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The gift part 2  

loquacious5 54M  
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12/19/2017 12:03 pm
The gift part 2

I was up early Saturday morning getting ready to play rugby. Our game was ans away match it it would take us some time to get there, hence why an early start. On the coach I sat next to some of the team members and for some unknown reason tell them about what had been happening with Sue. They all were very intrigued and want to know all the details. I said that I would tell all after the game.
The game ended and we back on the coach after our meal and a beer and my team mates I had spoken to about Sue wanted to know more. So I went into great detail about what I had made her do with the gift I had got her. Some began to say that I was bullshitting and no one would act that way and they left to sit else where. The remaining still wanted more information. What else would I make her do, how far would she go and can they join in the action. My mind began to ponder on how far Sue would go if I ordered her to do something before she would refused to do so. Thoughts of her with other men began to filter into my mind and it was a turn on. So I asked the remaining three team mates when they could all get together early one morning. Monday was the only time they could meet and so I planed when and where they met and I would guide them to Sues.
Sue was due home shortly so I had to make my way to my hiding place behind the shed before I was seen, and told the guys they had to ring the door bell at the exact time. There was no sign of Sue twenty minutes after she was normally home and thought’s of, had she gone shopping or had she got cold feet and staid away when she knew I could be there ran throw my head. It was also getting close to the time I had arranged for the guys to ring the door bell. What they call me a liar and think I had made this all up. There was a screech brakes and a car door slamming shut. I witnessed Sue running into the kitchen, throwing her bag and coat on the floor as she rushed to the cupboard where her gift and the walkie talkie were kept.
“Hello, hello, are you there” she said panting into the walkie talkie.
“Yes, I’m here.” I replied knowing that there was little time for me to get her ready for the arrival of some guests. Sue seemed to slump down on the floor relieved that I was there. She picked up the dildo with her other hand and pulled herself off the floor and went to sit at her usual place by the kitchen counter.
“Before we start, I want you go quickly and get naked and put on a dressing gown, then return here.” I commanded her trying to hurry things along. She did as I commanded, almost running from the room and returning in the same fashion in a light blue silk dressing gown just about reaching her knees. My eye glanced at my watch, there wasn’t much time left before she heard the door bell ring.
“Sit in you stall and place your feet on the counter.” I commanded and she complied.
“Run your hands up and down your inner thigh, from knee to crouch.” I once more commanded and watched as she did exactly that. There was only a couple of minutes to go and thought occurred to me, would I hear the door bell from where I was. I watched Sue as she ran her hands along her thighs suddenly stop and look at the front window, could that have been the door bell she heard, it was that time.
I took a chance “Open the door and invite in who ever is there.” I said nervous to see if she complied with my command. Sure enough, moments later I saw my teams mates enter the kitchen. They were all under strict instructions not to say anything during to whole time they were there so stood motionless in the kitchen. Sue then made her way past my team mates to her stall and stood next to it facing them all.
“Remove your dressing gown.” I commanded Sue watching eagerly to see her fully naked for the first time. Her head bent downwards to the floor hesitating for a moment before pulling and the light blue belt holding the dressing gown together. It slipped off her shoulders and fell to the floor behind her. She placed her hands over her pussy to cover it from the lads glaring eyes, her head still looking down at the floor.
“Explore her body gently boys.” I called out and watched as the eagerly rushed over to Sue, their hands moving over her skin. They squeezed her breasts and arse, stroked her thighs and small of her back. After a few moments of what I hoped were tender touches her head lifted up and hands moved away from her pussy in response to be replaced by one of the guys hands. She placed her hands onto the shoulders of two of the guys as her legs began to bend allowing them easy access to her pussy. He ran his hands along her pussy making her throw her head back in delight. One of the other guys reached out and turned her head towards him and he kissed her passionately.
I wasn’t sure if it was the kiss or her pussy being fondled that made begin to slight bob up and down, but something was. I imagined her moaning at the touches from the guys and what she could be feeling right now. It was turning me on watching it, so God knows how they all felt in there.
Sue throw her head backwards and she bobbed up and down faster, was she about to cum, I thought. Moments later her legs gave way, buckling underneath and she fell to her knees. Her head was bent down towards the floor and she seemed to be panting. I then noticed the guys stripping off and taking up positions round Sue. All their cocks were hard and begging for attention. Sue looked up and saw what was being presented to her and reached out either side of her with both hands, clasping a rock hard cock in each. She leaned forwards and took the remaining cock in here mouth, eagerly sucking on it. My cock to was now straining at my zip to be released from it confines.
One by one Sue took each cock in her mouth sucking them in turn as she stroked the others. One of the guys moved behind her and knelt down and gently began to rub her pussy from behind. Sue raised herself up letting him better access. I began to stroke my cock wondering how her mouth must feel.
One of the guys laid down in front of her placing his legs either side of her. She bent over and took his cock in her mouth, her head bobbing up down it’s length. This gave the guy behind her to be the first to fuck her. As he pushed his cock inside her, Sues mouth letting go of the cock she had been sucking and it seemed she was gasping as it slid in. His hips began to sway and her mouth once more returned to sucking on the cock she had left. The feeling a little left out, knelt beside her in the hope that she would pay him some attention as well. She obliged by sucking on it for a few moments before return to the other, then from time to time swapping. The guy fucking Sue began to fuck her faster and more vigorously, then pulling out of her and shooting his cum onto her back. He was quickly replaced by the guy who was kneeling beside her. He placed himself behind her but as he rubbed his cock up along her pussy he came shuddering with each spurt.
I now wanted to know the joys of her body and walked over to the patio doors waving to one of the guys now putting on his cloths. He quietly opened one of the doors and I slipped in with Sue hearing. As I entered the kitchen the guy she was sucking began to shudder as he to now came. She took his cock out of her mouth and let him come over her face, rubbing his cum into her skin with his cock. Once he had gone limp she slumped in a heap as the guys quickly got dressed and left leaving me alone with Sue. My cock like the three before me need attention so knelt beside Sue and placed a hand on her head. She looked up at my cock then at my face.
“It’s about time you showed up.” she said smiling and taking hold of my cock. Her mouth quickly enveloped it and sucked it eagerly, moaning as she did. I looked at the cum on her back as it pooled in the dip her spine made. I wanted to add to that, I thought as her mouth and hand worked in unison along my cock. Sue had other ideas though and with a quick shove, pushed me onto my back. She crawled up my legs and placed herself above my cock. A hand reached down and held it steady as she lowered herself onto it. She groaned slightly as he raised and lowered herself on it and squeezed her breast, pulling on her nipples. My hands reached out and held on to her hips, enjoying the sensation of her hot, wet pussy working It’s magic. Sue lent forwards placing her hands on my chest as her hip movements changed and she now rubbed her pelvis against.
Our eyes locked as she said “This is much better then that dildo you got.”
She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, then moaned as her hips moved faster. Soon she was panting and rolling her head, her pussy was getting tighter on my cock. She slumped forwards her elbows rest on my chest and panting loudly. It was now my turn and I moved my hips upwards quickly as I began to fuck her.
“Fuck.” she cried out and squeezed her eyes tightly shut.
“Fuck me, fuck me.” she cried out once more as sounds of squelching rung as my cock plunged into her. I wrapped my arms round her waist to aid my upwards thrusts as I sped up.
“Oh fuck….oh fuck…..oh fuck.” Sue gasped as I felt something warm flow over my groin.
“Oh, shit….do it, do it.” she once more cried out as her pussy now grasped me like a vice. After a few moments she became like a rag doll and laid motionless on my chest. I stopped fucking her and reached up and moved the hair from her face. Hr eyes were tightly shut and she was panting quickly, her tongue licked her lips as sound of gratification slowly flowed from her. She slowly began to move after a while, raising herself up and looked me In the eyes.
”I haven’t fucking cum like that cum like that in a long time.” said softly as a hand gently ran over my brow sweeping away the sweat. She slowly rolled off and knelt beside me.
“Now it’s your turn. She said as hand took hold of my cock and her mouth sucked it deep. I could feel it touch the back of her throat then she removed it gasping loudly. Once more she took my cock in her mouth and worked it in and out until she felt me tense up and knew I was going to cum. She took it out and stroked it as she had the guy from earlier close to her face. My cock suddenly throbbed as cum shoot out over her face, she quickly moved it to her open mouth taking some of it in there before taking the last remain spurts over her face. Sue ran my cock over her cheek and looked me in the face.
“You didn’t have to go through all this, this past week to fuck me. You could have just come and ask. Now you have had you wicked way with me, all this will have to stop. If those guys talk we’ll both be in trouble.” I nodded in agreement as Sue laid next to me removing the cum from her face with her finger and licking it clean.
I placed my cock back inside my trousers and got up off the floor, looking down at Sue as she rolled on her back, placed a hand under her head and waved at me as I turned and left her there. As I walked to the door I could hear giggling coming from down the hall, I closed the door behind me and never seeing seeing Sue again. And I never had to buy a drink in the rugby for the rest of that season.

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