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The WD  

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1/9/2018 7:54 am
The WD

With Christmas and New Years out of the way and feeling like I really needed to get some serious exercise, I decided to buy a racing bike so I could cycle to and from work or even Uni on a warm summers days. As a , I would ride around for hours with my friends without taking a break. Plus being a member of the rugby club I would get a discount from the local bike shop. I picked out the bike and was told it would be ready to pick up the next day. One of the women who works in the shop is an avid rider herself and explained when I picked the bike up some of the routes she likes to ride which offer the best of flat racing and uphill climbs. She even offered to take me out on one route once I had got use to the bike, which I excepted. But once I had ridden the short distance from the shop to my home and felt how my legs were burning I thought that excepting her offer was going to be too much of a challenge. I rang the shop and spoke to the woman and explained the situation and apologised. She laughed and said that most people go through the same thing not riding a bike in years and the best thing for it was to go swimming, which sounded like a good idea. Plus I hadn't been swimming for years, not since they had torn down the old Lido and built an indoor pool. A few days pass and I decided to go for a swim, so cycled down, thinking of killing two birds with one stone.
The new indoor pool isn't as large as the old Lido that use to be on the site. There use to be three pools in the old Lido, a baby pool which was always warm, like taking a bath, a diving pool and a large swimming pool, they even had a sundeck on top of the pump house. The changing rooms were basic, to say the least. Twenty cubicles with wooden doors ten either side of an aisle and that was it. This just had a large swimming pool with a diving section at one end. But this also had a Gym, a cafeteria and extra large changing rooms with a seating area. I noticed as I entered that there weren't many people there. Could it be it was due to the time of day or is this how it is normally? The Lido was always packed and more often than not you'd be hard pushed to find anywhere to lay out your towel. I got changed and entered the swimming pool area. There was a young woman lifeguard in a dark blue one-piece swimsuit and shorts on a tall podium overseeing a young mother and her two , each learning to swim in armbands.
I dropped my towel off to one side and sat down with my legs dangling in the water. It wasn't warm, yet not too cold that it would give you a chill. I slid into the pool and began to swim towards the diving end of the pool, which didn't get deep until you reached a rope with small floats separating one side from the other. So I turned and made my way back to where I had begun. I must have been swimming no more than a few minutes before realising I was the only one in the pool. I stopped and bobbed for a few moments before the smell of fresh ground coffee filled my nostrils and the thought of something hot was tempting. I pulled myself out of the pool and went to grab my towel, doing so I noticed the young woman on the podium looking at me.
I walked over and asked, "If I was to leave, would you still have to sit there and watch an empty pool?"
"Yes, But I go on my break in a few minutes so might close off the pool early if no one is around" she replied smiling.
I smiled back and walked off towards the changing room drying myself as I went. As there wasn't anyone around so I didn't change in a cubicle and remained in the seating area. I had taken off my swimming trunks and was drying myself off when I heard a voice from the doorway to the pool saying "My, my. I would love to smack that arse".
I quickly covered myself up and turned to see the young woman standing there. She slowly walked over to me and I began to back away but was stopped by a row of lockers. Her hand reached up and ran her hand over my chest from shoulder to shoulder, then down to my stomach saying "I don't get to see many men like you in here. It's mainly OAP's and dads with their , who have let themselves go. Do you know how disappointing that is? Day in day out with no eye candy to look at" she said softly.
"No." I managed to stutter holding tightly to my towel.
"I used to think that is was going to be like on telly, you know, all hunky men and gorgeous women in tight trunks and swimsuits. All I see are beer bellies and wrinkles and now you. Now, people like you don't come along too often so one has to make use of an opportunity when it arises, don't you think?" she said softly looking into my eyes while stroking my belly.
"Erm" was all I could say before a finger was placed on my lips.
"There's no need to say anything, just enjoy it." the young woman said as she lowered herself to the floor, running her hands down my body.
I obviously wasn't thinking straight because I reached down and grabbed her by her shoulders pulling her back up from the floor, letting my towel fall. Almost at once we both realised what had happened and we both looked down.
"Oops. Didn't think that through, am I making you nervous?" she asked giggling.
"Erm, yes". I replied not really knowing what to do next.
The young woman then reached out a grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. At once I pushed her further away so she couldn't reach it.
"Stop it, you'll get us both into trouble". I said.
"Look around, there's no one here. Besides, you say no but your cock is saying yes," she said with a smile.
I looked down and my cock was semi-erect and starting to throb. This wasn't right, but she was attractive and had a great body. I would be a fool to turn her down, but this wasn't the place to do anything.
"Come on, you don't know how horny I am right now, I need to be fucked" she pleaded.
I looked down at the young woman's swimsuit and it was clear from the way her nipples were poking through she was certainly aroused. My cock twitched, letting me know what it thought and I relaxed my grip on her shoulders. She bent forwards, quickly and took my cock eagerly into her mouth and frantically sucking on it. The feeling was wonderful and my body tensed up. I reached up and grabbed my head with both hands and shoved my hips out slightly so she had a better angle to suck my cock. Once I was fully hard and my cock well covered in spit she stood up and peeled off her swimsuit to exposed her well-toned body. She laid lengthways on the bench and spread her legs, inviting me to fuck her. I straddled the bench and sat between her inviting legs and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. She let out small a gasp as my cock inched deeper and deeper inside her. I grabbed both her thighs and pulled her onto my cock, then started to rock back and forth moving my cock in and out of her. She grabbed her breasts and began to kneed and pull on them, which made me fuck her faster. Her moans grow louder and I was unsure if anyone outside of the changing rooms would hear her because of the echo the filled the room. But, I was at the stage of not caring enough to stop.
I fucked her like this for a few minutes until she placed both hands on my chest and said: "Get off and lay down".
I did as she asked by laying down as she had done, lengthways on the bench. She now straddled both me and then bench and lowered herself onto my cock. As her crutch touched mine she began to rub herself against me hard. I reached up and kneed her breast as I had seen her do which made her moan with delight.
"Fucking hell....this feels good" she moaned as she switched from rubbing herself on my cock to fucking it. I lowered my hands to her arse to aid her in her action and she leant forward, placing both hands on my chest.
"Do you like this? Do you like to get fucked like this?" she asked panting as she raised and lowered herself.
The feeling was intense and getting more so as her rhythm slowly increased in speed and the force in which she came down on me got harder. In short time she was grunting in time with each downward motion and pearls of sweat were beginning to appear on her brow and breasts.
"Your gonna make me cum. Make me cum......Make me cum". she yelled forcing herself down harder and harder. I could feel her pussy tighten as she stopped and flopped down on my chest letting out a little laugh. After a few moments, she raised herself off my chest and climbed off me and sat at my feet picking up my towel, her swimsuit and shorts. She wiped herself down with my towel, before throwing it at me started to pull on her swimsuit.
"What about me?" I asked shocked she was getting dressed.
"What about you? I'm the one who was horny, you just happen to be here to help out". she smiled as she pulled on her shorts. Then as she stood up she slapped my legs and said "Thanks, you were great. I hope you come back, I need some eye candy to keep me entertained". Then walked out of the changing rooms leaving me with a hard-on. My head flopped down on the bench and my hands covered my face as embarrassment at being used wheeled up inside of me. All thoughts of getting that coffee had left my head and the need to get out of there was now my main objective.
I managed to slip out without being seen, fearing that either someone had heard what had gone on and was keeping an eye open to see who came out, or seeing how embarrassed I was. I wasn't really with it when I reached the bike shed and started to unlock my bike and didn't notice the woman from the bike shop pull up and call my name, making me jump slightly.
"How was the swim? Was the water warm or cold today?" she asked panting slightly.
"It was okay, the water was a little chilly though". I replied trying not to blush any more than I already was.
"Shame I was hoping to go for a swim, but I'll have to settle for just renewing my season ticket". she replied smiling.
"Are you off home or going to the rugby club?" she asked pointing to the club which is just over the playing field from the pool.
"I'm going home" I replied pulling out my bike from the rack.
"Do you mind holding my bike for a second then, I just need to get a new ticket and I'll be right out and we can ride back together?" she asked excitedly.
"Okay" I replied being polite but not really in the mood. She handed me her bike and walked off towards the entrance to the pool to the sound of clip, clip, clip coming from her cycling shoes. I'm not really sure how long she had been gone because I kind of zoned out thinking about what had just happened, but the sound of her shoes made me aware of her approach. It was then I noticed that she had on a tight cycling top and a pair of loose high cut shorts which neither left much to the imagination.
"Sorry, it took so long. I got talking to someone and couldn't get away. Ready then?" she asked smiling. I nodded and we cycled off towards the promenade.
We started to chat as we cycled, only stopping to pass people strolling along the prom. Up ahead we had to make a choice of either carrying on along the prom or taking a shortcut through what we locals call the, WD. It is an old second world war gun emplacement designed to protect the harbour from attack from sea and air. It's made up of lots of small outbuildings and tunnels which were used to store artillery shells for the antiaircraft guns and the big main defensive guns. Most people just use it to walk their dogs and play there, but, it's fenced off most of the time. People or cut holes in the fence from time to time so they can get in and it's a handy shortcut for cyclists as the part of the prom which runs alongside it is cobbled and painful to ride on.
"Follow me" the woman called out as she road ahead and into the WD. I followed a short distance behind her when I noticed her going up the wrong path to where we should be going. Puzzled I followed and see her pull up outside what was commonly called the Stables. It is a long building with small rectangle concrete plinths evenly spaced along its length. I followed her inside to find her seated on one of the plinths.
"Do you have something to tell me?" the woman asked as I entered.
"Sorry?" I replied confused by the question.
She got to her feet and walked over to me smiling slightly. I noticed a bum print in the dust where she had just been sitting and started to chuckle.
"What are you laughing at?" she asked turning in the direction I was looking and giving me a clear view of her now dusty backside.
"Come here" I chuckle and began to smack the dust off her arse. She looked round quickly to see what I was doing and exclaimed "Bugger!"
She bent over the plinth where she had been sitting and placed her hands on it.
"You're going to have to smack harder than that to get the dust off," she said giggling.
As I walked towards her I noticed the shorts had ridden up, the bottom part of each cheek was now exposed and had tightened around her pussy. I began to smack her arse trying to get the dust off, but, realised what I was actually doing, after a few smacks and the odd murmur of gratification coming from the woman. So I stopped smacking her and started to gently wipe her arse.
"What are you doing?" asked the woman looking round at me.
"Smacking isn't working so I'm going to try and wipe the dust off," I said trying to sound like I didn't really know what was going on. I gently ran my hand over her arse starting at the top and working down the cheek to the back of her thigh. I repeated the process on the other cheek then standing behind her I started to gently run my hands over her inner thighs, making her spread her legs slightly. I knelt down behind her and could clearly see her pussy through her tight shorts making my cock harden once more. How far could I push my luck I thought. I stood up behind her an began to run my hand slowly up and down the crack of her arse. Each stroke slowly getting lower and lower and edging my way closer to her pussy. The woman's hips responded to my touch by moving in time with my stroke so I would rub harder against her. I finally reached my goal and felt the damp fabric of her shorts under my fingers.
"I've almost go it," I said softly. The woman's head lowered and her back arched pushing her pussy further out giving me easy access to it.
"God yes, make sure you do" the woman replied softly and moaning almost silently. A clear wet patch was beginning to form in the area I was rubbing and my cock was now aching to be set free. I gently pulled at one side of the crotch of her shorts giving me a clear view of her pussy. I began to run my fingers over her now naked pussy and felt her clit under my fingers. The woman's moans are now audible which meant, without doubt, she was enjoying it. I pulled down my tracksuit bottoms freeing my cock from its confines. I placed myself in position and placed a hand on the woman's hip ready to pull her towards myself as I pushed myself into her.
The woman must have felt the tip of my cock pressing against her pussy because she looked around at me and pushed her hips backwards onto my waiting cock and letting out a low moan as it slid in. I pushed her forwards slightly to make fucking her easier and held both sides of her hips tight. I wriggled my cock around inside for a moment or two before I made my first move which was a short hard thrust which almost knocked her off her feet. Once again I gave her quick hard thrust, then another and another.
"Fuck me, fuck me" the woman pleaded.
I did as she asked and with each quick hard thrust she let out a moan. I reached down and pulled her head up by her hair making her moan louder with the odd "Fuck" thrown in. I was really excited now and began to speed up, I wanted to make her cum on my cock. But, what with having been fucked earlier could I last until this woman did. I need to slow down, so withdrew from her and laid down on the plinth.
"It's your turn to fuck me," I said reaching out my hands for the woman's. She grabbed hold of both hands as she straddled me like the young woman had done earlier and she to began to rub her crotch hard against mine once I was inside her.
"You going to cum, are you?" the woman asked through gritted teeth as she rubbed herself faster and hard against me.
"Oh god!" the woman cried out as I felt her pussy clench hard onto my cock. Her hips occasionally moving as she tried to get the most out of her satisfaction as she could. Not again I thought and pulled the woman down onto my chest and began to fuck her.
"Fuck!.....Fuck!" the woman cried out as I fucked her hard and quickly. I was determined to cum this time as in a short while I could feel it building. Just as I was about to cum I released the woman and cried out "I'm cumming".
The woman slid off my cock and took it in her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking the tip of my cock as it spurted into her mouth. Then there came a feeling of something running down my cock, as I looked down I could see my cum oozing from the side of the woman's mouth as she stroked my cock.
"Fuck I needed that," I said as a relaxed enjoying the feeling of a long-awaited orgasm. The woman began to giggle as she released my cock from her mouth and licked my cum from her fingers.
"You taste nice and salty. Could be from having blue balls after my niece left you high and dry" the woman chuckled. I looked up startled at her smiling face.
"Don't look at me like that. She said you were a good fuck and I had to find out if it was true. Plus I also did you a favour in helping you with your frustration" the woman once more chuckled as she climbed off me.
I reached down and pulled up my now dusty tracksuit bottoms and quickly stood up.
"I thought the saying was, like mother like , not like aunty" I exclaimed as I headed out of the building. The woman followed and as well climbed onto our bikes said "If you ever have trouble with my niece again, call me and I'll sort you out" ending that sentence with a wink.

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