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A Very Merry Christmas  

loquacious5 54M  
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12/27/2017 5:52 am
A Very Merry Christmas

It is the run up to Christmas and parties are in full swing all over the place. Coming from such a small town you tend to know a lot of people if your involved in one of the many clubs and so get a lot of invites. One such invite was to the Cricket Club Dinner and Dance. Their Pavilion is small so rent a place just outside of town for the night. The venue is an old converted barn with exposed oak beams, large oak chandeliers help up with thick Chains. It’s all very rustic but when it’s dark and the lights are on, the atmosphere is great. Tow of my friends and myself buy tickets for the event. I’m going alone but my friends are taking their partners. On arriving at the event we check where we are to be seated and find that I am on a separate table from them. No big deal as I have said, coming from a small town you know a lot of people so there will be someone on the table I can chat to. So we go to the bar a grab ourselves some drinks and begin a night of merriment.
The dinner is about to start and we had to take our seats. On my table made up of two elderly couples and three single women who had come together. I start to chat to some of them and it turns out their husbands use to play for the club but have now sadly died. Two of women are in their late 50’s, the other in her early 60’s. These ladies all know each other as they sit together at every function. They explain that in the club there’s a joke that they have to change the seating arrangements for every event because they scare people. I was puzzled as to how these seemingly sweet ladies could scare anyone until Grace, who was sat to my right placed a hand on my leg and whispered.”It’s because we’re ravenous for hot young men.”
I quickly looked round the room to find where my mates were and noticed the odd person looking over in my direction laughing. Now was I just being paranoid and shocked by being touched up by an older woman. Or was it that I was sat there for a reason and that being to give everyone something to laugh about.
The first course arrived and things settled down as wine began to flow and we enjoyed the meal. The second course also seemed to go down well but the wine was starting to make some a little boisterous. The desert arrived and I was hoping that once this was over I could get away to find my friends, but Susan, who was sat to my left placed her hand on my thigh and said “We’ll have you for a bit longer as there’s more wine and cheese in a moment.”
My heart sank knowing the was no polite way out of this situation. More wine arrived and I filled my glass to the brim and downed it.
Susan leaned over once more with a big smile, placing her hand on my leg she whispered “You mite want to take it easy or you’ll be no good later.”
What could she mean by that, I thought. My mind now raced to find a way out of this situation, but as luck would have it the tables had to be moved to make an area for people to dance so we were asked to move. I quickly made my way to the bar found my friends where they all started to take the piss out of me. Even a couple of the Cricket Club members came up and bought me a drink over the course of an hour for surviving this far.
The third of the three woman sat on my table, Jenny, tapped me on the shoulder and offered to buy me a drink as an apology for how Grace and Susan had acted. Then explained that it was just a bit of fun and nothing was meant by it. I excepted the drink and she left to join Grace and Susan.
The dance had been going for sometime and people were starting to leave a little worse for ware some of them. Myself and my friends were by now slightly merry ourselves and were on the dance floor messing about when the slow songs cam on. I quickly left floor leaving my friends behind with their partners having a smooch. At the bar Jenny tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I’d dance with her. Before I could say anything she grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the floor. I looked around to see if anyone could rescue me from this but no one was taking any notice.
Jenny is much smaller then me and thin and as I looked down at her I could see right down her loose fight dress. She once again apologized for her friends as we swayed in tie to the music. I started to feel something rub against my pelvis. I was already nervous and this just made the situation worse as I felt something stir in my pants. The song ended and Jenny thanked me and walked off leaving to return to the bar to compose myself. I watched my friends dance to more slow songs wishing this embarrassing night would end when Jenny suddenly appeared.
“Can you give me a hand. I seem to be stuck outside?” she asked and without thinking followed her. Once outside she lead me down to the side of the barn away from the car park. It was dimly lit and nothing but open fields this side. Once half way down the barn she stopped and turned towards me and looked behind me.
“Quickly, before anyone notices we’re gone” she softly as she placed a both hands on my shoulders pushing me down to mt knees and then raising the hem of her dress. Even in the dim light I could see she hadn’t any underwear on as a hand was placed on my head and she thrust her pelvis onto my face. I instantly tried to push her off but even as small as Jenny is, she forced me onto my back and straddled my chest with her knees either side of my head and slowly positioned herself close to my face. She wriggled and pulled her dress up exposing her pussy then reached down and pulled my head up to meet her as she lowered herself down my chest to meet my mouth. Jenny wriggled on my mouth and whispered “Come on, lick it. Stick your tongue out and lick it.”
I was suddenly aware of rustling in the grass where we had just walked and then someone tugging at the zip to my trousers. I knew it couldn’t be Jenny as she had both hands on my head holding me in place as she moved her pussy over my mouth. My cock was free and I felt something warm envelop it as well as the weight of another person resting on my legs. I tried to wriggle free but to no avail, I was stuck.
“Let me have a taste of it” said a quite voice as my cock seemed to be past to someone else. The weight on my legs increased and a pair of hands stroked my thighs. I could feel my cock responding there their touch which seemed to be met with moans of delight.
“He’s liking this, see he’s getting hard” whispered a vice.
It was now obvious to me who these were, but what should I do. I could easily get away from them if I used all my strength but I would certainly hurt them in the process. Should I try and hope not to hurt them or should I just relax and enjoy the moment and give in. My cock was exchanged once more I could feel and tongue moving up and down my shaft as it was worked in and out of someones mouths and it felt wonderful. I resolved myself to enjoy it and flicked out my tongue onto Jennies waiting pussy to a moan of delight. Her hips responded and moved back and forth with each flick.
“Go on girls he’s ready” Jenny said.
My cock was set free for a moment and I sense movement on my legs. They were now free but I could feel the tip of my cock being run along something warm and soft.
“Oh fuck this feels good” a voice said as I felt my cock slide into something warm and wet. Someone was now sitting on my lap with my cock inside them. After a short wiggle and a pair of hands tightly grabbing my thighs they began to fuck me hard. I felt their arse pounding into my belly as they worked my cock in and out of them. I sucked on Jennies clit in response which made her quiver and let out a moan.
“Go on, suck on it hard and flick it with your tongue” She moaned.
I did as she asked to her great delight as her moans got louder.
Who ever was fucking me gripped even tighter onto my thighs as their movements changed from up and down to back and forth and cried out softly “I’m fucking coming.”
This must of excited Jenny as she also cried out “Me too.”
Their pussy pulsed and tightened on my cock and a warm sensation of something dribbling down into my trousers. I also felt something run down my chin as Jenny quivered and pushed my mouth hard onto her clit. A few moments pass then the warmth of a persons body on my cock was replaced by cool air. Who was the first to fuck me, was it Susan or Grace, pondered for a moment. The coolness of the night air was quickly replaced by the warmth of another person lowering themselves onto my cock. Jenny released her grasp on my head but I was going to let her go just yet. I forced my tongue into her pussy lapping at the juice which was flowing from her. Once more I felt someone eagerly fuck me until they came, almost bring me to the point of orgasm as well.
Jenny mean while was enjoying the attention my tongue was giving her but was now eager the sample something harder. As the second person rose fro my cock I heard then rustle of grass once more as they left hurriedly. Jenny rose from my mouth and straddled my hips. Taking hold of my cock she guided it to her wet pussy and let herself drop onto it. She had her back to me and I watched her arse rise and lower as my cock appeared and disappeared. I reached out and held her arse in my hands helping her as her moans got louder. I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer before I was about to cum. So I waited to the moment when Jenny at at her highest point as she rose up and pushed her forwards on her knees. I quickly pulled myself from beneath her and got behind her. With one hand I grabbed her hip and positioned my cock for the first thrust into her. Jenny looked round at me as I pushed myself as deep as I could wit my first thrust.
“Fuck” she cried out.
I now had both hands on her hips and began to fuck her, pulling on her hips with each thrust. I began to fuck her hard making her flesh ripple as bodies met with a slap.
“Fuck me harder, harder, hurt me” she cried through gritted teeth.
I slapped her arse to which she cried “Yes, again, again.”
I slapped her a few more times and felt her pussy tighten as she forced herself backwards to meet my thrusts.
“Oh God yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me. Make me cum” she once more cried out as her body shock and her fell forwards in a heap. I wasn’t cumming yet but was about to so kept up my thrusts. Jenny looked round at me as her head bobbed back and forth as I pounded her.
“Cum inside me, please cum inside me” she whimpered as with my final thrust pushed myself in as deep as I could let myself cum inside her. My cock throbbed as I spurted every last drop into her. I rested inside her, panting as I enjoyed my orgasm. A few moments past and I began to go soft so I slowly pulled out of her. She reached up between her legs to feel my cum oozing out and rubbed it over her pussy. I slowly got to my feet and pushed my soaking cock into my trousers. I reached out a hand to help Jenny up off the floor her legs shacking and weak. I walked with her back to the door of the barn but stopped at coming in.
“Thank you, it has been wonderful meeting you and I doubt I’ll forget this night for sometime. Now I have to try and make it home without all your cum coming out of me.” Jenny said laughing as she walked off towards her car. I looked on wondering how much my cum was dribbling down her legs and did she enjoy the feeling like Karren does.

fashionablegma 77F

5/2/2020 5:40 am

Oh i enjoyed this one more than the rest,mmmm,you are quite the story teller,good start,build up and finish,i wonder if you ever saw them or just Jenny again,who is Karran?

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