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Welcome to Light's Place.
I keep my circle small and my walls high.
i'll treat you the same way you treat me.
Even though my heart is big and I love hard, NEVER underestimate, me.
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Your Secrets stay here with me
Posted:Dec 22, 2019 6:40 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2020 5:23 pm
You can ask me anything you wish and I will respond back to you.
May you all find that special connection .
May it be with just one or more. Much happiness to all of you.
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Posted:Nov 25, 2019 8:10 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2020 8:13 am
I have meet a few on this site and had some great conversation and a nice meal, and others I have talked with said we will get together soon and gave all kinds of excuses. Then you ghost me . Then all of a sudden, you decided to come back around, what, for another night where you fuck , and I never here from you again till you can't find any else. If you were interested in me , you would have not left in the first place. I am good enough too fuck but not anything else and I am done. You tell me you want to take things slow, but you are saying I am just a fuck and ''s all. Guess what, No More. You all can go find another fuck because Light is tried of putting her heart their and be taken advantage of. I know what you are thinking I am nice and Light will be there if I can not find anyone else. Well good man you are so wrong this time around. I am tried of being nice and letting people take advantage of me. It stops now!!!! If I am not your first choice then you do not need me. I know I am not skinny, or a supper model but I would have been a good friend to you and when I see some one I do not go on that person, but you thought the grass was greener on the other side and now you want come around, not going happen. Most of you I have meet ghost me and there will not be another chance, so , do yourself a favor and lose . In you all are not men, cause if any of you were, you would not be this low. No wonder you can't keep a women because of the way you treat her. I am so done being your fall back
Sick of all your games. Most in this list are guys talk the shit and head games and I am calling you all if you conetiune do so. Life is too short and u don't have time for the drama from any man.


Some Thoughts
Posted:Feb 22, 2020 2:37 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2020 2:38 pm
This says it all

Good morning fucktards lol
Posted:Feb 22, 2020 8:28 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2020 8:27 am
How is everyone on this day,? Well we'll I see we are all looking some FUN 😉. What is FUN you may ask it's going out to dinner with family or friends, a movie, anything that makes you laugh, and enjoy your self. Not sex.wink wink. FUN was taking pictures on a Friday night and putting them on AdultFriendFinder you all to enjoy. Also I had a very nice conversation with a member on here who I consider a friend. So you all what did you do lately FUN.? Come on now we know that some of us are not getting a piece of ass. I will be the first to admit that I am not since last video. I need it more than once a week, hell even more than a month or more. So get out there and do something FUN 😁 Update:
Last night fun was I meet someone on another dating app and he is 62 and we went out to Outback, cam home, started kissing, man oh man what a great kisser. He asked me if I was ready bed and I said yes so I locked up the house and everything, then I joined him. The passion was out of this world. I have been eatten out before but never tounge fucked and it was incredible. I got off more times than I could count. Now he has diabetes and with that he has ED but he did get off in mouth. Now I had fun and I so look forward to him being in bed again.
Dom /sub
Posted:Feb 7, 2020 11:15 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2020 5:22 pm
Just here thinking of the Dominant life style some and how much I miss it. Thinking that it's time I get back into it.

The Gift
Posted:Feb 5, 2020 8:49 am
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 8:07 pm
You must be extraordinary
for me to give so much to You
my body
my mind
my spirit
my respect
my trust
my submission
they are tremendous gifts
never expect
or demand them
because if forced
they mean nothing
but if freely given
they mean everything
and if You expect them
You’ll never receive them
yet if You earn them
if You cherish them
if You treasure them
and me
You will have them all
My first T girl and a trip to Annabelles
Posted:Jan 19, 2020 10:51 pm
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2020 8:59 am
It all started last Summer of 20. I was with someone and his fanasty was to be with a T girl I will call G, so
I wrote to one that lived in Charlotte. Well we had not meet yet and with work and all we never found the time. In the meantime the guy I was seeing , I decided to break it off.
G and I kept in touch, we emailed on here and and talked on the phone. It's Saturday night, January 18, 2020 and G and I made plans to meet. G came to my place and we talked for a bit, then we got ready to go out to Annabelles in Winston Salem . It's about 8 pm and we headed out. We got to Annabelles and to go in the back room. There were so many rooms with a screan you can watch a short porn movie on and a gloryhole. G showed me around and explain things to me. There was a couple in a private room where you could not see them but man oh man you could here her. She was really getting into it .G and I went in to a big room where they had couches and chairs and it was a little dark. We sat in the corner where it was dark and all the guys flocked around me. I had one guy asked if he could do oral and I said yes. Oh my God he sucked my nipples just the way I like them sucked and he was good at eating me. Then he asked me for my and we exchanged numbers. Some guys lined up for me to suck them which I did and there were some who fucked me. G handed them condoms cause I would not do any one bareback. There were some guys who toched my nipples while one was eating me out. One guy fingered me so good that I was squritting every where and another was playing with my nipples. G and and I left and came home, and we played a little bit but I was so sore I could not have sex. G was so understanding and she was pleased that I had a great time and I was pleased. For my first T girl experience, I really enjoyed it. I think G and I will have a lasting friend ship.
Falling in Grace
Posted:Jan 15, 2020 11:00 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 3:47 pm
I’m falling for you.
And I’ve never seen your face.
You make feel
and infected
with something I
have never had before.
You are a danger my bubble
and I don’t know what do with you.
I know that I am alone
in this
these feelings
that you want no strings
I am not really what you’re looking for
and I accept that too.
A friend to you
I will e’er be
One you can turn to
One you can’t hide from
tho you’ve certainly tried
not without repercussion
to a point, on a lark
I know that you would
Never leave
in the dark
And that’s only a part of why
I’m falling for you
even having never seen your face
Words Hurt
Posted:Jan 14, 2020 8:10 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2020 7:30 am

This is what I went through all my life and I never told anyone. Growing up in the 60's it was unheard of. I was bullied in the neighbor and on the bus and school. Today I have never forgave those who have bullied and never will. You should know, bullying hurts.

It starts with one word, one word you blurt.
Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words they hear.
Did you know you're their biggest fear?

Day by day you torment them;
it takes so long for their hearts to mend.
All they ask for is one true friend,
but you make them want their lives to end.

Every day they wake up with regret;
all they want to do is forget.
It's not just hitting and punching; it's the words you say.
They hurt so much; they want to fade away.

This is when enough is enough;
they're sick of playing strong, sick of playing tough.
But they know they can make it through.
You may not have known, but they always knew.

They put on a fake smile and pretend they're okay;
they believe they can make it all the way.
Of course your words still offend,
but they have been pieced back together again.

Someone leaves the crowd and lends them a hand;
they learn that it's time to stand.
Their smile is no longer fake;
now they have no reason to ache.

You see, all they ever needed was a friend,
someone to stand by them when the bullying came again.
Now they are free.
The insults barely sting, don't you see?

The bully is never wanted, unless wanted to leave.
The person you bullied now has no need for long sleeves.
Your work here is done, not that it should have started.
Now who's the one who feels broken-hearted?

Bullying gave you power that they refused to give.
You can't help but wonder "what if?"
What if they didn't get so strong?
What if they were crumbled all along?

What you don't think of is what could have been.
What if they pulled the razor to their skin?
What if you pushed them too far,
to where they tied a rope around their collar.

What if they wrote down all the secrets they had to spill,
right before taking an overdose on the pills?
You don't know what could have been done;
you were doing it all for fun.

You think they're losers, but they're stronger than you.
Have you seen what they've been through?
With your words you gave a black eye.
They are leaving, Bully, so say your goodbye.

But one more thing before you go.
Did you enjoy my little show?
Remember, words can hurt more than the punch,
Believe me now? Cause this was just a hunch.
S and M
Posted:Jan 8, 2020 10:41 am
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2020 2:29 pm

What light level of of S and M would you want try with your girl.
Tied up
Hand cuff or shackles
All the above
None at all
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Till We MEET Again. R.I.P. My Love
Posted:Dec 12, 2019 10:48 am
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2020 10:38 am
It’s early morning, and I can’t sleep. I keep thinking of Master, and how much I miss Him, how much I love and need Him. How much I crave be Home. There’s just such a peace I feel, when I’m with Him. Even when I’m not His presence Home (Home there with Him), I’m still filled with a completeness knowing I’m where I need be. He’s infiltrated every nano cell of being, I’m not without Him. Perhaps for some is extreme. Its not a co-dependency, but an innate need be with the one you love. I have spent years the process of giving all of Master, He literally owns all of . So being apart, is so hard, its like I can’t breathe. But then when I see Him, I can breathe again. I have never felt so connected anyone as I do Him. When we’re apart, like now, I know He’s with , His collar never leaves neck, but there is still a void, only He can fill.

When we met (and I apologize if I’m repeating what I’ve said in prior posts), I never expected feel the intensity of the connection we have, the intensity of the love, the intensity of who we are as Master and sub. The naturalness, the shamelessness of us, left me breathless in a lot of ways. When I saw Him this last trip, it just reinforced what I felt, and led us down a deeper path in emotional and physical ways. He’s always focus, but I cope often by not allowing head constantly say I miss You, I need You, I want You, because just leads be down and kind of non functional. Due a certain situation in life which He totally understands and respects, I am not sure exactly when I will be home, but I do know it will be sooner than later. Which doesn’t as far as a time frame, but I know I’m doing what I need do make the move happen asap, when moment comes. And when it does come, I know things will be in place, as they should be, and then I will be home.

Lastly… I don’t have any disillusions about being Home. I plan work and live life as I do now, as will He. Everyday life as Master and sub, is just normal everyday life. Bad days, good days, etc, except He will have more access and more control I want Him have over aspects of life is hard a distance. But most importantly, we’ll be together, and I can’t wait for day I look Him the eyes and say I’m truly Home now Master… Then the next chapter of our lives will start..

So since I couldn’t sleep… I wrote a poem of a bedtime ritual I fantasize about. Its a little long but I do tend write and talk longer than shorter get thoughts the open.
Part I

Kneeling… in the sanctuary of our room,

I wait for You by the window.

I feel a soft breeze

caressing skin.

I look up the night sky,

as it unveils

the hidden beauty

of the moon and stars,

penetrating the darkness

with its rays

of ethereal light.

I close eyes

absorbing its celestial warmth

upon skin,

and bask in moment seems timeless.

I hear Master as He slips into bed

and smile as I wait for the words

I crave for every night..


From place the window

I ask

“May I crawl into bed with You Master?”

He says Yes,

I then crawl slowly, deliberately

to His bed

As He watches with a slight grin,

I crawl in bed

and take place by His side.

Part II

He pulls His side,

I feel the brush of His lips,

His warm breath,

against skin

And I lay still

No words are said

But none need be,

There’s just peace, calm, and


who we are together.

Its an intimacy I treasure,

earning place His side.

And those moments

I’m just lost Him

Time stops

I fall asleep His arms

and I have no need dream,

because destiny

has been realized

by the beauty of submission

and with the strength His Dominance

Guiding , protecting , and loving


I love You Master xoxo (())

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