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kuteKell 39F
317 posts
3/13/2016 8:44 am

Well, since turnabout is fair play, I will ask what everybody thinks of female genital piercings.

Not to influence the vote, but I actually have direct experience with this one.

I dated a girl who had several piercings. While her tongue piercing was very useful in some situations, I didn't like it for kissing. But that's a different question(maybe for my next poll). Anyway, I found her pussy piercing distracting. And whether it wasn't done right or she didn't care for it properly, she had trouble with infections and eventually removed it.

But don't let my experience influence your vote, and please comment on why you voted the way you did.

And one thing I learned from the last poll, I'm including a neutral answer this time.
I'm a woman and I don't care for them
I'm a woman and I like them
I'm a woman and I have one.
I'm a woman and I don't care one way or the other.
I'm a man and I don't care for them.
I'm a man and I like them.
I'm a man and I don't care one way or the other.

sphxdiver 70M  
21074 posts
3/13/2016 8:56 am

Never been with a woman that had one, but something about it just don't look right.

iwalkstilts 45M  
2861 posts
3/13/2016 9:01 am

Never been with a woman that had one.ive always wondered if I would like it. Nipple piercings look great.

kuteKell replies on 3/13/2016 9:10 am:
Ooh, You may have just inspired my next poll....stay tuned.

newtoyunme 47M

3/13/2016 9:02 am

i haven't been with a woman with it done,but i want to check it out, but heard bout pros n cons

classicalrebel4 64M  
1417 posts
3/13/2016 9:26 am

I'm only just getting to the point of being comfortable with tattoos. Piercings still weird me out but mainly I'd be afraid of ripping them out in the heat of the moment.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

tadakimasu 28M
244 posts
3/13/2016 9:50 am

It really depends on who you hang around with. But I don't care for em. Isn't it risky? Infection-wise?

Lynn1812 50M  
4938 posts
3/13/2016 10:11 am

It depends on what, where and how many. I'm all for freedom to do whatever you want with your own body, but I'm also free to have an opinion about it.

I am, in general, turned off by most facial piercing because from my experience the wearer is usually doing it just to stick their finger in the eye of "normal" society. And while freedom of self expression is paramount in our society, if your message to the world is 'fuck you', I'm going to be pretty turned off. Lip and tongue piercing just seem to be more problematic than erotic or even attractive.

As for intimate piercings, I love them. My ex wife had both her nipples done and she had a heck of a time keeping me off of them. Her nipples were always very sensitive and I was regularly able to make her cum just by treating them right. After the rings were installed, she never went wanting...

I really wanted her to get one in her clit too, but she never did.

cleanbutkinky 46M
38 posts
3/13/2016 4:47 pm

nothing better then piercings everywhere!!!

Shrewdy2 56M
46 posts
3/13/2016 6:58 pm

You were lost but now you are found! I find the God comment a tad hypercritical as I would suspect God would strike him down on being on a site like this!

kuteKell replies on 3/15/2016 8:03 am:
God is very forgiving and has a great sense of humor. That's why She creates guys like him. She doesn't have to strike anybody down....they create their own hell for themselves right here in this life.

Pulsator552001 59M
132 posts
3/13/2016 10:42 pm

Generally, I don't find them attractive, but there have been exceptions....

_JKH_ 66M
5453 posts
3/13/2016 11:08 pm

Never seen one on any woman I been with.

~ ~

donk720 80M
73 posts
3/14/2016 6:00 am

piercings except for ear rings, always make me think the woman is really into sex, and wants everyone to know it...

Bawdy_Lee 71M

3/14/2016 1:32 pm

Never had the experience but don't care for them. Would be too distracting for me.

1ForeTex 66M
120 posts
3/14/2016 4:04 pm

i have meet a lady who has a couple of them . it is quite different with them i guess it will something to deal with !

Depeer3 59M
146 posts
3/16/2016 3:55 am

It up to the lady if they want a piercing or not, I don't have a view on this, only to say as long as there is no infection I am okay with piercings.

Wantodouto123 58M
571 posts
3/19/2016 8:41 pm

I've been with both and it can be very exciting if foreplay last long enough....one girl insisted I suck and play with her piercing and wow she squirted huge!

I still/Wantodou2

notsure1949 71M
9588 posts
3/26/2016 5:08 am

not a piercing fan

cockinhand4uNow 56M
1369 posts
3/31/2016 5:09 am

I'm not a big fan of female genital piercings, I find it distracting

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