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lonelybackagain 47F  
71 posts
6/9/2017 2:32 pm

For over three months I have been watching a friend on cam. Even texting him as I watch him. We have talked about meeting and were finally supposed to on Thursday. Then Wednesday I notice he is broadcasting so I pop in to watch him. I send him a text as usual. He replies asking why my name never shows up in his room. I have no clue, it's AdultFriendFinder after all. So I give a cheeky reply that I don't know but if I am on I am watching. He then replies that I don't show up on his IM list either. Then stops broadcasting, views my profile and after a few minutes starts broadcasting again. I try to load up his cam room multiple times but am told he is not available. I then try to go to his profile and it shows that it is unavailable. Did he block me? That is the only thing I can figure, but why??? Because of some AdultFriendFinder program glitch? I try texting him asking him if he blocked me but I get no reply. I am assuming that if he blocked me here then he has also blocked my number on his phone... But what the hell did I do??? It makes no sense. I know there are a lot of fakers and flakers on this site but he doesn't seem to fall into one of those categories. So what happened?? I thought we were friends regardless of whether we were ever going to be lovers or not. It just seems like something happened to spook him but what I don't know. I just wish he would talk to me and tell me. He once told me not to second guess him but he isn't giving me the same consideration is he? I don't know and I can't talk to him and I don't know what to do. And maybe this isn't the best place to put this but I had to get it off my chest somehow. I hate losing friends, I hate for people to think badly of me. I need to set this right somehow...

The one, the only, the original since 1973

lonelybackagain 47F  
26 posts
6/9/2017 2:33 pm


The one, the only, the original since 1973

mufdiver69er2 60M  
1649 posts
6/9/2017 2:48 pm

im betting as long as it was camming and texting with no real interaction,he was thrilled to be your bud.but with an arranged meet upcoming?oh shit,he thinks..now she will know im----------fill in the blanks with whattever he is hiding.understand you feeling rejected unjustly,but its really all on him.someone who treats you like this IS NOT a friend.hang in and i bet you find a real friend eventually..even though the odds here of fakes n flakes seem to outweigh the real nice ones.happy hunting,btw...

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arabgirl65 56F
50 posts
6/9/2017 3:03 pm

If you two were as good friends as you say, something silly as a web site glitch shouldn't of come between the both of you.

I think your "friend" found someone they were more interested in and didn't want you see that. My guess is that you were blocked.

If someone going to be that childish, count this as a blessing and move on.

c0cksr1ng 59M
2889 posts
6/9/2017 3:38 pm

not so sure what has happened but this site has had its issues

Heathen_G 62M
7919 posts
6/9/2017 4:01 pm

I need to set this right somehow ... This just may have to be logged under "Unfixable". Something you can't fix.

A vague internet connection, as well as phone connection, is just one of those things that can be easily dismissed by a key stroke, due to the slightest misunderstanding, or on purpose.

I_giv_pleasure 57M  
2819 posts
6/9/2017 5:01 pm

It wouldn't be the site if there wasn't some sort of issue going on. If he did block you It's his loss for sure.

lonelybackagain 47F  
26 posts
6/9/2017 5:18 pm

Thank you for all your replies. I am still just absolutely confused and hurt by this. It's almost as if he got the idea I was some kind of cyber stalker or something. Which I am not... I am doing good to upload pics to this site LOL. Besides, if I really wanted to stalk him I know his number, I know where he works. I just know there is more to the story... Maybe in time he will cool off and tell me? In the meantime, he is not the only man in the world!!!

The one, the only, the original since 1973

porterpiper1 54F
3755 posts
6/9/2017 6:22 pm

Really? you are losing sleep over someone you never met ? so call friends come and go. Sometimes we never find out why, so what he think the worst of you, will it cost you your job? your family respect? no no no, stop self loathing about something in cyber space, I am not trying to be mean, but sometimes people need to be told the truth and not a rub on the back, he has not lost anything you two never met, you haven't lost anything yet, if you keep thinking about this you are going to lose your sanity, let it go, and enjoy others on this site

lonelybackagain 47F  
26 posts
6/9/2017 6:31 pm

Oh I haven't lost any sleep, that's for sure... And you are right but I left out the part about him being pretty much my ultimate fantasy guy. But I am moving on. I do have others to enjoy. It really is his loss because I would have rocked his freaking world!!!

The one, the only, the original since 1973

lyavu 48F
1487 posts
6/10/2017 6:22 pm

The site has characters you never know whom your talking too. I have guys chat then I never hear from them in days or weeks then wow Hallo how are you? Then u wonder what do they really want . Mostly ignore.

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