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hello all  

lonelycouple03 64M/61F  
68 posts
10/27/2016 4:24 am
hello all

basic profile for now ,you can post here or at the infamous "y" we will answe all as we see them.. info is AdultFriendFinder y .com.
keep in touch

newnepaguy 47M
1 post
12/7/2016 1:41 pm

I tried to email you guys but it was returned...

lonelycouple03 replies on 12/16/2016 4:14 am:
we are debandsteve03@yahoo try that

Lukn4fun3532 42M
8 posts
12/30/2016 6:25 am

Hey guys, just saw your message to contact you on here. I am at bob.bobby3532 @y

lonelycouple03 replies on 12/31/2016 4:06 am:
got debandsteve03@ the y

Lukn4fun3532 42M
8 posts
12/31/2016 10:52 am

Replied to your email, hopefully you received it

male36cam2003 60M
10 posts
2/22/2017 8:35 am

Hey local here you can contact me as male36cam2003 on here or y mail

lonelycouple03 replies on 2/23/2017 4:16 am:
morn , you can contact us as well ,, whats up? we have small hotel get together sat the 25th if interested,is in wilkes/barre at red roof inn on 315..
would luv to see ya

male36cam2003 60M
10 posts
2/23/2017 5:52 am

Unfortunately i work weekends always on afternoon shift same during the week

lonelycouple03 replies on 2/23/2017 6:06 am:
ok np understand the need for work for sure .. will keep trying though

male36cam2003 60M
10 posts
2/24/2017 6:07 am

Well if your ever up to some daytime fun just let me know would be glad to assist where needed

lonelycouple03 replies on 2/24/2017 2:13 pm:
ok will do

ManDeeGurl 56T
1 post
2/26/2017 8:03 am

sissywhore4u@ the g - Think we could have some fun!!

lonelycouple03 replies on 2/27/2017 3:25 am:
looks like fun to us !!!

NoneWeakofHeart 57M  
43 posts
4/3/2017 12:21 pm

Thanks for joining my friends network.

josiep1 66T  
1 post
6/5/2017 12:10 pm

Hi Folks, I would like to meet up with you folks sometime in the future, if that is possible. This of course be totally up to you. My email address is: josiep1955@ outlook.com
Would love to hear from you.

lonelycouple03 replies on 6/6/2017 8:36 am:
got it will send email to ya

albanybob 72M  
445 posts
8/14/2017 4:49 am

Hi folks. I am interested in learning more about your group.

male36cam2003 60M
10 posts
8/28/2017 9:58 am

Where has everyone been have not seen anyone for a while

lonelycouple03 replies on 8/29/2017 5:09 am:
not sure where all is , we still here been busy but doing well
how you doing?

male36cam2003 60M
10 posts
8/29/2017 5:18 am

Been doing well still looking for fun

lonelycouple03 replies on 8/29/2017 8:15 am:
hear that but distance for us know is a bit much for sum

2newbysrcurios 46M/F
55 posts
10/22/2017 5:17 am

Figured I would say HI, and I am interested. Since you were nice enough to comment on my blog. And the fact it appears we now live in the same small town.

lonelycouple03 replies on 10/23/2017 9:10 am:
hello there ,sounds like a plan for sure always nice to have someone local to hang with if not more .. let us know what your thinking and we'll set something up for sure
we also have yahoo for mail..

lonelycouple03 64M/61F  
63 posts
10/23/2017 9:12 am

2newby... kool what you thinking would luv to meat up and see what pops up as they say

2newbysrcurios 46M/F
55 posts
10/23/2017 10:09 am

Nice. Yes i like to see what pops up. Could be a lot of fun.
my email is e2m209 on yahoo.

albanybob 72M  
445 posts
11/5/2017 6:39 pm

sent you mail on yh messenger.

lonelycouple03 replies on 11/6/2017 4:24 am:
ok will check ..

lonelycouple03 replies on 11/6/2017 9:11 am:
got it and replied ... talk soon

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