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The CEO  

licouple4sexyfun 61M/59F  
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10/9/2021 3:01 pm

One night Dana was looking at profiles and struck gold !! No cock pics, but a profile picture that enthralled her and got her wet just looking at -- a Manhattan penthouse suite at night with the lights off. You could see the faint image of a man in the mirror. In the back of the suite was a gorgeous huge bed near a wall of windows overlooking the lights of the Manhattan skyline. What a mind-blowing place for !!

The profile described the man as head of his company travelling around the world several times a month. I will him the CEO. He is a well built BBC above average in height, looks and intelligence. The CEO is well educated, well balanced in his professional life and well endowed financially and sexually. He was looking meet sensible, smart, sexy women. If the lady was not close by, he would arrange his driver pick her up in a limo and be brought a place for drinks and dinner (the penthouse?) with one of the most interesting men in the world. If all goes well, she will be licked, pampered and fucked by his well endowed tool. Presumably in that mind-blowing penthouse.

The CEO seemed fantastic. So, she messaged him that she was curious and wanted to talk and meet him. Dana left a message that she is well educated, silly, affectionate, enjoys stimulating conversation and is open to most anything. She gave the CEO her address and wrapped up that she is down earth and likes to pleasure a man.

I read her<b> messages </font></b>and after reading his profile I sent the CEO a message of mine... Hi, I am Denis, the of the couple. I want you know that I want Dana the best sexual experiences possible. I love her completely, but if you want Dana for yourself for mutual personal pleasures, then I am all for . She is not glamorous, but she is great in bed and knows how give exquisite pleasure a man - as I well know. I want you enjoy each others bodies !!

The CEO did not reply after month, so I wrote again...
Dana is well worth any mans interest. I am writing this because I want her a great experience with you, with her enjoying your body as you enjoy hers. She is a giver and not sexually selfish and thinks more of how you can be pleasured. She is disease free and has gotten both vaccine shots. If you are the , meaning that you will not need a condom when you cum inside of her. She would really enjoy making you cum several times. Dana likes attention her breasts and will almost orgasm every time when squeezing hard or biting her nipples. After you orgasm her multiple times by fingering her, she likes take your fingers and licks them with you, sharing Danas pussy juices. Dana has strong vaginal muscles and will start multi-orgasmic contractions squeezing your cock hard and throbbing as you fill her with your extra large and thick thrusting manhood.

Dana got short replies over the months.....Lets meet... If you come over here meet me at my office... with no company , no address, and he did not reveal his . Very frustrating. So, I (Denis) decided monitor AdultFriendFinder during the day to spot him and send him IMs. Finally, I was rewarded with a reply. Eventually after a few days, I found out the of the CEO and his company.

I looked the company and the CEO up on the internet and what a crushing let down...
He has an office 75 miles from Manhattan and has scammed several people. He was listed separately by someone else in the RipOff Report. His company (20 years in business with a huge sales $$) was NOT listed in the BBB... meaning problems. The CEO was a fraud and con-artist. I learned my lesson. Luckily not the hard way because Dana never saw him.

I was reminded of the motto: You cant tell a book by its cover.

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