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Holiday fun part 2  

loquacious5 54M  
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12/16/2017 4:43 pm
Holiday fun part 2

I awoke from a deep sleep and stretched, smiling as thoughts of what happen the night before ran through mind. I looked of to the curtains where sunlight was peeking though then checked my watch. It was a little after 7am so I rolled off the bed and had a shower. Time for breakfast I thought and made way down the restaurant, checking the with reception on the weather on my way. It was going to be another hot one and I wondered if my mates might turn up or not today. I collected a selection of items from the buffet to munch on, a large mug of coffee and sat at the small table I had eaten dinner the night before. My thoughts turned to whether or not do something with myself today as I eat. Or should I remain in the hotel in case my mates did arrive. I resigned myself to remain and wait. On leaving the restaurant I collected another bag of ice for drinks later.
Back in my room I made another coffee and opened the doors to the patio and sat down to read. There wasn’t anyone by the pool as yet, but there were a few towels dotted around on some sun loungers. Had they been there all night and hadn’t noticed I thought. Then again I was some what preoccupied and my mind wondered back to the events of the previous night. Soon people began to arrive and dot themselves about the pool. screams and slashing from the pool filled the air as slowly more and more people arrived, some looking a bit worse for wear from a night at the club house, I assumed. Every now and then I would raise my head from my book to scan round the pool to see if the woman from last night had turned up and make myself another coffee. People from the ground floor rooms began to emerge and take their place at their tables as I had, towels and drinks in hand preparing themselves for the day ahead.
The Sun rose higher, the air warmed as more and more people arrived and soon the pool area was full. There was still no sign of the woman and I my thoughts turned to who she was. I know she was married because she said so. But did she have with her, if so where were they last night. Question after question filled my mind until I decided to put her out of it. If was a one off and would more then likely never had again. Hours had now past and the heat was starting to get a little to much to handle. The coffee had gone as drink of choice to be replaced by cold ones. Was it to early to start having a proper drink, I was on holiday. Soon I gave into the heat and returned to my cool room, closing the curtains to block out the sunlight I laid down on the cool bed and tried to take a nap.
I had maybe closed my eyes for a few minutes when I heard, Tap, Tap and the doors. I pulled back the curtains and the woman from last night was standing there wearing in a bikini top, sarong and smile. I opened the doors and invited her in out of the heat.
“Hi, would you like a drink?” I asked as I headed over to the table.
“No thanks” she replied and I turned to face her.
She walked over to me and bean to run a finger down my chest.
“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about last night.” she said looking up at me and smiling.
“Neither have I.” I replied with a smile.
“I don’t even know your name, what is it?” I asked enjoying the feeling of her finger gently roaming over my chest.
“Call me Kate.” she replied in a gentle voice, placing her other hand on my chest and gently digging the nails of both hands in. She gently pushed me up against the table and ran her heads up to my head and pulling it down to kiss me. It was gentle and her fingers slowly moved through my hair. I responded eagerly, wrapping my arms round her waist pulling her into me. I could feel my cock twitch against her as she gently ground her pelvis into mine. The kiss slowly became more passionate as my cock got harder. My thoughts suddenly turned to her husband and I gently pushed her away from me.
“What about your husband?” I asked panting.
“He’s hungover and gone for a lay down, now shut up and fuck” she replied as she reached down and pulled off her sarong. Her hands then slipped off her bikini bottoms and she bent over the table. She spread her legs and looked behind her to see what I was going to do. I wasted no time in pulling down the shorts I had on and stood behind her with my cock in my hand. I placed a hand on the small of her back and ran my cock up and down the length of her pussy paying some attention to rubbing her clit with my tip. I couldn’t wait to be inside her and didn’t care if she was ready or not so I guided my cock to her opening and pushed myself inside her. She let at a gasp as it went in and pushed her hips back slightly to aid my entry. It was tight and as wonderful as I did last night.
“Fuck you feel good” I said steadying myself behind her before slowly moving my hips.
“God this feels good and wrong.” came her reply. Her head bent forwards as she began to moan with each push I gave, pushing myself inside her. I could feel her getting wetter with every thrust, making it easier for me to slide in and out of her. I slowly began to speed up responding to her moans of “Faster, faster”.
Her legs began to bend and her hips backed onto mine greeting each thrust allowing to get deeper into her. Her moans getting louder and head bobbing in time with each thrust. This felt amazing and I knew I was going to be able to last much longer so I reached up and pulled her hair lifting her head up.
“I want you to look in the mirror and look at yourself being fucked by another man. “ I commanded her.
Her eyes opened and she gasped “That’s it, fuck me, please fuck me”.
Soon she let out a loud low moan and lowed her head onto her arms. Her pussy gripped my cock which Fuck her harder and as deep as I could go.
“Oh shit, oh shit, make me, cum make.” she groaned.
I could feel my own orgasm rising and with one final thrust pushed into her as deep as I could and leased my load.
“Shit.” I exclaimed as my cock pulsated with each spurt of my cum.
“That’s it, fill me up” she moaned pushing back against me trying to get me in even deeper.
I started to go go limp and took a couple of steps backwards. I looked down at her pussy and began to see a small amount of my cum trickle out. She reached a hand up between her legs and rubbed my cum over her pussy for a few moments before standing up and headed off to the loo. I sat down on the bed breathing heavily waiting for her return. She came back in the room and placed a hand on the side of my face then lent down and kissed me. I watched as she bent over and pulled on her bikini bottoms and tied the sarong back round her waist, then head towards the door. As she left she turned and blow a kiss before closing the door and leaving. I climbed on the bed and thought I could use a nap now and closed my eyes.
I awoke a few hours later and it was starting to get dark. I needed a drink and so out came the duty free Vodka and I poured a big glass of it then laid back down on the bed. My thoughts suddenly returned to my mates still not arriving and lucky for me the hadn’t. I slowly finished off the drink and started to feel hungry. Jumped off the bed and got myself showered before heading off to get something to eat. I noticed a sign advertising a singer in the club house as I past the reception and thought it would be a change. After having a bite to eat I headed over to the club house and entered the big bar. The place was empty with the exception of the bar staff. So I walked over to get a drink and asked what time does it began to fill up. I was told that it doesn’t get busy for at least a couple of hours so I picked a table a sat down.
A tiny young woman roughly my age walked in and walked to the bar ordering a drink. She did as I did asking when did it busy getting the same reply. She had a small white dress on that was tied up round her neck and was almost see through and it was clear that she had no bra on and tiny white briefs. She looked round the room and her gaze fell on me. I averted my gaze from her hoping she didn’t notice me. Who was I kidding i thought, I was the only other person in the place so looked back towards her. She headed over towards me and asked “You alone?”
“Yes, sadly” I replied.
“Join me please?, that way I wont look like a lonely sod.” I asked smiling.
She sat down next to me and and I noticed tan lines on her shoulders. I lifted a hand up and pointed to the slightly paler skin and asked “Do you have any other tan lines.”
She quickly looked at me and giggled slightly.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that.” I said as my face started to go red with embarrassment.
“My, what an impertinent thing to say. Buy some drinks and you might find out.” she said giggling and nudging me with her elbow.
We began to chat and she explained that it was her last night here and this week had been hell for her. Her parents hadn’t stopped fighting and there hadn’t been a decent man to look at. Plus her parents had come to the club house every night and because she didn’t want to be round them longer then she had to she had stayed in the room reading and watching telly. Tonight though her parents are staying so she came out. For an hour we sat there talking, getting the occasional drink and no one had come in the place.
“It’s dead in here. Do you fancy going somewhere else?” she asked.
“Where do you have in mind?” I replied.
She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat saying “Trust me you going to love it”
As I got outside the club house she turn to me and asked “Where’s your room?”
I pointed to my room and she lead me over to it pulling me quickly all the way.
“Open the door quickly before anyone sees.” she said quietly and eagerly.
I opened the door and she pushed me inside closing the door behind her. She rushed over to the bed and turned to face me. She reached up and pulled down the little white briefs she had on and throw them at me. Then fell on the bed lifting her legs in the air exposing her pussy. She spread her legs and looked through them at me.
“Come over here and lick it. I haven’t had a tongue near it for ages and I’m gagging for it.” She said smiling.
Could this be happening, twice in one day I thought. I knelt down and flicked my tongue over her clit then sucked it into my mouth making her moan.
I heard “Fuck I really need this. That’s it, that’s the spot……OH” as I felt a hand rest on my head gently pulling my hair. I spread the lips of her pussy and pushed my tongue inside her as far as I could get it before returning to pay attention to her clit. I licked a finger quickly, making it wet and gently pushed into her. Her hand pulled my head hard down on to her pussy as her legs dropped onto my back so she could raise and lower her hips against my tongue. I placed as second finger inside her to a shriek and then a moan of delight. I worked them inside of her in a come hither gesture. In moments her legs and hips quivered, then shock, her moans became groans as she forcefully pushed my head down on her pussy. She went limp suddenly, twitching occasionally.
“Fuck that was good. I need that.” she said softy rubbing my head. I stood up and lent over her, I was about to say something when her hands reached up and pulling me down kissed me tenderly for a few moments. She then pushed me over on my back and jumped off the bed. Pulling at the knot at the that held her dress on, she undid it and let the dress fall to the floor. She bent down and pulled off my trainers, then reached to undo the top of my trousers.
“Now its your turn” she said as pulled my trousers down my legs, then off completely. She pushed my legs apart and knelt between them taking hold of my cock. She played with it for a short time while looking at me with a smile on her face before dropping her head and taking my cock into her mouth. My legs stiffened at the sensation of her tongue moving over my cock as her head began to bob. She had got me hard quickly and now was finding it difficult to take it in her mouth from the position she was in. So quickly got onto the bed without letting go of my cock and straddled me. She guided my cock to her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it letting out a low moan as she took it all inside her before resting on my lap. She lent forward and placed her hands on my chest and looked me in the eyes as she began to raise and lower herself on my now throbbing cock. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she throw her head back and moaned with ever motion she made. She suddenly stopped at the sound of Tap, Tap, Tap at the door.
“Who’s that?” that she whispered.
“I don’t know” I replied
The young woman quickly got off me and grabbed a pillow to cover herself as I got off the bed to see who I could be. Could this be my mates finally tuning up I thought as I pulled the curtain back and peered round. It was Kat, she opened the door and tried to peer round me into the room.
“What you up to?’ she asked.
“Nothing much.” I managed to mutter but in my head was thinking FUCK.
Kat suddenly forced herself past me and into the room. She stopped for a moment seeing the young woman and spun to look at me.
“What the fuck are you doing fucking my ?” Kat screamed at me pointing a finger to the young woman.
I quickly closed the door hoping no one heard that.
“What the fuck are you doing here mum?” the young woman yelled as she tried to cover herself further with the pillow. Kat walked over to the bed and pulled the pillow at of the young woman's hands and flung it behind her. Before I could react, Kat reached out and pulled at the young woman’s legs and dragged her across the bed, turning her face down as she pulled. She raised a hand in the air and brought it down quickly smacking the young woman’s arse.
“Fuck.” the young woman screamed.
I rushed off and grabbed Kats hand as she raised it once more and she turned to look at me. Kat pulled her hand away from me and walked over the table. Holding her head in her heads.
“Why are you doing this Kim?” Kat asked.
‘I didn’t know she was your , we’ve only just met” I said standing between the pair of them. I forgot that I was naked and with my cock standing to attention. Kat looked me up and down and stepped towards me. I thought Fuck, I’m going to get a beating to now. But Kat reached down and grabbed my cock began tugging on it.
“You want to fuck my do you?” Kat said turning me, using my cock like a handle to face her . With her free hand she smacked her daughters arse again ordering her “Stand up”. Kim stood up to face Her mother with her head bent down and her hands cover her pussy.
“Now turn round and bend over” Kat said with a hand on Kim’s shoulder forcing her to turn, then bend. Kat pulled hard on my cock making move closer to Kim and looked me in the eyes for a moment then down at my cock. She stroked it for a few moments, then looked me once more in the eyes.
“If you want to act like a tart Kim, or going to get treated like one. Now fuck her.” Kat said as she stroked a little harder on my cock.
“I can’t do that.” I replied shocked.
“If you don’t then I’ll make trouble for you. Not just with her farther but I’ll tell the hotel management something to get you kicked out.” kat said softly and with a smile, still stroking my cock.
“You wouldn’t?” I said thinking of calling her bluff. She raised her free hand up and smacked Kim on the arse once more.
“Just do it. She would.” Kim sobbed.
Being small I would have to squat down slightly to enter Kim. I placed my legs either side of Kim’s now red arse, bent my knees before pushing my cock back inside her Kim.
“Oh fuck…yes.” Kim moaned as it slid in and she lowered her head down onto the bed. As I pumped, in and out of Kim and I looked at Kat as she raised the hem of her dress and rubbed her pussy. Kim’s moans got louder as watching Kat play with her pussy made me pump faster. Soon my legs were starting to get weak so I pulled out of Kim and got her to lay down on the bed. I was about to get on the bed with her when Kat grabbed my cock.
“Look at how wet she has made your cock, she really must be in need of it” Kat said as she stroked it once again. Then she bent down and sucked on it, taking it deep. Once she had released me I climbed on the bed with Kim and raised her legs and positioned myself to enter her. I slid in deep and began to fuck her. Kims arms reached up and grabbed mine.
”Fuck me deeper, deeper” she groaned as her nails dug into my arms, spurring me on to do as she requested. I was aware of Kat climbing on the bed, now naked she laid down next to her and played with her pussy.
“I want you to make this little tart cum.” kat said as she slipped a finger into herself and fondled her breast.
“He’s going to.” Kim replied panting.
I looked down at my cock moving in and out of Kim as I fucked her deep. The juice from her pussy making my cock shine. Kim’s legs tighten against my arms, her nails dug in further and her pussy tightly gripped my cock as a wave of orgasm past through her. I briefly held my position until she relaxed and I puled out of her. I slowly pushed myself off the bed and stood at the end. Kat started to laugh and placed a hand on Kim’s belly gently rubbing it.
“You made this little tart cum, naughty boy.” Kat said with a big smile on her face.
I quickly reached up and grabbed Kat’s feet and pulled her towards me, turning her like she had done to Kim. I pulled her half way of the bed so she was kneeling on it when I dropped her legs. I dropped down behind her and smacked her arse hard. First one cheek then the other.
“Ouch….what the fuck do you think your doing.” Kat exclaimed.
I said nothing, I took my cock and rubbed it along her pussy until I found the opening and pushed it in.
“Stop it…stop it.’ Kat whimpered as I fucked her hard. Kim looked up from the bed and started to laugh. I pulled on Kat’s hips to meet each of my thrusts. Try to get me kicked out of the hotel, I thought, I’ll teach you a lesson.
“Yeah, fuck the bitch hard.” Kim laughed.
Kat’s whimpers turned to moans and she grasped the bed sheets tightly. Kim moved down the bed to get a closer look and laid in front of resting her head in her hands.
“Mummy likes your cock as much I did. I think your going to make her cum soon.” Kim said smirking.
“If you wan to teach her a lesson, fuck her in the arse. Daddies the only one allowed to do that.” Kim said with a smile.
“No, I don’t want to cum like that.” Kat pleaded.
“I can’t, I don’t have any lube.” I said thinking I would love to do it.
Kim lent forward over her mums arse and dribbled saliva into the crack and watched it slowly dribble down to her arse hole.
“What are you doing?” exclaimed Kat
“Getting you ready.” laughed Kim as she lent over again and dribbled more saliva down her mums crack.
“There you go, that should be enough.” Kim giggled.
I pulled out of Kat and rubbed my cock in Kim’s saliva and presented to Kat’s arse hole. I pushed and my cock began to slid in.
“OW…OW.” Kat cried out, gripping and pulled at the bed sheets as inch by each my cock slowly got half way into her. I slowly began to fuck her arse and her cry's turned to groans of “Oh…Oh…Oh” in time with each push of my cock. With every push my cock slipped a little deeper until my pelvis was hitting her arse. Kat buried her head into the bed sheet to stifle her groans of pleasure. I pumped faster, I wanted her to cum with my cock in her arse.
Soon there was sounds of “God…yes…fuck…I’m cumming.” from Kat, muffled by the sheets. I to now want to cum, her tight arse gripping my cock felt amazing. A few more thrust and I began to empty myself into her arse. Kat wiggled her arse slightly and pushed back against me. My body stiffened and shuddered with every pulse of my cock as I pump my cum deep in her. I slumped over Kat, my hands either side of her and felt her hand touch my thigh and stroke it slowly and gently. I slowly pulled out as my cock started to go soft and I slumped back to the floor gasping. Kim got off the bed and picked up her dress and pulled it on tying it up behind her neck. She bent down and picked up her briefs, then sat on the bed and stroked her mums head.
“This turned out to be a nice holiday after all didn’t it mum?” Kim asked in a soft voice.
“Fuck yes.” Kat replied slowly pushing herself off the bed and crawling over to her cloths. She sat on the floor getting dressed, finally being pulled up by Kim when she had everything on. I got off the floor and sat on the bed as each of them came over and kissed me in turn.
“Do not ever saying anything about this to your father, you hear” exclaimed Kat.
“Yes mum.” Kim replied as they left the room closing the door behind them.

fashionablegma 77F

5/2/2020 6:49 am

I had guessed half way through this story that it was going to be a mother catching daughter or other way around.
Did remind me some of my exotic foreign holidays i once had in my 50's,60's but with hotel staff

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