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Afternoon Lunch  

loquacious5 54M  
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12/13/2017 2:21 pm
Afternoon Lunch

It was late afternoon as I arrived home from uni. My mum must have been standing at the window for my return because she opened the front before I could get my keys out of my pocket.
“Quickly nip down to the post office depot and pick this up for me. I’ll have tea ready for you by the time you get back, there’s a love” she asked with a smile handing me a card. Who in all hsty can say no to their mums. I got to the depot and collected the package but decided to walk through town on the way home just to waste a bit of time. As I past of the big stores I noticed an attractive young woman in of the windows beginning to change the dis. I slowed down to take in the view as she bent over picking up items from the floor, not noticing the person standing in front of me.
“Sorry” I said as I bumped into them.
Now if you haven’t read my first posts your not going to now who Karren is. For those who have read them, no explanation need. For those that haven’t read them, she is a person of interest I met some weeks before.
Karren stood in front of me with a huge grin on here face. I was dumb struck for something to say for what seemed an age before she broke the silence.
“Remind you of anything?” she asked still grinning.
A wave of embarrassment past over me and I drop my head. Every day something remind me of when I first meet Karren and Sue. Even weeks after the event I still couldn’t think of how it all happened and could I have dreamed it all. I had been dreading if I ever met either of them again. Now here was Karren standing in front of me and I was lost for words and going bright red. My eyes were suddenly drawn to her name badge pined to that lovely chest of hers. Not only was her name clearly printed on it but the name of well know bank. I then realised that she was in the same uniform that all of those banks employees wear.
“Hello, just finished work?” I managed to ask finally getting my tongue to work.
“Yep. What you up to?” she asked looking at the package under my arm.
“Just had to pick this up, now I’m off home. I didn’t realised you work In the bank?” I said trying to think of something other then that night.
“I only do days a week. All day Fridays and then I do a split shift Saturdays. It gives me something to do or I’ll get bored, and you know what happens if I get bored” she replied laughingly.
I laughed like I wasn’t feeling another wave of heat rising up over face meaning I’m was again red again.
“I’m really sorry for bumping into, I should really look where I’m going. I should really get this home though” I said trying to think of something to get me out of this situation and beginning to back away from Karren.
“It was to see you again.See you around” she said smiling and turning and walking off in the opposite direction.
After I had calmed down and thought about the whole situation I began to myself for not being confidant. All the things I could have said to her began to run through my head which would stopped me from getting embarrassed. Then I remembered what she had said about working split shifts on Saturdays. What if I just happen to bump into her again outside the bank and pretended to be more confidant. I gave myself a little slap around the face for thinking about stalking some old enough to be my mum.
weeks pass and I find myself down the town early in the afternoon looking for a pair of trousers for an upcoming job interview. Something draws my attention in the window of the local book shop. As I look into the shop I spy Karren in her uniform flicking through a book. Should I go in and talk to her or should I just walk away. Will I make a fool of myself like the last time if I did. I felt once more like slapping myself round the face.
“Hello” a soft voice from behind me said.
I turned and the was Karren. There was I questioning what I should or shouldn’t do and failed to see her walk out the shop.
“Hi, hello” manage to say, trying not to act surprised.
“Going to or from work?” I asked desperately trying to be calmer then I felt inside.
“I’m between shifts. I’m trying to occupy myself with a bit of browsing before having lunch then to go back” she replied.
“What time you due back” I asked feeling a bit calmer.
“Not until 3” she said as I looked at my watch.
For a briefest of moments I felt like I was Sherlock Homes. Karren was in front of me without any bags. This could mean that she has yet to buy lunch or has her lunch back at the bank. Which as it, would she say yes if I offered to buy her lunch s she could see I was in my own way confidant.
“If you haven’t got anything planed for lunch you could join me. I was going to get something from the buffet” I replied pointing the the Chinese restaurant over the other side of the square. I was the first place that came to mind that never really seems to get may people in there, so I knew if things didn’t go well there wouldn’t be a lot of people to see get embarrassed.
“Yes, that would be nice” she said smiling and took my arm and began to lead me over to the restaurant. As we entered I noticed straight away the place was empty, not a soul in the place. A small man suddenly appeared from behind the bar and waved us over.
“Set meal or buffet” he asked.
I looked at Karren “What do you fancy” already knowing that I was going to for the buffet because I love their duck spring rolls.
“I’m easy” she replied.
I don’t know why, but what seemed to come out of my mouth next seemed to instill an abundance of confidence in me.
“I know you are” I said giggling slightly.
Karren pulled an arm back and slapped me hard on the arm saying “Cheeky”.
Still giggling slightly and rubbing my arm I said “We’ll both have the buffet and a bottle of white wine please”.
The man walked off and left us to fill our plates from the buffet. Just to side of the buffet is a small alcove with enough room to fit a table big enough for . Karren had filled her plate and headed for the table. I joined her closely followed by the man with our wine. I poured the wine out first into Karrens glass, then mine.
“This wine isn’t great, but at least it’s cold” trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about.
“You know what happened the last time I drank wine with you” Karren replied raising a chicken leg up to her lips and taking a bite.
“I think about it at least once a day. It’s not something a person is going to forget. Besides I’m still not sure if everything that happened really happened” I said then thinking, did the last part of that sentence make any sense.
“I know what you mean. Some of it is a bit of haze to me as well. thing I can assure you of is that it did happen. My legs were still shaking the next day” came her reply as she waved a chicken leg in the air.
We spoke for ages comparing what each remembered happening that night, only stopping to refresh our plates and glasses. Soon enough the wine was g and we both were full and there was still an hour left before Karren had to be back at work. I suggested that we have just more glass of wine before leaving which Karren agreed to. I went over to the bar and got the wine. When I returned Karren held out her hand and placed something soft into my hand. As I looked at what was in my hand, it took a moment before I realised it was a pair of knickers. I looked round quickly and sat down placing them into my pocket.
I lent of the table to whisper “Are these yours?”
“Of course they are. Fresh on this morning. It’s a little something to remember us by” Karren said smirking as she took a sip of the wine.
I pulled the knickers out of my pocket and began to fiddle with them. They were still warm, which meant Karren was now sitting there with no knickers on. I quickly placed them back into my pocket, looking over my shoulder to see if any saw what just happened. Which made no sense because we had been there over an hour now and we were still the only people In the place.
“If you don’t believe me have a look” replied Karren pointing downwards.
I have no idea why I did it, but I looked under the table to see Karrens legs spread wide apart, her skirt pulled all the way up showing me that did indeed have no knickers on. Of course they were her knickers, who carries round spare knickers to give them away to people.
“It feels nice knowing that some might catch a glimpse of my pussy. Sometimes I’ll even go out shopping in just a big coat with nothing on underneath. It turns my other half on so much knowing I’m naked under the coat that he sometimes can’t wait to get me home to fuck and takes me down an alley and bends me over” Karren said in a soft slow voice.
I felt a twitch in my trousers, not again I thought. But the idea of her sitting there with her pussy on show for every to see was getting to me. Ideas sprung into my head of getting under the table and licking her pussy, or laying her on the table and just fucking her.
I decided to it cool and lent back in my chair. I picked up my glass of wine took a sip before saying “You like to tease, don’t you?”
Karren lent forwards with glass in hand and a smile said “You’ve only just worked that out”.
“ day this type of thing will get you into trouble” I replied trying to still act cool but my cock was beginning to hurt at being restrained in my trousers.
Karren laughed and said “Chance would be a fine thing”.
Nothing much else was said after that until we both had finished the wine and it was time for us to leave. I walked over and paid for the food and drink then waited for Karren to adjust her skirt and join me. As we left I had to hold the bag with my trouser in front of me to hide the obvious bulge. Karren began to giggle at this and teased me by saying “Uncomfortable are we?”.
I said nothing and kept looking around trying to make sure no could see what was going on in my trousers as we walked towards the bank. Then something Karren said came to mind. Her husband gets like this and he fucks her down alleyways if he can’t wait to get her home. A few shops before the bank is an alley that leads to the loading bays to all the shops. I knew this was coming up and edged Karren closer to the shop windows. As we got closer I looked around then quickly crabbed Karren by the shoulders pushed her down the alleyway to the loading bays.
“What are you doing” she exclaimed as we came out of the alley.
I looked around quickly and spied a large bulk bin directly behind the bank. I pushed her round behind it and dropped my bag on the floor. Karren just stood there with a smile on her face. I turned her round and bent her over. She placed her hands onto the hands on the side of the bin and wiggled her hips slightly without saying a word. She knew what was going to happen to her, just like her husband I was going to fuck her in an alley. I pulled at the belt on my trousers and without undoing them I pushed them down round my knees. I reached down an pulled up Karrens skirt almost ripping it at the small slit in the back. As I I stood behind her she stuck her arse out a little bit more and I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy until I found what I was looking for and push my cock inside her.
“God your hard” Karren said as I began to fuck her as quickly as I could. Her head bent down and she began to moan as I thrust my aching cock in and out of her. All I could think of was to relive myself of this ache in my cock. I became aware of movement to the side of me. I looked over to see a guy in the door way of a shop rubbing his crouch. I was not going to stop for nothing or no , I was on a mission to relive myself and Karren was going to get what she deserves. I looked over to the guy a few moments later and he now had his cock out stroking it as quickly as I was fucking Karren.
I lent over Karren and said gently “We have an audience”.
Karren looked up quickly “Stop…please stop” she begged reaching a hand behind her.
“Why? He’s enjoying the view” I exclaimed triumphantly.
I looked over once more but the guy had g and all that was left was a wet mark on the wall where he must of cum. Then something occurred to me, what was I going to do when I came. I could do like he had d a shoot it over the wall, or I could see if Karren would take it in her mouth. I couldn’t get it over her cloths, so there was only other place to put it. I not sure what made me do it but I smacked Karrens arse which made her moan louder. I did it gain to the same result. I did it again but first on cheek then the other.
“ Fuck yes…punish me” Karren moaned.
I did it again with the same vocal response from Karren and the feeling of the pussy tighten on my cock. This now made me want to cum and I smacked her arse again which made her legs buckle. I held her up best as I could as with a last push I shoot my load inside her.
“No…what are you doing” reamed Karren.
“Teaching you a lesson” I exclaimed as my cock throbbed inside her as I made sure she got every last drop of me in her. As I began to go limp I pulled out of Karren and quickly pulled up my trousers. I reached into the pocket and pulled out the knickers that she gave me and as she stood up I handed them back to her.
“Best you put them back on to try and stop me from dribbling down your leg” I said smiling.
Karren bent down and started to put the knickers on. As she pulled them up she looked at me with a smile and said “The best part is when I feel it dribble down my legs at work”.
I realised there and then that I was sucked again.

fashionablegma 77F

5/2/2020 9:17 am

Oh very dirty and nasty to be taken like that in alleyway mmmmm

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