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Holiday fun
Posted:Dec 15, 2017 12:00 pm
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2017 12:14 am

A few weeks before we broke up at Uni, myself a couple of friends were diussing what will be doing during the break. It turned out we each had nothing planed so a holiday together was suggested. My various destination ideas were quickly shoot down for reason or another. It seemed they had their minds set on partying the night away and then and relaxing by a pool to recover. Where as I want to go sight seeing, windsurfing or water skiing but they pointed out that doing those type of things with a hangover wasn’t a good idea. So a destination was chosen and a couple days later all of us were in the travel agents booking the holiday. The only date that was suitable for all of us was the second week of the break which would give us time with our families before heading off. So we arranged to meet at a certain point in the airport on the day of our flight.
I had arrived at the airport earlier then I had expected and had a couple of hours to wait before meeting my mates. I ended up in a bar a nursed a drink for those few hours while I waited and began to read of the books I had brought with me to study. The time arrived to meet up so I headed over to the check in desk where we arranged to meet but the was no sign of them. Knowing they had planed to drive I thought they must have been delayed by traffic so sat down on my case and waited. After an hour waiting and the time of our departure drawing closer I thought it best to check in and wait at the gate so I didn’t miss the flight. So I checked in my bag and headed off to the duty free to get some Vodka and Coke, then the gate where our flight would be boarding.
A voice came over the Tannoy announcing our flight number and that it was now boarding and there was still no sign of my mates. I hung back until the last possible minute before the gate closed waiting and hoping that they’d make it in time. A stewardess ed out that the gate was about to close, so I boarded the flight without them. It wasn’t until I returned I found out that they both had be in an accident while coming back from night out and ended up in hospital the night before.
I booked in at the hotel and dropped my case off in the much needed air conditid room before heading out to check out what the place was like and what it had to offer. The room was on the ground floor with doors that opened up to a small patio containing a small table and some chairs and over looked the pool. The heat was almost unbearable and yet cooler by pool, which was a decent size and with more then enough sunbeds, chairs and tables to encircle it twice. On the opposite side of the pool and to the hotel was the club house. It had a small lounge bar on side and a large bar with a stage on the other. Which I was later to learn where most of the entertainment took place. Just to the side of the club house was a path that lead down the beach which seemed to be covered as far as the see could see, in either direction with sun loungers and umbrellas. So I returned to the room to unpack and cool off.
Once unpacked I headed to the restaurant for some dinner still pondering on where my mates where and what could of happened. As I entered the restaurant a young lady greeted me and asked if I was al and if I was going to have something from the menu or buffet. I told her I was dining al, so she showed me to a small table which looked out over the beach. The restaurant was almost full of guests, most of which seemed to be hanging round the buffet. I sat at the table biding my time until enough people had left so that I could easily collect my food without banging into people. I quickly finished off the plate and left feeling some what uncomfortable dining al in a busy restaurant. I grabbed a big bag of ice as I left from a dispenser before heading back to the room.
Once back, I got out the duty free drink I had bought and poured a glass and looked out at the pool which was now empty. There was a double bed and a single in the room which would have suited us but there I was al, so chose the double to lay down on for the time being. The sun was setting so knew it would soon be cool enough to sit outside on the patio and do some people watching but I feel asleep. I awoke to a dark room and not knowing how long I had been asleep quickly looked at my watch. Only an hour had past, so I turned the lights on and opened up the doors to the patio and sat down at the table with my glass of duty free and my book. The air was still and warm which enticed me to drink quickly in an attempt to keep cool. Soon enough I had to refill my glass with ice and more duty free. An hour or so past and a few people began to appear all dressed up, heading over to the club house. A short time later more appeared , all heading in same direction. I thought for a moment if I should go over, but decided that being there be myself would make me feel uncomfortable again like before in the restaurant.
A steady thump, thump, thump of base filled the night air. I looked up from my book at the club house and watched lights streak across the windows with the odd silhouette of some dancing. I filled my glass up again but with more ice and just Coke this time and sat back down to a sound “Wanker” being loudly pronounced. I could just about make out a woman on opposite side of the pool waving her hands in the air. She ed and chair and shouted “Bugger” and hopped a couple of times. I began to snigger quietly hoping she would hear me. I could hear mumbling something as she walked round the pool, getting slowly closer to my position. The words I did pick up on were mostly profanities. As she got closer I wondered if I should say anything or keep quiet as it is really n of my business.
“Are you alright?” I suddenly found myself saying.
The woman stopped and quickly placed a hand on her chest looking round to see where that had come from. Bugger I thought, I ared the shit out of her.
“Are you okay?” I said letting her know in which direction she should be looking.
She turned to face me and shouted “No” waving her hands in the air.
I laid my book down the the table, lent back in my chair and asked “Man trouble?”
“I’m sorry” she said as she walked over and stood next to my table. It wasn’t hard to tell that she had had a few by the way the way she was steadying herself by held the back of of the chairs.
“You need a cold drink, sit your arse down and I’ll get you ” I said as i rose from my chair went to get her a drink. She had sat down and had held her head in her hands. I placed the drink in front of her and she slowly reached out and took a sip.
“This is just Coke” she exclaimed.
“Yep, and it’s cold so get it down your neck” i told her in the same t of voice she used on me. She took several gulps and finished off the drink slamming the glass down on the table, then wiping her mouth with her hand. I stood up and took the glass and filled it up again and placed it back in front of her.
“Is there something in this ?” she asked.
“No” I replied.
She lent back in the chair and rubbed her face with both hands.
“Is it man trouble then?” I inquired once more.
She lent forward and placed he elbows on the table, then squinted slightly as she looked me up and down.
“Your a man, you tell me why are all men are just after thing?” she asked waving a finger I the air and then leaning back in the chair as if waiting for the answer.
“Not all men are after thing. There some of us who do think with our big brain instead of our small s” I said feeling slightly smug that I came up with an intelligent reply. She frowned slightly and reached for the glass taking another big gulp. I picked up my glass, stood up and walked round to where she was seated.
“Come we me” I said taking hold of her arm gently pulling to entice her out of the chair. She got up and followed me as I lead her over to the shallow end of pool. I let go of her arm and stepped in to the pool and sat down and wiggled my toes in the water. I turned and looked up at her and patted the ground next to me.
“Take a seat, wont you?” I asked.
She gave an audible humph as she ed off her shoes, took a step into the pool and slumped down next to me.
“Now wiggle you toes” I said pointing to her feet.
She looked at me and took another gulp from the glass then began to wiggle her toes.
“What good will this do?” she asked soundly annoyed.
“Absolutely nothing. But it feels nice” I said taking a sip of my drink.
We sat the for a few moments just wiggling our feet in the water, occasionally taking sips of our drinks.
“So tell we why your upset?” I asked in gentle voice.
“My husband was chatting some young tart up at the bar” she replied.
“Did he face her as her spoke to her or was he looking sideways at her?” I asked.
She turned towards me with a puzzled look on her face. Then looked away tilting her head to side like she was trying to remember what had happened.
“He faced her side on” she replied.
“He was just being friendly then. You’ve got nothing to worry about” I said with a smile. Once again she looked at me with a puzzled look and lent away from me slightly.
“Imagine a peacock with it’s tail on dis. From the side it’s not all that, but face on it’s impressive” I turned and faced her “If he was face on to her like this, it’s like the peacock saying, looked at me, do you like what you see, do you want me” I then turned and faced forwards again “If he is side on like this, then he’s not making a come on gesture to her and just being friendly” I explained. She made that humph noise again and dropped her shoulders. There was a few moments of silence with us just wiggling our toes.
“I guess your right…thank you.” she said with a smile and gave me a peck on the cheek and handed me her glass. She got out of the pool and grabbed her shoes and quickly headed off back to the club house.
I got out the pool myself and headed back to the table, I placed my glass on the table a drank the remains of her glass before taking it inside. I sat back down at the table for another couple of hours at which point people where beginning to leave the club house. I decided it was time it should go in as well as it was starting to get a bit chilly. I closed the doors behind me and pulled the curtains across before laying down on the bed reading my book. Suddenly there was a knock at the doors so I jumped off the bed and opened the curtains. The woman from earlier was standing there, so I opened the doors and invited her in. She took a step inside the door pulling it closed behind her.
“I just want to say thank you for what you said to me earlier tonight. It was really sweet of you.” she said with a smile on her face.
“I hope he’s still not in trouble.” I replied jokingly.
“No. I just dropped him back our room, he’s hammered.” she said laughing.
I turned and throw my book on the bed, as I turned back round to face her the little black dress she had on fell to the floor. She stepped out of the dress and ed it to side and just stood there in her bra and knickers. I looked her up and down in stunned silence, taking in every curve of her body. Suddenly I realised that her bra and knickers were both see through.
“So I thought as a thank I would give you a something special.” she said taking a step towards me. I took a step backwards and sat down on the bed. She took few more steps and placed her hands on my thighs. I looked down at her hands as they started to rub up and down my thighs, getting high with each stroke. I placed my hands on her stopping her.
“You shouldn’t be doing this.” I stammered still shocked.
“Nonsense. He was suppose to be the the enjoy my new underwear tonight but he’s pissed, so you can instead.” she said as she stood and placed her hands on her hips and gave them a little wiggle. She suddenly reached out and tugged at the draw string hold up my shorts. Then placed both hands on my chest and pushed me back on the bed, then climb on top of me. She bent down and kissed me and I found myself responding and kissing her back. My hands reached up and took hold of her head as our kiss became more passionate. I felt a hand slid in under the waist band of my shorts grabbing my cock and begin to move up and down. My cock responded instantly to her touch and began to stiffen. The rush of blood to my cock made my back arch at which point I pushed her up.
“Do you really want to do this?” I asked slightly panting.
“Hell, yes” she replied.
I pulled her back down again kissed her once more, her hand moved faster as my cock got stiffer. With in moments I was fully erect and I began to move my hips slightly in time with the stroke of her hand. Thoughts of what to do next ran through my head. I rolled quickly over laying her on the bed, with me now on top. Her legs spread and wrapped round me pulling me hard against her, her hand now rubbed cock against her pussy. We kissed a little longer but I wasn’t going to be able to take much more. I stood up quickly and raised both her legs up in my arms as I reached down to the waist band of her knickers to pulled them off. She raised her hips up slightly to make it easier for me as I slid them up her legs. Once off, bent forwards letting her legs slide over my shoulders as i buried my face in her pussy pulling on her thighs with my hands. My tongue eagerly flicked at her clit, then I ran it up and down the length of her pussy, sucking for a moment on the lips, then her clit.
“That’s it, do it like that| she said as hand push my head down harder.
I took a hand off her thigh and down to her pussy. I placed a finger at the opening and slowly inched it in to the sounds of low moans. Her pussy was already wet, I’m guessing because she was already turned on by the idea of fucking me before she knock on the door.
I slid a second finger into her and her back arched. Her moans changed slightly becoming shorter and lower in t. My fingers moved quickly in and out of her pussy making sucking noises as she got wetter with every thrust. Her moans stopped briefly as she bit a finger and her head rolled from side to side. Is she about to cum, I thought. If she was I wanted her to cum with my cock inside her. I pulled out my fingers and pushed myself up her body bending her legs towards he chest as I went. I reached down and positid me cock for entry and pushed it in.
“Fuck me hard” she moaned.
I did as she asked, trying in my eagerness to slid in and out of her much as I could so she feel every long stroke. Her hips now moved to meet each thrust, my legs beginning to shake as I tried to get as deep as I could inside her. She suddenly clenched me with her thighs and arched her back and cried out “I’m cumming, fuck me…don’t stop” I speed up as fast as I could go until she feel limp on the bed. I stopped and slumped down next to her trying to catch mt breath.
“Mmmmm…thank was nice”. she said with a big grin on her face.
A few minutes past until I could breath normally and she regained the strength to move. She reached over and took hold of my cock and stroked it up and down frantiy.
“It’s your turn now.” she said.
She then got to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her head moved up a down quickly sucking me in with every stroke. My legs began to stiffen as I felt myself reaching climax.
“ I’m going to cum.” I said.
She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as as the first spurt shoot from my cock into her mouth. She quickly closed her mouth once more taking every drop off me her mouth.Once she knew there wasn’t any more going to come out she rolled off the bed and went to the loo. I could hear her spit out my cum before returning to the bed and laying down next to me. I laid there, enjoying the moment and glad my mates hadn’t turned up.
“I bet that was the best thank you you’ve ever had.” she said as she rubbed my chest.
“I’m guessing it’s the best thank you any has had.” I replied.
She got off the bed and picked up knickers and pulled them on. Then she did the same to the little black dress.
“How long are you here for.” she asked.
“I arrived today, so another 6 nights” I replied pulling myself up off the bed.
She pulled the curtains open and stepped through the door and as she closed it she said with a smile “See you around then”.
I closed the curtains and slumped back down on the bed and thought to myself, why can’t more people say thank you like that.
The monster
Posted:Dec 14, 2017 11:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2021 10:29 am

Just outside of town is a large wood with a river to south, fields to the east and west and a country road to the north where the car park is situated. Opposite the car park is the Farm Shop from where as a I use to by food when out camping in the woods with my mates. We knew the woods like the backs of our hands and had camps all over the place. We became adept at building different types of shelters, from lean to shelters to ones almost like log cabins. But you grow up and leave those things behind and move on to other things.
Some years had past since I had been in those woods and lots had changed. I’d left school, joined the local rugby team and started at uni. On this particular day while coming back from a rugby game with an old friend I use to build those camps with we just happen to past those woods. We start to reminisce about the old days and wondered if any of the camps still stood. It was early evening, so we knew we had time before it was going to get dark and so we decided to pull into the car park and head off down one of the many paths to what use to be the nearest camp. Sadly the area had been cleared and opened up and so we moved on to next one. Again the area had been cleared, it was the same for the next three that we went too. We decided that the best one might be the furthest one from anywhere. Down by the river on the very edge of the wood. But the light was fading fast so we decided to come back another day.
Arriving back at the car park there seemed to be a lot of cars for that time of day. It was now dark and most of the cars were down at the far end of the car park away from the entrance and the road. As we climbed into the car a light went on in one of the many cars. Two men from different cars climbed out and went walking over to it and stood by the side. From where we were parked we couldn’t see what was going but it intrigued us. A car pulled into the car park and headed down towards the far end illuminating the two guys in it’s head lights which seemed to startle them.
Thinking nothing more of it we pulled out of the car park and headed back to town for a well earned drink down the rugby club. A few days past and my mate came round to see me at work. He couldn’t wait to tell me what he had been told about goings on at the woods. He happened to mention about going to find the camps and what happened the car park to a friend, who told him that it was a well known site for dogging. He had never heard of it so his friend explained what it was and he just had to come round and tell me . I had never heard of it either and suggested going back to his mate to find out more about it.
After his friend went into great detail about what dogging was, both myself and mate decided to revisit the woods at the weekend to see if anything happened again. We arrived at the car park around the same time as we had last time. The car park was empty so we picked a spot not to close to where the cars wee parked last time but not so far away that we wouldn’t be able to make out what was going on. After an hour of waiting and seeing cars come and go with people walking their dogs I suggested nipping over the the farm shop for some munchies. As I waited to cross the road to the shop I noticed 4 cars in single file pulling into the car park and all full of people. I bought what ever I thought appropriate quickly and almost ran back to the car park. It was still light and as it was explained to us things don’t get interesting until it’s dark.
The 4 cars were down at the far end of the car park more or less where the cars were the last time we were there. This time we would be able to see if anything happened. We both sat there with a can of drink, some sweets and crisps waiting for something to happen. I can imagine now how inept we must have looked.
The sun had set and the light faded quickly and with every passing moment more and more cars started to pull into the car park. With each car parking up they were getting closer to our position. The last time, there were only a handful of cars, but now there were a couple of dozen. I suggested that we should move or we might get picked out as not being one of them so to speak. My mate pointed out that moving might just do the same thing and it’s best to wait. Then a light went on in a car and a dozen or so guys climbed from cars and huddled round it. We couldn’t see what was going on inside the car but could make out that the guys were all masturbating. One by one each left only to replaced by another then another. Another car switches it’s light on and more gather round that. Again unable to see what was going on in the car but still able to see guys wanking like mad beside it.
A couple of hours pass, cars left and arrived and it seemed to be the same routine of lights on, men gather round, shoot heir load and leave. As each car left the car park was beginning to empty and less and less seemed to be happening. We were discussing if it was time we should leave when there was a knock at the drivers window. A man in his 40’s bent down as my mate rolled down his window and placed his hands on the door frame.
“You boys enjoying yourselves?” asked the man.
My mate and I looked at each other not knowing what would be a suitable reply.
“Yes” my mate managed to say.
“Your not going to see much sitting there. Why not come a bit close and get a good look” the man said as he stood up and waved at us to follow him.
“Should we?” I asked nervously.
My mate opened his door and climbed out. For a moment I wondered if this was a good idea but soon followed. The man stood beside a car waving at us to come over. A woman was at in the passengers seat looking us up and down as we approached.
“I assume this is your first time dogging is it?” the man asked leaning on the car.
“Yes, we’ve heard what went on and what to see if it was true or not” I managed to mutter in a timid voice.
“ This is my wife Helen. She loves newbies, specially young strapping lads like you two” the man said as he slapped me on the shoulder. He then reached down and pulled at the handle opening the door. Helen swung her legs out of the car and stood up.
She was a touch shorter then me in her heels. She had curves in all the right places, long dark curly hair and long slender legs. She was wearing a black blouse that hugged her breast tightly, short leather skirt and I assumed black stockings.
My mate and I stood next to each other with our mouths open as she approached us. She stopped close in front of us and placed a hand round each of our necks and pulled my mate in towards her and kissed him. After a brief moment she stopped then did the same to me. The blood was rushing to my cock as her lips pressed against mine. When she stopped kissing me she slowly moved her hands down over both out chests as she took a step back.
“You will do nicely” she said licking her lips.
Helen crouched down in front of my mate and tugged at his belt then his jeans releasing his hard cock and took it in her mouth. His eyes closed and his head tilted back and a low moan cam out of his mouth. With her other hand, Helen reached over and pulled at the top of jeans and released my now stiff cock, taking hold of it gently she moved it in time to her head as it bobbed up and down the length of my mates cock. After a few strokes she turned to me and lifted up my cock and licked it from base to tip before taking it in her mouth. Her head and hand once more moved together in time up and down and I to moaned from at the feeling of her warm wet mouth.
Helens husband was now leaning against the car with his legs crossed and arms folded and big grin across his face as he watched his wife pleasure two young guys with her mouth. Helen switched again back to my mate letting out a low moan as she took it deep into her moth.
“Feels good doesn’t?” asked the man.
“Fuck yes” my mate replied with glee.
“I’m sure you young guys know what a woman wants and how to give it to her. Helen is all yours” the man said with a wide grin.
Hellens head seemed to bob up and down even faster at her those words and her low moans intensified. My mate placed a hand on Helens head as if to pull it down further on his shaft. Suddenly I realised that there was a number of other men now standing round the other side of the car and to the side of us watching the spectacle that was unfolding before them. With all that was going on I had forgotten that there were still other cars there full of people. Helen switched back to paying attention to my cock thus taking my mind off what was going on around us. I could feel her tongue rub along my cock as it was worked in and out of her mouth. Her mouth seemed to be wetter then it was the first time and I could feel her saliva running down cock and on to my balls.
Helen then stood up and moved over to the front of the car, she lifted her skirt up then bending over and placed her hands on the bonnet. My mate wasted no time in moving behind her. He stopped for a moment as if perplexed at what was before him. Helen waved for me to come over and I stand in front of her, her open mouth once more lowered down on to my cock as a hand took control of the shaft. I looked at Helens arse pointing towards my mate, waiting for him to pay it some attention and noticed that she had tights on and no knickers. My mate reached out with both hands and ripped at the tights eagerly to get at what was underneath. Helen gently moaned with each sound of ripping coming from behind her. Suddenly he stopped and grabbed either side of her hips and with one thrust forced his cock into her.
Helens head stopped for a moment and a she let out a loud gasp. A few thrusts from my mate later her head once more began to work it’s magic with soft moans filling the air. After a minute or so a man appeared beside me, cock in hand frantically wanking it in front of Helens face. She stopped sucking on my cock and took this other guys cock quickly into her mouth. Within a couple of bobs of her head the man stiffened and grabbed her head.
“Take it” he yelled as he tried to thrust his cock deeper in her mouth.
“Fuck yes” he yelled once more and shuddered as cum trickled form Helens mouth, over her hand and onto the floor. She let go of him and went straight back to my cock. This was the first time I had felt a mix of another man cum and saliva on my cock and it seemed to make me even hard then I already was. I now wanted more then her mouth, I want to know how her pussy felt wrapped round my cock.
“Change with me” I called to my mate.
He took his gaze from Helens arse and looked at me and nodded. Feeling him pull out of her she let go of her grip on my cock and we swapped places. As I placed myself behind Helen I looked up at my mate as Helens head began to bounce up and down on his cock and moaned as if with approval. Her pussy glistened in what light there was as I lifted her leg up and placed the knee on the bonnet. It also twitched slightly as if to kiss the tip of my cock touched it. I pushed myself into her, it was hot, wet and tight and seemed to tighten further as I began to move inside her. Another man approached and stood next to my mate. Helen did not let go of my mates cock and take this other guys cock in her mouth. Instead she let him cum over her face. Seeing this must of sent my mate over the edge as he started to cum in her mouth. His body stiffened, his legs began to shake and his hips made little thrusting movements towards Helens mouth. As she let go of his cock her moans became audible over the car park as I fucked her.
“Yes, Yes” she soon began to call out.
This wasn’t to last long as a cock was quickly placed in her mouth as it spurted it’s load. Then another quickly followed, then another, not giving her time to spit any out. I now could feel my own orgasm rising up and just as I was about to move so Helen could take my load in her mouth when two guy came from no where and started to shoot their loads over her face. I couldn’t hold on and I pushed deep into her and shoot my load.
”Oh, Yes” cried out Helen as she pushed back against me as I twitched with each spurt of cum I released inside of her. She laid her cum soaked head down on the bonnet and started to panted. I took a step back and bent down to pull up my jeans only to be nearly balled over by a guy rushing in to replace me. I saw what I can only describe as a monster in this guys hand being pointed at Helens pussy.
“Fuck, Shit, Fuck” she screamed through clenched teeth as this monster cock was forced into her. She raised her head up off the bonnet, looked back at him and panted quickly. The guy stood motionless for a moment almost like he was waiting for Helen to catch her breath. He slowly moved the monster in and out of her, her back arching and her panting louder.
“Oh, Oh, Oh, Fuck” she managed to pant in time time with each thrust.
I finally managed to do up my jeans but was transfixed at the sight before me. I stared in wonder how she could manage to get it all inside her.
Helens head began to bob in time to each deep thrust of the monster. Her hands clenched tight and each breath she took was short and sharp. She then began to thrust her hips backwards to meet his thrusts.
“Make me cum, make me cum” she screamed as she forced her hips harder against his.
Helen suddenly stopped moving all together, her head bent down low, her body stiffened and she stopped breathing. This made the guy begin to fucker faster.
“Oh, Oh fuck, fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming” Helen finally gasped as her body flopped onto the bonnet and panted deeply.
The guy stopped moving and lent back as he shoot his load inside of Helen. My mate tapped me on the shoulder and asked “Seen enough now?”.
I turned and walked with my mate back to the car in silence.
Afternoon Lunch
Posted:Dec 13, 2017 2:21 pm
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2021 10:29 am

It was late afternoon as I arrived home from uni. My mum must have been standing at the window for my return because she opened the front before I could get my keys out of my pocket.
“Quickly nip down to the post office depot and pick this up for me. I’ll have tea ready for you by the time you get back, there’s a love” she asked with a smile handing me a card. Who in all hsty can say no to their mums. I got to the depot and collected the package but decided to walk through town on the way home just to waste a bit of time. As I past of the big stores I noticed an attractive young woman in of the windows beginning to change the dis. I slowed down to take in the view as she bent over picking up items from the floor, not noticing the person standing in front of me.
“Sorry” I said as I bumped into them.
Now if you haven’t read my first posts your not going to now who Karren is. For those who have read them, no explanation need. For those that haven’t read them, she is a person of interest I met some weeks before.
Karren stood in front of me with a huge grin on here face. I was dumb struck for something to say for what seemed an age before she broke the silence.
“Remind you of anything?” she asked still grinning.
A wave of embarrassment past over me and I drop my head. Every day something remind me of when I first meet Karren and Sue. Even weeks after the event I still couldn’t think of how it all happened and could I have dreamed it all. I had been dreading if I ever met either of them again. Now here was Karren standing in front of me and I was lost for words and going bright red. My eyes were suddenly drawn to her name badge pined to that lovely chest of hers. Not only was her name clearly printed on it but the name of well know bank. I then realised that she was in the same uniform that all of those banks employees wear.
“Hello, just finished work?” I managed to ask finally getting my tongue to work.
“Yep. What you up to?” she asked looking at the package under my arm.
“Just had to pick this up, now I’m off home. I didn’t realised you work In the bank?” I said trying to think of something other then that night.
“I only do days a week. All day Fridays and then I do a split shift Saturdays. It gives me something to do or I’ll get bored, and you know what happens if I get bored” she replied laughingly.
I laughed like I wasn’t feeling another wave of heat rising up over face meaning I’m was again red again.
“I’m really sorry for bumping into, I should really look where I’m going. I should really get this home though” I said trying to think of something to get me out of this situation and beginning to back away from Karren.
“It was to see you again.See you around” she said smiling and turning and walking off in the opposite direction.
After I had calmed down and thought about the whole situation I began to myself for not being confidant. All the things I could have said to her began to run through my head which would stopped me from getting embarrassed. Then I remembered what she had said about working split shifts on Saturdays. What if I just happen to bump into her again outside the bank and pretended to be more confidant. I gave myself a little slap around the face for thinking about stalking some old enough to be my mum.
weeks pass and I find myself down the town early in the afternoon looking for a pair of trousers for an upcoming job interview. Something draws my attention in the window of the local book shop. As I look into the shop I spy Karren in her uniform flicking through a book. Should I go in and talk to her or should I just walk away. Will I make a fool of myself like the last time if I did. I felt once more like slapping myself round the face.
“Hello” a soft voice from behind me said.
I turned and the was Karren. There was I questioning what I should or shouldn’t do and failed to see her walk out the shop.
“Hi, hello” manage to say, trying not to act surprised.
“Going to or from work?” I asked desperately trying to be calmer then I felt inside.
“I’m between shifts. I’m trying to occupy myself with a bit of browsing before having lunch then to go back” she replied.
“What time you due back” I asked feeling a bit calmer.
“Not until 3” she said as I looked at my watch.
For a briefest of moments I felt like I was Sherlock Homes. Karren was in front of me without any bags. This could mean that she has yet to buy lunch or has her lunch back at the bank. Which as it, would she say yes if I offered to buy her lunch s she could see I was in my own way confidant.
“If you haven’t got anything planed for lunch you could join me. I was going to get something from the buffet” I replied pointing the the Chinese restaurant over the other side of the square. I was the first place that came to mind that never really seems to get may people in there, so I knew if things didn’t go well there wouldn’t be a lot of people to see get embarrassed.
“Yes, that would be nice” she said smiling and took my arm and began to lead me over to the restaurant. As we entered I noticed straight away the place was empty, not a soul in the place. A small man suddenly appeared from behind the bar and waved us over.
“Set meal or buffet” he asked.
I looked at Karren “What do you fancy” already knowing that I was going to for the buffet because I love their duck spring rolls.
“I’m easy” she replied.
I don’t know why, but what seemed to come out of my mouth next seemed to instill an abundance of confidence in me.
“I know you are” I said giggling slightly.
Karren pulled an arm back and slapped me hard on the arm saying “Cheeky”.
Still giggling slightly and rubbing my arm I said “We’ll both have the buffet and a bottle of white wine please”.
The man walked off and left us to fill our plates from the buffet. Just to side of the buffet is a small alcove with enough room to fit a table big enough for . Karren had filled her plate and headed for the table. I joined her closely followed by the man with our wine. I poured the wine out first into Karrens glass, then mine.
“This wine isn’t great, but at least it’s cold” trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about.
“You know what happened the last time I drank wine with you” Karren replied raising a chicken leg up to her lips and taking a bite.
“I think about it at least once a day. It’s not something a person is going to forget. Besides I’m still not sure if everything that happened really happened” I said then thinking, did the last part of that sentence make any sense.
“I know what you mean. Some of it is a bit of haze to me as well. thing I can assure you of is that it did happen. My legs were still shaking the next day” came her reply as she waved a chicken leg in the air.
We spoke for ages comparing what each remembered happening that night, only stopping to refresh our plates and glasses. Soon enough the wine was g and we both were full and there was still an hour left before Karren had to be back at work. I suggested that we have just more glass of wine before leaving which Karren agreed to. I went over to the bar and got the wine. When I returned Karren held out her hand and placed something soft into my hand. As I looked at what was in my hand, it took a moment before I realised it was a pair of knickers. I looked round quickly and sat down placing them into my pocket.
I lent of the table to whisper “Are these yours?”
“Of course they are. Fresh on this morning. It’s a little something to remember us by” Karren said smirking as she took a sip of the wine.
I pulled the knickers out of my pocket and began to fiddle with them. They were still warm, which meant Karren was now sitting there with no knickers on. I quickly placed them back into my pocket, looking over my shoulder to see if any saw what just happened. Which made no sense because we had been there over an hour now and we were still the only people In the place.
“If you don’t believe me have a look” replied Karren pointing downwards.
I have no idea why I did it, but I looked under the table to see Karrens legs spread wide apart, her skirt pulled all the way up showing me that did indeed have no knickers on. Of course they were her knickers, who carries round spare knickers to give them away to people.
“It feels nice knowing that some might catch a glimpse of my pussy. Sometimes I’ll even go out shopping in just a big coat with nothing on underneath. It turns my other half on so much knowing I’m naked under the coat that he sometimes can’t wait to get me home to fuck and takes me down an alley and bends me over” Karren said in a soft slow voice.
I felt a twitch in my trousers, not again I thought. But the idea of her sitting there with her pussy on show for every to see was getting to me. Ideas sprung into my head of getting under the table and licking her pussy, or laying her on the table and just fucking her.
I decided to it cool and lent back in my chair. I picked up my glass of wine took a sip before saying “You like to tease, don’t you?”
Karren lent forwards with glass in hand and a smile said “You’ve only just worked that out”.
“ day this type of thing will get you into trouble” I replied trying to still act cool but my cock was beginning to hurt at being restrained in my trousers.
Karren laughed and said “Chance would be a fine thing”.
Nothing much else was said after that until we both had finished the wine and it was time for us to leave. I walked over and paid for the food and drink then waited for Karren to adjust her skirt and join me. As we left I had to hold the bag with my trouser in front of me to hide the obvious bulge. Karren began to giggle at this and teased me by saying “Uncomfortable are we?”.
I said nothing and kept looking around trying to make sure no could see what was going on in my trousers as we walked towards the bank. Then something Karren said came to mind. Her husband gets like this and he fucks her down alleyways if he can’t wait to get her home. A few shops before the bank is an alley that leads to the loading bays to all the shops. I knew this was coming up and edged Karren closer to the shop windows. As we got closer I looked around then quickly crabbed Karren by the shoulders pushed her down the alleyway to the loading bays.
“What are you doing” she exclaimed as we came out of the alley.
I looked around quickly and spied a large bulk bin directly behind the bank. I pushed her round behind it and dropped my bag on the floor. Karren just stood there with a smile on her face. I turned her round and bent her over. She placed her hands onto the hands on the side of the bin and wiggled her hips slightly without saying a word. She knew what was going to happen to her, just like her husband I was going to fuck her in an alley. I pulled at the belt on my trousers and without undoing them I pushed them down round my knees. I reached down an pulled up Karrens skirt almost ripping it at the small slit in the back. As I I stood behind her she stuck her arse out a little bit more and I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy until I found what I was looking for and push my cock inside her.
“God your hard” Karren said as I began to fuck her as quickly as I could. Her head bent down and she began to moan as I thrust my aching cock in and out of her. All I could think of was to relive myself of this ache in my cock. I became aware of movement to the side of me. I looked over to see a guy in the door way of a shop rubbing his crouch. I was not going to stop for nothing or no , I was on a mission to relive myself and Karren was going to get what she deserves. I looked over to the guy a few moments later and he now had his cock out stroking it as quickly as I was fucking Karren.
I lent over Karren and said gently “We have an audience”.
Karren looked up quickly “Stop…please stop” she begged reaching a hand behind her.
“Why? He’s enjoying the view” I exclaimed triumphantly.
I looked over once more but the guy had g and all that was left was a wet mark on the wall where he must of cum. Then something occurred to me, what was I going to do when I came. I could do like he had d a shoot it over the wall, or I could see if Karren would take it in her mouth. I couldn’t get it over her cloths, so there was only other place to put it. I not sure what made me do it but I smacked Karrens arse which made her moan louder. I did it gain to the same result. I did it again but first on cheek then the other.
“ Fuck yes…punish me” Karren moaned.
I did it again with the same vocal response from Karren and the feeling of the pussy tighten on my cock. This now made me want to cum and I smacked her arse again which made her legs buckle. I held her up best as I could as with a last push I shoot my load inside her.
“No…what are you doing” reamed Karren.
“Teaching you a lesson” I exclaimed as my cock throbbed inside her as I made sure she got every last drop of me in her. As I began to go limp I pulled out of Karren and quickly pulled up my trousers. I reached into the pocket and pulled out the knickers that she gave me and as she stood up I handed them back to her.
“Best you put them back on to try and stop me from dribbling down your leg” I said smiling.
Karren bent down and started to put the knickers on. As she pulled them up she looked at me with a smile and said “The best part is when I feel it dribble down my legs at work”.
I realised there and then that I was sucked again.
Friends mum 2
Posted:Dec 13, 2017 8:17 am
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2021 10:29 am

15 minutes had past since I had what could only be described as a dream come true. I was trying to get my head around how I ended up having sex with both Sue and Karren. We sat round the table drinking and giggling, still a little bit tipsy even after a good work out and all of us still naked talking about what had just happened. It then suddenly dawned on my that my mate still wasn’t home and could come walking through the door any second. I once again bent down, grabbed my boxers and pulled them up quickly.
“What’s the rush?” Sue asked.
“This was amazing but I think I should leave before someone comes in.” I replied gathering the rest of my cloths into my arms.
“No one is due in. I should of told you that jack (my mate) is over at his grans and staying the night, but seeing you had drinks and I was thirsty I thought there would be no harm in having one or two.” Sue grind and took a sip of wine.
“I came round because I saw you. I knew sue was going to be alone tonight and wanted to know what was going on, just to be nosey. Lucky I did” Karren remarked raising her wine up in salute then taking a sip.
“Was having sex with me planed then?” I asked.
“No…nice wasn’t it?” Sue asked smiling at me.
Thoughts of what my mate might say if he found out began to run through my head. How could I explain this to him. Could I explain and having him believe me. I dropped my cloths on the floor and went to the loo to freshen up. I washed as well as I could and opened the medicine cabinet to see if there was any deodorant. Giving myself a quick spray I returned to an empty kitchen. I could hear giggling coming from somewhere down the hall so I followed the voices to find them both in the living room at either end of a sofa, freshly filled glass of wine in hand.
“Come and sit down between us.” Karren said patting the empty spot.
I grabbed the glass wine that was on the coffee table in front of where I was suppose to sit and sat back and took a big mouthful. I looked down as Sue placed a hand on my thigh gently moving in up and down and taking a sip of wine. Karren then turned and placed her wine on a small table to one side of the sofa and got up. She bent down and took hold of the coffee table and push it away from me. Karren then knelt down in the space she had made in front me and placed and hand on either thigh.
“We said we hadn’t finished with you yet.” Sue said taking the glass from my hand. Karren slowly moved her hands up and down my thighs, her hands sliding into my boxers, then reaching up and taking hold of the waist band. She pulled at them and for a moment I didn’t know what to do but eventually I lifted my bum off the sofa so she could pull them down my legs. Karren throw the boxers over her shoulder and moved in a bit closer pushing my knees apart. Her hands ran once more up my thighs until they reached my cock. She took hold it gently in her hands and began to move her hands slowly up and down. The feeling of blood beginning to rush to my cock made me take a sharp intake of breath and arch my back slightly.
“He likes that.” Sue said placing both glasses of wine down on another small table beside her, then lent over and kissed me.
“If he likes this, he’ll love this.” Karren said as she bent forward and took my hardening cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue move along the length of my shaft as her head began to bob up down. I grabbed hold of Sues head and began to passionately kiss her. It continued likes this for a few moments until Sue stopped kissing me and climbed onto the sofa. She straddled me and lowered herself down on to my mouth. My tongue began to flick at her clit it tempo with the bobbing of Karrens head on my now hard cock which Sue seemed to approve by letting out a low moan.
Karren then let go and I could feel her hands push my knees together. There was a pause then a hand grasped my cock and I could feel the tip of it being rubbed against something. Then came a tight grasping feeling that slowly worked it’s way down the length of my shaft as well as the feeling it sliding into something hot and wet. Karrens bum rested on my lap for a moment, there was a little shuffle and I felt her hands on my knees. She began to raise and lower herself on my cock, slowly getting faster. I kept my tongue in time with her rhythm which made Sue moan loudly now and grasp my head. Sues hips began to move in time with every flick of my tongue.
Every thing I have ever read or seen about a guy with two woman run through my head. How much of what I can remember could I make happen in real life. Should I even push my luck and have them tell me to sod off. I thought I had to try at least one thing to see how far they are both willing to take this.
Sue suddenly stopped and shuddered, her hips quivered on my tongue as she let out a loud moan. There was a feeling of something warm running down my chin and neck and a taste of something familiar in my mouth. Sue had cum and now was my chance to see how far I could push things. Sue slumped on the sofa next to me and so left Karren enjoying the feeling of me inside of her. I pushed Karren up as I pushed myself off the sofa. Karren stood for a moment looking at me puzzled. I moved her in front of Sue and pushed down on her shoulders making her kneel. I knelt down behind Karren pushing her forward onto her hands between Sues open legs. At the same time as I pushed my cock hard into Karren I pulled back on her hair. With another hard thrust I made Karren move forwards between Sues open legs closer to my goal.
“Lick it.” I commanded Karren.
“What?” was her reply trying to look back at me.
Once more, with a hard thrust of my hips I commanded her “Lick it.”
Sue looked at me and with a smile moved her hips forward on the sofa close to Karrens moth.
Sue then reached forward and took hold of Karrens head and pulled it down onto her pussy “Do as your told and lick it.”
Sue had control of Karrens head and so I moved my hands down to her hips and began to move faster in and out of her. Karren must of began to lick at Sues wet pussy because Sues head relaxed back down on the sofa and she began to moan once more. This had gone well I thought and thoughts of what else could I make happen began to percolate in my head. I settled on one goal but knew it could only work if Karren was willing to get her own back on Sue for making her lick her dripping pussy.
Karrens moans were growing loader with each thrust which meant that she was close to cumming.
Karrens head dropped away from Sues pussy as the words of “Fuck me, fuck me” sprung from Karrens mouth. I could feel her inside tighten and shake as a wave of orgasm past through her. Karren then fell to the floor in a heap panting.
Sue looked at me and said despairingly “I was enjoying that”.
I got to my feet and walked over to Sue. I lent down and took hold of Sues hand, pulling her off the sofa. Karren crawled to the now vacant spot flopped into it. I moved the small table at the side of the sofa where Sue had placed our drinks to one side, quickly taking a gulp of wine to fortify my resolve. I moved Sue to the end of the sofa and bent her forward. She willing placed her elbows on the arm rest and spread her legs. She then looked behind her as I took up my position. My cock wet with Karrens cum and with a smile on her face asked “What are you going to do with me?”
I looked at Karren and said “Hold her arms so she doesn’t move”.
Karren turned and complied to my request. I closed in behind Sue and placed a hand on her back. Sue wiggled her hips slightly as if to tease me, then turned her head and looked down at the floor and if bracing herself for what was about to enter her.
Sue head raised up quickly and looked back towards and squealed “Wrong hole, wrong hole, don’t…. please….No”.
Karen giggled and shouted “Go on, fuck that tight little arse hole”.
I had heard that it was hard at first to enter someone in this fashion back my cock slid in some with ease. Was it due to Karrens cum making my cock slippery or was it more likely that this wasn’t the first time Sue had had a cock in her arse.
I re-positioned myself behind Sue so I could a good long stroke in with each movement of my hips. I began to slowly withdraw my cock from Sue almost removing it completely before push it back inside of her again. By this time Sue had stopped pleading with me to stop and instead began to moan deeply. After a short time her hips were moving in time with mine, backing up towards me, meeting each of my thrusts. Then soon after that Sue began to say low and in a gentle voice “That’s it, right there……fuck that feels so good”.
As if responding to Sues movements I picked up the pace of each thrust. Slowly I got faster and faster and the sound of my hips slapping against her arse began to fill the room.
“Oh it’s not fair. She not suppose to enjoy this” cried Karren.
Sue began to thrust her hips harder and harder against mine and then suddenly I felt something strange. It was like Sue was pissing herself as I fucked her.
“She’s squirting…fuck her harder” Karren called out. I didn’t pay any attention as I could feel myself beginning to cum as well. The thought of where do I cum went through my head. Should I pull out, if I did where do I shoot it, over her pussy, arse or back. Or should I as it was my first time and not knowing it I’d ever get the chance again, cum inside her. All thoughts on what should I do soon disappeared when Sue started to scream at me “Fill me up…cum deep inside me…please I want it in me”.
I could feel my shaft pulsate so I pushed myself deep inside of Sues arse and let go. In tandem we both cried out “Fuck” as shoot deep inside of her. Our bodies shaking together as if one.
Sue slumped to the floor, her legs giving out under her closely followed by me. I reached to the small table table and grabbed a glass of wine, raised it at Sue and said “Nice wasn’t it”.
After a while of composing ourselves and finishing off the rest of the wine I gathered up my cloths and got changed and kissed them both thanking for the most amazing night of my life to date. As I left both Sue and Karren gave me a cheeky smile and waved.
Okay I have used poetic licence in parts, but the over all account is as true as I remember it.
My friends mum
Posted:Dec 12, 2017 11:11 am
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2021 10:29 am

Many years ago while at uni, myself and a friend were invited to a party. The plan was that I was to meet him at his house and get a taxi to the party as he had to finish work and have to a shower before leaving. I turned up with two bags containing drinks I planed to consume, share and some for drinking games later. As well as a bottle or two to drink before leaving for the party. His mother, Sue, was in the front garden weeding. I had met her only once before at a party a couple of months back and kind of flirted with her a little when I arrived and didn’t know she was my mates mum until he came over and said “You’ve met my mum”. Sue is just over 5’ tall, long black hair, a figure women would kill to have and doesn’t look her age in the slightest, I explained the plan which seemed to confuse her.
“He’s doing a double shift today I think so isn’t due home till later tonight. I could have my days mixed up so you might as well come in and wait for a bit in case… come on” she said as she stood up and began to lead me to the kitchen. Being early evening the sun was getting low in the sky and as I followed her round to the back of the house the sun shone through her summery red dress. I could just about make out her legs through the thin material and one word popped into my head, nice.
Sue asked "Do you have anything good in the bags to drink as we may as well have one while we wait for him to come home, if he is due home at the normal time".
Being young and trying to impress the girls that I was in some way sophisticated I had brought nice wine and Sambuca for shots as forfeits during the inevitable drinking games. I offered a bottle of wine to Sue which she accepted with glee as she said "I've worked up a thirst in the garden".
Sue then placed the rest of the bottles in the fridge to cool down before heading to the party. No sooner had Sue opened the bottle of wine, Karren, Sues neighbour, poked her head in the back door.
"Did you smell the wine" Sue laughed as she offered a glass to Karren.
Sue introduced me and and we sat round the kitchen table and started to chat. The main conversation was of course about uni and what subjects we were studying.
At the start of the conversation I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Karren. Not because she was as attractive, but because she had, what I can only describe as overly long t-shirt on and I was trying to work out if she had a bikini on or bra and knickers. Seeing the sun shining through Sues dress had made me a little horny. Within 30 minutes we had polished off the first bottle and i was looking at my watch wandering where my mate was. Baring in mind this was back in the day before mobile phones so we had no way of finding out where he was.
"We may as well open another bottle. He wont have time to drink before we Leave for the party any how" I said.
Sue opened a now ever so slightly chilled bottle and commented "I might have to lay down after this one, it's starting to go to her head".
Karren laughed and called her "light weight".
I to was feeling slightly light headed and thought that it might have been a wise idea to of had something to eat earlier. I’m not a wine drinker and really only having one glass at Christmas with the family over dinner, wasn't aware how quickly it goes to your head.
The conversation turned to if i had a girl friend and if i was the romantic type. I had to explain that i was single and hadn't had a girl friend in a while. It was at this point that both Sue and Karren began to openly flirt with me and make me blush which made them do it even more as it seemed my embarrassment seemed to amuse them. I tried to steer the conversation away from myself to other subjects but they were having none of it. Karren who was sitting next to me then began to touch my thigh and say things like "Your a catch" and "If I was younger I would date you".
Sue then remarked "You'd have a fight on her hands as I would date him and he couldn't date them both".
I laughingly said "There's plenty of me to go round".
At which point i realised the drink had really gone to my head because normally i would of said such things to women old enough to be my mother.
Karren remarked "Women of our age only like men who know their way round a woman's body and you young guys are all wham bam thank you mam".
For some reason i blurted out "I'm well versed in all the erogenous zones and adept at oral".
The pair of them fell silent for a moment at looked at each other, at which point i hang my head in shame that i had said something so silly again. They both began to laugh and Sue remarked "That's a bold claim that you would have to be tested on that claim".
I downed the rest of the wine remaining in my glass as my face turned bright red with embarrassment, then reached over and filled it once more. Karren again placed a hand on my thigh a squeezed it gently.
"Women with the amount of experience that we have would ruin guys like you" Karren said smiling.
I asked where the toilet was and excused myself so i could splash my face with cold water and compose myself. On my return i noticed the Sambuca was on the table and a glass was poured. As i sat down Karren pulled away my wine glass and pushed a glass of Sambuca closer to me and said "Your going to be tested on your claim and for every wrong answer you will have to do a shot".
Jokingly i said "It's not fair that I'm the only one that has to do a shot. If i get the answers right you both have to do a shot as well".
Sue stood up and got two more shot glasses and slamming them down on the table remarking "Game on".
Each took turns in asking a question, but after having to do five straight shots it was decided that it had to stop or they both would be on the floor. A game of truth or dare was then suggested. I took my first shot and agreed suddenly realising my mate still wasn't home yet. Sue stood up, swayed slightly and placed a hand on the table to steady herself.
"Dame that stuff is strong" she said as she walked over to the radio and switched it on.
Karren then placed a hand on my shoulder to steady herself as she stood up and walked out the kitchen. "Be quick if your gong to the loo, I'm busting" Sue called out the Karren.
"Can you dance?" Sue asked as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my Chair.
"No" i said as she pulled me close against her and flung her arms around my neck.
We swayed to the music, our bodies rubbing against each other. I started to get aroused and tried to stick me bum out so Sue couldn’t feel my hardening erection. Sue put a hand on my hip and pulled my hip in close again and looked up at me.
"You like this, don't you?" she said smirking.
Sue tapped me on the chest exclaimed "I really need the loo" and headed for the loo.
I sat down quickly trying to hide my erection. I grabbed my wine glass and drank all of it in one making me shudder. I could hear giggling from the hall and then Karren returned placing her hand on my shoulder again, but instead of sitting in her chair she sat on my lap.
"Oh, what's this?" she said wiggling her bum against my erection.
"Erm" i stammered trying think of something to say.
Karren then grabbed my head and kissed me. I was shocked and for a second or two enjoyed the kiss but then the thought of what Sue might think on her return stopped me, and not knowing what to do i push her off. Karren stood beside me for a second and before i could say anything straddled me. She flung her arms around my neck she kissed my once again. I placed my hands on her waist to push her off as she rubbed her crutch against my erection. Sue returned to the kitchen to see Karren kissing me and the sound of a creaking chair as Karren moved her hips back and forth on my lap.
"What do you think your doing?" said Sue sternly pulling Karrens arms from round my neck.
Karren climbed off me and sat back in her chair.
"You know what they say, Carpe Diem. When will i get the opportunity to do that again?" Karren said smiling at me.
Sue pulled me out of the chair and stood me in front of her at the end of the table. I thought to myself that i was in for a right lecture. I stood there, head hung low trying to cover up the obvious bulge. I could hear Karren giggling in her chair as Sue placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed down making me kneel in front of her.
"You need to be taught a lesson young man" Sue said sternly as she pushed me down to my knees.
Sue sat down on the end of the table and placed her legs either side of me. Taking one hand off my shoulder and placing it on my head and lifting up the hem of her skirt with the other she pushed my head between her legs saying “Lick it”.
Thinking back I can only assume that when she had gone to the toilet she had taken off her knickers then because she hadn’t got any on now or she hadn’t any on the hole time. If she had taken off when she was in the toilet this now was planed. My mouth was pressed hard against her pussy and I placed both my hands on the tops of her thighs in an effort to push myself away in shock. Thoughts were running through my head, what if my mate walked in right now, where was her husband, what if Karrens husband came round.
As I tried to pull away I looked up at Sue, she placed her other hand on my head and said with a smile “You said you was good at oral, now prove it”.
The words that Karren had just spoken sprung into my head, Carpe Diem. I opened my mouth and thrust out my tongue and began to lick. Sues hands relaxed and moved from the top of my head to either side allowing me to move my head up up down as I licked her pussy. Karren stood from her chair and turned my chair to face me. I looked at Karren as she stood in front of the chair, raising up the hem of the t-shirt and pulled down the black g-string she had on. She sat down spreading her legs and began to rub her pussy.
“Dame this feel good” Sue moaned.
I lifted a leg up so I could underneath Sue and gain access. Now I could flick my tongue over her clit and the length of her pussy. My other hand reached up and began to probe the opening. First a gentle circular motion then I slipped a finger inside. My finger began to slowly move in and out of her opening in time with my tongue. Sues hips began to move in time with each flick of my tongue and she began to moan. I looked over to Karren and she had a couple of fingers inside of her moving in and out with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.
The thought of what to do next started to run through my head. Should I let them lead or should I take control. My cock was starting to ache, wanting to be set free from my restricted jeans. I tried to move to make myself comfortable but it just seem to make things worse. I think Sue could sense what was going on and push my head away from her and pulled at my head making me stand up. She reached down and made short work of unbuttoning my jeans and pulling both jeans and boxer shorts down in one quick move. She reached over to her chair and placed it behind he and push me on to it. Straddling me with one hand on my shoulder, she reached down with the other and took hold of my cock and lowered herself on to it, guiding it to the opening of her pussy. Slowly she lowered herself down taking all of me inside of her and rested for a moment. Sue slowly moved her hips back and forth, then slowly to rise up and down my length moaning tilting her head back.
Karren stood up and raised the t-shirt up over her head revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra and stood naked behind Sue.
“Don’t hog him. Share the love” Karren exclaimed tapping Sue on the shoulder.
Sue groaned and climbed off me. I thought this was my chance to take control and so quickly removed everything I had on. Sue sat down in the vacant chair that Karren had left spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy. Now naked in front of Karren with her eyes looking down at my stiff cock I spun her round and bent her over the table facing Sue. Karren spread her legs for me and I reached down and rubbed her wet pussy. She wriggled slightly against my hand and looked back at me. I looked down to guide my cock to her pussy and as I pushed myself inside her I looked into her eyes. Her head bent down onto the table as I began to move my hips up and down rubbing myself against her arse.
“Fuck her hard” Sue said from the chair fingering her pussy.
I looked up at Sue and began to thrust hard in and out of Karren.
“Oh fuck, fuck” cried Karren as the resounding slap, slap from my hips slapping her arse filled the air. Karren reached out to either side of the table to steady herself from being pushed to hard against the table.
“I think she’s liking that” Sue said smiling at me.
After a minute or two of watching me resoundingly fuck Karren as requested Sue stood up and began to remove all the bottles and glasses from the table. Once she had done that she stood beside me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at her, now slightly sweaty from pounding Karren.
“Lay her on the table and fuck her that way” whispered Sue.
I pulled out and pulled Karren up, spinning her round then lifting her up I laid her on the table. Taking both legs I lifted then up and cradled in my arms. Sue reached down and took hold of my cock guiding me in for the first thrust. I slowly lent forward over Karren pushing myself in as far as I could go. I placed my hands down on the table and wriggled around inside her for a moment before slowly once more moving myself in and out of her. Sue stood to one side of Karren and lent in to her saying”Is he going to make you cum?”
“Fuck yes” Karren replied gasping.
Sue reached down and squeezed one of Karrens breasts then lent forward to lick her nipple. Karren gasped as Sues tongue run over her nipple then quickly sucking it into her mouth. Watching this made me fuck Karren harder which just made her moan louder.
I could feel the walls of Karrens vagina tighten and pulsate as she gasped “I’m cumming”.
Her back arched off the table and her body began to shake for a few moments before she slumped back down on the table. After a moment or two of relaxing inside of Karren I slowly pulled out and pulled her up off the table and gave her a gentle passionate kiss. Karren placed a hand on my chest to steady herself as I helped her off the table and made her way to the nearest chair and slumped on to it.
“My legs and shacking” Karren said smiling at me.
“Now it’s your turn” I said taking hold of Sues arm and pulling her close to me kissing her.
Karren reached up from her chair and pulled down the zip of Sues dress. I then slipped it off her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor. Karren then unhooked Sues bra which I removed and let drop as I cupped one of her breasts in my hand and lent in to suck upon the nipple. Sue placed her hands either side of my head and lifted it up to give me a passionate kiss.
We both stood there enjoying the embrace when Karren shouted “You have fuck her like you did me”.
To which Sue replied “No way”
I turned Sue round and slowly slid my hands down her arms placing her hands on table. Then kicking at her feet so she spread her legs I stood behind her a ran my cock up and down the length of her pussy teasing her. I gently push the tip of my cock in and out of her then with one quick thrust pushed all of it inside to a resounding gasp from her.
I placed my hands on her shoulders and lent in said “fair is fair” as the first slap of my hips against her arse filled the kitchen. My hands slowly moved down over her back to her hips so I could pull her hard onto me with each thrust. Beads of sweat start to form on my brow and run down my cheek.
“Her legs are shacking” exclaimed karren “Turn her round and fuck her like you did me on the table”
I turned Sue round and picked her up and sat her on the end of the table.
“Oh fuck” Sue said as she laid back.
Karren stood lent in over Sue “Now it’s your turn to cum”.
Once more I lifted up Sues legs but Karren took hold of my cock and placed it where it had to go. I slowly pushed myself inside of Sue now beginning to tire. Karrens hand began to flicker from side to side over Sues clit as I worked my cock in out out of her. Karren lent over Sue and cuppa one of her breasts as Sue did to her then began to suck upon a nipple to gasps of “fuck, fuck, fuck”.
Karren stood up still gently squeezing sues breast and asked “Are you going to cum on this nice young mans cock?”
“Yes” came the reply.
“I can feel her begin to tighten up on my cock” I said looking at Karren.
“I’m going to cum, deeper, deeper” Sue said commanded, so I did.
“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh god” came the gasps from the table.
Karren moved round behind me and placed her hands on my arse, moving in time with my hips. She place her chin my shoulder and whispered slowly and quietly in my ear “I want to to cum inside her. Fill up her hot, wet pussy with your cum”.
The thought of doing this made me want to cum.
“No, No you can’t” Sue exclaimed as she looked up at me.
I looked down at Sue and I pushed in as deep as I could get. Karren pushed my arse in as well making sure I didn’t pull out and looked round from behind me laughingly asked “Doesn’t that feel nice?”
Karren could feel my arse shudder and pulsate as I shot my cum deep inside of Sue.
“God yes” I replied through clenched teeth.
Sue squirmed on the table rubbing her pussy hard against me and clenching me tight inside her.
“Fuck yes it feels good” came Sues reply.
We both didn’t move for what seemed an age but I finally began to slip out of Sue to which Karren knelt down and took my cock into her mouth suck it deep. Afterwards she looked up before giving it one last suck “Have to make sure your empty now, don’t we”.
Karren then walked over the where the wine and wine glasses were and brought then over to the table. Sue sat up and gave me a tender kiss before rolling off the table and sitting back in her chair. I sat back down in my chair picking up my cloths and beginning to put them on. Karren placed the wine in front of each of us and as she sat down placed a hand on my arm. I looked at her as she said “Don’t bother putting your cloths on. You haven’t finished yet”.
I lent back in my chair and took a good mouth full of wine wondering what was to come.

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