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Hotel tonight 7th December 2019
Posted:Dec 7, 2019 12:20 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2019 7:01 am

Anyone interested in meeting me... I'm at Celtic manor tonight winter wonderland party... I'm staying at coldra court hotel...

Wanna ?

I want to have a smashing story to tell about how we met at the bar and had a few drinks flirting 8getting ti know each other before making our way to the room where we can engage in foreplay I love a good bit of oral and a guy really feasting on my pussy and ass.. before moving into the carnal delights of pushing that cock in me and giving me all go got deep slow hard fast a mixture of both... until we both cum hard
4 day weekend November 2019
Posted:Oct 20, 2019 6:57 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2019 12:13 am

So I will be attending the PDC darts championship in November down at Butlins Mine Head

Was wondering if this rather sporty weekend could be added with some extra curricular activities so tell me are there any singles, couples or Groups of guys fancy making the weekend a little more exciting

I may have a friend in attendance but cant guarantee what her interactions may be but nowt stopping you trying it on...

let know if there is any interest in playing i'm sure you can find the correct dates and location based on PDC Darts championship in Mine Head

Open door policy expected in our room whoop

forward hearing from you all

In Anticipation xxxx..Leawildone..xxxxx
Surprise Truck Stop Dogging
Posted:Oct 2, 2019 9:18 am
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2019 1:21 am

So my regular fuck buddy invited me for a session but stated I needed wear the items he purchased in the bag. crotchless knickers black suspender belt and stockings calf length black boots with silver steel heel about 2 inches. Black Mini leather skirt see through vest top net in red oh and a black leather jacket. He did not tell me where we were going just said to get dressed get in the car and pop the blindfold on...

So I got in the van & we drove for about 35 mins and all the while he was playing with my pussy and tits I was very wet be the time we stopped. He came around the door and led me up a hill at which point he removed the blindfold I couldn't see a thing it was so dar... I could make out a picnic table just behind him he dropped his trousers and leaned against the table holding his hard cock he encouraged me start sucking him off. I leaned over and took him in mouth sucking and laving his cock his balls hes so tasty a lovely meal on this cold dark evening...

I can see we are overlooking a busy road and there are a large of trucks parked in the layby below I could make around trucks my was hard and horny with his cock in my mouth he reached over and pulled my skirt up over my butt and spread my ass cheeks I was feeling so horny eating his coc I then felt a second pair of hands on my ass and says the new cummer yeah you can do her. He reached in his pocket and pulled a string of condoms placing them on the table next him...

Within seconds I had a face rimming my ass and licking my pussy it was pure delight. My was still fucking my mouth reaching over and spreading my ass cheeks whilst I was being eaten mmmm.. It was at this point I thought my had arranged a meet with another person what I didn't expect as I stood was several guys all working their cocks lined up in a semi circle behind me he said they all gonna have a go and fill you good.

At this point my jacket came off and it was placed on the table I laid down on the table and I had a new guys face eating my pussy 2 cocks 1 in each hand kneeling along the benches and my leaning over my head so I could suck his cock it was divine I could feel my top being raised and my tits fondled and nipples pinched as I worked on 3 guys whilst 1 was eating me and some others touching me where they could.


I hear a tearing packet and I'm thrilled to know i'm about to get a cock in me. The guy was the second one to eat my pussy. After a few seconds I could feel him press his cock at my pussy and begin to rub it up and down the length of him coating his cock in my juices. I'm sucking on my and he is egging the guy on go on man get it in her fuck her good. I feel the two guys in my hands start thrusting their cocks into my hands and can feel how hard and big they both are.

The guy at my pussy finally pushes into me he's not a big fella but he is certainly enthusiastic and his thrusts are short but deep he is holding onto my hips and pounding unto me as he thrusts I move up the table and gag on my coc My tits are being played with one is being pinched and fondled and the is being suckled by one of the guys 's cock I'm stroking I around and cup his balls using my middle finger with his ass.

The chap fucking my pussy thrusts hard and deep for about 2 minutes I could feel my pussy starting pulse but he came right then a proper grunty orgasm dragging my legs back onto him as he thrust I could feel the heat of his cum in my pussy but he was wearing a condom and all I could think was what a shame id love to have that running outta me right now.

The guy in my hand moved to my pussy and he placed a condom on he was bigger than the last guy and used a different thrusting technique pushing more towards the front of my pussy I love this and I can feel myself gushing my juices over him what I really love is when a guy starts swearing as he is fucking me cos I agree its fucking good I feel awesome out of nowhere my breasts are squirted with cum one of the fellas watching and playing with their cocks has walked over and cum all over me. he leans over and rubs his cum in my breast through my net top.

Im finger fucking my in the ass whilst his cock is in my mouth when I feel his ass cheeks spread and my hand is removed I look up and a fella has started rimming my as he is fucking my mouth.

My leaves my mouth and im kissed by a stranger this guy is also playing with my breasts and rubbing in the cum my pussy is being pounded by the guy I stroked earlier and he is getting my pussy gushing his thrust get faster and faster deeper and deeper until he pulls pulls the condom off and erupts over my pussy and stomach.

My walks around and his rimming partner is with him.. My starts t clean the cum off my pussy and works my clit for a bit he is bent over and I can see his Rimming buddy put a condom on. MY does the and starts fucking me as he is bent over me his rimming buddy starts fucking his ass he is getting it both ways and im sooo jealous.

Another guy comes from the dark and works his coc.. My Pulls and says shoot it on here mate.. My pussy is sprayed with cum again and my rubs his cock in it he lifts my legs and starts penetrate my ass... mmmm

The guy I have been stroking since I got on the table starts jerking hard in my hand and he cums hard and loud all over my breasts and throat. The guy has been kissing my breasts also cleans this cum up...

Another rather large and rather black cock appears at my face 2 of my hands are not big enough hold his length. My Rimming partner grunts and shoots his load into him holding him down till he is empty I say to my I want DP...

we change positions my Sits on the table and I sit on him.. The big Black dude is going fuck my ass and I have another in my mouth.... now this is more like what I want....The big black cock has struggled put a condom on the first split and the second was strangling his poor cock but he got there.

He worked my ass till it was nice and wet and then started push that big beasty in fuck me I was so full of coc He continued work his cock into me slow in and out deeper and deeper till he was buried balls deep in my ass my and him worked together fucking me in a rhythm together. I continued sucking on the cock in front of me.

I could feel my cumming in my pussy all the while the big dud was still fucking my ass. We slowed a stop so my could switch places with the guy at my mouth he got the last of the condoms and pushed straight into my pussy...

Big guy continued in my ass but these two cocks were both a size and fucked me good.... then the big guy said he wanted to switch so we stood up big guy lifted me in a standing position and sat my pussy down on his cock the second guy came up behind me and started to fuck my ass I love it in this position the guy in my ass came hard I could once again feel the heat from the cum as he bit my shoulder …

The big guy had me to himself now and laid me back down on the table he said I wanna make you scream for me and pushed my legs pack so he could fuck me nice and deep...

Long deep hard strokes in my pussy with his balls bouncing off my ass he nibbled on my nipples as he humped my pussy.. My sitting on the bench telling me what a filthy mare I am for breeding with the big black dude. He said tell me what a filthy girl you are tell me how much you want his cum in you cum on tell the man how much you want him.... I said I am a filthy girl and I want milk his cum from him I want feel it running from my pussy and down my legs... The big dude got harder I could feel his cock swell in me.

Harder and harder he pumped until he started wheeze I could feel my pussy flutter and the big dude started with my clit as he fucked me.. im spasming now I cant breath and I scream at him fuck me and fill me I want his cum deep in my pussy.

I could feel heat spreading throughout my pussy and I came hard clamping down round his cock he groaned and humped harder I could feel how wet I was and feel it all running down my legs until he finally pulled from my pussy.

The condom had broken and I was now full of the cum of a black man.

My fuckbuddy called me a filthy mare and licked the cum running from me and the black dude leaned over me and said something remember me by and kissed me hard. sets of lips kissing me good. wow my legs are like Jello and I have had the greatest night ever.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did

xxxThe Endxxx

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