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The Red Haired Gril.  

loquacious5 54M  
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1/5/2018 2:25 pm
The Red Haired Gril.

It’s the first Friday after New and myself an a few friends are out having a drink. Every pub we enter is almost empty save for the odd local who are always there. A friend suggested that we should get out of town and hit a new night club that had opened a few weeks earlier in a near by town. There had been lots of people talking about the place, making it sound intriguing because they held foam parties there the first weekend of the month. I wasn’t really in the mood for it but a taxi was ed and we were off to see what all the fussy had been about.
The club is on the corner of an industrial estate and looked like a converted warehouse. It was lit up with bright coloured lights that danced over the front of the building. There were a few people queuing outside as we pulled up and a friend remarked that it didn’t look that busy. We fell inline behind those already waiting and waited our turn to be ed over by the doorman to be searched.
A friend was first to be searched and asked “Is it busy tonight?”
“There’s a few in there but not nearly as busy as it has been” the doorman replied.
We all finally got inside and walked up a small set of stairs to the coat checking area, then through a set of double doors to the club. There were flashing lights directly over head as you entered which disorientate you slightly, but once away from them you found yourself close to a bar that ran round sides of the building. There was a lot of people milling round the bar and on the dance floor, but it wasn’t packed and you could move with ease without bumping into any. We got our drinks and made our way over to a set of tall tables which over looked the dance floor. We were quickly joined by a group of you woman on the next set of tables, of which a friend recognised. Both groups began to mingle and chat, but young woman in particular caught my eye. She was short with long red hair and had on red shoes, red tights and a red dress all of which was close to the colour of her hair. She seemed to be on the shy side as she didn’t seem to want to chat to any but rather watched the people on the dance floor. I was reluctant to go over and talk to her as I still wasn’t really in the mood to party or to chat and neither did she. So I made my way over to a set of chairs away from the group and sat down. I must of zd and got lost in the music and watching the people dance because I jumped slightly when a hand was placed on my shoulder. It was the girl with the long red hair.
“Can I join you?” she asked pointing to an empty chair.
“Be my guest” I replied.
As she sat down next to me I became aware of the sweet flowery ent of her perfume.
“You look like I feel, bored” she said with a smile.
“I’m was just hoping for a quite drink tonight, not really in the mood for clubbing” I replied.
“I was dragged here as well. I’m supposed to be meeting my boyfriend back in town later to go somewhere else but it looks like that’s not going to happen now” she said now with a frown where the smile had been.
“Tell you what, give it an hour and if you still want to meet your boyfriend I’ll drop you off in town because I don’t think I’m going to be here much longer” I replied feeling sorry for her.
She reached over and placed a hand on my thigh and with a smile said “That’s really sweet of you, thank you.”
We chatted for a while trying to figure out why some days you feel like you can party all night and other days you don’t want to go out at all. Between the both of us we couldn’t figure out why, so as we both took the last sips of our drinks we decided it was time to quietly leave and let our friends enjoy themselves. We made our way to the coat checking area and the red haired girl gave me her ticket to get her coat while she went off to ph for a ride. I waited for a while before she returned for her coat figuring that she was having to ph different cab companies to get to pick us up quickly.
“Trouble getting a cab?” I asked as I held her on with her coat.
“I ed my boyfriend. He’ll pick us up and drop you off where ever you want, but he might be a while.” she said as buttd up her coat.
“If he’s going to be a while, do you want to wait inside, we might get cold out there?” I asked.
“I don’t think I can handle much more of the music to be hst. Besides there’s a heated seating area round the corner where I said we’ll wait for him” she replied with a smile as she walked off towards the exit. As I followed her out of the building and along the front, I noticed that she was almost skipping with joy like a hool girl. She then turned down a dark alley at the side of the club where we came across a wooden bench against the wall. The wall behind it had slats in it and warm air blowing out, form the air conditioning I assumed. As she sat down on the bench she patted a spot next to her indicating for me to sit. As I sat down I could feel the warm air blowing on the back of my neck and down my back. I tilted my head back against the vent enjoying the contrast of cold night on my face and warm air behind me.
The red hair girl suddenly sprung to her feet and straddled me. She grabbed the vent either side of my head and lent in and kiss me.
I pushed away quickly saying “Your boyfriend will be here soon”.
“He’s going to be a while yet. Besides no comes down here and I need something warm inside me because I’m getting cold” she replied pouting and wriggling slightly on my lap. I could feel my cock move under her w as it rubbed against her crutch.
“No really, we shouldn’t” I said trying to sound stern but enjoying the feeling of her on lap.
“But I took my nickers off specially for you” she said as she lifted her coat and dress in movement. I looked down and was greeted by the sight of red stocking tops, bare thighs and a bald pussy wriggling on my lap. I couldn’t tare my eyes away until she let her dress and coat fall covering her nakedness moments later. I looked into her eyes as she once more lent in slowly and kissed me gently. My cock now began to throb and harden quickly under her w, which she must of felt because her wriggle changed to a deliberate rubbing motion. I reached round and grabbed her arse as our kiss became more passionate and intense. She suddenly lent back away from me, sliding down my legs a little she reached down and pulled down the zip of my trousers. She reached inside and pilled out my hard cock and stroked it slowly.
“You are enjoying this, aren’t you” she said with a grin before raising herself up and placing herself over my cock. She slowly lowered herself allowing my cock to slip inside her letting out a gentle groan. She placed her hands on my shoulders and began to fuck me slowly. I pressed my feet hard down on the floor raising my crutch up trying to get every inch of me inside her. The rhythm slowly began to increase in speed, her hands now reached round my neck and her head fell onto my shoulder. Each downward thrust became harder and her moans louder.
“Fuck, you are tight” I said as tried to aid her by lifting her up and down with my arms.
“God I needed this” she exclaimed suddenly switching from moving up and down to rubbing herself on my crutch. Her moans intensify as she lifts her head off my shoulder and leans backwards slightly forcing as much of her crutch against mine as she can. The bench is now moving and creaking beneath us as the force of her movements quicken. She looks me in the eyes panting as I feel her pussy tighten even more round my cock.
“Fuck me, g on, fuck me. Bend me over and fuck me” she said with an intense look in her eye.
I stood up with her still on my cock and she slid slowly down placing her feet on the floor. She took a step towards the bench and bent over grabbing of the slats of the vent. I lifted her coat and dress up and laid them on her back as she spread her legs slightly and I got into position to enter her once more.
She turned to look at me with a smile and said “Fuck me like you would a ”.
I pushed my cock into her and she let out a groan of delight. I grabbed either side of her hips and with a hard thrust began to fuck her, slow and hard.
“Yes, Yes, Yes” she said with each hard thrust I made.
“Fuck me hard,….treat me rough” she moaned as my speed began to increase.
I reached up and brought my hand down hard on cheek of her arse to a resounding slap.
“Oh Fuck….again” she moaned. I did it again and again getting the same response each time.
“Fuck my hole….Fuck it hard” she again moaned.
“Make me cum…..Make me cum…don’t stop….don’t stop” she gasped as I felt her pussy tighten and her legs give way and shake. I could feel my own orgasm starting to rise up inside of me. The red hair girl suddenly drop to her knees shaking and laughing. I stood there for moment not knowing what to do, but bent over her as she turned her head to look up at me.
“That is what I an orgasm” she said as she pulled herself up on the bench with my with a big smile on her face. She was giggling as she looked down at my hard cock, wet with her cum.
“Now it’s your turn” she said as she reached out and pulled my cock towards her waiting mouth. Her lips closing round my shaft as her head lowered down onto it. I could feel her tongue rub against my shaft she worked it in and out of her mouth, making my legs shake once more as I felt my orgasm start rise again. I placed a hand on her head as my cock pulsated in her mouth as I shot my cum down her throat. The red hair girl moaned with each spurt of cum filled her mouth and she swallowed it all. Once I had stopped cumming she slowly took my cock from her mouth and licked it all over.
“There, nice and clean” she said smiling.
I put my cock back inside my trousers and sat down beside her enjoying the moment. We both lent back against the vent enjoying the warm air on our necks. The red hair girl rubbed my thigh and giggled slightly.
“It was worth coming out tonight after all, wasn’t it?” she asked softly smiling.
I nodded in agreement and place a hand on top of hers, then closed my eyes for a bit.
A few moments later the sound of a car pulling up made me quickly sit up.
“My boy friends here” exclaimed the red hair girl excitedly. She quickly got up and ran to the car and jumped in the front seat and kissed her boy friend. Could he smell what we have been up to ran through my head.
“Come on jump in” red hair girl said beaming a big smile.
“Where do you want dropping off” her boyfriend asked as I closed the back door.
“Drop me off at the train station if that’s okay. I can get the train home” I replied nervously.
On the way to the station we had a brief chat about where I was from and it turned out that they were going to meet some friends close by and said he could drop all the way me home as it wasn’t to far out of the way. I thanked him for his kindness and we headed off towards mine. The red hair girl and boyfriend chatted to each other and I remained quiet I the back until he mentid the place where they were to meet their friends pricked my ears. It was the dogging car park where my mate and I had our first experience.
“Erm…I don’t mean to be rude, but are you buy any chance going dogging?” I asked shyly in a lull in the conversation.
The red hair girl looked round at my quickly with a shocked look on her face.
“Why do you ask that?” she ped.
“It’s just I heard you mention where you are to meet your friends and it’s a well known dogging site” I replied, nervous that she might have taken offence.
The red hair girls boyfriend quickly pulled the car over and parked by the side of the road. Thoughts of either a big argument was about to erupt or I might be thrown from the car and made to walk the rest of the way filtered through my brain.
The red hair girls boyfriend now turned to me and asked “Have you been there dogging yourself?”
“Yes” I replied slightly shocked.
“It’s our first time…what was it like?” asked the red haired girl excitedly.
I told them of my experience there which was met by smiles from them both. The car was started once more but instead of heading towards mine we headed towards the woods and the car park. As we got close to woods I was asked to give directions to the car park, which I did, now edger to find out what was going to happen. As we pulled into the car park I pointed out where all the action was at the far end and we quickly pulled up and parked. Almost straight away a light went on and the red haired girls boyfriend jumped out of the car.
“He loves to watch people fuck. Wait to see what he’s like when some fucks me” exclaimed the red haired girl with a big grin. Her boyfriend returned shortly afterwards and climbed back in the car slightly out of breath.
“It’s show time hy” he said switching on the car head lights. The red haired girl giggled as she climbed out and walked to the front of the car. She stood for a moment then slowly turned around to face the car as guys approached her. The first to reach her pushed her forwards face down on the bonnet, then lifted her coat and skirt as I had d earlier. The red haired girl smiled at her boyfriend as the first guy pushed his cock into her hard, forcing her further onto the bonnet. He began to fuck her hard, her hair swayed in time with each thrust. Her eye closed and we could hear muffled moans.
Her boyfriend turned to me and smiled saying “She fucking loves cock the little slut”.
The second guy was now standing next to the car with his hard cock in his hand wanking at the sight of this young woman being pounded from behind. She turns her head slightly to see him and reaches out her hand. The second guy walked forward and placed his cock in her hand and she took over the job of wanking it. Every so often the second guy would step a little closer to the car until he was close enough that she could lean over and take his cock in her mouth. Her boyfriend now was sitting on the drives seating wanking himself at the sight of his girlfriend being ruined by to strangers. I to was finding the sight exciting and my cock was aching to be released from it’s confines. I reached down and pulled out my cock and began to stroke it in time to the thrusts of the guy fucking her. Her boyfriend must have caught sight of me out of the corner of his eye because he looked round at me and smiled. Shortly there after the guy who’s fucking her stops pounding her and stands motionless, then slowly backs away. The second guy quickly takes his place and begins to fuck the red haired girl. Her boyfriend reaches over to the glove box and pulls out a small tube and hands it to me.
“Put this on your cock, it’s your turn next and your going to fuck that slut in the arse” he excitedly commanded.
I looked at the tube which had, in big bold letters, Lubricating Gel, printed on it. I put a big dollop on the end of my cock and began to rub in all over. Not sure how much I should use I just sure that it was completely covered in gel.
“I’m cumming” cried out the second guy as he made short sharp thrusts into the red haired girl.
“Go on, it’s your turn” her boyfriend said excitedly.
I opened the car door and walked to the front of the car. The second guy was now walking off, leaving the red haired girl was panting and giggling on the bonnet with her eyes shut and skirt and coat still up exposing her naked arse now covered in cum. I lowered the skirt and coat and slowly pulled her up off the bonnet. As I did she turned and looked at me with a big grin. The same she had given me not so long ago. I reached under her arms and lifted her up onto the bonnet.
“What’s this” she asked quizziy.
Bent down and lifted her legs high in the air forcing her to lay down on the bonnet. Her dress and coat fell down exposing her cum soak pussy and arse as I took a step closer pushing her legs towards her. The red hair girl looked up at me from between her legs.
“What are you going to do?’ she asked slightly confused.
I positid my cock close to her arsehole and looked back at her and with a smile I slowly leaned forwards and pushed my cock into her arse.
“Fuck, fuck…no,no” she exclaimed, her head banging down onto the bonnet and her hands covering her face. My cock covered in Lube slid in easily even though her arse was tight. Once in, I grabbed both her ankles and lifted her feet up and spread her legs wide apart.
“You can’t do this, please don’t” the red haired girl pleaded once more looking at me from between her legs. I hadn’t noticed but her boyfriend had got out of the car and was now standing by the front wheel.
“Oh yes he can. Fuck her arse hard until you cum” her boyfriend commanded.
“Please don’t, he’s the only allowed to do that” the red haired girl pleaded again.
I looked at her boyfriend and he waved me on to do as he commanded. So gripped tightly onto her ankles and began to fuck her arse slowly.
OH FUCK…..OH FUCK…..OH FUCK” she cried out with each thrust. The more I fucked her arse the easier it got and the faster I could go. Her cries turn to moans and grunts through gritted teeth as each thrust became harder. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the air now my hands had slid down to grip her thighs to pull her onto my cock with each thrust I gave. Her boyfriend reached over with his free hand and began to rub her clit which made her moan loudly. Her hands gripped and pulled at her coat as she tried to muffle her moans. Occasionally he would slip his fingers into her pussy which seemed to delight her judging by her deep moans.
“Pull out for a moment” her boyfriend commanded me, which I did slowly. He took my place between her legs and pushed his cock into her pussy greeted by a loud moan. He reach forward and lifted her up into his arms and turned to sit on the bonnet. As he sat down she placed both feet on the bumper and began to fuck him vigorously.
“Don’t just stand there, there’s a spare hole, us it” her boyfriend cried out to me.
She stopped fucking him for a moment and lifted up her skirt and coat showing me her arse. I got between his legs in such a position that I could get my cock into her arse and pushed it in. She twisted herself so she had an arm over mine and her boyfriends shoulder and began to fuck us both as we stood there.
“I’m a slut, I’m a slut” she said as she bounced up and down on both our cocks. I could feel his cock inside her pussy and hear how wet her pussy had become as with each downward motion there would be a squelch.
Soon enough the red haired girls legs began to shake and she cried out “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”.
“That’s my girl, cum all over me” cried out her boyfriend as she began to squirt all over his crutch. She slumped forwards on to his chest panting and giggling again. I slowly pulled out of her arse and her boyfriend turned and laid her back down on the bonnet where she stretched then lay limp for a moment. She slowly slid off the bonnet and walked round to the side of the car and laid face down on the bonnet and beckd me over.
“You have yet to finish what you started” she said lifting up her coat and dress once more. Her boy friend came and stood beside me and watched as my cock was once more being forced into her arse. She reached out her hands on the bonnet and moaned deeply as it slid inside her, then turned slightly so she could take her boyfriends cock in her mouth. I began to fuck her hard yet again and watched as her boyfriend after a few moment of being deep throated pulled out of her mouth and came over her face. Without a cock to stifle her moans she began to bite on her coat as I started to feel myself cum and my pace had picked up. Suddenly my legs became stiff and I pushed myself in as deep as I could get as I shoot my cum into her arse.
“Oh yes fill me up, please fill me up” she groaned as she felt squirt after squirt inside her. Eventually my cock started to go limp and I pulled out slowly, at which point she reached into her coat pocket and puled out her nickers that she had removed at the club. She slowly put them on and pulled them up before sliding into the back seat and curled up in a ball. Both myself and her boyfriend got back in the car and relaxed for a moment trying to catch our breaths. A short time later I was back home and waving them off with another tale to tell.

fashionablegma 77F

5/2/2020 5:25 am

Oh i never had the comfort of finding a bench or even hot air blowing in the cool dark night air when i use to go pubbing and clubbing till up to my early 60's,lucky both of you to have any kind of warmth

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