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Sara and i. Chaperter 1: the ideal meeting  

longDjezder 29M
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5/29/2018 4:12 am
Sara and i. Chaperter 1: the ideal meeting

This a complete work of fiction, any resemblance to any person(s) in real life is simple coincidence. This story will be about me and my ideal first time meet, as well as what i would think may happen after much conversation online.
Its a beautiful Saturday morning as i wake to the sight of a bright blue sky. Instantly my heart and mind are in sync, racing with thoughts and feelings of anticipation. Today is when i am to meet sarah. She seems as corrupted as i am yet as fresh to the lifestyle as well. She is beautiful, long dark brown hair almost black with fire red strips through out. Shes a bit of a baby face and from the neck up looked under 18 but her body told a different story. With D cup breasts and a bubble butt she could pass for mid 20's, how ever she was only 19. I lay in bed<b> smoking </font></b>a bowl as i continue to think of every inch of her. We both only saw the pix from the site we met on which had no nude images allowed.
After getting dressed and taking care of morning needs i send a good morning text asking how she slept. By now its 10 in the morning and we had planned to meet at 12 to go for a walk to the park first. Sarah had a little age of 4-10, which suited me just fine. She loved her pacifier and had an interest in diaper play along with much else. She loved to have rules, some just to break but most to follow religiously. I was all to happy to fill this want and came up with as many rules as i could think of and punishments to go along with them.
Its now 11 and ive gotten a shower. I got out to see sarah had messaged me, saying she slept well but tossed and turned do to excitement. I laughed to my self and text back feeling anxiety trying to take over.
Me: are you ready for the day?
Sara: "yess daddy, im so nervous but my little side is super exicted! Lol"
Me: "lol well i am both nervous and excited but i think it will be a great day."
Sara: "Hehe good, i wanna make daddy VERY happy!"
Me: ooohhh well i can think of many ways for you to do that princess! Did you take the pix of you in your outfits i get to pick from?
Sara: "Yes daddy ill send them now"
With that sara sent three pictures like i asked. One in a beautiful blue summer dress with pig tails and her pacifier which added to her baby face. The next was a belly shirt that revealed a belly button ring and very tight jean shorts that made her ass stand out more. The last was her in a tight tank top and a skirt with her hair in a pony tail.
It was a very hard choice as they all made different aspects stand out that i loved about her. With a heavy sigh, i text back as i made my choice.
Me: "I want you to wear that summer dress baby girl."
Sara: "hehe, yaaaaaaay. Ok daddy i will wear that."
Me: "good girl, im leaving now. I will see you at the park."
Sara: "ok daddy see you soon!"
I get to the park with music barring from a mini speaker around my neck as i look around for my lil girl. It takes a few minutes of awkwardly standing under a tree looking, but spotted her on the other side of the park. i grin with a mean idea and turn off my speaker. I watch sara a moment longer before quickly moving to a new spot, doing my best not to let her see me. As i get directly behind her i begin to approach with a wicked grin. Quietly i get closer, thankful the sun is working for me as it keeps my shadow behind me. I put my hands tightly over her eyes and whisper huskily into her ear. "Guess who."
Sara tried to turn and look but i didnt let her.
"I said guess who and you better guess right or there will be punishment to be had." i say sternly in a hushed voice.
Sara giggled knowing who it is now but kept up the act. "Oohh i dont know, if it was daddy i think he would have came up to me and not play a game like this."
I chuckle alittle before placing a kiss at the back of her neck just behind her ear. "Maybe, maybe not but are you willing to take that risk and take punishment for not playing along?"
Sara was silent for a moment but i could tell she was smiling uncontrollably. "Hmmm no i guess not, so daddy will you let me see you now?"
I laugh a little before removing my hands and move to sit beside her on the bench she sat on. "Its wonderful to finally meet you baby girl." i blurt out as i look at her doing my best to hide my nerves.
Sara grinned looking back at me before nodding. "It is reeaaally nice to finally meet you!" she said back. I could tell she was trying her best to stay calm but inside i knew she was screaming with excitement and truth be told so was i.
I took the lead and stood up with a hand out for her to take. "Come on princess lets go play!"
Her face lit up and she jumped to her feet before taking my hand. She dragged me to the swings first and quickly jumped into one. "Push me daddy, push me!"
I couldnt help but blush slightly hearing her yell that for every one to hear but i loved it. I got behind her and began to push her on the swing. "How high baby?" i asked starting to push her.
"Mmm really really high daddy! I wanna touch the sky!" sara yelled out happily. I was more then willing to give her anything she wanted right then and did as she asked.
After a while on the swing sara jumped off once the swing was at peak height making her self fly through the air giggling. She landed harder then i thought she would and skinned up her hands, instantly coming up swearing. I came up to her quickly with my best stern face but also worried by her scraped hands. I grabbed her wrists to see her hands and saw they did look skinned up. With out a word i grab her by the arm and take her to the closest bench. The park was empty by now thankfully so i bent her over my knee and gave a swat on the butt. "You do not ever swear little lady!" i say before giving her another smack, Do you understand?!" i say as i give her another smack then rest my hand there. With each whack she yelped, acting in pain but loving it.
"I-im sorry daddy but it really hurt." sara said trying to make excuses.
"What have i said about making excuses!" i say sternly as i look down at sara still bent over my knee.
"Im sorry daddy it wont happen again, but it did really hurt." sara said still making excuses.
I give her a harder wack then the first three making her yelp again. "I said NO excuses bitch!"
Sara moaned softly loving the demanding tone but nodded. "Yes daddy, no more excuses."
"Good girl." i say letting go of her arm to let her sit up. Sara sat up and was smiling, her face flushed from the treatment. “Good now let me see your hands." I say taking her hands once again. She winces as I left them both and turn them over to lightly place a kiss on both of her palms. Sara whimpered lightly as I did so before grinning. “Now what baby girl?" i ask looking at her.
Sara thought for a moment cutely putting a finger to the corner of her mouth. "Hmmm. . . Oh i know, i know! We can play house daddy!" sara said excitedly before continuing. "You will be daddy, and i will be the mommy!" she says with a grin and runs off to the clubhouse style area with slides. I quickly get up to follow her and climb to the top with her, all the while looking up her dress for a lovely view. It took me a moment to notice, but under her dress she was pantieless and i wondered if she had plans of her own.
Once we reached the top sara stood up so i followed her lead, letting her guide this play time. She informed me of the house layout and where our room was for night time. I just nodded and agreed yet making suggestions where i could to be involved in this game of hers. It wasnt long before we were playing, cooking, cleaning and cuddling as we talk before she says its now bed time and we must go to work tomorrow. I chuckle and nod getting up slowly to act tired, which makes her laugh. We make our way to the very top where its just long enough for us to have our legs almost fully extended and two walls on either side blocked a good amount of view. Behind us where we climbed up from conveniently had a tall tree blocking the view from any houses that way and a spiral slide down in front of us that blocked most of the view from the houses that way.
"I see why you picked this as the bedroom now." i say with a smirk.
Sara cant help but grin then does her best fake yawn. "Oh i dont know what you mean daddy but its bed time, now lay down." she says already laying down facing where ill lay.
"Uuuhh huuh, ok princess." i say skeptically before laying down to face her as well.
We are both smiling brightly and i catch her eyes glimmering with joy in the sun light. I stare for a moment before i lean in to kiss her lips softly, as i bring my top hand to the back of her head tangling my fingers in her hair. I feel her smile widen against my lips before she kisses back flicking my tongue that had parted her lips. As we kiss passionately i take my hand from her hair and slowly massage up and down her back. I gingerly work my way down untill i reach her ass and upper thigh, she moans softly into my mouth and shifts her leg over top my hip. My mind races in excitement, i want it all, i want her now and i dont care if its hard and fast or slow and sensual. I feel my hand clawing at her dress to pull it up so i may touch her bare flesh. I want it bad, i feel like i need it no matter the consequences but i break our kiss and force my hand to freeze in a fist full of her dress, almost high enough that i can touch her warm soft skin.
Sara looks at me funny like she thinks something is wrong. "Daddy are you ok?" she asked softly, watching my face for any signs of displeasure.
I take a deep breath as i gaze into her eyes and smile. "Yes princess, i am better then ok. But i need to slow my self down." i say now watching her reaction.
Sara smiled brightly and nodded. "I understand, i thought you might be getting over excited."
I nod. "Yea, its a little overwhelming to know that almost everything i like, your into as well and right now i wanna do it all but i know we cant."
Sara couldnt help but giggle. "I know daddy, i wanna do it all too but your right we cant do it all tonight. So today lets focus just on the fact we are out side. What do you think?" sara asked happily.
I chuckle and nod. "Yea, little easier said then done but ill try baby girl." i say with a soft smile before kissing her lips lightly and unclench my fist to let her dress fall from my grasp. We both close our eyes, slowing down and savoring every moment. I was soon back at it again but this time rock steady as my hand slid across her warm, soft flesh slowly. I move to bite her neck, letting my tongue dance over the flesh between my lips as i suck. She moans breathily into my ear as her hands roam over my body, soon making their way beneath my t-shirt. She scratches down my back somewhat roughly, which makes me bite and suck harder on her neck. She moans again and brings one hand around to the front of me, quickly slipping her fingers in my pants to fondle my already semi hard cock. I groan and let go of her neck. My hand moves to slide her dress up, exposing her ass then her breast and quickly tossed by our feet. I stop unable to help my self as i take in her beauty. She interrupts my admiration by lifting off my shirt first, then undoing my pants and pulling them off to expose my now rock hard cock. She seems stuck for a moment as she soaks in its girth and size. I then snap her out of her cock trance by grabbing a fist full of hair and lightly but firmly bring her lips down to touch the tip. "Mmm daddy whats you to blow him."
Sara makes no attempt to pull away and instead opened her mouth and took just the tip into her mouth.
"Ooohhh good girl." i coo before continuing to take the lead, easing her down my shaft untill i hit the back of her throat. Sara gagged but but only backed off alittle putting one finger in the air we had talked before saying that when sara did that, she needed a moment to relax her body more. I waited for her to put her finger down and once she did, i pushed her back down again getting more into her mouth and down her throat before she put her finger back up and i backed off. Sara caughed slightly as she pulled me out completely. "Fuck your big!" sara cooed as she caught her breath.
I laugh alittle and nod. "Yes princess i am, now back to blowing me." i say with a wicked grin and pushing my cock back down her throat. She begins to bob her head quckily working her throat over my thick shaft, her hot tongue slithering along the under side of my cock. I moan out, trying to stay quiet as she pushes and builds my load. "Fuck baby girl im so close to cumming, oh my god your amazing!" i say watching her more now than making her go deeper. Sara just looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and gave me a wink, doing her best to smile around my shaft. That was all it took and my first wad shot through my rod like a rocket and hit the back of her throat. She reacted quickly and began swallowing as she pushed her self down to the base of my shaft for the first time and i could feel her tongue out stretched to lather my balls in her saliva as i unloaded.
Once my cock stopped twitching in her mouth from her milking she pulled my cock from her lips letting it start to sag from being spent. I sigh happily gazing up at her for a moment before i lift my hand to call her over with one finger. Sara grins and crawls up closer to me. I put a hand under her and wrap it around to pull her on top of me. Sara looks down at me with a funny look. "What are you doing daddy?"
I smirk and with both hands grab her ass to push her lower end up my body. "I want you to sit on my face, i wanna feel your hot juice run down my face." I say before making her scoot up my chest to position her bald smooth pussy just under my chin. She giggles and leans over slightly to grab the top edge of the slide as she straddles my face. My hands at first resting on her ass as i begin to take long slow licks from the bottom to the top of her pussy making her moan out softly as she tried to stay queit. I soon put my arms around her waist as i dive my tongue between her warm inviting folds, not realizing i drove into her opening. I began to lick as deep into her as i could running my tongue around the inner walls of her cunt.
Already my cheeks and chin were coated in her slick sweet juices. As sara continued to stiffle moans i felt her start to grined into my face, rocking her hips back and forth as she neared her own orgasm. I gave her ass my best smack encouraging her to keep going which only added to her intensity as she ground her pussy harder into my face. Sara was more feverish in her movements as she neared her own edge. She panted and groaned as she worked her hips faster over me and with in minutes she was bucking uncontrollably quickly soaking most of my face in her juices. I held her agenst me, not wanting her to move untill her orgasm completely subsided. Once i thought she had finished, i let her go and she slowly got off of me. I sit up on my elbows grinning ear to ear at her, my beard and mustash matted down with her fluid.
"God damn princess you came alot." i say as i gaze over at her.
"Mmmhmmmm, thats cause daddy rocked my world." sara said with a giggle.
I sit up and reach for my pants, kissing her breast before leaning back and slipping my pants on. Sara gasped in shock and pleaser before responding. "Heeeey daddy thats no fair!"
"Well daddy dont play fair baby girl." i say with a chuckle as i toss on my shirt then look at her. She smiles at me as she slipped her arms into her dress then stands up. I stand up with her and we use the slide to get down before wondering off holding hands.
End chapter 1.

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