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Female profiles, how many fake?  

littleextrafun81 40M  
3 posts
5/26/2021 7:34 pm
Female profiles, how many fake?

There are so many fake profiles on here. Obviously, I am only looking on the female side, so I have no idea about the male side. They are pretty obvious because of their pattern of writing style on their introduction or the picture they post. I am sure there are a few real ones that are unfortunately ignored due this. Question is:

Out of every female profiles, how many would you say are fakes/bots on here?

Piper3654K 51M
115 posts
5/27/2021 8:24 am

Fake would have to include people (women) who are no longer here and have deleted / deactivated their profiles but AdultFriendFinder magically reincarnates them. Also they populate profiles from other sister sites and the original users don't even know they're here.

Basically it's 90% scam. I'm in the chatrooms from time to time but I don't even waste my time with profiles or searches or messaging.

seems6666 51F
4759 posts
5/27/2021 11:23 am

I'd say 85%

lyavu 48F
1535 posts
5/29/2021 2:58 am

What about male profiles?how many are fake?

littleextrafun81 replies on 5/29/2021 1:39 pm:
How many male profiles do you think are fake? I am not sure, as I don't view men's profiles. I would guess far less than female.

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