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Too many fakes  

lasiren 47F
27 posts
9/11/2015 6:41 am

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1/7/2017 8:28 pm

Too many fakes

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coptrainer56 71M
1880 posts
9/11/2015 7:39 am

People seem to mistake "fake" from people who really come here with no clue what it is that they want from here. They class as "fake" people who come here for the fantasy or a remembering what they had at some previous point. And a portion of the people here have a need to attack those who reject them for whatever reason.

Be safe, relax and just have fun!

_Vain_ 45M

9/11/2015 10:06 am

Great post, I often see men pretty much every time I'm in my local chat room complaining "no one wants to play", "no one meets" etc.

I've been on this site longer then anyone I know. In that time I have met numerous single women and couples. How? By treating people the way I would want to be treated, with respect.

Throwing out a blanket "who wants to hook up?" in chat, shows you don't really care who it is, and probably won't work.

Just my two cents,
Or two nickels since we got rid of pennies in Canada.

Thanks for stopping by, please visit again.

allinfunn8888 63T  
22 posts
9/13/2015 5:28 am

well said

MrSunShine72 47M
10 posts
10/13/2015 11:47 pm

Hmmmmm, we both know the other is real because we have seen each other in the flesh. But yes youre right, I need to stop showing people photos of my ( beautiful) cock.

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