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Males opinion of a woman in heels and stockings.  

knl24u 49M/47F
591 posts
8/14/2018 8:18 am
Males opinion of a woman in heels and stockings.

Well men share your opinion of seeing a woman dressed in heels and stockings. Is this something that turns you on?

sexynewf61 59M
2876 posts
8/14/2018 12:40 pm

Oh yes, seeing an attractive lady like yourself dressed in sexy lingerie and heels, does turn me on. Thank you.

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LakeRidgeBBWSeek 60M
3820 posts
8/14/2018 3:13 pm

OH YEAH !!!!!!!!

Untimelycard1 51M

8/22/2018 12:57 pm

Love heels!!! . So sexy...

pesting 41M
16 posts
10/17/2018 9:01 pm


CardiffRoad 36M
1 post
11/15/2018 12:07 pm

Stockings and heels both accentuate a woman's ass. They are very feminine. It's such a turn on to see women who dress for the occasion.

007Horny2 57M

11/18/2018 10:10 am

rellay sexy

becknjeff 56M/55F
4 posts
1/13/2019 1:02 pm

Yes it make a man hot and wanted like my wife does in them

idfun5 50M
6 posts
2/14/2019 12:06 pm

Very hot!

Zinny1953 67M  
239 posts
3/9/2019 9:16 am

So f'ing sexy...YES!

luv3sumz4 43M
76 posts
4/28/2019 3:46 pm

Its So sexy.. Puts me in the Mod always . Ps. I love the fotos are they all of you?

28shyblueyes 58M
134 posts
5/14/2019 4:18 pm

Yes gets me hot and bothered! It is like a nicely wrapped gift.

Eltopg 45M

5/19/2019 12:00 am

Yes women in heels and stockings are very sexy mmmmm

Leegs2012 48M
61148 posts
8/17/2019 10:00 am

Yes!! You would look great in this outfit!! You have sexy LEGS!!

Wifewantsthed 31M/28F
6 posts
10/25/2019 3:19 am

1000%!! Its always a turn on.

Wifewantsthed 31M/28F
6 posts
10/25/2019 3:20 am

Very correct

hotroddd42 60M
39 posts
11/13/2020 5:59 am


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