018 2:50 am

We had been “dating” Brian for awhile and though he was somewhat immature and younger than someone we would normally have an interest in he was fun to hang out with, have some drinks and was always willing to jump into bed with his “massive” cock as he liked to refer to it. This particular night started as any other with Brian, we went by his apartment with some beers and tequila for shots and settled around his kitchen table playing games, listening to rock from his collection and having drinks while laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Brian always had stories he would share from his job as an EMS tech and they generally centered on some of the odder and funny things that he had experienced during his calls. As usual the night started to fly by as the ease of the conversation and the alcohol began to sink in to us, I felt the first tingles of desire build up inside me as I watched Spenser and Brian laughing at some odd joke I made that I can no longer remember. I excused myself to the bathroom and asked my men to pour me another shot, returning a few moments later with only by bra and ever dampening panties on.

A huge grin came over Brian’s face and Spenser gently slapped my ass and handed me my shot which I quickly tossed back, grabbing Brian’s hand and pulling him out of his char into my arms while I kissed him deeply, my tequila covered tongue dancing with his as his hands unclasped my bra and quickly found their way to my breasts, gently squeezing them and playing with my hard nipples. I could feel his cock growing hard through his jeans against my thigh and felt my pussy yearn to have both men inside of me, my had tracing the outline of his impressive member that was aching to get free of his clothing. Spenser stood up next to us and began to kiss the back of my neck and suggested that and we all move to the bedroom, his very hard cock pressing against my ass through his pants, pinned between two men with their erect, clothed penis’ both wanting to do very bad yet very fun things to my body. I was in heaven and quickly led them both to the back bedroom and shut the door.

I sat on the edge of Brian’s bed and began to unbuckle their pants as they took their shirts off, pulling down both pairs, immediately greeted by two very hard cocks leaping out and into my face causing me to laugh as I was smacked by two dicks at once. I wrapped my lips around the tip of Brian’s cock and began to work my way down his shaft, my tongue paying attention to the front part below the head with circular swirls of my tongue as my right hand began to stroke my husbands’ cock, both men moaning in pleasure to my delight and causing my clit to ache for attention. I moved my mouth from Brian and onto Spenser, repeating the same motion on him and feeling his cock grow even harder in my mouth from the stimulation, my left hand now racing up and down on Brian’s thick penis, his spit lubricated cock moving easily in my hand, both men groaning loudly as I worked my magic on their poles. Spenser pulled himself out of my mouth and pulled me onto the bed, kissing my breasts and working his mouth down my stomach towards my thighs as Brian laid next to me, kissing me deeply and massaging my nipples and I felt the familiar wet feeling running down my inner thighs as my body grew hotter with each touch of the two men on my skin. Spenser’s tongue found its’ way to my clit and I gasped loudly into Brian’s mouth as the sensation washed over my body, his tongue working around the outside of my clit and then making stabs directly into it while his fingers pushed into my soaked pussy, fucking me while expanding his fingers out readying me to take their cocks. Spenser continued to tease my clit, my moans filling the room until Brian took ahold of my head and pressed his cock into my mouth, fucking it a slow pace and pulling harder on my nipples while Spenser moved up my body, spreading my legs up over his shoulders and thrusting his hard cock into me in one swift movement causing me to immediately squirt all over him, my cum splashing out around his cock and over his stomach as he fucked me faster, my breaths become more desperate between the force of him cock inside of me and that of Brian’s mouth fucking me. I pulled Brian’s penis out of my mouth and my screams filled the room as a second orgasm rocked my body, the sloshing sound of my cum spraying over Spenser’s cock and soaking the bed, adding to the noise in the room and pushing Spenser over the edge, his own moans now turning into screams as he pulled out of me, thrusting his pulsating cock into my mouth and sending his load down the back of my throat, his balls slapping noisily against my cheek. After I finished taking every drop he had to offer Spenser pulled his penis out of my mouth and sat down on the chair next to the bed and I looked up and Brian telling him I wanted to feel him inside of me right now. Brian reached over to the night stand and turned his iPod up and I heard Motley Crue come on as he walked to the edge of the bed and moved towards me, his very hard and thick cock pointed directly at my still very sensitive, cum soaked pussy.

Brian wasted no time entering me, pushing his whole self inside me, stretching the lips of my pussy around him as he thrust against my body, his cock slamming into my clit sending my screams throughout the room and echoing off the window. Brian wrapped one arm underneath my shoulders, the other lifting my leg and he began to fuck me very hard, his long cock seeming to get deeper with each thrust, his lips on mine as I screamed for him to fuck me harder and deeper, a constant flow of cum erupting from my squirting pussy as orgasm after orgasm rocked my body, his thrusts alternating between slow and teasing to jack hammer like, my body thrusting against his as I worked to make my lover cum with me until he too began to grow louder as both of our screams filled the room until he finally pulled out of me, his cock pumping its’ cum across my stomach and onto my tits, the feel of his warm liquid like pins against my sensitive skin as it dripped of my nipples and down the side of my body onto his sheets.

The next morning Brian awoke to a violation from his complex as several tenants complained about the amount of noise that was coming from his apartment but we joked about how many of the tenants actually took the time to just sit back, listen and enjoy what was going on that night in his apartment!
Late Night Replacement
Posted:Aug 11, 2018 8:12 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2018 10:36 am

We had been back in Michigan for nearly two weeks on our vacation from work in Alaska and our efforts to find a single man to join us for a threesome had not been going well. We had put an ad out on CL (back before Congress decided that that section of the site needed to be shut down) before we came back hoping to find one or two descent possibilities to meet and have fun with. Anyone that has used the site looking for a sex partner, especially couples looking for a man, knows that within thirty minutes of posting your ad you would get a hundred responses with more flooding in throughout the day with most of them being cheaters, pic collectors or men that loved the idea but, in the end, wouldn’t show up. Now, to be fair, we had met several great men and couples through the site over the years but when your time is limited game players and fakes are not what you want to deal with.

Our night started out that way as we had spoke to an old lover we met through the site several years back and had a long-term relationship with. Brian was younger and a little immature however after spending some time with him he proved to be a very adequate lover with an amazing cock I thoroughly enjoyed having in me, often leaving our bed very much soaked with my cum that squirted out of my pussy like a geyser when he and my husband would take turns having their way with me. After dismissing all the men that had e-mailed us we decided to text Brian and see how things were with him and if he were available to meet us for drinks that Saturday night at the local swing club, catch up on life and then grab a room down the street. The night started out with a lot of sexual tension building as it always does when Spenser and I are getting ready to meet someone, having a drink while showering and getting dressed for the evening and playfully teasing each other as we pass by in our home, discussing the events of the night in front of us. We left our home around 7pm and headed up to a bar in Livonia that we always meet our friends at, a fun place that has a great outdoor patio where people can drink, smoke, watch the ballgame and where inside our group had a table that was regarded as always saved for us each Friday and Saturday night. The night moved quickly as it always seems to do when you are having fun and soon it was 10pm so we sent Brian a text asking him how his night was going and telling him we were excited see him again. Brian said he got off work at 11pm and would text us when we was leaving, the sexual excitement in both of us went up a notch at the anticipation of what was to come and Brian’s large penis fucking me to exhaustion again but as does happen anticipation can turn to disappointment and Brian text us shortly thereafter saying that he would be stuck at work until midnight and then again after that saying his car had been broken into and that he would not be able to meet us. Spenser and I smiled at each other, shrugged our shoulders and turned our attention back to our friends.

At 1am we decided to head home and Spenser looked at our phone and saw that we had an e-mail in our inbox from a man responding to our ad from 2 weeks prior before we flew back to MI. He said he was going through the ads and seen ours and had wanted to respond, leaving an intelligent message and a face picture attached (both of which was a rarity). At that point we had never just invited someone directly over to our home without meeting them first, but our time was quickly running out before we returned to work and we were both very horny still from what was supposed to be a sexually charged night. Spenser e-mailed the man back and asked hm if he were still available to meet and our e-mail was quickly returned with a positive answer. We gave him our address and headed home, our ETA twenty minutes and his about forty-five, both of us somewhat doubtful that he would show and wondering if it was smart to give him our home address though quite excited at the possibilities that presented themselves to us. We arrived home, turned the porch light, left the front door slightly ajar, opening two beers as we stood by the kitchen island chatting and waiting. Headlights appeared in our driveway, a car door opened and then shut, we heard a knock on the door; to our surprise he had shown up. Spenser crossed the kitchen into the living room and opened the door inviting our guest in. First impressions were of an average looking man with a strong build and a fun yet nervous smile on his face. I think he was as surprised as we were that the everything was real. We introduced ourselves and thanked him for joining us so late, he said his name was Sean and that he had been out partying with some friends in Southgate and when he got bored started looking to see if there was anyone hosting tonight, liked our ad and figured he’d reply and see what would come of it. We offered Sean a beer and chatted about a venture he was involved in involving medicinal marijuana that was just starting and his frequent flights to LA and back, he was well spoken and intelligent and you could tell by his eyes that he had been indulging in his trade earlier in the night. After 20 minutes the idle talk began to subside and we all knew the moment everyone had come together for here tonight was about to start.

Spenser put his hand on my back and began to kiss my shoulder as I looked at Sean, watching him to see if he would take the lead or need to be invited into my arms. Spenser’s hands made their way around my waist to my breasts, his lips brushing against my neck and to my delight Sean’s hands followed and began touching my body as he took a step closer to me, feeling my stomach and then moving his hands under my shirt onto my tits, rubbing my nipples gently. Spenser pulled me into our bedroom, turning me toward him and kissing me deeply, taking my shirt off and moving his lips down my neck to my breasts as Sean stood behind us rubbing my back softly and unclasping my bra. I turned around so that Sean could see me, his hands moving over my breasts while I unbuttoned his jeans and removed his shirt. Behind me Spenser had removed his clothes and I could feel his hard cock against my back, my panties were soaked, my clit was aching to be touched so I stepped toward the bed and removed my shorts and laid on the bed, inviting both men to join me. Sean removed his jeans revealing a beautiful cock, thick and well maintained, moving onto the bed and kneeling next to me, his hand rubbing my nipple gently and my hand grabbing his cock and beginning to stroke it while Spenser moved between my legs and began to lick my pussy, his tongue teasing my clit in short stabs and then circular motions just around it as I moaned, stroking Sean’s penis faster, feeling it’s fullness in my hand while I looked at him complementing him on his beautiful dick. I felt Spenser’s mouth leave my vagina and he moved his body up towards me, his hard cock pushing it’s way inside me causing me to gasp and lose my breath momentarily and he began to steadily fuck me, Sean’s cock was now in his own hand as he stroked it against my nipple, something that has always been a huge turn on for me and pushing me to the edge as the sensation of his cock on my tit and Spenser’s cock fucking me brought me to orgasm, the sound of my pussy squirting around his thrusting cock filling the room. Spenser pulled out of me and offered a condom to Sean as I fought to gain my breath while I watched Sean roll the condom on, moving myself down towards the end of the bed and opening my legs, Sean moving between me and thrusting his thick cock inside of me reigniting my previous orgasm, his strong body pushing into mine as Spenser kissed me deeply, my screams echoing into his mouth as he reached down and pulled my legs higher allowing for Sean to penetrate me deeper and my clit to be more exposed to his groin as he fucked me. I wrapped one arm around Sean’s back and the other grabbed onto his arm to steady myself, and in a barely audible voice I told him he was going to make me squirt all over his cock, the next thrust deep into me bringing that statement to life as my pussy erupted around him, my face buried into his arm and my screams echoing off the walls, Sean’s body continuing to slam into me harder and faster, my pussy continuing to orgasm and shower him with my cum. I felt Sean’s body begin to tense up, he looked at me and told me he was going to make me come again and I grabbed onto him tightly and met each of his thrusts with one of my own as the heat between us intensified, his face buried into my breasts, his penis moving even harder and faster than earlier and his groans growing louder in my chest, the feeling once again becoming to much to handle as I came all over his cock this time sending his body into convulsions above me, my arms holding him tightly and feeling his cock inside of me explode into his condom. Sean lay on top of me while his body relaxed from our work out, my right arm rubbing his back and left one holding my husband’s hand.

Sean left shortly thereafter, we have never seen him again, but the experience showed us that the occasional pick some one up for just sex could be a very rewarding experience.
Alice and Our Good Friends 3some
Posted:Aug 8, 2018 2:46 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2020 5:41 pm

Alice and I started out in the lifestyle with our good friends Scott and Stacey and had been playing with them for a few months, breaking into swinging and figuring out what we enjoyed together and what we didn’t, working on the rules that are so important for any couple that take the leap into having sex with other people so that the encounters are positive thus limiting any issues that may arise that could potentially turn into a negative and hamper what is a very exciting and rewarding experience for us as a married couple. As usual, Scott and Stacey were over at our house and we were sitting on the back deck having drinks, discussing the lifestyle that was new to all of us yet we were becoming quickly acclimated to when I decided to bring up a new idea to everyone.

“I think it would be hot to watch the three of you have sex, I have always wanted to see Alice with another couple and you two would be the perfect pair for that”

There was a brief moment of silence as Alice looked at me, we generally spoke of our desires before discussing them with Scott and Stacey and while she knew I was a voyeur at heart I had yet to mention this to her.

“That sounds like a lot of fun to me!”, Scott said immediately.

We all laughed as Scott thought that nearly everything we discussed would be fun, he was very into experimenting and trying new things outside their normal relationship that had been ongoing since they were 13. Alice looked at Stacey and smiled, they had been together on several occasions and we all had swapped partners during our foursomes with everything for the most part going smoothly and always being fun and eliciting a lot of laughter.

“I’m ok with it if you are Stacey. It’s obviously no secret you both make me wet and I think it would be a lot for the both of us to satisfy your husband and see if he can handle two of us at once!”

Stacey said she was absolutely fine with it and I was thrilled that I was going to get to watch Alice have sex with them so we all grabbed our drinks and headed inside to what had become our playroom in the basement. Scott, as usual, was quick to undress and hop into bed with Alice and Stacey falling in on either side of him. They began to kiss Scott’s neck and chest as Alice’s hand worked its’ way down his chest and stomach, stroking his skin causing Scott to moan at the sensation. Stacey began kissing Scott and Alice finally made her way to his rapidly growing penis, her hand taking hold of him and slowly stroking him until he was fully erect. Alice then began to work her lips down his body, pausing briefly and kissing his nipples and down across his stomach and she neared his rock-hard cock while Stacey rested her head on his chest watching Alice’s progress towards her husband’s penis, wanting to see the moment he disappeared inside Alice’s mouth.

Alice ran her tongue down the length of his cock and then back up again before pausing at the head if his cock and smiling up at them, her mouth opening and lips wrapping themselves around his cock and she slid his length into her mouth, stopping at the base for a moment enjoying the way he felt inside her and then began to move up and down in a slow motion as Scott groaned deeply and placed his hand on top of her head, slowly stroking her hair in an appreciative gesture. Stacey then made her way down Scott’s body and began to lick the base of his cock as Alice worked his head, swirling her tongue around and licking the front of his veiny member. Alice then released his cock and raised up on her knees and began stroking his cock at a quick pace while Stacey massaged his balls with her tongue. Scott moved his hand between Alice’s legs and began to massage her very wet clit causing Alice to let out a loud sigh and move her hips in sync with his fingering while his other hand began to work the clit of his wife, the three of them working as one to please each other. Alice’s mouth then moved back to Scott’s cock and the two women took turns blowing him while he fingered them, all three building with intensity from the events unfolding on the bed.

Scott sat up on the bed and moved over as Alice laid down, spreading her legs so Stacey could begin licking her wet pussy, groaning as her tongue traced a circle around her engorged clit. Scott moved in behind Stacey, standing up and pulling her ass to the edge of the bed, sliding his cock into her pussy as she joined Alice moaning loudly at the feel of her husband penetrating her. Stacey continued to eat Alice’s pussy and began to finger fuck her hard, driving four of her fingers in and out of her at a rapid pace while keeping a steady rhythm with her tongue on Alice’s clit, Alice’s hands now on Stacey’s head, pushing her face deeper between her thighs as she cried out in pleasure. Scott continued to fuck Stacey and her screams were muffled between Alice’s thighs as the three of them moved as one while I stood there and watched, my penis very hard in my pants at the sight of my wife getting fucked by our friends in front of me. Alice began to push Stacey’s head away from her pussy and I knew that she was becoming too sensitive to handle her tongue on her clit much longer, she looked up at Scott and told him she needed to be fucked by a dick. I reached over and grabbed a condom from the stand and handed it to him and Stacey moved up next to Alice and began kissing her breasts while he rolled the condom over his cock. Scott moved onto the bed and Alice opened her legs wide allowing him to slide all the way inside of her in one dramatic thrust, her eyes rolling back and a loud “Oh Fuck” emitting from her mouth, his heavy balls slapping against her ass loudly from the force of the entry. Scott continued to move in and out of Alice quickly, each time the force of his cock entering her a little harder, his lips locked in a kiss with Stacey, the two of them using my wife for their pleasure and Alice enjoying every bit of it. Alice’s nipples were rock hard and she was screaming “There you go Scott, fuck my pussy baby, your cock feels so good inside of me” as he continued to work her pussy even harder now, filling her desire to be fucked by him. Stacey took Alice’s hand and put it on her clit, forcing her to finger it as she laid to the side and watched them fuck, her moans joining theirs as Alice worked her magic on her bringing her to quickly orgasm, her cum dripping all over Alice’s fingers which she quickly put into Scott’s mouth so that he could taste his wife. The taste of Stacey’s pussy on Alice’s fingers sent Scott into a frenzy and he began to pound her pussy, his hands squeezing her tits, his moans growing deeper while Alice thrust her hips back towards his pounding cock increasing the intensity between them until she too began to scream loudly, her orgasming body shuddering underneath Scott until he pulled out of her, ripping the condom off and coming all over her stomach and chest, each drop of warm cum hitting Alice’s body accentuating her orgasm and causing more shock waves throughout her body.

The three of them lay on the bed trying to catch their breaths, the beginning of a new chapter in all our sexual awakenings had begun and would be played out many times more in different scenarios between the four of us over the course of the next year.
What Fantasy Should We Fulfill
Posted:Aug 4, 2018 4:33 pm
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2019 10:05 am

My husband and I fulfilled one of his fantasies last night and we are looking for opinions on which one to fulfill next, there aren't a lot left on the table but we appreciate your thoughts especially if you have already experienced any of them!

Wife and 2 men while he watches
My husband and 2 men with me
Go to an orgy
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My fantasy fulfilled and a first for us!
Posted:Aug 4, 2018 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2020 2:41 pm

With our staying at his sister's house for the night we decided to meet up some friends that we hadn't seen in the past month up at the local bar and catch up on life and relax a little. After a few hours of laughing and having drinks a friend of ours asked us if we wanted to go to a local swingers club as he was curious of what it was like so we said sure and headed out. Upon getting to the club our friend was no where to be found so we sat down and ordered some drinks and people watched for about an hour while talking and having a fun time as we always do. I noticed a man sitting down three chairs from us looking over at us, I mentioned it to Alice and she looked over and said that he was a nice looking man and invited him to come down and sit with us to talk. Alice and I have never been with a black man before and after chatting with him for about 20 minutes we found him to be very easy going, have a nice sense of humor and be a good conversationalist which is always a huge turn on for her. Alice moved her hand to his leg and slid it over to his crotch where she began rubbing him and they discussed all of us leaving and finding a hotel near by.

As we followed him to the hotel Alice looked over at me and said "He is VERY big" and I said that I had noticed his rather large erection when she was touching him. We entered the lobby and arranged for a room while our companion sat in a chair giving us our privacy to fill out the information for the room, something we found to be very classy. Upon entering the room Alice pulled him toward her and began kissing and undressing him and as she stated in the car his penis was very large, hanging down to his thigh. Alice excused herself and went into the bathroom, returning a minute later naked, returning to his arms where they continued kissing as she stroked his cock. He looked down at her and said "I can tell by the way you kiss you give great blow jobs", a very clever way of suggesting she suck his cock. Alice pulled him over to the bed, laid down and took him into her mouth. It was impressive to watch as her mouth was open as wide as possible and only half of him was able to fit inside of it. He began to moan saying she knew how to suck cock and from experience I knew that her tongue was working it's way in circular patters on the front of his penis and the sensation was working it's magic on her lover. He pulled himself from her mouth and walked to the stand where he pulled out a condom and rolled it over his now fully erect cock and came over to the end of the bed where her dropped to his knees, spread Alice's legs wide and began to lick her clit eliciting a a groan from him and causing her head to drop back as she gasped loudly, her left hand holding his head as he tongued her pussy and her right hand rubbing her nipples. Alice's groans got louder and she began moving her hips in rhythm to his tongue, her mouth wide open in pleasure and breaths growing faster. As Alice's clit grew more sensitive to his touch she looked down at him and said "Fuck me".

I pulled the desk chair up by the bed and sat down in it as I have always had the fantasy of watching Alice and another man fuck without my involvement. Alice moved further up the bed and her lover followed, sliding between her legs and slowly entering her very wet pussy causing a loud gasp as she reached her arms up around him and pulled him toward her, eager to have him further inside of her. He began to move in a rhythm in and out of her, each slow thrust moving his huge penis a little further inside of her while at the same time moving my wife closer to the edge of climax, her groans growing louder and more urgent and for a moment I wondered if we may have security knocking on the door due to a complaint from the neighboring room. He then separated himself from on top of her and raised up pulling Alice's leg up over his arm as he prepared to fully insert himself into her. Alice looked at him and said "Gentle" as she was already stretched out more than any other point in our endeavors in the lifestyle. He slowly slid the remaining length of his cock into her vagina, Alice's head dropped back into the bed and she screamed "God! Oh YES, YES, YES!" He began fucking Alice with his huge cock and each withdrawal from her pussy revealed juices pouring out of her and each slow thrust back in moving her closer to ecstasy. Alice's hands were holding onto his body as he played with and gently kissed her hard nipples, his groans building and matching hers in volume as the two of them fluidly fucked each other, him moving in and out and her hips grinding into his body expertly working his cock. Alice's screams became more animalist and she told him to fuck her, repeatedly yelling out "God, oh God, YES, YES, YES!" until the the sensation became too much and she orgasmed all over his cock, her eyes rolling back in her head and her entire self tensing up with each spasm of her body. Her lover then began to moan louder, moving in and out of her faster as they held each other tightly and he let out a loud "UHHHHH" and came in his condom deep inside of her pussy, staying there as the sensation washed over his body and enjoying Alice touching his body and helping his penis cum inside her. After a minute he pulled himself out of her causing Alice to gasp and lose her breath and the fullness of his cock left her body.

Our night ended with us thanking him for being such a gentlemen and leaving him our number and Alice and I crawled into bed and fell asleep in each others arms, my fantasy realized and my wife thoroughly satisfied with our first time with a black man and his very large cock.

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