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My Art and Practice of Yoni Massage  

legendaryBBC 35M  
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3/29/2020 3:17 pm
My Art and Practice of Yoni Massage

A Yoni massage consists of the masseuse, called the giver, and the receiver of the massage, called the Shakta. The receiver is almost always naked, whilst the giver is clothed or naked. The Yoni massage consists of several steps, slowly and gradually providing a build- the eventual vaginal stimulation. The massage begins with the receiver lying on their stomach, exposing the other side of the body, called the Yang side. After massaging the entire rear body, and buttocks, the receiver turns around, lying on their backs, and the masseuse massages the Yin side. The massage continues, slowly transforming from whole body massage, to breast massage, to stimulation of the vulva, and finally deep vaginal stimulation. Massage Oil, like in many other forms of massage, is not only used, but is also an essential part of the massage, to provide a sufficient amount of lubrication

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