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The gift  

loquacious5 54M  
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12/18/2017 3:51 pm
The gift

It had been a week since I returned from my holiday and finding out about my friends. In one way I felt sorry for them, yet glad also because I wouldn’t of been able to do the things I had if they had been there. It was also a shame that it did happen again after they had left, but then I may of needed a holiday to get over hat one if they stayed.
On Friday morning a friend popped round to see if I’d give him a hand picking something up from a shop in another town later that day. It would needed two people to load into his van, i agreed if he left me there, as it would also give me a chance to do some shopping. There wasn’t any decent shops in my home town and I could make my own way home after. He agreed and later we arrived at the shop located well away from the town center but still close enough to walk. We loaded the item into the van and we said our goodbyes. I noticed a strange shop over the road that was half boarded up with just small windows at the top to let light in and to show it was open. I crossed and noticed a sign on the door stating it was for adults only and the opening times, Intrigued I went inside.
There was small counter by the door with a guy not much older then me sitting reading a magazine. He nodded at me as I entered and returned to reading. The walls at the front of the shop was crammed with boxes butting up against each other without a gap between them. There were dildos, vibrators, inflatable dolls, butt plugs galore and it was hard to tell where one section started and another ended they were so closely packed. At the back were shelf after shelf of Videos and Magazines. I perused the titles, chuckling occasionally at the play of words used. I picked up a magazine of readers wives and flicked through the pages. Thinking back to what had happened over the last few months with my encounters with older woman. I picked up a second one and as I flicked the pages and stopped on one woman who looked a bit like a friend of my mums, Suzanne, Sue for short. A much bigger chest, long blonde hair but, still it was uncanny. Thoughts of, were all older woman as sexual as the ones I had encountered. My mind drifted to Sue and whether or not she was like the others.
I left the shop and started off towards the town trying to put the thoughts out of my head. I got myself a cold drink and sat down by a fountain in the town center and watched people going by with their shopping. My eyes seemed to be drawn to older woman and thoughts of whether or not they had been in readers wives. Were a lot of these women up for some fun as well, or had I just been lucky. Once more my mind drifted back to Sue. I felt a twitch in my jeans as my thoughts became unclean and what I would do to Sue given the chance. It was time I got home before I had an accident I thought and so made my way to the train station.
I awoke the next morning and straight away my mind went to Sue. As every young man will tell you, you wake up every morning with a hard on, but this morning it was painful as thoughts of Sue filled my head. Without thinking my hand reached down and began to stroke my cock. My eyes closed as the thoughts got more and more erotic until I felt my legs tighten and warm cum splash onto my chest. I had to know if she was up for some fun, but how do you find out without getting slapped or making a fool out of yourself. I hatched a plan but I would need to go back to the adult shop again.
Later that afternoon I entered the adult shop again and looked at the different types of dildo they had on offer. I picked the biggest one which looked the most life like, with veins and bumps that was in my price range. I then went off and bought a pair of talkie talkies, my plan was coming together nicely. I wrapped the dildo and one of the talkie talkies together as best I could and waited for tomorrow to come. I knew Sue would be alone tomorrow as her husband works with my farther and Sue has a that’s only just started secondary school. I had breakfast quickly knowing she had to drop off at school at a certain time so leaving the house empty. I rushed to her house which is in the next street and placed my neatly wrapped package by the front door. I went round to the back garden and hid behind the shed which gave me a clear view through the patio door windows into her living room. Every time I heard a car I would peer round the shed to see if it was her in anticipation of her arrival. Then she suddenly appeared in the living room with the package in her hand. I turned on my talkie talkie and waited for her to open up the package getting both nervous and excited at the outcome. Sue placed it on the kitchen counter and removed her coat to reveal a little summer dress with a flowery pattern. She reached over and ripped the package open and looked at the talkie talkie, which I had placed a note on saying, switch on and press button.
Her voice suddenly sprung out of my talkie talkie saying “Hello?” loudly almost making me jump and I quickly turned the volume down.
“Hello” I replied trying to sound calm, “You have found my gift for you.”
“Who is this?” asked a little angrily.
“A friend, your going to like what I got for you” I said trying to get her to open the box with the dildo in it to see her reaction.
“Is this a joke, is this you Ray?” she asked sounding cheerful.
“Open up the box, there’s a surprise inside” I replied as the nervous started to make me shake. She picked up the box and opened it, quickly she throw it down again on the counter letting out a little scream.
“Who the fuck is this” she screamed into the talkie talkie.
“I’m going to call the police if you don’t stop this now” she said screaming louder.
It was then I suddenly realised that there was no way out of the garden without being seen. I would have to wait for to leave the room before I would be able to make my escape if she did call the police.
“This will stop once you have enjoyed your gift” I said hoping she could hear the nervousness in my voice.
Sue grabbed the dildo and throw it in the bin along with the talkie talkie. She passed around for a moment or two then flipped the kettle on and sat down on a stall by then counter.
Bugger, she was going to be there a while, I thought. But at least she hasn’t rang the police yet which might give me a chance to get out of this. She made a cuppa and sat back down, flick the pages of the news paper over quickly as if angry. An hour passes and she hadn’t moved an inch and I’ve had no chance to making good my escape. Sue rose from her stool and once more flicked the kettle, but a few seconds later flicked it off and instead reached into a cupboard pulling out a glass. She reached out once more and produced a bottle of wine and poured it out, taking a big gulp of it and sitting back down. Another hour passes and the nerves were now being replaced with panic as the chances of me getting caught were getting high the longer she staid there. Sue suddenly rose from her stool and went over to the bin and opened it. She stood there for a moment, then reached in and pulled out both the dildo and talkie talkie. She placed both of them in front of her on the counter and refilled her glass before once more taking her seat. Her hands were toying with the box the dildo was in. What was going through her mind, I thought. Was she going to call the police and had got it out to show them.
I saw the box being flung back down onto the counter and Sue sitting there with the dildo in her hand giving it the once over. Her other hand reached out and began to stroke it feeling it’s raised veins and bumps. Panic was quickly replaced with nerves again, was she going to use it, I thought. Sue lent back on the stall and the dildo disappeared between her legs. Her head feel backwards and her body began to move slowly. I could see her arms moving back and forth and only imagine what she was doing with it. A foot suddenly was placed on the counter quickly followed and the other, her knees bent slightly. I watched moments later as her body began to convulse and a hand reach up a grab her breast and squeeze it as the other hand moved rapidly. Her back was now arching, her head as back back as it could she stopped and gave several small twitches before relaxing and letting her foot fall to the floor. She flung the dildo on the work counter and slumped on the stall. I watched for a few moments as she began to compose herself.
“You do like you gift” I said into the walkie talkie.
Sue, quick as a flash spun round on the stall and looked out the window. I ducked back round the back of the shed,Fuck, had I just given away I had been watching, I thought. I waited for at few moments before taking a chance and peered round the shed slowly. Sue had her back to the window and was running her fingers through her hair. She reached over to where the dildo and walkie talkie were, picked them up and walked over to the bin, but stopped. She looked at them both for a short time and pulled open a cupboard under the counter and throw them in there then left the kitchen. This was my chance to get away, so I quickly made a dash for it. Once home I laid on my bed, my heart pounding in my chest, thinking to myself, it was luck I didn’t get caught.
I awoke the next morning and my thoughts returned to Sue and the previous day. Should I risk going round again or think myself lucky I didn’t get caught. The urge was to great at I was once more hiding behind the shed await her arrival home. A couple of hours pass and there was no sign of Sue. I was about to give up when I heard a car stop and the car door slam shut. Moments later Sue appeared in the kitchen with shopping bags and started to put them away. Once all was away she flicked the kettle on made a cuppa, then sat in the stall to read the paper. I watched for a while when a thought occurred to me, had she switched off the walkie talkie. My pulse began to race and there was feeling of butterfly's in my stomach.
“Hello” I said into my one. Her head turned round quickly, I imagine looking to see where the sound had come from.
“Hello” I said again.
Sue jumped off the stall and opened the cupboard where she had thrown the dildo and walkie talkie yesterday. She pulled them out and held them and looked over to the bin.
“Hello, who is this?” she said in a demanding tone as she lifted up the walkie talkie to her mouth.
“Are you ready to enjoy your gifted again today?” I asked trying to act calm.
“This is not funny and has to stop” she demanded.
“I’ll make you a deal then. Do what I say and I’ll stop.” I replied.
“If I do what you say, you promise you’ll stop and never contact me again?” she asked sternly.
“I promise” I said as the butterfly’s increased.
“What if I tell my husband about you, you’ll be in trouble if he found out who you are.” she said with a smile.
“You could do that, but then I’d have to explain what you were doing with it yesterday.” I replied.
“You wouldn’t.” she exclaimed.
“Do as I say and I’ll never mention this to anyone.” I replied hoping she’d agree.
“Place the walkie talkie on the counter and pick up your gift.” I said in the hope she could hear me.
Sue reached over and picked up the dildo.
“Stroke your gift, like it was your husbands cock.” I demanded.
Sue began to stroke it slowly. Her hand moving up and down in but with a look of contempt on her face. Is this what she thinks of he husbands cock or of what I’m making her do, I thought.
“Place your gift on the counter and suck it” I once more demanded.
Sue did as she was told and began to suck on it. My cock hardened and I began to rub it through my jeans.
“Take it deep in your mouth.” I demanded again enjoying the view of her bobbing up and down. Again she did as she was told and took it in deep.
“Your going have to get it nice and wet, now spit on the end of it.” I asked as my cock grow stiffer. I think Sue knew that what I was saying was turning me on from the tine of my voice because she started to smile as she lent over the dildo and dribbled some saliva onto it tip.
“Remove your underwear and lay on the floor with your gift.” I said trying to sound more demanding, but my cock was starting to ache and I had to get it out of my jeans.
Sue put her hands under her dress and pulled down her knickers and placed them on the counter. She pick up the dildo and laid on the floor with her leg facing towards the patio doors. Did she know this is where I was watching her from, I thought.
“Spread your legs and lift your skirt and rub your gift along your pussy.” I demanded as my voice began to quiver with excitement.
Sue pulled her feet closer to her body letting her knees fall to the side and raised the hem of her skirt. I had a clear view of her pussy as the dildo began to move down over it spreading it open. It was completely shaved I thoughts of how it tasted filled my head. I watched as the speed which she moved it increased and her toes curl. She really is enjoying it.
“Put it inside you.” I said quickly as I pulled at my zip and thrusting my hand inside to yank my throbbing cock. I stroked it vigorously as I watcher her push the dildo slowly inside her. If only that was me, I thought.
“I want to you to fuck yourself with your gift. Take it deep and slow.” I commanded as I stroked my cock in time with her movements. I didn’t know how much more on this I could take when I suddenly came as my legs shuddered under my weight. I take a few deep breaths and placed my cock back inside my jeans. I turned now and paid all my attention to Sue.
“Move your gift faster.” I now managed said in a calm voice.
Sue did as she was told to move it faster. She removed a hand from the dildo and rubbed her clit. I could see her arse rise off the floor after a few moments and her legs begin to shake. The hand that was rubbing her cling reached up and pulled at her dress freeing her breast and squeezed it.
“I want you cum with your gift deep inside you and I want you to hold it there until I say take it out.” I said as I watched her thrust the dildo deeper inside her until she stopped moving and held it there as her hips pulsated in the air then falling to the floor along with her legs. I counted out the seconds before I commanded to remove the dildo. Sue removed her hand from it and it slowly dropped out to the floor and rested against her pussy. After a minute or so she rolled over and pulled herself to her feet using the stall. Reaching over to the counter she lifted the walking to her mouth.
“Satisfied are you now?” she panted.
“Very much so, by the sounds of it, so are you. I’ll see you tomorrow” I said waiting to see what she would do. She slumped on the stall and rested her head on the counter for some time before picking up the dildo and throwing both the dildo and walkie talkie back from where they came. Sue slowly walked into the living room and fell onto the sofa giving me the chance to slip away.
I rose early then next morning in anticipation of what was to lay ahead. I once more made my way round to Sue’s house and waited to see if we could continue having fun. She arrived home and as before entered the kitchen, but instead of flicking on the kettle pulled out the walkie talkie and dildo.
“Are you there?” she asked.
“Yes, are you ready to enjoy your gifted?” I asked as my cock began to stiffen again.
”Yes” she replied placing the walkie talkie down and picking up the dildo.
We carried this on for the rest of the week until the weekend when she wouldn’t be alone.

fashionablegma 77F

5/2/2020 5:58 am

Oh nasty yet hot blackmailing Sue

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