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You are mine  

littleplaything1 46F  
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3/5/2021 9:30 am
You are mine

Love wrap my lips around that thing and let you empty a big, juicy load down the back of my throat.
Tongue that tight ass.
Deep throat that cock and suck on those delicious balls.
I'd take ur cock deep down my throat till I gagged on ur rock hard cock
mouth is begging be used
Id go down on you and never come up for air
shove that big cock in my ass and hope locks up in .
I'm a cock hungry slut I want milk for you suck n devour cock
.My tits ache be touched..You want to my tits after nibbling on my nipples driving me insane.. You straddle me and drive the tip of your cock up my lips while fucking them as my tongue darts out to<b> tease </font></b>the tip and taste the pre-cum that coats the head and lubricates your shaft..My eyes blink to catch a glimpse of your face...Yes I know you want shove down my throat and cum forever..I feel your hand on my pussy and a finger enters..I'm humping ..more fingers please..my legs are opening wider.. your really good..4 is the magic that gets me off..You rise your knees and I feel your balls now on my chin..your cock penetrates my lips and I relax as your cock makes 's way in..I close my eyes as you my face.. You withdraw your hand from my pussy and brace yourself as I gag and you moan with your cock going down my throat, balls buried on my chin. The first shot goes down and I tighten my lips around your cock and open my eyes watching you as I milk your cock of every drop of nectar you have for me..A bad girl you now see as my tongue washes your cock I now kiss your cock and lick your ball

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3/5/2021 8:53 pm

Hey, lpt.

*Fuckin Hot Post*

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boobwhisperer69 58M  
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3/6/2021 11:08 am

Yes please!!!!!

protrimguy 50M
29 posts
3/9/2021 2:33 am

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justme51 70M
1704 posts
3/14/2021 12:39 pm

Beautiful blog.

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

justme51 70M
1704 posts
3/18/2021 4:36 am

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One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

Profwriter4u 56M
2 posts
3/22/2021 7:09 am

Nicely written. Very hot! \8

njguy092874 47M  
3 posts
5/18/2021 7:08 am

Very hot! You are a very sexy woman!

Passion8teGent 51M

5/19/2021 7:42 am

WoW that is the most erotic writing I have ever read. I love your passion and letting go of all your feelings. I bet a time with you will be extraordinary. HMU sexy

Mantype2u 50M  
2 posts
8/18/2021 6:33 am

A sexy woman is a sexy mind

wireman754 67M/67F  
134 posts
9/15/2021 2:02 pm

I love how you think !!!

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