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What a Picture.  

loquacious5 54M  
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1/15/2018 5:34 am
What a Picture.

Our first assignment back at Uni was to go out and take photographs of certain objects, such as trees, buildings, people, flowers (a hard one given its winter), animals and much more and explain why we had taken them. What drew us to that tree or that flower, was there a message or a feeling associated with each picture. We were each given a throwaway camera which could take twenty-four shots. This was way back before digital cameras were on the market. So a friend and I went to the University library to check out some books on photography. We wanted to get A's, never taken photographs before, needed to know what we should look out for and how to compose the image. After much debate about where the best place to encompass all aspects of the assignment were, we ended up at a nature reserve close by our University. After completing the assignment with both my friend and I, each getting A's, I decided to take up photography as a hobby. I found a shop that sold good second-hand cameras and joined the University photography club. Mainly because they had free access to the labs to process their films.
After a month I started to get to improve and began to set myself a task of photographing something each time I went out. First, it was something red, then straight, bent and shadows and so on. On one occasion I wanted a path with a canopy of leafs but, the only wooded area I knew was where I use to play as a and where a lot of dogging goes on. Which I have mentioned before in a previous tail. But, the paths there are all wide and open, nothing like what I had envisaged. I asked a few people in the photography club if they knew of anywhere. One place was mentioned several times, which also had a river running through it and a couple of large ponds.
I waited a week or so until the weather was just right and set off to the area mentioned. I got there early enough to catch the mist rising from the ponds in the first rays of sunlight. I then wondered about, trying to find the perfect spot and found just what I was looking for but there was something missing. It needed a focal point to draw your eyes too. It needed a person in the picture at a certain point but being early in the morning there wasn't soul about.
An hour or so past before a man approached with his dog, perfect I thought. But, the man refused to have his photograph taken and said that next to no one comes down this way so far from the car park. I was just about to pack up and leave when a young woman appeared with her and excepted to have her photograph taken. I took a number of them to make sure I got the image I wanted and afterwards we chatted for a while.
"I often see people taking pictures at the bowl, just up there". She said pointing along the path.
Intrigued to know what she meant I asked if she would show me. She leads me up a small hill just off a narrow path and at the top we looked down into as she had described it, a bowl. In the centre was a collection of large boulders covered in thick green moss.
"I've stood here and watched loads of models posing for pictures on those rocks" she explains as we slowly made our way down the steep incline to the boulders.
Her didn't seem to want to come down with us and laid down at the top and just watched as we walked around.
Feeling a bit cheeky I asked, "Do you think you could pose like them, as you've watched them?"
"I could give it a go I guess" she replied giggling slightly.
The young woman tried a couple of poses before saying "This bloody coat is getting in the way".
It wasn't cold but there was still a chill in the air and the young woman had a long padded coat on that came down to her knees and a pair of boots that reached up to her knees. Perfect attire for walking the but not for posing in. So she whips the coat off and throws it on a pile of dry leaves. Under the coat, she had a t-shirt on and a flowery dress over the top of that which came down to just above the knee. Under the dress and tucked into her boots was something black which looked like jeans. Feeling like I should do the same, to show support I too took my coat off and threw it next to hers. There was now a streak of sunlight hitting the top of a boulder. I asked the young woman if she could climb up half way up to it and stop, which she did. I took the picture, when she tried to come back down, she found it slippery, so I rushed over to give her a hand. From where I stood I could see right up under her dress and noticed that she was wearing thick black tights and not jeans as I had assumed. I grabbed her by the waist as she inched her way closer to me, just before she got to the bottom she slipped slightly and her arse pressed against my crotch.
She looked around and jokingly said, "You should take a picture of this".
She pushed herself up off the boulder, rubbing off any moss that was sticking to her hands she walked over to another boulder.
"Sometimes they get models to pose like this" she said as she lent back onto a boulder, raising her arms up behind her head and a knee.
"Saucy" I replied and she smiled as I took the picture.
"If you want saucy, how about this" the young woman replied turning to face the boulder, she stuck her arse out as she over slightly. Placing a hand on the boulder, the other hand on her arse, she looked over her shoulder at me and she gave me a cheeky grin.
"Okay, your right. That is defiantly saucy"
The young woman struck a few more poses, each time lifting the dress up slightly higher. I think she knew what she was doing, turning me on by showing me more and more with each pose. At the same time, I think the thought of turning me on also turned her on.
"Take one of me over here" she asked eagerly grabbing me by the hand and dragging over to her coat. She laid down in front of me and positioned herself as she had done on the boulder. Her arms behind her head and with a raised knee. As I took the picture she bit her bottom lip. I felt a twitch in my jeans, I think she saw it because she turned over slowly onto all fours and looked at me.
"Do you want me this way?" she asked in a soft sexy voice.
I was transfixed by the sight of what was before me. I didn't know what to say or where to look. The young woman reaches around with a hand and pulled up her dress, revealing her perfectly round arse for the first time. My cock instantly sprung to attention as her hand slowly rubbed her arse. It then slid down between her legs and began to rub her pussy through her tights. Her hand moved slowly up and down, her middle finger pressing hard against the fabric, forcing it to conform to the shape of her pussy.
"Mmmm.....do you like to watch a girl rub her pussy" she asked in that soft sexy voice again.
"If I'm honest, I would rather be doing it" I replied transfixed on her hand.
"Go on then" she replied removing her hand.
I quickly fell to my knees next to her and gently placed a hand on her arse. It was firm and warm and I couldn't help but give it a gentle squeeze. My other hand reached between her thighs to her pussy and began to gently rub it as I had seen her do to herself, greeted with a moan of delight. She laid her chest and head onto her coat and she stuck out her pussy allowing me great access. Even though her tights were thick, I could feel her knickers underneath them and something else.
"God that feels good" the young woman moaned.
My cock was now aching to be set free, which only made me rub her pussy harder in frustration. I was eager to plunge my cock into her and fuck her hard. Thoughts of how I would go about this ran through my mind. I settled on one idea, not the best but by far the quickest way. I positioned myself behind her, still rubbing her pussy with one hand, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock ready to fuck her. I then took hold of her tights between the cheeks of her arse and pulled them apart, ripping them open to reveal her wet knickers underneath.
"What are you doing?" the young woman exclaimed.
"I'm going to fuck you" I replied tugging her knickers to one side to expose her pussy. Doing so not only exposed her pussy but that other thing I had felt while rubbing it. I piece of string falling out of her pussy which stopped me in my tracks.
"I'm on my period, you can't" she exclaimed once more.
I looked down at the string and began to gently tug at it. More and more slowly came out, then the tampon it was attached too, the young woman moaned "Oh god...yes" as I threw it aside.
I pushed my cock slowly into her waiting pussy which was tight and hot. Grabbing both sides of her hips I began to fuck her slowly. The young woman letting out moans in time to each thrust of my cock. Her hips now beginning the sway in time to meet each of my thrusts. My cock going in deeper everytime our bodies connected. Her moans soon turned to panting as my speed increases, the sound of Slap, Slap, Slap echoes around the bowl.
"Fuck me harder" the young woman cries out.
I stopped for a moment, wriggling my cock as deep inside her as I could, I repositioned myself to fuck her hard.
My first hard thrust was met with "Fuck" from the young woman, my second got a "God" and third got a "Yes". Subsequent thrusts were greeted with "Deeper, deeper". I'm wasn't sure how much more of this I could take as my legs were beginning to shake when the young woman cried out "I'm cumming....I'm cumming". Her whole body began to thrash about as spasm after spasm ran over her body before slumping down onto her coat. I could hear her groan as she laid there motionless, but I was still to cum.
I pulled one of her legs out straight and pushed the other up towards her chest making her lay on her side. I straddled her thigh and positioned myself ready to fuck her again.
"No, lay behind me and fuck me that way" the young woman gasped.
I positioned myself on her coat behind her and lifted her leg up. She reached between her thighs and grabbed my cock, guiding it into her pussy. Once I felt it's warmth on the tip of my cock, I pushed myself inside her, making her moan. I slowly began to work up speed as I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft. The tip of my cock was rubbing against her pussy and it felt wonderful. The young woman reached over and grabbed my hip, pulling me into her.
"Oh god...fuck me...make me cum again" she moaned.
I could feel her pussy pulsate on my cock, in turn making me want to cum. I held on as long as I could, wanting both us to cum to together. The young woman released her grip on my hip and began to rub her clit.
"God, yes!" she cried out as I climaxed inside her. Our bodies entwined in shire extasy. I let her leg fall, her pussy gripping tight on my cock and I reached over and pulled her close to my chest. We lay like that for a few moments until her came down and woke us from our joy. We slowly regained our composure and dressed ourselves as best we could. The young woman gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"I get so horny when I'm on, you helped relive that" she said smiling and I watched her walk up out of the bowl.

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