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Birthday Party.  

loquacious5 54M  
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1/19/2018 9:49 am
Birthday Party.

One of the advantages of living in a small town is getting from point A to point B quickly. Take a birthday party of Jenny, a friends sister. It was her 21st, of course, a big party was planned. Trouble was, we had a local rugby match that day and we were supposed to be putting up the banners in the social club where the party was being held. So once the game had ended, we showered and shot off for the club which is five minutes down the road, still only giving us a couple of hours before the party. We had almost finished as his parents and sister arrived, closely followed by guests. So we quickly put the finishing touches on what we could and went off to get a drink as our reward. The club soon filled with well-wishers carrying presents which filled a large table. Being a young female, most of her friends were female, hence why I had stayed on instead of returning to the rugby club like I should have done as I wasn't invited.
As with most parties, drinks flowed freely and people started to dance once the alcohol had got them in the mood. My friend and I hid in a corner away from the merriment, trying not to be dragged onto the dance floor by drunk aunty or a young woman. The night drew on and people started to get a bit too boisterous which lead to the occasional argument. So you can imagine that on occasion both myself and my friend had to jump in to stop fights erupting. Both of us being over six feet tall, stocky builds, standing next to young women no taller than five three and telling them "Shut the fuck up and enjoy yourself" they did just that.
My Jenny grabbed hold of me by the arm as I returned from the bar with drinks asking "Can you talk to Amy. She's just split up with her boyfriend and needs someone to talk to. As you did Psychology at Uni, you can do that mind thingy on her".
I said I would and gave my mate his drink before heading off to find Amy. Jenny had taken Amy to the where the buffet had been laid out as it was quiet. I found Amy sitting at a table with a large bowl of punch. She had three straws in her mouth trying to suck up as much as she could in one go.
"You want to be careful or you'll drown" I said as I sat down next to her.
Amy then began to tell me all the problems which she and her boyfriend had gone through. I listened, for the most part, only asking the odd question. Once she had gotten everything off her chest, I told her my thoughts on what she ought to do. This seemed to cheer her up and we both returned to the party. Soon afterwards Jenny came up to me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you, she seems much happier now" she said with big smile.
My mate punched me hard on the arm and said laughing: "Don't get any funny ideas, that's my sister".
Even though it was relatively early, a lot of the older generation started to leave and my mate went off to say his goodbyes. Amy must have seen me standing alone and came over to join me and tried to have a conversation over the loud disco music. We both could hear what each was saying, so Amy indicated to follow her. She lead me to the hallway which leads to the toilets. She began to say some other personal things about her relationship, but we were interrupted by people coming and going to the loos. It was then she pulled me into an open storeroom.
"You said things that really did make sense. But, I think I know what I need to get over that prick. That's to have some other prick" Amy said as she moved in closer to me and began to run her hand over my chest.
"Amy, I'm really flattered, but this isn't what you really want" I replied pushing her away from me.
Amy lent against some boxes, her arms behind her back and head bent down slightly but looking at me with puppy eyes.
"Don't you think I'm sexy?" she asked frowning slightly.
There's an old saying, all the best things come in small packages. Amy was just over five foot tall, with long black hair that reached halfway down her back. Pert breasts that were just the right size and an hourglass figure which looked amazing in the little black dress she had on. The dress was only held on by two thin straps that went over her shoulders and crossed over her back.
"Amy, you look stunning, but now isn't the time you should be doing this. This is just a rebound reaction" I said as I gazed at her body, thinking that I so would fuck her in a heartbeat.
"Now I'm single I can do whatever and whoever I want" she said as she walked towards me, pinning me against the door.
I grabbed her hands as she reached out and tried to undo the zip of my trousers.
"Amy, please. Not here, not like this" I pleaded.
Amy was having now of it. She pulled away from me and then pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders exposing her pert breasts. Her hands began to rub and squeeze them and I started to imagine it was me doing that. I could feel my cock grow in my trousers and hoped that Amy didn't see it. Amy slipped a hand under her skirt as she lent against the boxes once more, spreading her legs.
"Come on. You know you want to know what my tight pussy feels like with your cock inside me" she said in a sultry voice.
She was right, everything was running through my head at this point. I wanted her and knowing this was wrong just made then need to have here greater. I couldn't hold out and I rushed over to Amy and dropped to my knees in front of her. I lifted her dress up and buried my head in her pussy. Amy let out a gasp as my tongue flicked over her click, then a murmur as it slid the length of her pussy. It was hot and tasted like heaven. I felt a hand push my head hard against her pussy, eager to feel my tongue go deeper into her. It was then I realised that she hasn't got any knickers on.
"God I need this" she exclaimed as she spread her legs further apart and bent her knees slightly. I could now feel both hands on my head, rubbing and pushing on it at the same time. My cock was now aching to inside my trousers, so I reached down and undid my zip. I pulled it out and started to have a wank as I lick Amy's pussy.
Amy must have sensed what I was doing because she suddenly said "Oh no you don't, that's mine" as she pushed me away from her and fell to her knees. She lent down and took my cock into her mouth which made me gasp at the feeling of her tongue on the tip of my cock. My body convulsed and tightened as her head began to move along the shaft. The feeling was intense and I wanted to grab hold of her head and fuck her mouth. But Amy soon released my cock and looked up at me as she continued to wank me off.
"Are you sure now isn't the right time?" she said with a smile.
I got to my feet and picked Amy up off the floor. There was a small table in the corner of the storeroom, just big enough to set her on, which I did. Lifting her legs up her dress fell down revealing her pussy fully for the first time. I looked Amy in the eyes from between her legs as I lent in slowly, guiding my cock into her pussy. Amy spread her legs further apart resting them on my forearms allowing me greater access to her pussy. As the tip of my cock entered her, Amy let her head drop backwards as she let out and a low moan. Her pussy grasped my cock as it inched it's way deeper into her. Once I was fully inside her I lent forwards grasping the table and pushing her legs either side of her body.
Amy raised her head up and flung her arms around my head and pulled me down to kiss her. As our tongues touched I began to slowly fuck her, her grasp around my neck tightening. Her moans stifled by our embrace until she released her grasp and said: "Go on, fuck me".
Amy's hand slowly worked their way down my body until they reached the waistband of my trousers. She placed her fingers in the belt loops and pulled me into her in time with each of my thrusts.
"Fuck my tight pussy......fuck it good" Amy exclaimed pulling me harder and harder into her.
Our foreheads now touched as we looked into each other's eyes as we both panted in time with each other.
The door slowly creaked open which made me freeze and the pair of us stop breathing. My mate suddenly poked his head around the corner.
"What the fuck is going on here?" he cried out.
I dropped Amy's legs and rushed over and pulled my mate inside slamming the door closed behind him.
Amy had jumped off the table and followed closely behind me.
"You're just in time. I'm in need a cock to suck as he fucks me" Amy says as she pulls at my mate's shirt, pulling him towards the small table, him one side and her on the other leaning over and resting on the table.
"What the fuck is happening here" he exclaims as he watches Amy unzip his trousers and pulls out a rock hard cock and takes it in her mouth. I knew that he must have had been out there for some time, listening to what was going on. He didn't try and stop her unzipping his trousers and he was rock hard already.
"Fucking hell" he exclaimed as Amy's head began to bob up and down on his cock.
I walked around behind Amy and gently rubbed her arse as I said: "Is that how you thought it would be?"
Me rubbing her arse seem to spur her on to suck faster.
"Fuck no, it's better" my mates gasped.
I raised Amy's skirt up, prompting her to spread her legs for me. I rubbed her bare arse, pulling her cheeks apart making her moan. Her pussy felt hot and wet as I ran a couple of fingers along the length of it, giving special attention to her clit. Amy tries to moan but can't as my mate's cock was firmly in her mouth.
I push two fingers into her hot pussy, making her back arch and stopping her from sucking on my mate's cock as she lets out a squeal. She relaxes and once again resumes sucking my mate deep into her mouth. My fingers begin to move in and out of her pussy greeted with moans of delight.
A few moments pass before Amy turns to me and says "Fuck me, I want a cock in both ends".
"Go on, do it" my mate said as he gathers Any's hair up in one hand and pulls on it.
I remove my fingers from her now soaked pussy and position myself behind her. Grasping a hip with one hand I steady Amy as I push my cock back inside her.
"Oh fuck" she manages to cry out as she takes my mate's cock in her mouth. Now holding tightly to both hips I start to fuck her slow and deep. She moans and gasps with each deep thrust. Her head bobs in time with each thrust.
A short time passes and I feel myself building up to cum. So I called over to my mate, saying "Change places with me".
He nods as Amy lets go of his cock. We both switch places quickly, him eager to feel the tightness of her pussy and me to feel her tongue running up an down my shaft. My mate is in Amy quickly and starts to fuck her hard and fast making Amy grasp the table to steady herself.
"Fuck me.....do me...yes ....yes" she moaned.
Her head drops allowing her hair to fall over her face. I gather her hair up in my hand and pull her head up so she can suck on my cock.
"Oh god yes...pull my hair...I love it" she exclaims through gritted teeth. Amy see my cock in front of her and grabs it, pulling me into her mouth. Frantically she sucked on it letting go from time to time to catch her breath and to cry out "Fuck me...oh god....deeper...deeper".
My mate suddenly withdrew her Amy and shot his load over Amy's arse, rubbing it in with the end of his cock. Amy feeling this released my cock saying "Please fuck me, I need a cock in me".
As my mate walked past Amy she grabbed his arm and pulled him close exclaiming "I need more cock, send me more please".
I stood behind Amy once more and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. As I began to fuck her hard as she had begged my mate my legs began to wobble and the feeling of my orgasm started to raise up again. Her tight pussy was too much for me, the way it seemed to suck me into her and grasped every inch of my cock was amazing. I was about to cum when the door opened and shut quickly making me stop for a moment. Two young men stood there looking at us both, each unzipping their trousers.
"We hear she needs some cock" one young lad says eagerly.
"Yes, yes. come here and let me have it" Amy says reaching out with a hand. For a moment I was stunned by this, then realising my mate must if sent them.
"Fuck I'm going to cum" I soon cried out and withdrew from Am and quickly made my way to her mouth.
"Take it in your mouth" I asked eagerly.
Amy quickly took me into her mouth just as the first spurt of cum came out. She sucked me deep letting my cum dribble down her throat. Once I was spent she released me and her mouth was quickly filled with an eager young man's cock. I didn't notice that one young lad had taken up position behind her and was fucking her. Now thoughts of should I leave her or should I stay and make sure she's okay ran through my head. That is until she cried out to me "Send more cocks".
I returned to the table where my mate and I were before all this had happened and sat down.
"Did she like who I sent round to help out?" my mate asked with a big grin. I nodded and took a sip of my drink.
"I'm going back, it's not right. Someone should be there with her" I said as I rose to walk off only to be confronted by Jenny.
"Where's Amy?" she asked.
Thinking quickly I replied "She's outside getting some fresh air, she a little upset. I've only come back in to grab a quick drink. We'll be back in soon". I quickly made my way back to the storeroom to find Amy on here own, face down on the table. I rushed over to her thinking the worst, only to find her smiling. Her face covered in cum her arse too. I pulled some clothes off one of the shelves and wiped her down.
"God that was fun" Amy said in an elated voice.
I held her for a while until she had regained her strength that is and we made our way back to the party. She gave me a kiss on the cheek before she was pulled onto the dance floor by Jenny.

fashionablegma 77F

5/2/2020 3:38 am

Oh very exotic story reminds me of many a party i use to love to go to,adore being surrounded by young tall handsome hormonal guys,so brash and they certainly were some very bad boys who have kept me feeling younger and satisfied keeping my libido pleasured

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