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The monster  

loquacious5 54M  
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12/14/2017 11:38 am
The monster

Just outside of town is a large wood with a river to south, fields to the east and west and a country road to the north where the car park is situated. Opposite the car park is the Farm Shop from where as a I use to by food when out camping in the woods with my mates. We knew the woods like the backs of our hands and had camps all over the place. We became adept at building different types of shelters, from lean to shelters to ones almost like log cabins. But you grow up and leave those things behind and move on to other things.
Some years had past since I had been in those woods and lots had changed. I’d left school, joined the local rugby team and started at uni. On this particular day while coming back from a rugby game with an old friend I use to build those camps with we just happen to past those woods. We start to reminisce about the old days and wondered if any of the camps still stood. It was early evening, so we knew we had time before it was going to get dark and so we decided to pull into the car park and head off down one of the many paths to what use to be the nearest camp. Sadly the area had been cleared and opened up and so we moved on to next one. Again the area had been cleared, it was the same for the next three that we went too. We decided that the best one might be the furthest one from anywhere. Down by the river on the very edge of the wood. But the light was fading fast so we decided to come back another day.
Arriving back at the car park there seemed to be a lot of cars for that time of day. It was now dark and most of the cars were down at the far end of the car park away from the entrance and the road. As we climbed into the car a light went on in one of the many cars. Two men from different cars climbed out and went walking over to it and stood by the side. From where we were parked we couldn’t see what was going but it intrigued us. A car pulled into the car park and headed down towards the far end illuminating the two guys in it’s head lights which seemed to startle them.
Thinking nothing more of it we pulled out of the car park and headed back to town for a well earned drink down the rugby club. A few days past and my mate came round to see me at work. He couldn’t wait to tell me what he had been told about goings on at the woods. He happened to mention about going to find the camps and what happened the car park to a friend, who told him that it was a well known site for dogging. He had never heard of it so his friend explained what it was and he just had to come round and tell me . I had never heard of it either and suggested going back to his mate to find out more about it.
After his friend went into great detail about what dogging was, both myself and mate decided to revisit the woods at the weekend to see if anything happened again. We arrived at the car park around the same time as we had last time. The car park was empty so we picked a spot not to close to where the cars wee parked last time but not so far away that we wouldn’t be able to make out what was going on. After an hour of waiting and seeing cars come and go with people walking their dogs I suggested nipping over the the farm shop for some munchies. As I waited to cross the road to the shop I noticed 4 cars in single file pulling into the car park and all full of people. I bought what ever I thought appropriate quickly and almost ran back to the car park. It was still light and as it was explained to us things don’t get interesting until it’s dark.
The 4 cars were down at the far end of the car park more or less where the cars were the last time we were there. This time we would be able to see if anything happened. We both sat there with a can of drink, some sweets and crisps waiting for something to happen. I can imagine now how inept we must have looked.
The sun had set and the light faded quickly and with every passing moment more and more cars started to pull into the car park. With each car parking up they were getting closer to our position. The last time, there were only a handful of cars, but now there were a couple of dozen. I suggested that we should move or we might get picked out as not being one of them so to speak. My mate pointed out that moving might just do the same thing and it’s best to wait. Then a light went on in a car and a dozen or so guys climbed from cars and huddled round it. We couldn’t see what was going on inside the car but could make out that the guys were all masturbating. One by one each left only to replaced by another then another. Another car switches it’s light on and more gather round that. Again unable to see what was going on in the car but still able to see guys wanking like mad beside it.
A couple of hours pass, cars left and arrived and it seemed to be the same routine of lights on, men gather round, shoot heir load and leave. As each car left the car park was beginning to empty and less and less seemed to be happening. We were discussing if it was time we should leave when there was a knock at the drivers window. A man in his 40’s bent down as my mate rolled down his window and placed his hands on the door frame.
“You boys enjoying yourselves?” asked the man.
My mate and I looked at each other not knowing what would be a suitable reply.
“Yes” my mate managed to say.
“Your not going to see much sitting there. Why not come a bit close and get a good look” the man said as he stood up and waved at us to follow him.
“Should we?” I asked nervously.
My mate opened his door and climbed out. For a moment I wondered if this was a good idea but soon followed. The man stood beside a car waving at us to come over. A woman was at in the passengers seat looking us up and down as we approached.
“I assume this is your first time dogging is it?” the man asked leaning on the car.
“Yes, we’ve heard what went on and what to see if it was true or not” I managed to mutter in a timid voice.
“ This is my wife Helen. She loves newbies, specially young strapping lads like you two” the man said as he slapped me on the shoulder. He then reached down and pulled at the handle opening the door. Helen swung her legs out of the car and stood up.
She was a touch shorter then me in her heels. She had curves in all the right places, long dark curly hair and long slender legs. She was wearing a black blouse that hugged her breast tightly, short leather skirt and I assumed black stockings.
My mate and I stood next to each other with our mouths open as she approached us. She stopped close in front of us and placed a hand round each of our necks and pulled my mate in towards her and kissed him. After a brief moment she stopped then did the same to me. The blood was rushing to my cock as her lips pressed against mine. When she stopped kissing me she slowly moved her hands down over both out chests as she took a step back.
“You will do nicely” she said licking her lips.
Helen crouched down in front of my mate and tugged at his belt then his jeans releasing his hard cock and took it in her mouth. His eyes closed and his head tilted back and a low moan cam out of his mouth. With her other hand, Helen reached over and pulled at the top of jeans and released my now stiff cock, taking hold of it gently she moved it in time to her head as it bobbed up and down the length of my mates cock. After a few strokes she turned to me and lifted up my cock and licked it from base to tip before taking it in her mouth. Her head and hand once more moved together in time up and down and I to moaned from at the feeling of her warm wet mouth.
Helens husband was now leaning against the car with his legs crossed and arms folded and big grin across his face as he watched his wife pleasure two young guys with her mouth. Helen switched again back to my mate letting out a low moan as she took it deep into her moth.
“Feels good doesn’t?” asked the man.
“Fuck yes” my mate replied with glee.
“I’m sure you young guys know what a woman wants and how to give it to her. Helen is all yours” the man said with a wide grin.
Hellens head seemed to bob up and down even faster at her those words and her low moans intensified. My mate placed a hand on Helens head as if to pull it down further on his shaft. Suddenly I realised that there was a number of other men now standing round the other side of the car and to the side of us watching the spectacle that was unfolding before them. With all that was going on I had forgotten that there were still other cars there full of people. Helen switched back to paying attention to my cock thus taking my mind off what was going on around us. I could feel her tongue rub along my cock as it was worked in and out of her mouth. Her mouth seemed to be wetter then it was the first time and I could feel her saliva running down cock and on to my balls.
Helen then stood up and moved over to the front of the car, she lifted her skirt up then bending over and placed her hands on the bonnet. My mate wasted no time in moving behind her. He stopped for a moment as if perplexed at what was before him. Helen waved for me to come over and I stand in front of her, her open mouth once more lowered down on to my cock as a hand took control of the shaft. I looked at Helens arse pointing towards my mate, waiting for him to pay it some attention and noticed that she had tights on and no knickers. My mate reached out with both hands and ripped at the tights eagerly to get at what was underneath. Helen gently moaned with each sound of ripping coming from behind her. Suddenly he stopped and grabbed either side of her hips and with one thrust forced his cock into her.
Helens head stopped for a moment and a she let out a loud gasp. A few thrusts from my mate later her head once more began to work it’s magic with soft moans filling the air. After a minute or so a man appeared beside me, cock in hand frantically wanking it in front of Helens face. She stopped sucking on my cock and took this other guys cock quickly into her mouth. Within a couple of bobs of her head the man stiffened and grabbed her head.
“Take it” he yelled as he tried to thrust his cock deeper in her mouth.
“Fuck yes” he yelled once more and shuddered as cum trickled form Helens mouth, over her hand and onto the floor. She let go of him and went straight back to my cock. This was the first time I had felt a mix of another man cum and saliva on my cock and it seemed to make me even hard then I already was. I now wanted more then her mouth, I want to know how her pussy felt wrapped round my cock.
“Change with me” I called to my mate.
He took his gaze from Helens arse and looked at me and nodded. Feeling him pull out of her she let go of her grip on my cock and we swapped places. As I placed myself behind Helen I looked up at my mate as Helens head began to bounce up and down on his cock and moaned as if with approval. Her pussy glistened in what light there was as I lifted her leg up and placed the knee on the bonnet. It also twitched slightly as if to kiss the tip of my cock touched it. I pushed myself into her, it was hot, wet and tight and seemed to tighten further as I began to move inside her. Another man approached and stood next to my mate. Helen did not let go of my mates cock and take this other guys cock in her mouth. Instead she let him cum over her face. Seeing this must of sent my mate over the edge as he started to cum in her mouth. His body stiffened, his legs began to shake and his hips made little thrusting movements towards Helens mouth. As she let go of his cock her moans became audible over the car park as I fucked her.
“Yes, Yes” she soon began to call out.
This wasn’t to last long as a cock was quickly placed in her mouth as it spurted it’s load. Then another quickly followed, then another, not giving her time to spit any out. I now could feel my own orgasm rising up and just as I was about to move so Helen could take my load in her mouth when two guy came from no where and started to shoot their loads over her face. I couldn’t hold on and I pushed deep into her and shoot my load.
”Oh, Yes” cried out Helen as she pushed back against me as I twitched with each spurt of cum I released inside of her. She laid her cum soaked head down on the bonnet and started to panted. I took a step back and bent down to pull up my jeans only to be nearly balled over by a guy rushing in to replace me. I saw what I can only describe as a monster in this guys hand being pointed at Helens pussy.
“Fuck, Shit, Fuck” she screamed through clenched teeth as this monster cock was forced into her. She raised her head up off the bonnet, looked back at him and panted quickly. The guy stood motionless for a moment almost like he was waiting for Helen to catch her breath. He slowly moved the monster in and out of her, her back arching and her panting louder.
“Oh, Oh, Oh, Fuck” she managed to pant in time time with each thrust.
I finally managed to do up my jeans but was transfixed at the sight before me. I stared in wonder how she could manage to get it all inside her.
Helens head began to bob in time to each deep thrust of the monster. Her hands clenched tight and each breath she took was short and sharp. She then began to thrust her hips backwards to meet his thrusts.
“Make me cum, make me cum” she screamed as she forced her hips harder against his.
Helen suddenly stopped moving all together, her head bent down low, her body stiffened and she stopped breathing. This made the guy begin to fucker faster.
“Oh, Oh fuck, fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming” Helen finally gasped as her body flopped onto the bonnet and panted deeply.
The guy stopped moving and lent back as he shoot his load inside of Helen. My mate tapped me on the shoulder and asked “Seen enough now?”.
I turned and walked with my mate back to the car in silence.

fashionablegma 77F

5/2/2020 9:02 am

Oh very hot that made me feel,never been dogging myself maybe i too old now to try

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