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When I meet Robin  

lisajdarling79 39F  
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8/7/2021 1:16 pm
When I meet Robin

I am supposed to meet up with another one of my paramours, also married. There is something exciting about cheating on my husband with another married man. The adventure, the secrecy, the unknown. Anyhow John called me and asked if I could get away for a couple of hours. I told my husband to watch the and that I had a work emergency. John had given me an unfamiliar address, and it got me excited. I changed clothes in the car from my go bag, and walked up to the front door. The house was older, 1950’s colonial. My heart was pounding as I knocked on the door, pounding with energy and anticipation. I had fairly subdued clothes on, but underneath garters and my sexiest<b> lingerie. </font></b>My derriere perfectly framed and the curvature of my back accentuated.
To my surprise a women slightly taller than me opened the door, she was wearing a self bath robe. I was struck by her one figure, she has the warmest brown eyes, auburn colored shoulder length hair that is wet and slicked back, a small angular nose, and i was drawn to her, I wanted her. She introduced herself as Robin. She asked me in, and immediately offered me a drink, sangria. I sipped it, it was powerful, but totally calmed me down. I finished it fast and was instantly tipsy. Robin came back into the room without the robe, with nothing on, she has strikingly long legs, wonderful soft belly, a shaved pussy that reveals the perfect mound, beautiful B cup breasts with large areolae, hard nipples, broad shoulders (a swimmers body). She comes over and kissed me. She carefully took off my clothes, then looked at my<b> lingerie </font></b>licked her lips and ran her fingers from my neck, down my back, down my butt. She stayed there pulled me close, pressing her body to mine and kissed me intensely.
Then she led me down the hallway and up the stairs to a bedroom with two canopy beds. John was in one having bent another woman over and fucking her hard and wildly from behind. He was grabbing her hair and spanking her ass hard, it was red. This was not his wife. I wanted that!!!
Robin had gone over to the other bed and was lying on her side propped up by her elbow. She beckoned me over, I could not resist. When I got to the bed she pulled me in, laid me on my back and got on top. She took my hands in hers and stretched them behind my head. They rested there as she started kissing my neck then my chest, she removed my bra, and sucked on my tits. Then licked my belly button, and then came back up kissed my lips. Then in a singular fluid moment she tied my wrists to the bed posts. I started breathing heavy, and she went down and started tongue fucking me. I was moaning uncontrollably. She then went to work on my clit like I have never experienced before. The she flipped me over and suddenly I felt a cock, but it wasn’t John. It was Robin with a strap on. She fucked me gently and then harder. I was moaning like crazy. The Robin started working a finger and then a thumb into my anus. Oh wow wow.
Suddenly she stops untied my hands led me over to John in the other bed. I mount him and start riding his coc Then Robin got into the bed, and pushed me down a bit exposing my ass. She again fingered and thumbed my asshole while I was still fucking John. Then when I was ready she started fucking my ass with the strap on. It was the first time being double fucked. After what seemed like forever John cums inside of me. It triggers not only a vaginal orgasm, where I could feel my vagina contacting/choking his cock, but my anus did the same thing. I was the most amazing thing ever. I was blissed out, beyond belief. I lay there totally happy, and contented. I feel asleep, and was woken up the next morning by Robin with a cup of coffee in bed.

profcoquin27bis 57M
4190 posts
8/8/2021 5:34 am

really hot text, thanks a lot for your post, i would be a voyeur

RobK2006 54M
5868 posts
9/30/2021 1:36 pm

I love when Robin presses her body to yours and you kiss. And then John is already fucking another woman! So hot. And the orgasm sounded very intense. It must be an incredible experience to be double fucked, both physically and mentally. I mean you must just feel like you are being fucked into the next county.

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