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pok her fun  

lonelycouple03 64M/61F  
58 posts
3/23/2019 12:46 pm
pok her fun

thinking of having a Pok her night
need 2-4 other guys who might be interested in have fun
wife wife n i let us know get in touch

greenhilldog 63M  
8 posts
3/29/2019 11:01 am

Sounds like a fun time...lemme know!!

lonelycouple03 replies on 3/29/2019 11:09 am:
oh we will your the 2nd interested

ricksta61 59M  
1 post
4/22/2019 10:20 pm

I'm in and local

lonelycouple03 64M/61F  
56 posts
4/23/2019 10:14 am

still need 1-2 more then we can set up a day n time

albanybob 71M  
437 posts
4/30/2019 4:19 am

Anything going this weekend?

lonelycouple03 replies on 4/30/2019 10:53 am:
at the moment nothing that i know of

albanybob 71M  
437 posts
5/18/2019 12:05 pm

Ready when you are!

lonelycouple03 replies on 5/18/2019 12:16 pm:
bring it , to bad you didnt say anything on the house oarty thats tonight , but we will let you know day shes free for a pk her party

NoneWeakofHeart 57M  
43 posts
5/28/2019 10:36 am

More than glad to be part of the fun. Easy drive for me.

lonelycouple03 replies on 5/30/2019 3:41 pm:
will let you know still looking for cple more

NoneWeakofHeart 57M  
43 posts
6/4/2019 8:22 am

Would be great to attend one of your parties too.

licker331 55M
2 posts
6/8/2019 12:15 pm

hi i would be interested

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