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Posted:Feb 27, 2019 9:30 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:38 pm

One day a friend of mine by the name of Rohit came over. He is a very old and dear friend. Unfortunately recently he was going through certain problems with his wife. He was genuinely unhappy and I decided to invite him over for dinner. Rohit is about one or two inches taller than me at 6 feet 2 inches and has a muscular build. That he was having problems with his wife was indeed a surprise because during our university days he had a way with girls and was one of the more envied people.

My wife Anjali was wearing a blue sari with matching sleeveless blouse. With her subtle makeup and silver jewellery she looked stunning. As the meal progressed I noticed that she took a keen interest in Rohit’s problem. At one time it appeared that Rohit was to tell me something in confidence and alone but Anjali refused to leave. After a couple of drinks even I was in a couldn’t care less mood and so insisted that she stay. It transpired that Rohit’s wife was not at all responsive sexually. For her it was a chore that had to be performed. Not the ecstatic experience that it was for Anjali. Both Anjali and I were very sad for Rohit. After the meal Rohit wanted to go back but we insisted that he stay over.

Anjali saw to it that his room had everything that was could be required. Bed, quilt, water, AC, everything was in place. Anjali too changed into a nightie and we retired to our respective rooms.

Just as we were about to turn in, there was some electrical fault and what followed was complete darkness in the building. After a while it became clear that a phase had short circuited and there was now no electricity in any room. The only thing that was working was the AC of our room since that took its current from another phase. Anjali was apparently quite tired after having prepared all the delicacies that we had enjoyed at dinner and within no time she was asleep.

It was very hot and I felt bad that I had or rather we had asked Rohit to stay over. It would have been indecent on our part to have carried on sleeping while he sweated it out. I therefore got out of the bed and tiptoed to his room. There was nothing but sheer darkness everywhere. Then I noticed that the door of the balcony was open and he was standing there getting some respite from the fresh air.

“Rohit,” I whispered to him. “ Come inside. To our room. The AC there is working.”

“No, you carry on.” He whispered back.” Why spoil your sleep because of me?”

“Anjali is already asleep; so the question of her sleep being spoilt does not arise. And I, as you can still see am wide awake. ”I replied.

“ But there is only one bed there?” Rohit was still hesitant.

“Aw, come on now.” I insisted.” Don’t be shy. Anjali is not sleeping naked.”

I could see Rohit’s silhoutte shrugging his shoulders and following me to the room. In addition to the darkness there was just the silent humming of the AC. Both Rohit and I were in T shirts and shorts. I lay down in the middle and Rohit occupied the place that I usually occupy. Within five minutes even Rohit fell asleep. It seemed that either I had had too much to eat or perhaps there was some other problem but I couldn’t fall asleep. After tossing around for a while I decided to do what Rohit had been doing; i.e.to take some fresh air from the balcony the door of which was still open.
I got out of the bed and very slowly proceeded to the balcony leaving behind on the same bed two people: my wife clad in virtually nothing but her bangles, necklace, anklets and a very thin nightie and my best friend, muscular and well built, a ladies’ man and one who had not been getting along with his wife recently.

The fresh air was soothing and balmy. Somewhere in the distance I could hear the barking of dogs. Gradually I found myself going over the day’s events( a completely boring and useless exercise ) and I think that is when I dozed off.

When I woke up with a start I think I had already been dozing off for almost two hours. The electricity had been restored and the fans were whirring. The lights were naturally off since they had been put off before we had turned in. I thought of entering my bedroom to wake up Rohit and to tell him that he could go back to his room since the electricity had been restored. However I was quite surprised to find that both Rohit and Anjali were awake. This surprised me no end. After all with the Air conditioner on there was no reason why their sleep should have been disturbed. When I entered, it appeared to me as if they had been expecting me. Somehow their behavior seemed strange I put on the light also and I saw Rohit feeling somewhat sheepish. I told him that he could go to his room. He smiled at Anjali who smiled back at him and Rohit left the room. The rest of the night passed off uneventfully except for the fact that after Rohit’s departure Anjali was even more sexually active and we made absolutely mind blowing love. In my heart of hearts I was happy that due to Rohit’s visit my wife had become even more uninhibited. However deep inside me something rankled. Why were these two awake when I was dozing in the balcony? What had transpired between them? She had started wearing sexier and more revealing clothes. She was in remarkably good shape. With a height of 5 feet and 5 inches in bare feet she had a firm bust of 34 B. Not only that she had a flair for carrying off both Indian and Western attire and looked incredibly stunning in both of them.

There had never been any discussion regarding actual sexual intercourse with someone else. I decidedly found her behavior lost and somewhat strange for a couple of days after Rohit’s departure. The only time when she came into her element was when we were in bed. At that time I found her to be even more active than what she had hitherto been.

However one day (few weeks after Rohit’s departure) I came home very early. I had an appointment to one of my who lives very near to my house. But he cancelled it at the last moment. So I decided to come home early because there was no point to returning back to office at that time. She was in the kitchen and I sat on the sofa after cleaning my self in the bathroom. I was waiting for her to serve me a cup of coffee. She came to me with the coffee and said to me. ”Promise me that you will not be angry if I tell you something.”

Thinking that it had something to do with domestic affairs I asked her to go ahead.

“It has something to do with the night when Rohit stayed over.” She said looking me straight in the eyes.

I was surprised and frankly a bit apprehensive.” What about it? Tell me!”

“First promise me that you won't be angry.” She repeated.

“What is all this? You are driving me nuts. Okay I won’t be angry. What’s it?” My patience was running out.

“Listen patiently. That night I was feeling very bad for Rohit. Sexual satisfaction is such an integral part of one’s life and Rohit was being denied that pleasure by his wife. Frankly I did not know that you had called him over and promptly left me lying there with him. You know that I like to sleep naked. It was because of his presence in the house that I was wearing a nightie. After an initial spell of sleep I decided to, well, make love to you.” Anjali fell silent.

“Well, go on and don’t stop.” I said.

“I think I will complete it tomorrow.” she teased me.

“If you won’t complete that you won’t live to see tomorrow.” I replied.

“My, my! How impatient you are. To complete it. I took off the nightie and directed his hand to my breasts thinking it to be your hand. I did think it to be a bit different but I couldn’t ever imagine that it was Rohit. Soon he cupped both my breasts. I don’t even know when he took off all his clothes; he was as swift as that. I felt his tongue at the sole of my feet gradually tickling my inner thighs until I found his tongue exploring my pussy. You do it in a more gentler way but his tongue was literally pushing its way inside the pussy. It was at that moment that I realized that it was not you. You tell me what could I have done?” Anjali stopped speaking.

“What happened?” I was breathless.

“Now you are being silly! What could have happened?” she asked me.

“Complete it. I want to know everything.
“His tongue found its way inside and he sucked at it like a man deprived for a very long time. To be frank even I felt nice giving him the satisfaction that he should have got from his wife. I don’t know what came over me but I bent down, found his cock which was by then hard as a rock and slowly, very slowly took him in my mouth. All men have different body odor but Rohit’s was nice. He became very still wanting to savour every moment of the time his cock was inside my mouth. After having been with you for so long, I do know what pleases a man. I am sure the suck that I gave him must have been the best that he ever received.” Anjali said.

“Is that all? Did he come inside your mouth?” I asked

“No,I would rather have a new person come inside my pussy than in my mouth.” she replied.

“For God’s sake tell me. Did he screw you?” I asked.

“Come on,now. These are not the words I expect my husband to use. Screw? Instead of ‘making love’ you used ‘screw’. This is derogatory indeed. ”Anjali chided me.

I suddenly realized my mistake. If I was getting a thrill out of this I really should not have used these words.

“Okay, I am sorry. What happened next? Tell me in detail” I asked.

“Okay, after some time I could feel that there was a lot of precum in my mouth. I therefore stopped. It was then that he made me lie down on my back. He has a knack with teasing the breasts. Taking both my hands in to his hands he teased the nipples without actually taking them inside his mouth. Once they were begging to be sucked he took them in his mouth and sucked them so hard that I virtually gasped.
Posted:Feb 26, 2019 8:50 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:38 pm

The next morning I awoke at about 7:00 from a great night's sleep still remembering the events of the evening before. I couldn't get Marlee out of my mind. I showered, shaved and got ready to go for breakfast before my long drive home. I was just about ready to leave for something to eat when a knock came to the door. I opened it and there stood Marlee. Next to her stood another young girl apparently a friend of Marlee's .

They came in and Marlee introduced me to her friend Kathy. Kathy was a short little brunette, about 5'tall, a little shorter than Marlee. She was eighteen years old too. She had short brown hair, blue eyes, an absolute darling face, and the cutest petite figure. I wondered what they wanted and I soon found out.

Marlee told me how much she enjoyed yesterday evening and was telling Kathy about it last night when she got home. Marlee wanted to surprise me and spend the morning with me again in bed before I left to go home. Kathy was so curious and excited herself from what Marlee told her, that she begged Marlee to let her come along.

This whole thing was unbelievable. Not only was Marlee, my dream , looking to got laid again, but now her friend who was nearly as pretty as Marlee, apparently wanted some action too. I remembered back to last night how tight Marlee was when I fucked her. I could only imagine how tight her friend Kathy might be with her tiny petite body.

Everything was happening pretty fast. Marlee started taking her clothes off trying to show off her experience in front of Kathy. She stripped completely and hopped up on the bed. It looked like I wasn't getting much say so in the matter, so I just started getting undressed too. Kathy waited, hesitating what to do. She had to be nervous. When I finished undressing I joined Marlee on the bed letting Kathy watch and figured she would become more at ease soon enough and eventually join us.

I kissed Marlee caressing those lovely tits of hers. I took her hand in mine and guided her fingers down to her pussy. Together we massaged Marlee's slit, occasionally slipping my fingers then her fingers in her until she was getting pretty wet. Then I went down on her eating her delicious cunt. It tasted just as I remembered from yesterday. The next thing I knew I felt a hand touch my cock. I looked up for a moment to see Kathy totally naked admiring my growing cock and touching it, learning how it felt. Kathy's tiny little body was fantastic. She was petite in every respect. She had the cutest pert breasts, perfectly proportioned legs, and the most wonderful tight behind. Her whole body had a terrific tan except for the white spots where she obviously wore the skimpiest of bikinis. After looking at her I didn't know who I should fuck first. I reached out to Kathy gently fondling her breasts and nipples and told her, "You're a very pretty young lady, Kathy." That seemed to put her at ease a little more.

I returned to licking Marlee's cunt for awhile longer, then switched to Kathy. I knew Kathy was nervous, so I gently spread her legs and softly licked her slit. Marlee went to my hard cock and began sucking me like a pro. She took me deep in her mouth, further than yesterday. Meanwhile Kathy was truly enjoying her first ever tonguing of her cunt. She became wet in no time as my tongue probed her small slit. She tasted so sweet, I kept licking her juices as they flowed from her.

I laid down on the bed on my back positioning Kathy kneeling over my face and I continued eating her delicious young cunt. Then I let my tongue wander up her ass. The first time I licked up into her asscrack I thought she would go crazy. Seeing what that did to her, I repeated my travels up her crack several times. Kathy shook every time my tongue crept up her rear and neared her asshole. I really admired her tiny cute bunghole as I ate on her slit and licked up her crack. Then I let my tongue stay on Kathy's asshole, licking it and probing it. Kathy went wild. The feel of her tiny anus was so tight to the touch on my tongue. I thought how I would love to squeeze my cock in that small hole.

Marlee had positioned herself squatting over my rigid cock and was ready to impale herself on it. She put the head on her wet slit and slowly sat down driving my cock up her cunt. How great that felt. She worked herself up and down fucking her own cunt on my cock.

After giving Kathy a thorough licking, I pushed her off my face and went back to Marlee putting her on her hands and knees. Kathy laid there watching as I came up from behind Marlee, gave her ass a few licks, then placed my cock in her asscrack on her anal hole. "Would you like to try it in here?" I asked.

"You'll go easy won't you?" Marlee replied.

"Of course, my darling sweet angel." I answered.

How amazing. Marlee willingly accepted my advances on her backdoor. Kathy watched as I penetrated Marlee's ass. The head of my cock slipped in and inched its way up her anal passage. Was she ever tight? Marlee was inexperienced with having something in her ass, so naturally she tightened up as I pushed in. But she took me in and took all of me. I had eight inches of hard cock stuffed inside Marlee's virgin asshole and she took it all without even a sound or whimper of discomfort. Then I slowly worked it back and forth fucking in and out of her ass. I fingered her cunt while I screwed her butthole, then began a little faster pace until she began enjoying the new feeling. After ten minutes of anally fucking Marlee I sensed her imminent orgasm. I buried my fingers deep in her cunt and gave her a couple fast quick slams of my cock up the ass and I sent her body into a strong body wrenching orgasm. I held her to me in my arms feeling the shaking and shuddering of her body as she kept cumming. Her climax seemed to last forever as her body quivered in my arms. When I felt her relax, I pulled my hard cock slowly from the grips of her asshole and gently laid Marlee down on the bed.

Kathy just stared the whole time, shocked with what she saw and how much her friend Marlee obviously enjoyed being fingered and anally fucked. I looked at Kathy holding my stiff cock.

"Am!... am! ....I next?" she asked with a lump in her throat. "Is that what you want?" I asked back. "Uh!....I guess so, well uh!... uh! I don't know. I'm not sure."

Kathy hesitated and stammered not knowing what to do, but deep in her heart she wanted to experience the feeling that Marlee just had. It looked like she loved it so much. It had to be okay she thought. Marlee did it and liked it.

"Well, I'd like to try it. But won't it hurt?"

"Go ahead," Marlee told Kathy. "You'll like it, it's great, it feels nice up there."

Kathy thought some more. "Well, uh!...I guess so. Okay, I'll do it."

I put Kathy on her back and told Marlee to get on top of her in a 69 position. Again something new for Marlee as well as Kathy. First I had Marlee begin licking Kathy's cunt. Once Kathy got warmed up I told Kathy to use her tongue on Marlee's slit, and she did. I'll bet when these girls decided to visit me this morning they never thought they would be eating on each other's pussies. I pulled Kathy's legs way up high while Marlee licked her, so I could get at both of her holes as well as Marlee's sweet mouth.

In front of me I had perfect access to Kathy's virgin cunt and virgin asshole. I placed my cock on her cunt wiping it up and down her slit. Marlee was tonguing Kathy's cunt, and now with my cock there too, she worked on both, alternating between cunt and cock. Kathy was feeling pretty good by this time. Marlee did a good job of arousing her passions and my cock hitting her clit heightened her sensation more.

It was time for Kathy to get fucked. I pushed into her slit and plunged right in breaking her virginity. Her hole was even tighter than Marlee's. I drove into her cunt with a nice slow easy push until I was fully buried inside. Her virgin hole hugged its first time ever cock penetration snuggly all the way in. She had the tightest grip on my cock I've ever felt. Kathy was moaning out loud. Now she knew the feelings Marlee experienced. I fucked her cunt easy at first then as she loosened up I started really giving it to this little cutie pretty good. What a tight cunt she was.

I pulled out giving my cock to Marlee's mouth to lick off Kathy's juices. Then I shoved a couple fingers in Kathy's just fucked hole to get my fingers wet. I wiped her juices on her asshole and down I went with my cock to Kathy's backdoor. Marlee was lying there on top of Kathy watching, waiting to see her friend take my eight-inch cock up her ass. I pushed hard on Kathy's asshole and it started stretching. But Kathy was getting worried. She was highly aroused from being eaten and cunt fucked, but she knew taking my cock up her ass was not going to be easy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! It's so big." she yelled.

"No! No! Don't, it's too big." Again she cried out almost in tears thinking, maybe doing this was a mistake, as the pressure on her anal hole was becoming uncomfortable.

"Just relax, Kathy." I replied. I wasn't about to stop now. I had to feel how tight this cute little ass was.

I pushed harder and harder. Kathy's inexperience made it impossible for her to relax her rear end, but finally her tiny anal hole opened up letting my cockhead slip in. Kathy let out a sigh of relief knowing I was inside her. "Oh my God. It feels so big in me," she whispered loudly, half out of breath. I pushed in her some more, waited, and then a little more. She had four inches inside her ass. Then I gave one last push shoving the last four inches of cock in. Kathy just let go at that point, "Oh, God!" Her tiny rectum was full with my cock and her anal entrance had an incredibly tight grip around the base of my cock. I had to fuck her slow at first she was so damn tight. But after taking me five or six times in and out I felt her sphincter relax a bit. She was able to take me in easier and letting me fuck her anal hole a little faster. After that I started giving her asshole a good fucking. Marlee resumed licking her cunt while I kept up Kathy's assfuck. Every stroke into Kathy's ass was literally squeezing my cock up her puckered little hole. I don't know if she liked it up her ass, but she was taking it now without any complaints. I guess she figured if Marlee did it, then she would have to take it too. The friction from forcing up her anal chute made me ready to cum in minutes. And I was nearly ready now.

Marlee looked up from her cuntlicking and I pulled out from Kathy's ass. I held my stiff shaft out to Marlee offering it to her. I wasn't sure if she would have the nerve to put it in her mouth after being in her friend's ass. It really wasn't that much of a surprise when Marlee took me in her mouth. I wasn't ready to give her my sperm yet, but she was getting a good taste of Kathy's ass. She sucked me deep inside while pumping my cock with her hand. For only her second day at giving blowjobs, I sure loved her sucking.

Then I looked down at Kathy's cute asshole, withdrew my cock from Marlee's mouth and plunge back up Kathy's anus. I gave her a couple quick eight-inch lengths up her back hole then pulled out shooting sperm into Marlee's face. She opened her mouth catching the torrents of jism shooting from me. She was swallowing everything I pumped into her. Then I crawled up to Kathy to jerk out the last few drips into her mouth and let her lick off the remains of cum off my cock. She never had done anything like that before, but seeing Marlee's face splattered with cum, made her feel obligated to take the cock I was offering. In her mouth it went. Even after being up her asshole Kathy sucked it in her mouth and cleaned my cock off. What an incredible morning. What a way to start the day.

The girls cleaned themselves up and got dressed. I wondered if I would ever see them again. The memories of them and their young gorgeous bodies will certainly live forever in my mind. Who knows, maybe next weekend's trip will bring something else new for me. But, It'll be hard to top this weekend.
Posted:Feb 26, 2019 8:48 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:38 pm


Jorge couldn't believe how beautiful her deep reddish hair was and trembled as they hugged for the first time. She hoped Rachel would like her Sunflowers scent and the way she wore her hair back and clipped with small gold bands.

"Hi...God your so pretty..." Her voice was shaky and her hands were shaking as she backed off a little bit to look at her.

"I was so scared of doing this...I almost chickened out."

Rachel looked at her and hugged her again..." Oh baby I'm so glad you did."

"Me too...now."

"Want to go have a drink?"

"Do you?"

"If you do."


She took Jorge's small hands in hers and then hugged her again..." God I can't believe your actually here."

The drive was almost silent as the two of them sneaked glances at each other and smiled...Jorge was so nervous Rachel felt sorry for her and when she pulled into the parking garage she pulled the keys out of the ignition and looked over...Her voice was breathless as she said..." Oh Jorge I wouldn't hurt you."

Jorge was licking her lips and trying to smile but her lips were trembling so bad and her breathing was so erratic.

"I know." She went to get out and Rachel held her shoulder for a moment.

She looked into her eyes and slowly they seemed to come to the center and kissed...It was a trembly one for both of them and the next one Jorge slipped her fingers into Rachel's hair and gently pulled her forward.

Her heart was beating so wildly Jorge thought Rachel must be able to hear it.

"Common Sweetie."

They quickly walked the half block to the dimly lit dance club and Jorge loved the blue mood lighting that greeted her.

They slipped into the booth and Jorge slipped her light tan coat off as Rachel told the girl they wanted white wine's with crushed ice, laced with peppermint.

"You'll like these...there really smooth and taste so good. "She smiled and then noticed the silky electric blue top that shimmered in the lights.

She pushed back and whispered to Jorge ..." Will you dance with me?"

Jorge didn't trust her voice so she just nodded yes and got up.

She tried to smooth the soft gray skirt down and suddenly wished she hadn't of worn such a short one. She pulled at the shinny thin black belt and looked up at her.

Rachel took her hand and squeezed it softly as she led her to the floor...she took Jorge into her arms and gently began to swing her around the floor while looking at her eyes.

Jorge couldn't stand it she moved closer to her body and felt so happy when Rachel held her really close to her and let her bury her head in her shoulder.

By the second dance she had her hand curled up in Rachel's and was wondering if she could kiss her here on the dance floor.

She finally decided she would and let her lips shyly kiss her neck. She loved Rachel's response and pressed her butt in a little bit as Rachel slipped her hand down it and held her close.

"Thank you for being so real and giving me time to adjust to this."

"Jorge It's ok sweetie...I knew you needed a lot time."

She led her back to the table and they sipped the wine and kept looking at each other...smiling and talking quietly.

"Want another one?"

"I'm not much of a drinker really...is that ok?"

" Sure it's ok...Shall we go to my place ...or is it to soon?"

Jorge nodded "yes "Its ok." then she picked up her coat ...

she was putting it on as Rachel slipped around and helped her with it. She handed her, her purse, helped her flip her hair back out of the collar and smiled as she thanked the server and took her hand.

"I made us some dinner actually...if your hungry?"

"I'd love to eat something...the food on the plane was really crappy."

Rachel looked at her and quickly hugged her..." You don't have to whisper all night."

"My voice is really this soft actually." She wondered for a moment..." Does it bother you?"

She knew it did some people, they thought she was putting on airs or something.

She looked around and decided she loved the family pictures around the room and was surprised as Rachel caught her around the waist. "Common" ...she led her to the small table and handed her a single white rose then beamed at her smile as she sniffed it.

Jorge loved the way she had set the table...they were sitting side by side and so close. She tried to keep her mind on the food but was flustered by the candles and the way Rachel kept pressing her hand on her when she laughed at something.

"Taste." She slipped the spoon over and loved the way her tiny tongue reached out timidly to lick at the ice cream.

"It's good...Jorge reached out and grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes as she took the whole thing into her mouth. She shivered at the cold taste and kept holding her hand then she Kissed Rachel full on the mouth and loved the warmth of her lips and the cold of the ice cream.

She felt Rachel shiver and moan softly as she slipped some of the ice cream back into her mouth.

They each set the utensils they were holding down and melted into a warm hug.

Jorge's heart was wildly beating as Rachel pulled her up and kissed her again and again.

Jorge backed off and was trembling hard as she looked in her eyes.

"I should have brought some things with me...I haven't had time to shower or anything yet."

"It's ok Baby girl...Common..." she led her to the bath and turned the shower on... Climb in."

She came back with a fluffy short pink robe and a white one that was a little longer.

Jorge was leaning on the counter and trying to remove her pantyhose.

"Stand up Baby..." When she did Rachel slid the dark blue panties and sheer hose down at the same and helped her step out of them.

"Get in I'll be right behind you." She loved looking at the almost whiteness of her skin and the way she had shaved her self..." I love the way you just leave a little on the top."

Jorge blushed and admitted ..." I need a touch up really I haven't done it in three days."

"Want me too?"


"Ya I'll put a towel on the bed and get a pan...She reached in and turned the water off and pushed Jorge to the bedroom.

Jorge tried to lean up to look but Rachel gently pushed her down. She held her hands over her breast and knew her nipples were as hard as she had ever had them get.

Rachel spread her legs a little bit more and smiled at the sight of her pink lips...they were so moist she seen the slow drip down her crack and wiped it off with the towel, teasing the moist tip just a little bit.

"OH my god..." Jorge had to hold her breath.

Rachel got up to look at her..." Jorge?"


"You've never really done this before have you?"

She looked like she might cry but simply shook her head no.

Rachel got on the bed and looked into her eyes..." Baby?'

"Ya" Jorge looked at her and tried to hold her breath steady.

"OH baby..." She bent down and held her hands on both sides of her face..." Baby It's going to be ok...She kissed her softly and got back down and shook the can of shave cream...She wiped it into her everywhere and loved the way Jorge trembled in her hands and held her breath.

She pushed the leg out of the way again and held her fingers to push the lips out of the way as she made the tiny blonde hairs disappear with each stroke of the blade...she finished by making her hold her legs up so she could make sure she got the rest from her butt...As she cleaned the rest of the soap off she smiled as Jorge closed her eyes...She bent down to kiss the very center of her and was surprised by Jorge's hand stopping her.

"Please...I need to feel clean first...Please?"

The water was hot and steamy as she soaped her every where, then handed her the soap. Jorge began to explore her with the bar of soap and had to hold her breath as she washed her butt...Rachel lifted her leg and held her self open then leaned back...

Fresh and still wet in places Rachel led her to the sofa and put another rack of CD's on the table. She turned the lights down and smiled and patted her leg as she sat with her...The sounds of soft rhythm and blues washed over them and she could feel Jorge relax more so she turned around and sat so she was looking at her...There faces were about two inches apart and she started pushing her fingers through the thin wet strands of her blonde hair.

The kiss was soft and gentle...the surprise was to find her self being held and looked at...she stretched her self out along the sofa and let Jorge look at her face. She started kissing her timidly and in soft short bursts of love.

Jorge slid her fingers into the warm robe and felt her nipple grow under her fingers. She kept kissing her and feeling her warm skin.

Rachel let her explore and loved being held. Her breath still smelled like peppermint and candy.

She felt the tie being undone and lifted up as Jorge pulled at it then looked at her breast. She bent down and kissed it then looked back at Rachel...then she bent down again as Rachel's hand pulled at her head. Soon she was sucking in short soft bursts. ...then she would bite softly and pull back.

Her fingers slid down to her belly but seemed to stop short of her mound...Rachel reached for her hand and guided it to her now wet lips...She watched the look on Jorge's face as she slid her fingers into another woman for the first time...Suddenly Jorge looked at her and crushed her in a hug at the same time she let her finger enter her just a little bit. She withdrew it and let it slid over her slippery folds again and again...She kissed her several times...playing with every tiny crease...When Rachel lifted up to meet her fingers she let one slid softly into her entrance about an inch...She gasped as Jorge held it there before she began to slowly work them in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Jorge stopped sucking for a moment and watched her face while she let her finger go deeper in the hot wet hole...She withdrew it then pressed two fingers in her...she twisted the fingers and watched Rachel thrust at them and moan with joy...she smiled then began her short sucks on her nipples again while she withdrew the two fingers. Rachel held her self stiff and twisted her head "no Baby please...Jorge please fuck me." Jorge sucked twice more before she let her finger press up against the soft pucker of her butt ...she felt the ring of warm flesh hold her first joint and then let the other finger enter her pussy...she felt them almost touch as they inched their way up her...when they were deep inside she started to with draw them but Rachel moaned "no Darn you, now." Jorge drew back and watched her eyes as she began to fuck her... when she saw her eyes close and her face get tight she went wild in her...quickly fucking in and out and sucking oh her nipple.

When she came ...she came hard...then she looked at Jorge..." My turn baby girl..." She whispered softly to her...but had a hard time controlling her breath...

Rachel didn't even pick her robe back up ...she took Jorge's hand and gently led her to the bedroom. She pushed her to a standing position by the bed and kissed her lightly. Jorge was going to say something but she placed a finger on her lips and said "Shhh...hush baby girl."

Then she drew all the covers way back and was going to pull her to lay on the bed...then she caught the sight of her butt in the mirror and loved the way her ass was so full and the skin was so white. She stood up and looked at Jorge then drew her finger tips so lightly on her skin she could see the little bumps form along the trail. Jorge was shivering slightly as she moved around her back side and standing very close to her she let her fingers run between the cheeks of her ass.

When she pushed it a little deeper her fore finger found the slippery hot fluids and she smiled when Jorge gasped and arched her back. She gently pushed Jorge forward and quietly told her to lean on the bed with her elbows on it. Jorge trembled but she bent over and looked back. "Is this ok?"

"It's perfect baby girl." She kissed her on the lips warmly then got to her knees in back of Jorge and pulled a single finger down her back and when it hit her tailbone she let it slide between the warm folds of skin covering her ass. She rubbed the sticky, slippery fluids into her butt hole and smiled as she moaned softly.

"Bend way over Baby girl...please."

She bent forward so her shoulders were on the bed and her ass lifted up and she opened up a little bit more.

Rachel loved the sight of her brown wrinkled skin around the hole. She touched it tenderly and watched it try to grab her finger tip.

'Mmm...she let it into the soft warm hole a small bit and let it suck on it. She watched the small thin line of juice run down the lips of her swollen pussy lips and then make a wet line down her legs.

It was sexy to see her lips and her butt hole try to suck the fingers into her self.

She brought the fingers back out and sucked on them to wet them all the way...she let a bit of spit drop on the fingers and she mixed it with the stream of sex fluids running down her leg... When her fingers were slippery to the top she slowly pushed them into her butt and then out slightly... in a small fucking motion. Soon they were buried deeply in her butt hole and she started biting and licking her warm hot skin while she twirled the fingers in and out of her hole and loved the way the skin would follow her fingers out and pucker up.

Jorge was really running with fluids now and had a hard time trying to hold still so she let her legs collapse slightly so her knees would be on something solid. Rachel saw the hole try to grab her fingers back but she let her tongue enter the warm and slippery place and loved the welcoming pressure on it.

"Oh my god baby girl ...get up on the bed baby... hurry." She got her up and laid her on her back and kissed her all over her face as she fingered her clit. She got back down and made her lift her legs up...then she slid her arms way under her to hold her hips in the air...when she was split wide open she left her face mash all over her sex and then she slid her wet tongue as far as it would go, into her butt again...her nose slid into her wet pussy and she let her rub her clit on her face as she tongue fucked her butt hole. Jorge was overcome with new and very raw sexual urges and she franticly thrust at her face trying to relive her building lust.

When she cam she started to cry hard because it was so blinding and shot through her whole little body.

Rachel let her quiet down a little bit and got up to hold and reassure her that it was alright...

"Oh Baby Girl..." she pulled the covers over them and snuggled into a ball with her then she held and kissed her until she could stop crying.
bofy heat
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was in town on business, but had contacted Rav and Lynne well in advance to make sure we’d be able to spend some time together before I had to leave. They had graciously invited me to spend my last night in town at their house and drive me to the airport the next morning. The only catch was that Rav’s cousin, Kavita, was already occupying their guest room. She had recently relocated to the area and hadn’t yet found an apartment of her own. They insisted that they had equally comfortable accommodations for me, so I accepted their offer.

It had been a while since I’d seen either of them, so when I showed up at the door, there were hugs all around. It wasn’t until we made our way further into the house that I noticed Kavita and was properly introduced. I’d always had an attraction to Indian women and Kavita was a good example of why. Her black hair was long and thick, her brown eyes were big and beautiful and her tits…let’s just say it took her radiant smile to keep my focus on her face. I hoped that smile was genuine and that she was feeling the same initial attraction that I was feeling.

We had a great dinner and some cocktails before retiring to the living room where we talked for hours. As the night wore on, I became pretty confident that the sparkle in Kavita’s eye was the result of a mutual attraction. I was also fairly certain that both Rav and Lynne were completely unaware. At one point, when they were both out of the room, I told Kavita how beautiful I thought she was and wished that I didn’t have to leave town the next morning.

“We’ll just have to make the most of tonight,” she replied, continuing, “as long as we’re discreet.”

My heart about burst out of my chest and I thought the top of my head would split off from the size of my smile as I reached out and squeezed her hand. We managed to make it through another hour or so, our secret safely concealed, before we all decided to call it a night. Everyone went upstairs but me, so I went through the charade of preparing for bed while listening for things to quiet down up above. I waited half-an-hour before quietly creeping up the carpeted steps. Peering down the hall I could see the master bedroom door closed with no light seeping out underneath it. Closer to the stairs, the guestroom door was open just a crack and the light inside was clearly still on. I moved slowly, stealthily across the hall and pushed the door open, peeking in before opening it all the way.

Seeing Kavita lying on the bed, I went immediately from having butterflies in my stomach to having a steel rod in my pants. She was wearing a short, tight top and a pair of bikini panties, sitting propped up on pillows against the headboard. I closed and locked the door behind me, then crossed to the foot of the bed as she smiled at me. As I reached out and touched her feet; my plan was to start there and kiss my way up her body until my lips met hers. Once I’d made out with her for a bit, I figured I’d head back down and eat her pussy.

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I started out kissing up her smooth, brown legs, veering toward her inner thighs as she spread her legs apart. Once I reached the union of her legs and started kissing around the outside of her panties, the lure of her pussy was too much to resist. I slid her panties aside and began licking her slit, tasting the abundant juices she was secreting. I heard Kavita suck in her breath and was afraid she’d follow up with a moan, but she managed to maintain control, letting her breath out in short, ragged gasps.

I focused my tonguing on her clit, holding her panties to the side with one hand while the other dipped first one, then two fingers in and out of her. She had handfuls of bedspread and was pushing her hips up at my face, her back arching slightly. Glancing up, I saw that her eyes were cinched shut but her mouth hung open. Her nipples were pressing out against her tight top and I was looking forward to sucking on them.

First, however, I planned to give her one intense orgasm and it seemed as though I was making good progress in that direction. She was very wet so I suspected that she had been anxiously anticipating my arrival and didn’t anticipate that it would take very long for her to cum. Not that I was anxious myself to be done; on the contrary, I was loving eating her pussy and felt I could have done it all night long. She was so tasty and so responsive to my stimulation, but I could hear her breathing getting more rapid and the thrusting of her hips getting more insistent. I continued to run my wide tongue over her clit, occasionally using the tip to flick it, and slid my fingers in and out, twisting them slightly. Kavita grabbed a handful of my hair, holding me against her pussy and letting me know that she was right on the brink. Her hips were rocking against my face, faster and faster, until finally she froze, her ass up off the bed and I felt her convulse slightly before dropping back onto the bed, all the tension gone.

Kavita twitched a few more times and once she was still, I resumed my journey upward. I kissed her belly, stopping when I hit the hem of her shirt, then sucked her hard nipples through the material of her shirt. Moving up after leaving wet spots on both sides of her chest, I kissed her upper chest and collarbone, then up each side of her neck to her ears. Finally, I raised my head and looked into her beautiful brown eyes before our lips met, parting immediately to admit each other’s tongues. Propped up on my elbows as we made out, my pelvis rested against hers, my rigid cock pressing against her soft pussy.

Kavita slid one of her hands down between us and, after briefly massaging my bulge, freed my cock from the lounge pants I wore. After a few brief strokes, she guided me into her hot pussy, pulling her panties to the side once again. She was so hot and so wet that I had to suppress a groan as I slid easily into her. I started slowly sliding in and out of her while she raised her hips to meet each of my incoming thrusts.

We continued to make out as my cock slid in and out of her slippery pussy and I relished every movement. She ran her hands up and down my back while I continued to support myself on my elbows. As we were starting to break a sweat, it must have occurred to both of us nearly simultaneously that this could feel even better if we were both naked. Just as I was thinking I’d like to be feeling her soft flesh against mine, she stopped me and suggested we get undressed. I pulled out of her and rose up to my knees, my shiny cock waving in front of me.

I pulled off my t-shirt, then paused to check out her tits while she tossed her top aside. Her aureoles were large and dark and her nipples were long and hard. My mouth was watering as I stood to remove my lounge pants. Before I had a chance to yank them down, Kavita had already ditched her panties, fully exposing her well-groomed, black-haired bush. She was quickly on her knees before me, helping me get my pants down and off. With my cock right in front of her, Kavita took it in her hand, stroked it once or twice, then opened her mouth and engulfed me.

My knees almost buckled, her mouth felt so good as it slid up and down my rigid cock. I ran my fingers through her thick, black hair while enjoying the feeling of her cocksucking. Her mouth was warm and wet and her lips gripped me just right as they slid up and down my shaft. I could also feel her soft tongue moving around the underside with each pass of her lips. She paused to lick around the head, up the underside and around my balls while pumping my cock in her fist.

Her oral skills were amazing, but I still wanted to fuck her some more. Luckily she felt the same way because, after a while, she had me lay down in the middle of the bed. She sucked my cock a little bit longer as I lay on my back before straddling my hips and guiding my cock to her hot pussy. I liked this position because I could see not only her beautiful face framed by her black hair, but her amazing tits and my cock disappearing and reappearing below her black-haired bush.

I was holding Kavita’s hips as she bounced up and down on my cock, while also watching her tits bouncing up and down on her chest. I still hadn’t sucked her nipples without the material of her shirt in the way but was pleased when, after a little while, she leaned forward, a hand on each side of my head. Her tits swung directly over my face, so I slid my hands up from her hips, along her ribcage and up to her them. I gently massaged and fondled the soft flesh while my tongue traced circles around her aureoles and my lips sucked her hard nipples.

I could hear her heavy breathing just above me as I worked on her tits and she slammed herself down on my cock over and over. I was raising my hips to push my cock further into her each time she came down, the feeling of her pussy on my cock simply overwhelming. While I was still licking and sucking her nipples, I moved my hands around to Kavita’s ass, pulling her down as I thrust up into her. The rate of her breathing continued to increase until she was practically panting above me. When I felt her pussy suddenly flooded with additional lubricant, I hoped she was about to cum because it was going to make it a lot more difficult for me to hold out. Lucky for me, she slammed herself down and I felt the tremors within her pussy as an orgasm wracked her body.

Kavita let out a long, ragged sigh then slowly began riding me again while leaning down to press her lips against mine and slip her tongue into my mouth. After a few more minutes, I rolled Kavita onto her back and continued to fuck her while we made out. My orgasm had been slowly approaching while Kavita had been on top and the change of position had only delayed its onset slightly. I enjoyed the feeling of her pussy while we fucked and made out, appreciating the prolonged arrival of my orgasm. I was literally just moments away from pumping her pussy full of cum when Kavita asked if I would like to fuck her tits.

She really did have a great set of tits and the thought of prolonging my pleasure even more was very appealing, so I pulled out of her pussy and crawled up to straddle her ribs. She grabbed my ass as I held her tits together around my slippery cock. I began to thrust, enjoying the feel of the warm, smooth flesh on my cock. She raised her head so that when my cockhead appeared from between her globes, she was able to lap at it with her tongue. I lightly ran my thumbs over her hard nipples while fucking her tits, watching as her tongue darted out. I began to push further with each thrust, so that soon she was able to take the head of my cock into her mouth.

The warm, moist feel of her mouth was too enticing and I soon abandoned fucking her tits in favor of fucking her mouth. Looming over her, I pushed my cock in and out of her hot mouth, the feeling of her slippery lips and soft tongue quickly bringing my orgasm very close. As she began to stroke my balls while sucking my cock, I was done for – a few more strokes and I was shooting my load into her mouth.

She milked me dry, sucking every drop of cum from my cock until I was limp. I moved down on the bed beside her and pulled her naked body against mine. It wasn’t long before we were both snoozing. Lucky for me, Kavita was pretty sharp – before I’d come up to her room, she’d set her alarm for an hour before she knew Rav or Lynne would be getting up. I reluctantly dressed and left her room, not without some well-placed kisses and additional admiration of her body, and headed back downstairs. I slept a bit longer before getting up and preparing for my flight home. I saw Kavita just once more before Rav and I headed for the airport. I gave her a hug, whispering lustily in her ear while trying to appear completely innocent, then we were gone.

On the way out to the airport, Rav said, “You owe me, man.” I agreed that he and Lynne had been more hospitable than was necessary and hoped that I’d be able to return the favor someday. “That’s not what I’m talking about,” he responded, “I mean Kavita.” I played dumb, but Rav knew me too well. He’d known of my penchant for Indian women for a long time, which is why he’d never introduced me to his sister when we were younger. Lynne may have been in the dark, but Rav knew there were sparks between us and he knew that, like him, Kavita liked blondes with blue eyes.

“So,” he continued, “just keep that in mind…especially if you have any cousins with blond hair and blue eyes.”

I started to wonder how Corinne felt about Indian guys.
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SUMMER HANDYWORK I will be a senior at the University of Texas this fall, and because I'm an only , my parents let me take this summer (my last) off without having to work. I've been staying with them and simply relaxing.

One weekend, my parents and two other couples left for a four-day trip together and they asked me to take care of the of the two couples they were going with. I was glad to do it since I would get to stay with them at the Daniels' big house in Tarrytown that has a private pool. I knew their , Robbie Daniels, who was sixteen, and Robin Brownlee, who was fifteen, and I knew they wouldn't be any trouble.

What I didn't know was that they had grown up during the year I was away at school. Robbie was about six feet tall and weighed about 160 with a curly mop of blond hair that had been lightened by the sun that summer. He was on the basketball team, so he worked out with weights and was really a cute guy, what with his broad, tanned shoulders, narrow, flat stomach, and tight, rounded ass.

Robin was the exact opposite. Robin was only five feet two inches tall and probably didn't weigh 90 pounds. She had freckles and she wore her red hair in braids with a pig tail on each side. With her pug nose and diminutive stature, she looked to be only about twelve years old except for her breasts, which were the size of a half of grapefruit.

The two of them were good friends mainly because their parents had known each other since college. I could tell that Robin had always had a crush on Robbie but he was so popular among the girls his age at school that he really treated Robin as his sister.

On Saturday morning I took the car to get some groceries, but I came back in a few minutes to pick up the list that I had forgotten. On the way back to the car, I looked out at the pool deck, because that was where the were when I left.

I couldn't believe what I saw!

Robbie was lying on the patio table with a towel over his eyes and was spread eagled with his swim trunks pulled down to his ankles. His cock was sticking straight up his stomach and Robin was rubbing her hand up and down his thighs. Robin was topless, and her breasts really did resemble grapefruit halves. They were completely rounded and had no sag whatsoever, and her nipples were a bright pink rose on the white flesh of her breasts.

I watched in astonishment as Robin picked up the suntan oil and poured some on Robbie's chest and began to massage it up and down toward his cock. She then poured some oil on her breasts and put Robbie's hand on her breast and, with her hand behind his, pressed his hand into her tender breasts. He began to rub the oil in as a bead of cum appeared on the head of his cock. Robin leaned over and, with the nipples of her breasts, stroked his cock from head to balls, letting him feel the hardness of her nipples on his sensitive skin. He was still blindfolded by the towel, and I moved closer to the screen door so I could hear them but not be seen.

Robin was telling him to imagine that she was Lauren (me) and that I was going to jerk him off. She described my body in detail (although she had never seen me nude) quite accurately and took Robbie's hands for a tour of her own body. I was so turned on by the sight that I had to slip my hand down the front of cutoffs and into my panties to my clit and pussy lips. I began to finger my swollen pussy while I watched Robin rub every part of Robbie's body except his cock. She poured some more oil, this time directly on his cock, and Robbie arched up from the table. She then grasped his cock and began to rub one hand up and down his eight inch shaft while the palm of the other hand rubbed on the head of his cock.

After about thirty seconds, it was more than either Robbie or I could handle, and we came at about the same time. He was spurting his thick white cum all over his chest and stomach and I had to hold on to the curtain in order to stand up. Robin rubbed her tits across his chest and stomach, drenching her nipples in his cum, and then massaged it into her flesh.

I recovered my composure before Robbie and was off to the supermarket, although with the germ of a plan in my mind. On the way home, I worked out my plan, and I stopped by the mall and purchased a wet-look black string bikini.

When I returned, both were in the kitchen in their swim gear, although it really didn't hide much, and I said hello and explained that I would be out after I put the groceries away. I went to my room and stripped in front of the full length mirror. I pulled the rubber band from my long, blond pony tail and let my hair hang down straight. I used a brush to get the kinks out, and the feel of the bristles against my sensitive nipples made them erect and hard. I put the new bikini around my waist and adjusted the bottom so that most of my ass was showing, and then put the bra on. It was only a strap which was about three inches wide, so it couldn't hold all of my breasts. About two inches of the tender, white underside of my tit was exposed along with about four inches of the tanned top of my breast. I put on high heeled sandals and practiced prancing and strutting.

Robbie's eyes got wide when I strutted out on to the deck, and I knew that he could see some of my blond pussy hairs peeking out of the skimpy bottom, and he could now see the shape of all he had been told about while being jacked off earlier by Robin. I kept my eyes on his crotch, and I know that he knew it. I went into the pool to make sure that the suit had an even wetter look and then lay down on the chaise. I carefully adjusted the strings, ostensibly to be demure, but really to make sure that both Robbie and Robin could see as much as possible. I asked Robin to rub some suntan lotion on me.

She began, but I said (according to my plan) that she wasn't rubbing hard enough, and I asked Robbie to take over. His hands were trembling as he poured oil into his palms and began to stroke my thighs and stomach. Every time he came near my crotch, it was all I could do to not grab his hand and slide his fingers into my pussy. I finally could not stand it any longer and took his hand, moving it to my stomach and guided it toward my breasts. His fingers grazed the soft skin on the underside of my tits, and I told him to make sure that he got them covered since they hadn't been exposed to the sun before. His fingers dug into my skin as he rubbed harder and harder, and my bra slipped up on my breast until the red circles around my nipples were exposed. His hand brushed my nipples and I pulled his hand under my top, letting my hard nipples poke into his palm. I was so hot that I had to find relief, and I pulled the crotch of my bikini bottom tight against my clit and began to hunch the material up and down. I then reached over and began to stroke Robbie's cock through his swimsuit.

I quickly got up and guided him to the table and pulled his trunks down to his ankles, covering his eyes with a towel. I removed my top and began to repeat the same words Robin had used earlier, but now it was a big, grown up Lauren in person. I used my hands and nipples on his cock, stroking his pulsing shaft slowly. I then watched as Robin walked to the table, took off her suit and then reached over and removed my bikini bottom. Without hesitation, Robin kneelt in front of me and began to lick my pussy and clit. As I sped up the motion of my hand pumping Robbie's hard cock, Robin used her own hand to spread my pussy lips to give her tongue better access to my throbbing clit. Robin the stood up, leaned over and began to suck and lick my nipples as she fingered my pussy until I began to cum.

Watching Robin suck my nipples and fingerfuck me put Robbie over the edge as I heard him let out a loud groan and arch his body up off of the table. I felt his shaft grow bigger in my hand and began stroking it as fast as I could, fondling his balls with my other hand. Robbie then opened his mouth wide but no sound came out as his cock shot a huge stream of white cum straight up in the air, splashing against the side of Robin's face and my breast that she was sucking. I kept pumping his cock as spurt after spurt of warm semen shot out and covered my stomach and his thighs.

After he stopped cumming, I leaned down and placed my mouth over the end of his cock and licked all the creamy cum off of his cockhead as I sucked the last bit of jism that pulsed out of his deflating cock. Needless to say, we were not looking forward to our parents coming home!!!
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My name is Nidhi. I am a Indian woman but now settled in USA. Like many women, I'm bored with my marriage Don't get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful man and I still consider myself very much in love with him. But like most men, he's under a lot of stress to perform at work, and that, with a lot of travel, has taken its toll on our sex life. Even before the job became so stressful, we weren't what you would call adventuresome in bed. The other morning I was looking at myself in the mirror and thought, hell I'm still a good-looking woman at thirty. My body, which measures 38-25-33, is still firm and smooth, and with my short hair, I look more like twenty-two. I knew I could still attract men, because I've noticed the lust in men's eyes when I've walked into rooms on many occasions. It always makes me horny when I know they have hard-on because of me and I wonder what their cocks would look like. With that said, I must emphasize that I've really never thought about actually cheating on my husband Manoj. It was more a little fantasy game I played with myself.

That morning as I made my way to work, I passed the same local dance club I passed every morning but for some reason the sign out front caught my eye. It read, "This Friday 18+ best dance of the year." I don't know what came over me, but I couldn't get it out of my mind all day. Today was Friday and I decided that I needed to get out of the house. My husband had been in Europe all week now and wouldn't be back until next weekend, so I was free to go play. I mean I only intended to do some dancing so what would be the big deal. Once I had made up my mind, I was restless all day long. Finally, I was home and taking a long hot shower after eating my dinner. It was already nine as I dressed in my burgundy lace bra and panties, a black mid-thigh skirt with splits up both sides, and a burgundy silk blouse. I looked myself over in the mirror just before leaving and thought I looked pretty sexy. The dance hall is only a mile or so from my house so I was there in a matter of minutes. When I went in, I almost turned and ran. The crowd was mostly guys from 18 to maybe 25 and I felt really uncomfortable.

I decided to have one drink before heading home, which proved to be a big mistake. As I was standing at the bar, drinking and surveying the crowd, a young guy came up and asked me to dance. He was pretty good looking even though he was young. I laughed to myself, thinking he really didn't have a clue about my age, but I thought, what the hell, that's what I came for. So I accepted his offer and headed for the dance floor. After an hour or so of dancing both slow and fast dances with several of guys, I realized I was really having a good time. I was sitting at a table with Zach, Jamie, and Billy, three horny young guys who couldn't take their eyes off my tits and legs. Each time we returned to the table after a dance, I crossed my legs as I sat down, enjoying the effect it had them. It was around midnight and I had been dancing and drinking ever since I arrived. We just seemed to hit it off, and I was enjoying the attention I was getting, especially during the many slow dances. I swear I could feel them getting hard against me while we danced.

Then the tone of the evening changed quickly, beginning with a simple statement from Zach. He looked me right in the eye and blurted out, " Damn Nidhi, You've got a great body." Without hesitation I replied, "And how would you know, you've never seen my body," I challenged. It must have been the alcohol speaking, I thought. "Well, we could change that right now," he laughed. "Sure babe. What do you want me to do, climb up on the table and strip right here in front of everyone," I said mockingly. "Well, that would be fine with me, but I was thinking about some place more private with, say, the three of us. You know, like a private show. How about we head over to your place," he said with a grin. "Hey, that sounds like a great idea," Jamie and Billy chimed in. "Yea right. Did you happen to notice the wedding ring," I asked as I flashed my ring finger in front of them. "Not to mention my age," I laughed. "Sure," Zach said. "But we won't hold being married against you, and as for your age, you're sexier than any woman I've ever seen. Come on, we just want to see how beautiful you are. We won't do anything you don't want us to. We'll leave whenever you say, ok?" "Yea, right," I said in a rather stern voice. "No really. We promise we'll behave, won't we guys. I'll just die if I don't get a good look at those beautiful tits," Zach said almost in a whining voice. "Well....ok," I said sheepishly. "But you promise, right? No touching, only a looking and you'll leave whenever I say." "Sure. We promise," they all chimed in simultaneously.

I knew this was against my better judgment, but the alcohol and all their attention from the evening jaded my judgment. So without another thought, we headed out the door and over to my house. We were there and in the house within a matter of minutes. I put on some sexy music and fixed myself a stiff drink, bringing beers for the boys. I looked at them and asked, " You don't really expect me to strip for you, do you," I chided. "Why not," Jamie asked. "Like I said, we only want to see what you look like under those sexy clothes." "Ok....ok, enough," I laughed as I felt this kind of excitement growing in the pit of my stomach. So as I began dancing to the music in front of them, I couldn't believe I was really going to do this. But I did as they all sat around me watching intently. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it over a chair. My skirt was next, as I unzipped it and let it drop to the floor, stepping out of it and kicking it across the floor. "Oh yea. You are beautiful," the shouted. "Come on, more....more....more," they chanted as I danced in front of them in my panties, bra, stockings and heels.

This was the most want on thing I had ever done and it turned me on so much. I could feel my juices beginning to run as I took in the sight of three good-looking young guys sitting in front of me wanting nothing less that to fuck me right here in my own family room. "Come on Nidhi, show us your tits," Billy cried out. "Yea, take it all off," Jamie chimed in. I turned my back on them and undid the clasp on the front of my bra, pushing it off my shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. The cool air made my nipples stiffen immediately, and as I turned back to the boys, I realized that before this moment, my husband and my doctor were the only two men to ever see my bare breasts. I began massaging them in my hands as I moved in front of the guys, still vary aware of the effect I was having on them. It made me feel so sexy and so turned on. I saw their eyes almost pop as they took in the sight of my dark brown nipples standing at attention on my mounds of flesh. It was more than they could take as they began rubbing their crotches, their bulges growing rapidly. I moved towards Jamie as I spoke. "Now remember your promise, no touching," I warned as I straddled Jamie's lap and moved my tits within inches of his face. He wasn't breathing, just holding his breath, afraid to move as my fingers moved deftly across my nipples. I giggled as I moved to get off his lap, moving over to Billy, repeating my warning as I climbed into his lap. Billy was actually drooling all over himself as he sat perfectly still.

I think they were all afraid that if they did anything, the show would be over. "Now it's your turn," I said moving in front of Zach. As I climbed aboard, however, my crotch made contact with the impressive bulge in his trousers. The contact was like an electric shock that traveled directly from my pussy to my nipples. Without thinking, I placed both hands under my heavy tits and lifted them to Zach's lips. He didn't need a second invitation as his lips opened and consumed my stiff nipple. I moaned out load as I lowered myself against his cock and began rubbing myself against him in a fucking motion. "Damn, that feels so good," I cooed. I let him suck on both nipples before I got up and repeated my gyrations on Jamie and Billy's cocks while they tasted my flesh. By the time I was through with Billy, I was close to Cumming just from the friction of their cocks. Before I was sent over that edge, I stood up and began dancing to the music so they could admire my body again. Suddenly they all got up and began dancing with me at the same time. They danced with their bodies close to mine, and began feeling my boobs and my ass as we danced. I tried to tell them to stop but it was too late, and I really didn't have a lot of conviction in my voice. Zach took me in his arms and kissed me deeply as Jamie and Billy started removing their clothes. When they were naked, Zach laid me on the carpet and quickly stripped. The length and thickness of their penises stunned me. Even though they were young, they were much bigger than my husband. After seeing them naked with their rippling muscles and hard cocks, I wanted them in the worst way.

Zach knelt between my legs and began moving his face towards me. I gasped as I felt his lips kiss my inner thigh near the edge of my panties. He quickly moved his lips to my other thigh, making sure his hot breath passed directly over my mound, and kissed my other thigh. Then I felt his hot tongue lick my flesh, causing me to shudder. I had never felt anything like this, but always wondered what it would feel like to have a man's tongue on my pussy. Suddenly Zach covered my mound with his mouth and started sucking my juices right through my panties. "Ohhh god, no," I screamed, realizing that I had never had a man do anything so thrilling to me in my life. Zach pulled the thin fabric to the side and licked the entire length of my opening. Then he did it again... and again, each time penetrating deeper into my pussy. I was breathing heavy now and could no longer talk as his tongue worked miracles on my body.

I was moaning uncontrollably as he lapped at my hard clit, even fucking me with his tongue as I thrust my pelvis up and down trying to make more contact. That's when Jamie straddled my chest with his back to Zach. When he was in position, he dropped his meaty cock onto my lips with a thud. "Come on baby, it's time you went to work on my meat," he laughed. I had never sucked on a man before, but I was out of control now with Zach eating me out. I watched with wide eyes as Jamie wrapped his fist around his monster and began rubbing his bloated cock head back and forth across my lips, smearing them with the clear liquid now oozing out of his cock. Finally, I opened my mouth and accepted his advances. "That's it Nidhi, suck my cock until it's nice and hard," he laughed. "Then I'll show you how it feels to be fucked by a real man. I'll bet your fucking husband isn't as big as we are," he cried out. He'll never know just how true that statement was.

My husband wasn't more than 5 or 6 inches and pretty thin compared to them. I sucked him farther and farther into my mouth as Billy sucked on one of my tits while he massaged the other roughly. I had never felt anything like this, but here I was, being mauled by three horny right in my own home and I loved every minute of it. Zach continued to eat me until I felt my whole body trembling. I realized right then that I never really had anything but a mild orgasm, but that was about to change. I spit Jamie's cock out of my mouth and screamed. "Ohh shit. I....I...I'm cummming. I'm fucking cuming," I screamed. I couldn't stop as I had the first really intense orgasm of my life. I couldn't believe how good these were making me feel and I felt cheated that it took me 36 years to find a man who could really satisfy me (well, maybe three guys). But it was obvious that they were only concerned with how good they could make me feel. I was in heaven. I wasn't even through cumming when Zach moved between my legs and positioned the head of his magnificent cock between my swollen lips. I was so turned on that my cunt seemed to grab his cock and pull him inside. Shit, I've never been so full of cock in my life, I thought, as I looked down and realized that Zach was only half inside me.

He pulled back slowly and than slammed his cock all the way inside my juicy cunt again. That threw me over the edge again as my body was wracked by another powerful orgasm. "Ohhhhh fuck. I'm....oooo oooo," I moaned as the power of his cock overcame me. Zach began to jackhammer my pussy like this was his last fuck of his young life. I had never had anyone make love to me like this before and I couldn't stop cumming as his powerful cock kept slamming into me. Jamie had his cock back in my mouth now and, with his hands full of my blonde hair, he was thrusting his cock deep into my throat. Suddenly, they all stopped. Zach picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. I couldn't believe that they wanted to fuck me in my husband's own bed, but I was so far gone I couldn't object. I remember lying there moaning as my body continued to twitch uncontrollably from the hard fucking Zach had given me just moments before. Jamie sat on the edge of the bed and began massaging my tits as Billy climbed between my legs and thrust his cock into me with one swift motion. I looked up at Zach's hard cock, his bulging veins covered with my juices. "Shit lady, you're one hot fuck," he hissed as he lowered his cock to my lips.

I could smell my cunt juices on him as I opened my mouth and accepted his offering. I had never tasted my own juices, but was pleasantly surprised as my tongue began lapping them off his big cock. I felt like such a slut thinking how this big slab of meat had just been fucking me while my husband was away working. I wrapped my lips around Zach and began bobbing on his shaft. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my mouth as it sank deeper and deeper. I was amazed by the size of his balls hanging beneath his rigid cock and I reached up and began massaging his sack while I sucked on his meat. They were firm and swollen to the point that my hand wasn't able to cover his entire sack. After a couple of minutes of sucking and massaging his balls, Zach grabbed my head with both hands and groaned loudly as his cock exploded deep in my throat. He caught me by surprise and I gagged at first. The force of his orgasm was so great that his cum flew out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin. I tried to swallow it all but couldn't. His second blast came as his cock was buried at the back of my throat, and again it was so powerful that I could feel his load being forced into my nasal passage. "Shit, look at that," he laughed. "My cum's running out her nose," he exclaimed proudly. I couldn't believe a man could cum so much. I counted at least seven hard blasts of cum before I lost count. But I continued to hold him in my mouth until I sucked every last drop of sweet cum from his dick.

I was thinking about how sweet he tasted when I felt Billy's cock get even bigger in my pussy. Suddenly he thrust forward and his entire body stiffened as his first blast of cum sprayed against the back of my cunt. I know I shouldn't have let another man cum inside me, but it was too late. When I began to calm down a little, Zach and Billy moved off the bed and Jamie climbed between my legs, entering my cum filled cunt. He rolled me over so that I was on top of him and I began riding his cock from above, another first for me. Billy moved towards my head and I realized that these weren't getting soft after they came inside me. It was such a thrilling thought that I could have that effect on a man. My husband never came more than once in the same night. As I opened my mouth to accept his cum covered dick, I felt Zach's hands spread my ass cheeks and press his cock head against my ass. I opened my mouth to object, but Billy shoved his thick cock into my mouth, stopping any sound from coming out. Zach pressed forward and now I had a cock in my mouth, my ass, and my pussy all at the same time. I was completely filled with hard man meat. "Ohhhhhh baby. What a tight ass you've got," Zach hissed as he began to pummel my ass in rhythm with Jamie's thrusts into my cunt. They continued to fuck me for at least a half-hour before Zach came inside me. He pulled out after filling my ass and began shooting streams of hot cum on my ass. It must have been too much for Jamie, because when he saw Zach cum on my ass, he immediately began filling my cunt with his own sticky cum.

They both managed to get off the bed as Billy pulled me to the edge, so I was lying on my back with my head hanging over the edge. He shoved his cock back into my mouth and continued to fuck it with longer and longer strokes. Billy pulled out of my mouth and they pulled me up into a kneeling position. All three of them stood around me and began jerking off in front of my face. Billy was the first to start shooting his cum in my face. I opened my mouth wide to try and catch as much as possible without success. I knew that afternoon that I would never be satisfied with just fucking Manoj again. So that was the beginning of my life into being a married slut!!!

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