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On the Job
Posted:Jun 17, 2021 9:34 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:17 pm

A few weeks ago, one late Thursday afternoon, I got a phone call telling me that a job currently underway up north urgently needed a manager to oversee its completion due to the on-site manager having falling ill.
Seeing how I could take advantage of the situation and see relatives who lived close by, I said I would gladly do the job. I was told the name of the hotel and that I was booked in from the following Monday until the completion of the job. I phoned the same hotel and booked a room from Friday to Monday. My plan was to drive up early on Friday, surreptitiously look about the job site then spend the weekend with relatives.

Early that Friday morning I loaded all my gear up and headed off in the hope of getting to the site before it closed down for the weekend. Lucky the traffic was light I arrived just before lunchtime, a lot earlier than I had expected. I parked up close by and began to look for a way in without being seen. On one corner of the site, someone had dumped a pile of pallets, perfect to climb up and jump over the wall. Once inside I quickly headed for the main building.

As it was lunchtime the building was almost empty of workmen so I began to wander around taking notes of the work that was ongoing and needed to be done without being seen by those workmen that were left. Being a job site, some walls are just a piece of plasterboard so it was no surprise when I entered a room that I could hear voices coming from the next room. What did surprise me was that it sounded like two men and a woman. From the conversation I was overhearing it seemed that a deal was being made where certain materials would be ordered for the job but be delivered elsewhere instead. Obviously, I needed to see who's making this deal.

The ceiling between the rooms was yet to be finished off so there was a gap where I could peek over the separating wall. I placed a plaster splatted stall next to the wall which allowed me to peer over.
There were two men, roughly my age and a young woman in her early 30's I would guess. I would find out later that one was Ralf, one of the on-site foremen. The other gentlemen, Marcus, is the owner of the building and the woman, Sofia, his wife.
I listened in to the conversation until they had hashed out an agreement on who gets what and how much they got paid. Thinking it was all over, I began to wonder where I could conceal myself from them as they left.

Now picture the scene before me, Marcus was dressed in a light blue three-piece suit with perfectly combed jet black hair, obviously dyed. He was toned which the cut of his suit clearly showed off.
Sofia was in a cream coloured dress with a belt around her waist of the same colour which showed off her toned body. She had long dark thick brown hair that had large curls running through it. Both looked they should have been at a fashion show and not on a filthy job site.
Ralf on the other hand was your typical builder type. Paint splattered steel toecap boots, stained and dusty jeans and an overcoat that was covered in everything from paint to gravy and overweight.
So call me surprised when Sofia whispered into Marcus's ear something which made Marcus laugh.

"Normally I'd shake your hand to seal the deal. On this occasion, Sofia has a better idea. She wants you to fuck her to seal the deal" Marcus said.

Ralf let out a gasp "what!".

I near fell off the stall if I'm honest at what was said. The idea that Sofia would see anything sexually exciting about Ralf was beyond belief.

"My Sofia sometimes craves getting really dirty and this must be one of those times" Marcus replied.

Sofia slowly walked over to Ralf and push him back against a large crate. Ralf put both his hands quickly on the crate to steady himself as Sofia's hands tugged at his belt, then his zip. She had his cock out and started to stroke it slowly while looking into Ralf's eye.
Ralf was obviously enjoying it because he was hard quicker than you can say Health and Safety.
Sofia turned and smiled at Marcus as she let go of Ralf's cock and bent over the crate, lifting her dress up to expose her arse before placing her hands on the crate. Ralf looked at Marcus who just nodded towards Sofia as if to say, go on.

Ralf stood behind Sofia and ran his ruff dust-covered hands over her smooth skin before grabbing hold of the top of her thong and pulling it down her legs.
Sofia stepped out of her thong and spread her legs wider inviting Ralf in.
Marcus slowly walked over to the other side of the room to watch as Ralf positioned himself and began to run his cock up and down Sofia's pussy. She then let out a soft moan as Ralf pushed his cock inside her.

"Fuck me your tight" Ralf exclaimed as he began to slowly work his cock in and out.

A few moments pass as Marcus looked on before he said "Fuck her like a man...... make her want you".

Ralf looked at Marcus for a brief moment before he thrust himself hard against Sofia, pushing her hard into the crate.

"Fuck!" Sofia cried out.

Ralf did it again and Sofia gave the same response. Time after time Ralf thrust himself against Sofia who now began to push back with each thrust.
Sofia started to moan deeply, through I imagined gritted teeth as her hands grasped tightly to the crate. Her long hair moving back and forth in time with each thrust.
Ralf now seemed to be possessed. Each thrust seemed to be harder and deeper than before. He started to panted loudly as the obvious lack of fitness become all too apparent. Sofia's legs began to buckle and shack, as did Ralfs.

"Fuck me!, Fuck me!" demanded Sofia.

"You're going to make her cum" Marcus said with a chuckle.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Ralf as he quickened his thrusts.

Sofia's legs shook and then gave out under her. Ralf held her up as with one last push he thrust his cock deep inside of her before he exploded. He groaned as did Sofia as their bodies seem to convulse together in unison as he emptied himself inside her.

Marcus clapped his hands saying "Wonderful. Bravo".

Ralf slowly pulled out of Sofia once she managed to stand by herself. He slowly pushed his cock back into his jeans and did them up as he gasped for air.

Marcus walked over to Sofia and picked up her thong. He then pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to Sofia, who then duly began to wipe away the cum that had started to slowly trickle out. Sofia turned to face Ralf and smiled as she throws the handkerchief away over her shoulder. She walked over and softly plants a kiss on his cheek before heading to the door.

Marcus walks over to Ralf and slaps him on the shoulder and winks at him as he too heads to the door. Both leave and slowly close the door as Ralf slumps down onto a stack of wood and continues to catch his breath.
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It's you!!
Posted:Mar 6, 2020 2:02 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2020 12:36 pm

Just outside of town is a large wood where, as a , I used to go camping with my friends and party. Though technically no one was supposed to camp in the woods, the area we used is far away from the normal trails at the edge of the forest in a small clearing which couldn't be seen from the trails. On the way to the campsite, we would have to pass a bird hide which was very rarely used at it was far away from the main car park. However, it was used occasionally by people looking for a bit of fun judging from the odd discarded condoms you'd often see laying on the floor.
The morning after a heavy night of drinking and very bad singing, I woke up to find that most of my friends had left already and the last remaining friends were packing up. I was in no rush, still feeling a little tipsy from the night before and so made a pot of coffee on the dying embers of the fire they had made to cook their breakfast on before packing up myself. After a couple of hours just sitting there and four cups of coffee, I was starting to feel normal again and I began the task of packing everything away and making my way back to the car park.
As I draw close to the hide I could hear giggling coming from along the trail ahead. Not wanting to be seen because I wasn't supposed to be camping I hid as best as I could behind a large Oak tree. A couple approached the hide, not exactly dressed for a woodland walk. He was stocky with a bald head and had on a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops and the woman was slender, long dark hair and was wearing in a small figure-hugging dress with knee-high boots. Knowing what tends to go on in the my curiosity got the better of me and I made my way quietly to one of the side windows to peek inside. Seated on the bench was the couple in a passionate embrace. All I could see was the mans back and his right-hand massaging the woman's breast through her dress as they kissed. It wasn't overly exciting so I turned to leave them, but, as I did I heard the woman say "Lick my pussy".
On hearing this I dropped my backpack and once more peaked in through the window. This time I was greeted to the sight of the woman laying on her back, the hem of her dress pulled up and her legs being held up by the man as he buried his face in her pussy. One of her hands was holding his head down as she let out a low moan of agreement, because I imagine his tongue was flicking her clit. This made my cock stir and I reached down and began to rub it slowly. I want to see what the woman looked like, but from the angle I was at all I could make out was her long dark hair hanging over the bench. So I decided to risk moving round to the door to get a better look.
The door didn't have a lock, just a big spring to keep it shut. So I slowly pulled at the door, hoping it wouldn't creek and peered inside. Now with a more side-on view, I could see a lot more of what was going on. The guys head was moving slowly up and down between the woman's legs and she was moaning and arching her back slightly in time with each movement of the guys head. She was looking in the opposite direction from me, so feeling a little braver opened the door further. The guy reached up and began to massage the woman's breast again. Her breasts were firm and I could see now, she wasn't wearing anything under the dress. This made my now aching cock strain at my zip.
I slowly undid my zip and pulled out my cock and began to stock it slowly, enjoying the sight before me. The woman's moans were getting louder and her back arching further as she pulled the guy head down harder into her crouch. Was she about to come I thought to myself. Within a minute or so I got my answer as the woman's back arched and her body shook and she cried out "Fuck...Fuck...Fuck".
As her body relaxed and the guy raised his head, I closed the door slightly so not to be so obvious. The guy slowly made his way up her body and laid on top of her kissing her neck. I could hear her murmuring and laughing softly as the guy began to rub his groin against hers.
"Your cock is hard" I hear the woman say as she placed a hand on the guys neck as he kissed hers.
"To right it is. Now it's my turn to cum" the guy said as he raised himself off the woman. I closed the door further just leaving a tiny gap to watch what was happening but all I could make out was the guy standing astride the bench looking down.
"Kneel on the bench," he said with a commanding voice, "I told you I'm not going to make love to you, I'm going to fuck you".
The woman laughed and said, "I hope do hope so".
The guy then moved out of my view so I opened the door slightly and saw the woman looking out of the window of the hide. She then knelt on the bench and pulled up her dress before bending over and grabbing onto the window ledge and pushing her arse out toward him. The guy then positioned himself behind her and pulled down his shorts. His cock springing up and standing proud in front of him. He took hold of it and guided it towards the opening of her wet pussy. The woman's head dropped and she let out a groan as the guy slowly pushed his cock inside her. He stood motionless for a moment after taking hold of her by the hips. Then he slowly pulled out his cock before ramming it hard back into her with a resounding slap of skin against skin.
"Fuck" the woman cried out, "Fuck," she said again as once more he forced himself into her.
"Oh God, Oh God" she continued to cry out as the guy began to fuck her faster and faster. With each thrust of his hips came the sound slap, slap, slap.
This was too much for me and I shot my load over the outside of the door.
Even after that, I couldn't look away and just stood there with my cock in my hand. The thought of being that guy began to fill my head which in turn made my cock swell again. Feeling braver I opened the door further knowing he wouldn't be able to see me standing in the doorway once more stroking my now hard cock.
"Fuck me...Fuck me hard" the woman said as she forced her hips back to meet each of his thrusts. Her long dark hair was swaying back and forth in time with each thrust.
"Does your husband know you like to be fucked like a slut?" the guy asked as he slapped the woman's arse.
"Fuck no" the woman moaned through gritted teeth "And he's not going to. Make me cum again please" she begged loudly.
The guy now egged on by her request increased his speed only to be met with moans of pleasure form the woman.
I don't know what made me do it but I moved inside the hide slowly closing the door behind me and stood in the corner stocking my cock. The guy then glanced over in my direction ever so slightly, did he know I was there ran through my mind. In all honesty, I didn't care at this point I was transfixed by what was happening before me.
A second or two passed and he hadn't said anything, instead, the guy reached up and pulled at the zip of the dress which ran it's the full length. The dress fell away exposing from the woman's body. Her breast began to sway like her hair in time to the guys thrusts. He then lent forward and squeezed one of her breasts making her groan. He then whispered something in her ear making her cry out "No!".
The guy then straightened up and resuming his original grasp on her hips stopped. He then began to fuck her hard, one thrust at a time making her cry out "Fuck!".
I could make out ripples in her skin moving over her body with each thrust. Her hands grasping the window ledge tighter making them turn white. Her moans are deep, long and muffled.
"Fuck me, your pussy is so tight it's going to make me cum" the guy exclaimed.
The guy then looked over at me and smiled. I didn't know what to do, I stood there motionless with my cock in my hand, but then without saying a word, he waved at me to come over. I took a few steps closer and he pulled out of the woman. His cock looked wet and swollen and pulsated as he stood in front of me. He pointed to the woman's pussy before stepping up on the bench. Without hesitation or thought, I moved in behind the woman quickly. I looked up at the guy as he pulled the long dark hair away from the woman's face and pushed his cock towards her. She turned her head towards his cock and took it in her mouth. As he had done, I pushed my cock into the woman hard. This made her gasp and she shook her head.
The guy then laughed as he grabbed her head as he said: "You now have a young man inside you and he's going to finish you off".
I began to fuck the woman as he had done, thrusting myself into her hard. After a few thrusts, the guy looked at me and smiled as his body tightened and he quivered. He then moaned loudly as he gave a couple of short thrusts into her mouth. The woman groaned and I could hear her swallow repeatedly. The guy then slowly pulled his cock from her mouth allowing her to gasp and moan. Her head dropped and her hair once more move in time with my thrusts.
"I'm going to cum!" the woman exclaimed as I felt her pussy tighten up around my cock.
Her body pushed back meeting each of my thrusts and I could feel her pussy tighten and grasp my cock.
"Oh god...oh god...fuck me...fuck me" she cried out.
The excitement of what was happening and hearing her cry out now made me want to cum so I replied: "So am I".
The woman reached around and grasped my thigh, pulling me into her.
"Cum in me.. cum in me" she gasped as her body went rigid and shook. I could feel her pussy pulsate egging me on to do as requested.
"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" I groaned with each spurt of my cum went inside her.
Her hand kept a good hold on my thigh making sure I did as she said. Once I could cum no more I began to relax and slowly withdrew from her and sat down on the bench panting. The woman in turn then lowered herself next to me and lent against the wall panting and smiling. It was only then when her hair was clear of her face I realised it was my friends mum. When she too saw who I was she begged me no to tell anyone.
I did as she asked and in return for keeping her secret, we would meet from time to time either alone or with the guy for added fun.
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Birthday Party.
Posted:Jan 19, 2018 9:49 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:17 pm

One of the advantages of living in a small town is getting from point A to point B quickly. Take a birthday party of Jenny, a friends sister. It was her 21st, of course, a big party was planned. Trouble was, we had a local rugby match that day and we were supposed to be putting up the banners in the social club where the party was being held. So once the game had ended, we showered and shot off for the club which is five minutes down the road, still only giving us a couple of hours before the party. We had almost finished as his parents and sister arrived, closely followed by guests. So we quickly put the finishing touches on what we could and went off to get a drink as our reward. The club soon filled with well-wishers carrying presents which filled a large table. Being a young female, most of her friends were female, hence why I had stayed on instead of returning to the rugby club like I should have done as I wasn't invited.
As with most parties, drinks flowed freely and people started to dance once the alcohol had got them in the mood. My friend and I hid in a corner away from the merriment, trying not to be dragged onto the dance floor by drunk aunty or a young woman. The night drew on and people started to get a bit too boisterous which lead to the occasional argument. So you can imagine that on occasion both myself and my friend had to jump in to stop fights erupting. Both of us being over six feet tall, stocky builds, standing next to young women no taller than five three and telling them "Shut the fuck up and enjoy yourself" they did just that.
My Jenny grabbed hold of me by the arm as I returned from the bar with drinks asking "Can you talk to Amy. She's just split up with her boyfriend and needs someone to talk to. As you did Psychology at Uni, you can do that mind thingy on her".
I said I would and gave my mate his drink before heading off to find Amy. Jenny had taken Amy to the where the buffet had been laid out as it was quiet. I found Amy sitting at a table with a large bowl of punch. She had three straws in her mouth trying to suck up as much as she could in one go.
"You want to be careful or you'll drown" I said as I sat down next to her.
Amy then began to tell me all the problems which she and her boyfriend had gone through. I listened, for the most part, only asking the odd question. Once she had gotten everything off her chest, I told her my thoughts on what she ought to do. This seemed to cheer her up and we both returned to the party. Soon afterwards Jenny came up to me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you, she seems much happier now" she said with big smile.
My mate punched me hard on the arm and said laughing: "Don't get any funny ideas, that's my sister".
Even though it was relatively early, a lot of the older generation started to leave and my mate went off to say his goodbyes. Amy must have seen me standing alone and came over to join me and tried to have a conversation over the loud disco music. We both could hear what each was saying, so Amy indicated to follow her. She lead me to the hallway which leads to the toilets. She began to say some other personal things about her relationship, but we were interrupted by people coming and going to the loos. It was then she pulled me into an open storeroom.
"You said things that really did make sense. But, I think I know what I need to get over that prick. That's to have some other prick" Amy said as she moved in closer to me and began to run her hand over my chest.
"Amy, I'm really flattered, but this isn't what you really want" I replied pushing her away from me.
Amy lent against some boxes, her arms behind her back and head bent down slightly but looking at me with puppy eyes.
"Don't you think I'm sexy?" she asked frowning slightly.
There's an old saying, all the best things come in small packages. Amy was just over five foot tall, with long black hair that reached halfway down her back. Pert breasts that were just the right size and an hourglass figure which looked amazing in the little black dress she had on. The dress was only held on by two thin straps that went over her shoulders and crossed over her back.
"Amy, you look stunning, but now isn't the time you should be doing this. This is just a rebound reaction" I said as I gazed at her body, thinking that I so would fuck her in a heartbeat.
"Now I'm single I can do whatever and whoever I want" she said as she walked towards me, pinning me against the door.
I grabbed her hands as she reached out and tried to undo the zip of my trousers.
"Amy, please. Not here, not like this" I pleaded.
Amy was having now of it. She pulled away from me and then pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders exposing her pert breasts. Her hands began to rub and squeeze them and I started to imagine it was me doing that. I could feel my cock grow in my trousers and hoped that Amy didn't see it. Amy slipped a hand under her skirt as she lent against the boxes once more, spreading her legs.
"Come on. You know you want to know what my tight pussy feels like with your cock inside me" she said in a sultry voice.
She was right, everything was running through my head at this point. I wanted her and knowing this was wrong just made then need to have here greater. I couldn't hold out and I rushed over to Amy and dropped to my knees in front of her. I lifted her dress up and buried my head in her pussy. Amy let out a gasp as my tongue flicked over her click, then a murmur as it slid the length of her pussy. It was hot and tasted like heaven. I felt a hand push my head hard against her pussy, eager to feel my tongue go deeper into her. It was then I realised that she hasn't got any knickers on.
"God I need this" she exclaimed as she spread her legs further apart and bent her knees slightly. I could now feel both hands on my head, rubbing and pushing on it at the same time. My cock was now aching to inside my trousers, so I reached down and undid my zip. I pulled it out and started to have a wank as I lick Amy's pussy.
Amy must have sensed what I was doing because she suddenly said "Oh no you don't, that's mine" as she pushed me away from her and fell to her knees. She lent down and took my cock into her mouth which made me gasp at the feeling of her tongue on the tip of my cock. My body convulsed and tightened as her head began to move along the shaft. The feeling was intense and I wanted to grab hold of her head and fuck her mouth. But Amy soon released my cock and looked up at me as she continued to wank me off.
"Are you sure now isn't the right time?" she said with a smile.
I got to my feet and picked Amy up off the floor. There was a small table in the corner of the storeroom, just big enough to set her on, which I did. Lifting her legs up her dress fell down revealing her pussy fully for the first time. I looked Amy in the eyes from between her legs as I lent in slowly, guiding my cock into her pussy. Amy spread her legs further apart resting them on my forearms allowing me greater access to her pussy. As the tip of my cock entered her, Amy let her head drop backwards as she let out and a low moan. Her pussy grasped my cock as it inched it's way deeper into her. Once I was fully inside her I lent forwards grasping the table and pushing her legs either side of her body.
Amy raised her head up and flung her arms around my head and pulled me down to kiss her. As our tongues touched I began to slowly fuck her, her grasp around my neck tightening. Her moans stifled by our embrace until she released her grasp and said: "Go on, fuck me".
Amy's hand slowly worked their way down my body until they reached the waistband of my trousers. She placed her fingers in the belt loops and pulled me into her in time with each of my thrusts.
"Fuck my tight pussy......fuck it good" Amy exclaimed pulling me harder and harder into her.
Our foreheads now touched as we looked into each other's eyes as we both panted in time with each other.
The door slowly creaked open which made me freeze and the pair of us stop breathing. My mate suddenly poked his head around the corner.
"What the fuck is going on here?" he cried out.
I dropped Amy's legs and rushed over and pulled my mate inside slamming the door closed behind him.
Amy had jumped off the table and followed closely behind me.
"You're just in time. I'm in need a cock to suck as he fucks me" Amy says as she pulls at my mate's shirt, pulling him towards the small table, him one side and her on the other leaning over and resting on the table.
"What the fuck is happening here" he exclaims as he watches Amy unzip his trousers and pulls out a rock hard cock and takes it in her mouth. I knew that he must have had been out there for some time, listening to what was going on. He didn't try and stop her unzipping his trousers and he was rock hard already.
"Fucking hell" he exclaimed as Amy's head began to bob up and down on his cock.
I walked around behind Amy and gently rubbed her arse as I said: "Is that how you thought it would be?"
Me rubbing her arse seem to spur her on to suck faster.
"Fuck no, it's better" my mates gasped.
I raised Amy's skirt up, prompting her to spread her legs for me. I rubbed her bare arse, pulling her cheeks apart making her moan. Her pussy felt hot and wet as I ran a couple of fingers along the length of it, giving special attention to her clit. Amy tries to moan but can't as my mate's cock was firmly in her mouth.
I push two fingers into her hot pussy, making her back arch and stopping her from sucking on my mate's cock as she lets out a squeal. She relaxes and once again resumes sucking my mate deep into her mouth. My fingers begin to move in and out of her pussy greeted with moans of delight.
A few moments pass before Amy turns to me and says "Fuck me, I want a cock in both ends".
"Go on, do it" my mate said as he gathers Any's hair up in one hand and pulls on it.
I remove my fingers from her now soaked pussy and position myself behind her. Grasping a hip with one hand I steady Amy as I push my cock back inside her.
"Oh fuck" she manages to cry out as she takes my mate's cock in her mouth. Now holding tightly to both hips I start to fuck her slow and deep. She moans and gasps with each deep thrust. Her head bobs in time with each thrust.
A short time passes and I feel myself building up to cum. So I called over to my mate, saying "Change places with me".
He nods as Amy lets go of his cock. We both switch places quickly, him eager to feel the tightness of her pussy and me to feel her tongue running up an down my shaft. My mate is in Amy quickly and starts to fuck her hard and fast making Amy grasp the table to steady herself.
"Fuck me.....do me...yes ....yes" she moaned.
Her head drops allowing her hair to fall over her face. I gather her hair up in my hand and pull her head up so she can suck on my cock.
"Oh god yes...pull my hair...I love it" she exclaims through gritted teeth. Amy see my cock in front of her and grabs it, pulling me into her mouth. Frantically she sucked on it letting go from time to time to catch her breath and to cry out "Fuck me...oh god....deeper...deeper".
My mate suddenly withdrew her Amy and shot his load over Amy's arse, rubbing it in with the end of his cock. Amy feeling this released my cock saying "Please fuck me, I need a cock in me".
As my mate walked past Amy she grabbed his arm and pulled him close exclaiming "I need more cock, send me more please".
I stood behind Amy once more and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. As I began to fuck her hard as she had begged my mate my legs began to wobble and the feeling of my orgasm started to raise up again. Her tight pussy was too much for me, the way it seemed to suck me into her and grasped every inch of my cock was amazing. I was about to cum when the door opened and shut quickly making me stop for a moment. Two young men stood there looking at us both, each unzipping their trousers.
"We hear she needs some cock" one young lad says eagerly.
"Yes, yes. come here and let me have it" Amy says reaching out with a hand. For a moment I was stunned by this, then realising my mate must if sent them.
"Fuck I'm going to cum" I soon cried out and withdrew from Am and quickly made my way to her mouth.
"Take it in your mouth" I asked eagerly.
Amy quickly took me into her mouth just as the first spurt of cum came out. She sucked me deep letting my cum dribble down her throat. Once I was spent she released me and her mouth was quickly filled with an eager young man's cock. I didn't notice that one young lad had taken up position behind her and was fucking her. Now thoughts of should I leave her or should I stay and make sure she's okay ran through my head. That is until she cried out to me "Send more cocks".
I returned to the table where my mate and I were before all this had happened and sat down.
"Did she like who I sent round to help out?" my mate asked with a big grin. I nodded and took a sip of my drink.
"I'm going back, it's not right. Someone should be there with her" I said as I rose to walk off only to be confronted by Jenny.
"Where's Amy?" she asked.
Thinking quickly I replied "She's outside getting some fresh air, she a little upset. I've only come back in to grab a quick drink. We'll be back in soon". I quickly made my way back to the storeroom to find Amy on here own, face down on the table. I rushed over to her thinking the worst, only to find her smiling. Her face covered in cum her arse too. I pulled some clothes off one of the shelves and wiped her down.
"God that was fun" Amy said in an elated voice.
I held her for a while until she had regained her strength that is and we made our way back to the party. She gave me a kiss on the cheek before she was pulled onto the dance floor by Jenny.
What a Picture.
Posted:Jan 15, 2018 5:34 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:17 pm

Our first assignment back at Uni was to go out and take photographs of certain objects, such as trees, buildings, people, flowers (a hard one given its winter), animals and much more and explain why we had taken them. What drew us to that tree or that flower, was there a message or a feeling associated with each picture. We were each given a throwaway camera which could take twenty-four shots. This was way back before digital cameras were on the market. So a friend and I went to the University library to check out some books on photography. We wanted to get A's, never taken photographs before, needed to know what we should look out for and how to compose the image. After much debate about where the best place to encompass all aspects of the assignment were, we ended up at a nature reserve close by our University. After completing the assignment with both my friend and I, each getting A's, I decided to take up photography as a hobby. I found a shop that sold good second-hand cameras and joined the University photography club. Mainly because they had free access to the labs to process their films.
After a month I started to get to improve and began to set myself a task of photographing something each time I went out. First, it was something red, then straight, bent and shadows and so on. On one occasion I wanted a path with a canopy of leafs but, the only wooded area I knew was where I use to play as a and where a lot of dogging goes on. Which I have mentioned before in a previous tail. But, the paths there are all wide and open, nothing like what I had envisaged. I asked a few people in the photography club if they knew of anywhere. One place was mentioned several times, which also had a river running through it and a couple of large ponds.
I waited a week or so until the weather was just right and set off to the area mentioned. I got there early enough to catch the mist rising from the ponds in the first rays of sunlight. I then wondered about, trying to find the perfect spot and found just what I was looking for but there was something missing. It needed a focal point to draw your eyes too. It needed a person in the picture at a certain point but being early in the morning there wasn't soul about.
An hour or so past before a man approached with his dog, perfect I thought. But, the man refused to have his photograph taken and said that next to no one comes down this way so far from the car park. I was just about to pack up and leave when a young woman appeared with her and excepted to have her photograph taken. I took a number of them to make sure I got the image I wanted and afterwards we chatted for a while.
"I often see people taking pictures at the bowl, just up there". She said pointing along the path.
Intrigued to know what she meant I asked if she would show me. She leads me up a small hill just off a narrow path and at the top we looked down into as she had described it, a bowl. In the centre was a collection of large boulders covered in thick green moss.
"I've stood here and watched loads of models posing for pictures on those rocks" she explains as we slowly made our way down the steep incline to the boulders.
Her didn't seem to want to come down with us and laid down at the top and just watched as we walked around.
Feeling a bit cheeky I asked, "Do you think you could pose like them, as you've watched them?"
"I could give it a go I guess" she replied giggling slightly.
The young woman tried a couple of poses before saying "This bloody coat is getting in the way".
It wasn't cold but there was still a chill in the air and the young woman had a long padded coat on that came down to her knees and a pair of boots that reached up to her knees. Perfect attire for walking the but not for posing in. So she whips the coat off and throws it on a pile of dry leaves. Under the coat, she had a t-shirt on and a flowery dress over the top of that which came down to just above the knee. Under the dress and tucked into her boots was something black which looked like jeans. Feeling like I should do the same, to show support I too took my coat off and threw it next to hers. There was now a streak of sunlight hitting the top of a boulder. I asked the young woman if she could climb up half way up to it and stop, which she did. I took the picture, when she tried to come back down, she found it slippery, so I rushed over to give her a hand. From where I stood I could see right up under her dress and noticed that she was wearing thick black tights and not jeans as I had assumed. I grabbed her by the waist as she inched her way closer to me, just before she got to the bottom she slipped slightly and her arse pressed against my crotch.
She looked around and jokingly said, "You should take a picture of this".
She pushed herself up off the boulder, rubbing off any moss that was sticking to her hands she walked over to another boulder.
"Sometimes they get models to pose like this" she said as she lent back onto a boulder, raising her arms up behind her head and a knee.
"Saucy" I replied and she smiled as I took the picture.
"If you want saucy, how about this" the young woman replied turning to face the boulder, she stuck her arse out as she over slightly. Placing a hand on the boulder, the other hand on her arse, she looked over her shoulder at me and she gave me a cheeky grin.
"Okay, your right. That is defiantly saucy"
The young woman struck a few more poses, each time lifting the dress up slightly higher. I think she knew what she was doing, turning me on by showing me more and more with each pose. At the same time, I think the thought of turning me on also turned her on.
"Take one of me over here" she asked eagerly grabbing me by the hand and dragging over to her coat. She laid down in front of me and positioned herself as she had done on the boulder. Her arms behind her head and with a raised knee. As I took the picture she bit her bottom lip. I felt a twitch in my jeans, I think she saw it because she turned over slowly onto all fours and looked at me.
"Do you want me this way?" she asked in a soft sexy voice.
I was transfixed by the sight of what was before me. I didn't know what to say or where to look. The young woman reaches around with a hand and pulled up her dress, revealing her perfectly round arse for the first time. My cock instantly sprung to attention as her hand slowly rubbed her arse. It then slid down between her legs and began to rub her pussy through her tights. Her hand moved slowly up and down, her middle finger pressing hard against the fabric, forcing it to conform to the shape of her pussy.
"Mmmm.....do you like to watch a girl rub her pussy" she asked in that soft sexy voice again.
"If I'm honest, I would rather be doing it" I replied transfixed on her hand.
"Go on then" she replied removing her hand.
I quickly fell to my knees next to her and gently placed a hand on her arse. It was firm and warm and I couldn't help but give it a gentle squeeze. My other hand reached between her thighs to her pussy and began to gently rub it as I had seen her do to herself, greeted with a moan of delight. She laid her chest and head onto her coat and she stuck out her pussy allowing me great access. Even though her tights were thick, I could feel her knickers underneath them and something else.
"God that feels good" the young woman moaned.
My cock was now aching to be set free, which only made me rub her pussy harder in frustration. I was eager to plunge my cock into her and fuck her hard. Thoughts of how I would go about this ran through my mind. I settled on one idea, not the best but by far the quickest way. I positioned myself behind her, still rubbing her pussy with one hand, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock ready to fuck her. I then took hold of her tights between the cheeks of her arse and pulled them apart, ripping them open to reveal her wet knickers underneath.
"What are you doing?" the young woman exclaimed.
"I'm going to fuck you" I replied tugging her knickers to one side to expose her pussy. Doing so not only exposed her pussy but that other thing I had felt while rubbing it. I piece of string falling out of her pussy which stopped me in my tracks.
"I'm on my period, you can't" she exclaimed once more.
I looked down at the string and began to gently tug at it. More and more slowly came out, then the tampon it was attached too, the young woman moaned "Oh god...yes" as I threw it aside.
I pushed my cock slowly into her waiting pussy which was tight and hot. Grabbing both sides of her hips I began to fuck her slowly. The young woman letting out moans in time to each thrust of my cock. Her hips now beginning the sway in time to meet each of my thrusts. My cock going in deeper everytime our bodies connected. Her moans soon turned to panting as my speed increases, the sound of Slap, Slap, Slap echoes around the bowl.
"Fuck me harder" the young woman cries out.
I stopped for a moment, wriggling my cock as deep inside her as I could, I repositioned myself to fuck her hard.
My first hard thrust was met with "Fuck" from the young woman, my second got a "God" and third got a "Yes". Subsequent thrusts were greeted with "Deeper, deeper". I'm wasn't sure how much more of this I could take as my legs were beginning to shake when the young woman cried out "I'm cumming....I'm cumming". Her whole body began to thrash about as spasm after spasm ran over her body before slumping down onto her coat. I could hear her groan as she laid there motionless, but I was still to cum.
I pulled one of her legs out straight and pushed the other up towards her chest making her lay on her side. I straddled her thigh and positioned myself ready to fuck her again.
"No, lay behind me and fuck me that way" the young woman gasped.
I positioned myself on her coat behind her and lifted her leg up. She reached between her thighs and grabbed my cock, guiding it into her pussy. Once I felt it's warmth on the tip of my cock, I pushed myself inside her, making her moan. I slowly began to work up speed as I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft. The tip of my cock was rubbing against her pussy and it felt wonderful. The young woman reached over and grabbed my hip, pulling me into her.
"Oh god...fuck me...make me cum again" she moaned.
I could feel her pussy pulsate on my cock, in turn making me want to cum. I held on as long as I could, wanting both us to cum to together. The young woman released her grip on my hip and began to rub her clit.
"God, yes!" she cried out as I climaxed inside her. Our bodies entwined in shire extasy. I let her leg fall, her pussy gripping tight on my cock and I reached over and pulled her close to my chest. We lay like that for a few moments until her came down and woke us from our joy. We slowly regained our composure and dressed ourselves as best we could. The young woman gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"I get so horny when I'm on, you helped relive that" she said smiling and I watched her walk up out of the bowl.
The WD
Posted:Jan 9, 2018 7:54 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:17 pm

With Christmas and New Years out of the way and feeling like I really needed to get some serious exercise, I decided to buy a racing bike so I could cycle to and from work or even Uni on a warm summers days. As a , I would ride around for hours with my friends without taking a break. Plus being a member of the rugby club I would get a discount from the local bike shop. I picked out the bike and was told it would be ready to pick up the next day. One of the women who works in the shop is an avid rider herself and explained when I picked the bike up some of the routes she likes to ride which offer the best of flat racing and uphill climbs. She even offered to take me out on one route once I had got use to the bike, which I excepted. But once I had ridden the short distance from the shop to my home and felt how my legs were burning I thought that excepting her offer was going to be too much of a challenge. I rang the shop and spoke to the woman and explained the situation and apologised. She laughed and said that most people go through the same thing not riding a bike in years and the best thing for it was to go swimming, which sounded like a good idea. Plus I hadn't been swimming for years, not since they had torn down the old Lido and built an indoor pool. A few days pass and I decided to go for a swim, so cycled down, thinking of killing two birds with one stone.
The new indoor pool isn't as large as the old Lido that use to be on the site. There use to be three pools in the old Lido, a baby pool which was always warm, like taking a bath, a diving pool and a large swimming pool, they even had a sundeck on top of the pump house. The changing rooms were basic, to say the least. Twenty cubicles with wooden doors ten either side of an aisle and that was it. This just had a large swimming pool with a diving section at one end. But this also had a Gym, a cafeteria and extra large changing rooms with a seating area. I noticed as I entered that there weren't many people there. Could it be it was due to the time of day or is this how it is normally? The Lido was always packed and more often than not you'd be hard pushed to find anywhere to lay out your towel. I got changed and entered the swimming pool area. There was a young woman lifeguard in a dark blue one-piece swimsuit and shorts on a tall podium overseeing a young mother and her two , each learning to swim in armbands.
I dropped my towel off to one side and sat down with my legs dangling in the water. It wasn't warm, yet not too cold that it would give you a chill. I slid into the pool and began to swim towards the diving end of the pool, which didn't get deep until you reached a rope with small floats separating one side from the other. So I turned and made my way back to where I had begun. I must have been swimming no more than a few minutes before realising I was the only one in the pool. I stopped and bobbed for a few moments before the smell of fresh ground coffee filled my nostrils and the thought of something hot was tempting. I pulled myself out of the pool and went to grab my towel, doing so I noticed the young woman on the podium looking at me.
I walked over and asked, "If I was to leave, would you still have to sit there and watch an empty pool?"
"Yes, But I go on my break in a few minutes so might close off the pool early if no one is around" she replied smiling.
I smiled back and walked off towards the changing room drying myself as I went. As there wasn't anyone around so I didn't change in a cubicle and remained in the seating area. I had taken off my swimming trunks and was drying myself off when I heard a voice from the doorway to the pool saying "My, my. I would love to smack that arse".
I quickly covered myself up and turned to see the young woman standing there. She slowly walked over to me and I began to back away but was stopped by a row of lockers. Her hand reached up and ran her hand over my chest from shoulder to shoulder, then down to my stomach saying "I don't get to see many men like you in here. It's mainly OAP's and dads with their , who have let themselves go. Do you know how disappointing that is? Day in day out with no eye candy to look at" she said softly.
"No." I managed to stutter holding tightly to my towel.
"I used to think that is was going to be like on telly, you know, all hunky men and gorgeous women in tight trunks and swimsuits. All I see are beer bellies and wrinkles and now you. Now, people like you don't come along too often so one has to make use of an opportunity when it arises, don't you think?" she said softly looking into my eyes while stroking my belly.
"Erm" was all I could say before a finger was placed on my lips.
"There's no need to say anything, just enjoy it." the young woman said as she lowered herself to the floor, running her hands down my body.
I obviously wasn't thinking straight because I reached down and grabbed her by her shoulders pulling her back up from the floor, letting my towel fall. Almost at once we both realised what had happened and we both looked down.
"Oops. Didn't think that through, am I making you nervous?" she asked giggling.
"Erm, yes". I replied not really knowing what to do next.
The young woman then reached out a grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. At once I pushed her further away so she couldn't reach it.
"Stop it, you'll get us both into trouble". I said.
"Look around, there's no one here. Besides, you say no but your cock is saying yes," she said with a smile.
I looked down and my cock was semi-erect and starting to throb. This wasn't right, but she was attractive and had a great body. I would be a fool to turn her down, but this wasn't the place to do anything.
"Come on, you don't know how horny I am right now, I need to be fucked" she pleaded.
I looked down at the young woman's swimsuit and it was clear from the way her nipples were poking through she was certainly aroused. My cock twitched, letting me know what it thought and I relaxed my grip on her shoulders. She bent forwards, quickly and took my cock eagerly into her mouth and frantically sucking on it. The feeling was wonderful and my body tensed up. I reached up and grabbed my head with both hands and shoved my hips out slightly so she had a better angle to suck my cock. Once I was fully hard and my cock well covered in spit she stood up and peeled off her swimsuit to exposed her well-toned body. She laid lengthways on the bench and spread her legs, inviting me to fuck her. I straddled the bench and sat between her inviting legs and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. She let out small a gasp as my cock inched deeper and deeper inside her. I grabbed both her thighs and pulled her onto my cock, then started to rock back and forth moving my cock in and out of her. She grabbed her breasts and began to kneed and pull on them, which made me fuck her faster. Her moans grow louder and I was unsure if anyone outside of the changing rooms would hear her because of the echo the filled the room. But, I was at the stage of not caring enough to stop.
I fucked her like this for a few minutes until she placed both hands on my chest and said: "Get off and lay down".
I did as she asked by laying down as she had done, lengthways on the bench. She now straddled both me and then bench and lowered herself onto my cock. As her crutch touched mine she began to rub herself against me hard. I reached up and kneed her breast as I had seen her do which made her moan with delight.
"Fucking hell....this feels good" she moaned as she switched from rubbing herself on my cock to fucking it. I lowered my hands to her arse to aid her in her action and she leant forward, placing both hands on my chest.
"Do you like this? Do you like to get fucked like this?" she asked panting as she raised and lowered herself.
The feeling was intense and getting more so as her rhythm slowly increased in speed and the force in which she came down on me got harder. In short time she was grunting in time with each downward motion and pearls of sweat were beginning to appear on her brow and breasts.
"Your gonna make me cum. Make me cum......Make me cum". she yelled forcing herself down harder and harder. I could feel her pussy tighten as she stopped and flopped down on my chest letting out a little laugh. After a few moments, she raised herself off my chest and climbed off me and sat at my feet picking up my towel, her swimsuit and shorts. She wiped herself down with my towel, before throwing it at me started to pull on her swimsuit.
"What about me?" I asked shocked she was getting dressed.
"What about you? I'm the one who was horny, you just happen to be here to help out". she smiled as she pulled on her shorts. Then as she stood up she slapped my legs and said "Thanks, you were great. I hope you come back, I need some eye candy to keep me entertained". Then walked out of the changing rooms leaving me with a hard-on. My head flopped down on the bench and my hands covered my face as embarrassment at being used wheeled up inside of me. All thoughts of getting that coffee had left my head and the need to get out of there was now my main objective.
I managed to slip out without being seen, fearing that either someone had heard what had gone on and was keeping an eye open to see who came out, or seeing how embarrassed I was. I wasn't really with it when I reached the bike shed and started to unlock my bike and didn't notice the woman from the bike shop pull up and call my name, making me jump slightly.
"How was the swim? Was the water warm or cold today?" she asked panting slightly.
"It was okay, the water was a little chilly though". I replied trying not to blush any more than I already was.
"Shame I was hoping to go for a swim, but I'll have to settle for just renewing my season ticket". she replied smiling.
"Are you off home or going to the rugby club?" she asked pointing to the club which is just over the playing field from the pool.
"I'm going home" I replied pulling out my bike from the rack.
"Do you mind holding my bike for a second then, I just need to get a new ticket and I'll be right out and we can ride back together?" she asked excitedly.
"Okay" I replied being polite but not really in the mood. She handed me her bike and walked off towards the entrance to the pool to the sound of clip, clip, clip coming from her cycling shoes. I'm not really sure how long she had been gone because I kind of zoned out thinking about what had just happened, but the sound of her shoes made me aware of her approach. It was then I noticed that she had on a tight cycling top and a pair of loose high cut shorts which neither left much to the imagination.
"Sorry, it took so long. I got talking to someone and couldn't get away. Ready then?" she asked smiling. I nodded and we cycled off towards the promenade.
We started to chat as we cycled, only stopping to pass people strolling along the prom. Up ahead we had to make a choice of either carrying on along the prom or taking a shortcut through what we locals call the, WD. It is an old second world war gun emplacement designed to protect the harbour from attack from sea and air. It's made up of lots of small outbuildings and tunnels which were used to store artillery shells for the antiaircraft guns and the big main defensive guns. Most people just use it to walk their dogs and play there, but, it's fenced off most of the time. People or cut holes in the fence from time to time so they can get in and it's a handy shortcut for cyclists as the part of the prom which runs alongside it is cobbled and painful to ride on.
"Follow me" the woman called out as she road ahead and into the WD. I followed a short distance behind her when I noticed her going up the wrong path to where we should be going. Puzzled I followed and see her pull up outside what was commonly called the Stables. It is a long building with small rectangle concrete plinths evenly spaced along its length. I followed her inside to find her seated on one of the plinths.
"Do you have something to tell me?" the woman asked as I entered.
"Sorry?" I replied confused by the question.
She got to her feet and walked over to me smiling slightly. I noticed a bum print in the dust where she had just been sitting and started to chuckle.
"What are you laughing at?" she asked turning in the direction I was looking and giving me a clear view of her now dusty backside.
"Come here" I chuckle and began to smack the dust off her arse. She looked round quickly to see what I was doing and exclaimed "Bugger!"
She bent over the plinth where she had been sitting and placed her hands on it.
"You're going to have to smack harder than that to get the dust off," she said giggling.
As I walked towards her I noticed the shorts had ridden up, the bottom part of each cheek was now exposed and had tightened around her pussy. I began to smack her arse trying to get the dust off, but, realised what I was actually doing, after a few smacks and the odd murmur of gratification coming from the woman. So I stopped smacking her and started to gently wipe her arse.
"What are you doing?" asked the woman looking round at me.
"Smacking isn't working so I'm going to try and wipe the dust off," I said trying to sound like I didn't really know what was going on. I gently ran my hand over her arse starting at the top and working down the cheek to the back of her thigh. I repeated the process on the other cheek then standing behind her I started to gently run my hands over her inner thighs, making her spread her legs slightly. I knelt down behind her and could clearly see her pussy through her tight shorts making my cock harden once more. How far could I push my luck I thought. I stood up behind her an began to run my hand slowly up and down the crack of her arse. Each stroke slowly getting lower and lower and edging my way closer to her pussy. The woman's hips responded to my touch by moving in time with my stroke so I would rub harder against her. I finally reached my goal and felt the damp fabric of her shorts under my fingers.
"I've almost go it," I said softly. The woman's head lowered and her back arched pushing her pussy further out giving me easy access to it.
"God yes, make sure you do" the woman replied softly and moaning almost silently. A clear wet patch was beginning to form in the area I was rubbing and my cock was now aching to be set free. I gently pulled at one side of the crotch of her shorts giving me a clear view of her pussy. I began to run my fingers over her now naked pussy and felt her clit under my fingers. The woman's moans are now audible which meant, without doubt, she was enjoying it. I pulled down my tracksuit bottoms freeing my cock from its confines. I placed myself in position and placed a hand on the woman's hip ready to pull her towards myself as I pushed myself into her.
The woman must have felt the tip of my cock pressing against her pussy because she looked around at me and pushed her hips backwards onto my waiting cock and letting out a low moan as it slid in. I pushed her forwards slightly to make fucking her easier and held both sides of her hips tight. I wriggled my cock around inside for a moment or two before I made my first move which was a short hard thrust which almost knocked her off her feet. Once again I gave her quick hard thrust, then another and another.
"Fuck me, fuck me" the woman pleaded.
I did as she asked and with each quick hard thrust she let out a moan. I reached down and pulled her head up by her hair making her moan louder with the odd "Fuck" thrown in. I was really excited now and began to speed up, I wanted to make her cum on my cock. But, what with having been fucked earlier could I last until this woman did. I need to slow down, so withdrew from her and laid down on the plinth.
"It's your turn to fuck me," I said reaching out my hands for the woman's. She grabbed hold of both hands as she straddled me like the young woman had done earlier and she to began to rub her crotch hard against mine once I was inside her.
"You going to cum, are you?" the woman asked through gritted teeth as she rubbed herself faster and hard against me.
"Oh god!" the woman cried out as I felt her pussy clench hard onto my cock. Her hips occasionally moving as she tried to get the most out of her satisfaction as she could. Not again I thought and pulled the woman down onto my chest and began to fuck her.
"Fuck!.....Fuck!" the woman cried out as I fucked her hard and quickly. I was determined to cum this time as in a short while I could feel it building. Just as I was about to cum I released the woman and cried out "I'm cumming".
The woman slid off my cock and took it in her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking the tip of my cock as it spurted into her mouth. Then there came a feeling of something running down my cock, as I looked down I could see my cum oozing from the side of the woman's mouth as she stroked my cock.
"Fuck I needed that," I said as a relaxed enjoying the feeling of a long-awaited orgasm. The woman began to giggle as she released my cock from her mouth and licked my cum from her fingers.
"You taste nice and salty. Could be from having blue balls after my niece left you high and dry" the woman chuckled. I looked up startled at her smiling face.
"Don't look at me like that. She said you were a good fuck and I had to find out if it was true. Plus I also did you a favour in helping you with your frustration" the woman once more chuckled as she climbed off me.
I reached down and pulled up my now dusty tracksuit bottoms and quickly stood up.
"I thought the saying was, like mother like , not like aunty" I exclaimed as I headed out of the building. The woman followed and as well climbed onto our bikes said "If you ever have trouble with my niece again, call me and I'll sort you out" ending that sentence with a wink.
The Red Haired Gril.
Posted:Jan 5, 2018 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:17 pm

It’s the first Friday after New and myself an a few friends are out having a drink. Every pub we enter is almost empty save for the odd local who are always there. A friend suggested that we should get out of town and hit a new night club that had opened a few weeks earlier in a near by town. There had been lots of people talking about the place, making it sound intriguing because they held foam parties there the first weekend of the month. I wasn’t really in the mood for it but a taxi was ed and we were off to see what all the fussy had been about.
The club is on the corner of an industrial estate and looked like a converted warehouse. It was lit up with bright coloured lights that danced over the front of the building. There were a few people queuing outside as we pulled up and a friend remarked that it didn’t look that busy. We fell inline behind those already waiting and waited our turn to be ed over by the doorman to be searched.
A friend was first to be searched and asked “Is it busy tonight?”
“There’s a few in there but not nearly as busy as it has been” the doorman replied.
We all finally got inside and walked up a small set of stairs to the coat checking area, then through a set of double doors to the club. There were flashing lights directly over head as you entered which disorientate you slightly, but once away from them you found yourself close to a bar that ran round sides of the building. There was a lot of people milling round the bar and on the dance floor, but it wasn’t packed and you could move with ease without bumping into any. We got our drinks and made our way over to a set of tall tables which over looked the dance floor. We were quickly joined by a group of you woman on the next set of tables, of which a friend recognised. Both groups began to mingle and chat, but young woman in particular caught my eye. She was short with long red hair and had on red shoes, red tights and a red dress all of which was close to the colour of her hair. She seemed to be on the shy side as she didn’t seem to want to chat to any but rather watched the people on the dance floor. I was reluctant to go over and talk to her as I still wasn’t really in the mood to party or to chat and neither did she. So I made my way over to a set of chairs away from the group and sat down. I must of zd and got lost in the music and watching the people dance because I jumped slightly when a hand was placed on my shoulder. It was the girl with the long red hair.
“Can I join you?” she asked pointing to an empty chair.
“Be my guest” I replied.
As she sat down next to me I became aware of the sweet flowery ent of her perfume.
“You look like I feel, bored” she said with a smile.
“I’m was just hoping for a quite drink tonight, not really in the mood for clubbing” I replied.
“I was dragged here as well. I’m supposed to be meeting my boyfriend back in town later to go somewhere else but it looks like that’s not going to happen now” she said now with a frown where the smile had been.
“Tell you what, give it an hour and if you still want to meet your boyfriend I’ll drop you off in town because I don’t think I’m going to be here much longer” I replied feeling sorry for her.
She reached over and placed a hand on my thigh and with a smile said “That’s really sweet of you, thank you.”
We chatted for a while trying to figure out why some days you feel like you can party all night and other days you don’t want to go out at all. Between the both of us we couldn’t figure out why, so as we both took the last sips of our drinks we decided it was time to quietly leave and let our friends enjoy themselves. We made our way to the coat checking area and the red haired girl gave me her ticket to get her coat while she went off to ph for a ride. I waited for a while before she returned for her coat figuring that she was having to ph different cab companies to get to pick us up quickly.
“Trouble getting a cab?” I asked as I held her on with her coat.
“I ed my boyfriend. He’ll pick us up and drop you off where ever you want, but he might be a while.” she said as buttd up her coat.
“If he’s going to be a while, do you want to wait inside, we might get cold out there?” I asked.
“I don’t think I can handle much more of the music to be hst. Besides there’s a heated seating area round the corner where I said we’ll wait for him” she replied with a smile as she walked off towards the exit. As I followed her out of the building and along the front, I noticed that she was almost skipping with joy like a hool girl. She then turned down a dark alley at the side of the club where we came across a wooden bench against the wall. The wall behind it had slats in it and warm air blowing out, form the air conditioning I assumed. As she sat down on the bench she patted a spot next to her indicating for me to sit. As I sat down I could feel the warm air blowing on the back of my neck and down my back. I tilted my head back against the vent enjoying the contrast of cold night on my face and warm air behind me.
The red hair girl suddenly sprung to her feet and straddled me. She grabbed the vent either side of my head and lent in and kiss me.
I pushed away quickly saying “Your boyfriend will be here soon”.
“He’s going to be a while yet. Besides no comes down here and I need something warm inside me because I’m getting cold” she replied pouting and wriggling slightly on my lap. I could feel my cock move under her w as it rubbed against her crutch.
“No really, we shouldn’t” I said trying to sound stern but enjoying the feeling of her on lap.
“But I took my nickers off specially for you” she said as she lifted her coat and dress in movement. I looked down and was greeted by the sight of red stocking tops, bare thighs and a bald pussy wriggling on my lap. I couldn’t tare my eyes away until she let her dress and coat fall covering her nakedness moments later. I looked into her eyes as she once more lent in slowly and kissed me gently. My cock now began to throb and harden quickly under her w, which she must of felt because her wriggle changed to a deliberate rubbing motion. I reached round and grabbed her arse as our kiss became more passionate and intense. She suddenly lent back away from me, sliding down my legs a little she reached down and pulled down the zip of my trousers. She reached inside and pilled out my hard cock and stroked it slowly.
“You are enjoying this, aren’t you” she said with a grin before raising herself up and placing herself over my cock. She slowly lowered herself allowing my cock to slip inside her letting out a gentle groan. She placed her hands on my shoulders and began to fuck me slowly. I pressed my feet hard down on the floor raising my crutch up trying to get every inch of me inside her. The rhythm slowly began to increase in speed, her hands now reached round my neck and her head fell onto my shoulder. Each downward thrust became harder and her moans louder.
“Fuck, you are tight” I said as tried to aid her by lifting her up and down with my arms.
“God I needed this” she exclaimed suddenly switching from moving up and down to rubbing herself on my crutch. Her moans intensify as she lifts her head off my shoulder and leans backwards slightly forcing as much of her crutch against mine as she can. The bench is now moving and creaking beneath us as the force of her movements quicken. She looks me in the eyes panting as I feel her pussy tighten even more round my cock.
“Fuck me, g on, fuck me. Bend me over and fuck me” she said with an intense look in her eye.
I stood up with her still on my cock and she slid slowly down placing her feet on the floor. She took a step towards the bench and bent over grabbing of the slats of the vent. I lifted her coat and dress up and laid them on her back as she spread her legs slightly and I got into position to enter her once more.
She turned to look at me with a smile and said “Fuck me like you would a ”.
I pushed my cock into her and she let out a groan of delight. I grabbed either side of her hips and with a hard thrust began to fuck her, slow and hard.
“Yes, Yes, Yes” she said with each hard thrust I made.
“Fuck me hard,….treat me rough” she moaned as my speed began to increase.
I reached up and brought my hand down hard on cheek of her arse to a resounding slap.
“Oh Fuck….again” she moaned. I did it again and again getting the same response each time.
“Fuck my hole….Fuck it hard” she again moaned.
“Make me cum…..Make me cum…don’t stop….don’t stop” she gasped as I felt her pussy tighten and her legs give way and shake. I could feel my own orgasm starting to rise up inside of me. The red hair girl suddenly drop to her knees shaking and laughing. I stood there for moment not knowing what to do, but bent over her as she turned her head to look up at me.
“That is what I an orgasm” she said as she pulled herself up on the bench with my with a big smile on her face. She was giggling as she looked down at my hard cock, wet with her cum.
“Now it’s your turn” she said as she reached out and pulled my cock towards her waiting mouth. Her lips closing round my shaft as her head lowered down onto it. I could feel her tongue rub against my shaft she worked it in and out of her mouth, making my legs shake once more as I felt my orgasm start rise again. I placed a hand on her head as my cock pulsated in her mouth as I shot my cum down her throat. The red hair girl moaned with each spurt of cum filled her mouth and she swallowed it all. Once I had stopped cumming she slowly took my cock from her mouth and licked it all over.
“There, nice and clean” she said smiling.
I put my cock back inside my trousers and sat down beside her enjoying the moment. We both lent back against the vent enjoying the warm air on our necks. The red hair girl rubbed my thigh and giggled slightly.
“It was worth coming out tonight after all, wasn’t it?” she asked softly smiling.
I nodded in agreement and place a hand on top of hers, then closed my eyes for a bit.
A few moments later the sound of a car pulling up made me quickly sit up.
“My boy friends here” exclaimed the red hair girl excitedly. She quickly got up and ran to the car and jumped in the front seat and kissed her boy friend. Could he smell what we have been up to ran through my head.
“Come on jump in” red hair girl said beaming a big smile.
“Where do you want dropping off” her boyfriend asked as I closed the back door.
“Drop me off at the train station if that’s okay. I can get the train home” I replied nervously.
On the way to the station we had a brief chat about where I was from and it turned out that they were going to meet some friends close by and said he could drop all the way me home as it wasn’t to far out of the way. I thanked him for his kindness and we headed off towards mine. The red hair girl and boyfriend chatted to each other and I remained quiet I the back until he mentid the place where they were to meet their friends pricked my ears. It was the dogging car park where my mate and I had our first experience.
“Erm…I don’t mean to be rude, but are you buy any chance going dogging?” I asked shyly in a lull in the conversation.
The red hair girl looked round at my quickly with a shocked look on her face.
“Why do you ask that?” she ped.
“It’s just I heard you mention where you are to meet your friends and it’s a well known dogging site” I replied, nervous that she might have taken offence.
The red hair girls boyfriend quickly pulled the car over and parked by the side of the road. Thoughts of either a big argument was about to erupt or I might be thrown from the car and made to walk the rest of the way filtered through my brain.
The red hair girls boyfriend now turned to me and asked “Have you been there dogging yourself?”
“Yes” I replied slightly shocked.
“It’s our first time…what was it like?” asked the red haired girl excitedly.
I told them of my experience there which was met by smiles from them both. The car was started once more but instead of heading towards mine we headed towards the woods and the car park. As we got close to woods I was asked to give directions to the car park, which I did, now edger to find out what was going to happen. As we pulled into the car park I pointed out where all the action was at the far end and we quickly pulled up and parked. Almost straight away a light went on and the red haired girls boyfriend jumped out of the car.
“He loves to watch people fuck. Wait to see what he’s like when some fucks me” exclaimed the red haired girl with a big grin. Her boyfriend returned shortly afterwards and climbed back in the car slightly out of breath.
“It’s show time hy” he said switching on the car head lights. The red haired girl giggled as she climbed out and walked to the front of the car. She stood for a moment then slowly turned around to face the car as guys approached her. The first to reach her pushed her forwards face down on the bonnet, then lifted her coat and skirt as I had d earlier. The red haired girl smiled at her boyfriend as the first guy pushed his cock into her hard, forcing her further onto the bonnet. He began to fuck her hard, her hair swayed in time with each thrust. Her eye closed and we could hear muffled moans.
Her boyfriend turned to me and smiled saying “She fucking loves cock the little slut”.
The second guy was now standing next to the car with his hard cock in his hand wanking at the sight of this young woman being pounded from behind. She turns her head slightly to see him and reaches out her hand. The second guy walked forward and placed his cock in her hand and she took over the job of wanking it. Every so often the second guy would step a little closer to the car until he was close enough that she could lean over and take his cock in her mouth. Her boyfriend now was sitting on the drives seating wanking himself at the sight of his girlfriend being ruined by to strangers. I to was finding the sight exciting and my cock was aching to be released from it’s confines. I reached down and pulled out my cock and began to stroke it in time to the thrusts of the guy fucking her. Her boyfriend must have caught sight of me out of the corner of his eye because he looked round at me and smiled. Shortly there after the guy who’s fucking her stops pounding her and stands motionless, then slowly backs away. The second guy quickly takes his place and begins to fuck the red haired girl. Her boyfriend reaches over to the glove box and pulls out a small tube and hands it to me.
“Put this on your cock, it’s your turn next and your going to fuck that slut in the arse” he excitedly commanded.
I looked at the tube which had, in big bold letters, Lubricating Gel, printed on it. I put a big dollop on the end of my cock and began to rub in all over. Not sure how much I should use I just sure that it was completely covered in gel.
“I’m cumming” cried out the second guy as he made short sharp thrusts into the red haired girl.
“Go on, it’s your turn” her boyfriend said excitedly.
I opened the car door and walked to the front of the car. The second guy was now walking off, leaving the red haired girl was panting and giggling on the bonnet with her eyes shut and skirt and coat still up exposing her naked arse now covered in cum. I lowered the skirt and coat and slowly pulled her up off the bonnet. As I did she turned and looked at me with a big grin. The same she had given me not so long ago. I reached under her arms and lifted her up onto the bonnet.
“What’s this” she asked quizziy.
Bent down and lifted her legs high in the air forcing her to lay down on the bonnet. Her dress and coat fell down exposing her cum soak pussy and arse as I took a step closer pushing her legs towards her. The red hair girl looked up at me from between her legs.
“What are you going to do?’ she asked slightly confused.
I positid my cock close to her arsehole and looked back at her and with a smile I slowly leaned forwards and pushed my cock into her arse.
“Fuck, fuck…no,no” she exclaimed, her head banging down onto the bonnet and her hands covering her face. My cock covered in Lube slid in easily even though her arse was tight. Once in, I grabbed both her ankles and lifted her feet up and spread her legs wide apart.
“You can’t do this, please don’t” the red haired girl pleaded once more looking at me from between her legs. I hadn’t noticed but her boyfriend had got out of the car and was now standing by the front wheel.
“Oh yes he can. Fuck her arse hard until you cum” her boyfriend commanded.
“Please don’t, he’s the only allowed to do that” the red haired girl pleaded again.
I looked at her boyfriend and he waved me on to do as he commanded. So gripped tightly onto her ankles and began to fuck her arse slowly.
OH FUCK…..OH FUCK…..OH FUCK” she cried out with each thrust. The more I fucked her arse the easier it got and the faster I could go. Her cries turn to moans and grunts through gritted teeth as each thrust became harder. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the air now my hands had slid down to grip her thighs to pull her onto my cock with each thrust I gave. Her boyfriend reached over with his free hand and began to rub her clit which made her moan loudly. Her hands gripped and pulled at her coat as she tried to muffle her moans. Occasionally he would slip his fingers into her pussy which seemed to delight her judging by her deep moans.
“Pull out for a moment” her boyfriend commanded me, which I did slowly. He took my place between her legs and pushed his cock into her pussy greeted by a loud moan. He reach forward and lifted her up into his arms and turned to sit on the bonnet. As he sat down she placed both feet on the bumper and began to fuck him vigorously.
“Don’t just stand there, there’s a spare hole, us it” her boyfriend cried out to me.
She stopped fucking him for a moment and lifted up her skirt and coat showing me her arse. I got between his legs in such a position that I could get my cock into her arse and pushed it in. She twisted herself so she had an arm over mine and her boyfriends shoulder and began to fuck us both as we stood there.
“I’m a slut, I’m a slut” she said as she bounced up and down on both our cocks. I could feel his cock inside her pussy and hear how wet her pussy had become as with each downward motion there would be a squelch.
Soon enough the red haired girls legs began to shake and she cried out “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”.
“That’s my girl, cum all over me” cried out her boyfriend as she began to squirt all over his crutch. She slumped forwards on to his chest panting and giggling again. I slowly pulled out of her arse and her boyfriend turned and laid her back down on the bonnet where she stretched then lay limp for a moment. She slowly slid off the bonnet and walked round to the side of the car and laid face down on the bonnet and beckd me over.
“You have yet to finish what you started” she said lifting up her coat and dress once more. Her boy friend came and stood beside me and watched as my cock was once more being forced into her arse. She reached out her hands on the bonnet and moaned deeply as it slid inside her, then turned slightly so she could take her boyfriends cock in her mouth. I began to fuck her hard yet again and watched as her boyfriend after a few moment of being deep throated pulled out of her mouth and came over her face. Without a cock to stifle her moans she began to bite on her coat as I started to feel myself cum and my pace had picked up. Suddenly my legs became stiff and I pushed myself in as deep as I could get as I shoot my cum into her arse.
“Oh yes fill me up, please fill me up” she groaned as she felt squirt after squirt inside her. Eventually my cock started to go limp and I pulled out slowly, at which point she reached into her coat pocket and puled out her nickers that she had removed at the club. She slowly put them on and pulled them up before sliding into the back seat and curled up in a ball. Both myself and her boyfriend got back in the car and relaxed for a moment trying to catch our breaths. A short time later I was back home and waving them off with another tale to tell.
A Very Merry Christmas
Posted:Dec 27, 2017 5:52 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:17 pm

It is the run up to Christmas and parties are in full swing all over the place. Coming from such a small town you tend to know a lot of people if your involved in one of the many clubs and so get a lot of invites. One such invite was to the Cricket Club Dinner and Dance. Their Pavilion is small so rent a place just outside of town for the night. The venue is an old converted barn with exposed oak beams, large oak chandeliers help up with thick Chains. It’s all very rustic but when it’s dark and the lights are on, the atmosphere is great. Tow of my friends and myself buy tickets for the event. I’m going alone but my friends are taking their partners. On arriving at the event we check where we are to be seated and find that I am on a separate table from them. No big deal as I have said, coming from a small town you know a lot of people so there will be someone on the table I can chat to. So we go to the bar a grab ourselves some drinks and begin a night of merriment.
The dinner is about to start and we had to take our seats. On my table made up of two elderly couples and three single women who had come together. I start to chat to some of them and it turns out their husbands use to play for the club but have now sadly died. Two of women are in their late 50’s, the other in her early 60’s. These ladies all know each other as they sit together at every function. They explain that in the club there’s a joke that they have to change the seating arrangements for every event because they scare people. I was puzzled as to how these seemingly sweet ladies could scare anyone until Grace, who was sat to my right placed a hand on my leg and whispered.”It’s because we’re ravenous for hot young men.”
I quickly looked round the room to find where my mates were and noticed the odd person looking over in my direction laughing. Now was I just being paranoid and shocked by being touched up by an older woman. Or was it that I was sat there for a reason and that being to give everyone something to laugh about.
The first course arrived and things settled down as wine began to flow and we enjoyed the meal. The second course also seemed to go down well but the wine was starting to make some a little boisterous. The desert arrived and I was hoping that once this was over I could get away to find my friends, but Susan, who was sat to my left placed her hand on my thigh and said “We’ll have you for a bit longer as there’s more wine and cheese in a moment.”
My heart sank knowing the was no polite way out of this situation. More wine arrived and I filled my glass to the brim and downed it.
Susan leaned over once more with a big smile, placing her hand on my leg she whispered “You mite want to take it easy or you’ll be no good later.”
What could she mean by that, I thought. My mind now raced to find a way out of this situation, but as luck would have it the tables had to be moved to make an area for people to dance so we were asked to move. I quickly made my way to the bar found my friends where they all started to take the piss out of me. Even a couple of the Cricket Club members came up and bought me a drink over the course of an hour for surviving this far.
The third of the three woman sat on my table, Jenny, tapped me on the shoulder and offered to buy me a drink as an apology for how Grace and Susan had acted. Then explained that it was just a bit of fun and nothing was meant by it. I excepted the drink and she left to join Grace and Susan.
The dance had been going for sometime and people were starting to leave a little worse for ware some of them. Myself and my friends were by now slightly merry ourselves and were on the dance floor messing about when the slow songs cam on. I quickly left floor leaving my friends behind with their partners having a smooch. At the bar Jenny tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I’d dance with her. Before I could say anything she grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the floor. I looked around to see if anyone could rescue me from this but no one was taking any notice.
Jenny is much smaller then me and thin and as I looked down at her I could see right down her loose fight dress. She once again apologized for her friends as we swayed in tie to the music. I started to feel something rub against my pelvis. I was already nervous and this just made the situation worse as I felt something stir in my pants. The song ended and Jenny thanked me and walked off leaving to return to the bar to compose myself. I watched my friends dance to more slow songs wishing this embarrassing night would end when Jenny suddenly appeared.
“Can you give me a hand. I seem to be stuck outside?” she asked and without thinking followed her. Once outside she lead me down to the side of the barn away from the car park. It was dimly lit and nothing but open fields this side. Once half way down the barn she stopped and turned towards me and looked behind me.
“Quickly, before anyone notices we’re gone” she softly as she placed a both hands on my shoulders pushing me down to mt knees and then raising the hem of her dress. Even in the dim light I could see she hadn’t any underwear on as a hand was placed on my head and she thrust her pelvis onto my face. I instantly tried to push her off but even as small as Jenny is, she forced me onto my back and straddled my chest with her knees either side of my head and slowly positioned herself close to my face. She wriggled and pulled her dress up exposing her pussy then reached down and pulled my head up to meet her as she lowered herself down my chest to meet my mouth. Jenny wriggled on my mouth and whispered “Come on, lick it. Stick your tongue out and lick it.”
I was suddenly aware of rustling in the grass where we had just walked and then someone tugging at the zip to my trousers. I knew it couldn’t be Jenny as she had both hands on my head holding me in place as she moved her pussy over my mouth. My cock was free and I felt something warm envelop it as well as the weight of another person resting on my legs. I tried to wriggle free but to no avail, I was stuck.
“Let me have a taste of it” said a quite voice as my cock seemed to be past to someone else. The weight on my legs increased and a pair of hands stroked my thighs. I could feel my cock responding there their touch which seemed to be met with moans of delight.
“He’s liking this, see he’s getting hard” whispered a vice.
It was now obvious to me who these were, but what should I do. I could easily get away from them if I used all my strength but I would certainly hurt them in the process. Should I try and hope not to hurt them or should I just relax and enjoy the moment and give in. My cock was exchanged once more I could feel and tongue moving up and down my shaft as it was worked in and out of someones mouths and it felt wonderful. I resolved myself to enjoy it and flicked out my tongue onto Jennies waiting pussy to a moan of delight. Her hips responded and moved back and forth with each flick.
“Go on girls he’s ready” Jenny said.
My cock was set free for a moment and I sense movement on my legs. They were now free but I could feel the tip of my cock being run along something warm and soft.
“Oh fuck this feels good” a voice said as I felt my cock slide into something warm and wet. Someone was now sitting on my lap with my cock inside them. After a short wiggle and a pair of hands tightly grabbing my thighs they began to fuck me hard. I felt their arse pounding into my belly as they worked my cock in and out of them. I sucked on Jennies clit in response which made her quiver and let out a moan.
“Go on, suck on it hard and flick it with your tongue” She moaned.
I did as she asked to her great delight as her moans got louder.
Who ever was fucking me gripped even tighter onto my thighs as their movements changed from up and down to back and forth and cried out softly “I’m fucking coming.”
This must of excited Jenny as she also cried out “Me too.”
Their pussy pulsed and tightened on my cock and a warm sensation of something dribbling down into my trousers. I also felt something run down my chin as Jenny quivered and pushed my mouth hard onto her clit. A few moments pass then the warmth of a persons body on my cock was replaced by cool air. Who was the first to fuck me, was it Susan or Grace, pondered for a moment. The coolness of the night air was quickly replaced by the warmth of another person lowering themselves onto my cock. Jenny released her grasp on my head but I was going to let her go just yet. I forced my tongue into her pussy lapping at the juice which was flowing from her. Once more I felt someone eagerly fuck me until they came, almost bring me to the point of orgasm as well.
Jenny mean while was enjoying the attention my tongue was giving her but was now eager the sample something harder. As the second person rose fro my cock I heard then rustle of grass once more as they left hurriedly. Jenny rose from my mouth and straddled my hips. Taking hold of my cock she guided it to her wet pussy and let herself drop onto it. She had her back to me and I watched her arse rise and lower as my cock appeared and disappeared. I reached out and held her arse in my hands helping her as her moans got louder. I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer before I was about to cum. So I waited to the moment when Jenny at at her highest point as she rose up and pushed her forwards on her knees. I quickly pulled myself from beneath her and got behind her. With one hand I grabbed her hip and positioned my cock for the first thrust into her. Jenny looked round at me as I pushed myself as deep as I could wit my first thrust.
“Fuck” she cried out.
I now had both hands on her hips and began to fuck her, pulling on her hips with each thrust. I began to fuck her hard making her flesh ripple as bodies met with a slap.
“Fuck me harder, harder, hurt me” she cried through gritted teeth.
I slapped her arse to which she cried “Yes, again, again.”
I slapped her a few more times and felt her pussy tighten as she forced herself backwards to meet my thrusts.
“Oh God yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me. Make me cum” she once more cried out as her body shock and her fell forwards in a heap. I wasn’t cumming yet but was about to so kept up my thrusts. Jenny looked round at me as her head bobbed back and forth as I pounded her.
“Cum inside me, please cum inside me” she whimpered as with my final thrust pushed myself in as deep as I could let myself cum inside her. My cock throbbed as I spurted every last drop into her. I rested inside her, panting as I enjoyed my orgasm. A few moments past and I began to go soft so I slowly pulled out of her. She reached up between her legs to feel my cum oozing out and rubbed it over her pussy. I slowly got to my feet and pushed my soaking cock into my trousers. I reached out a hand to help Jenny up off the floor her legs shacking and weak. I walked with her back to the door of the barn but stopped at coming in.
“Thank you, it has been wonderful meeting you and I doubt I’ll forget this night for sometime. Now I have to try and make it home without all your cum coming out of me.” Jenny said laughing as she walked off towards her car. I looked on wondering how much my cum was dribbling down her legs and did she enjoy the feeling like Karren does.
The gift part 2
Posted:Dec 19, 2017 12:03 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:17 pm

I was up early Saturday morning getting ready to play rugby. Our game was ans away match it it would take us some time to get there, hence why an early start. On the coach I sat next to some of the team members and for some unknown reason tell them about what had been happening with Sue. They all were very intrigued and want to know all the details. I said that I would tell all after the game.
The game ended and we back on the coach after our meal and a beer and my team mates I had spoken to about Sue wanted to know more. So I went into great detail about what I had made her do with the gift I had got her. Some began to say that I was bullshitting and no one would act that way and they left to sit else where. The remaining still wanted more information. What else would I make her do, how far would she go and can they join in the action. My mind began to ponder on how far Sue would go if I ordered her to do something before she would refused to do so. Thoughts of her with other men began to filter into my mind and it was a turn on. So I asked the remaining three team mates when they could all get together early one morning. Monday was the only time they could meet and so I planed when and where they met and I would guide them to Sues.
Sue was due home shortly so I had to make my way to my hiding place behind the shed before I was seen, and told the guys they had to ring the door bell at the exact time. There was no sign of Sue twenty minutes after she was normally home and thought’s of, had she gone shopping or had she got cold feet and staid away when she knew I could be there ran throw my head. It was also getting close to the time I had arranged for the guys to ring the door bell. What they call me a liar and think I had made this all up. There was a screech brakes and a car door slamming shut. I witnessed Sue running into the kitchen, throwing her bag and coat on the floor as she rushed to the cupboard where her gift and the walkie talkie were kept.
“Hello, hello, are you there” she said panting into the walkie talkie.
“Yes, I’m here.” I replied knowing that there was little time for me to get her ready for the arrival of some guests. Sue seemed to slump down on the floor relieved that I was there. She picked up the dildo with her other hand and pulled herself off the floor and went to sit at her usual place by the kitchen counter.
“Before we start, I want you go quickly and get naked and put on a dressing gown, then return here.” I commanded her trying to hurry things along. She did as I commanded, almost running from the room and returning in the same fashion in a light blue silk dressing gown just about reaching her knees. My eye glanced at my watch, there wasn’t much time left before she heard the door bell ring.
“Sit in you stall and place your feet on the counter.” I commanded and she complied.
“Run your hands up and down your inner thigh, from knee to crouch.” I once more commanded and watched as she did exactly that. There was only a couple of minutes to go and thought occurred to me, would I hear the door bell from where I was. I watched Sue as she ran her hands along her thighs suddenly stop and look at the front window, could that have been the door bell she heard, it was that time.
I took a chance “Open the door and invite in who ever is there.” I said nervous to see if she complied with my command. Sure enough, moments later I saw my teams mates enter the kitchen. They were all under strict instructions not to say anything during to whole time they were there so stood motionless in the kitchen. Sue then made her way past my team mates to her stall and stood next to it facing them all.
“Remove your dressing gown.” I commanded Sue watching eagerly to see her fully naked for the first time. Her head bent downwards to the floor hesitating for a moment before pulling and the light blue belt holding the dressing gown together. It slipped off her shoulders and fell to the floor behind her. She placed her hands over her pussy to cover it from the lads glaring eyes, her head still looking down at the floor.
“Explore her body gently boys.” I called out and watched as the eagerly rushed over to Sue, their hands moving over her skin. They squeezed her breasts and arse, stroked her thighs and small of her back. After a few moments of what I hoped were tender touches her head lifted up and hands moved away from her pussy in response to be replaced by one of the guys hands. She placed her hands onto the shoulders of two of the guys as her legs began to bend allowing them easy access to her pussy. He ran his hands along her pussy making her throw her head back in delight. One of the other guys reached out and turned her head towards him and he kissed her passionately.
I wasn’t sure if it was the kiss or her pussy being fondled that made begin to slight bob up and down, but something was. I imagined her moaning at the touches from the guys and what she could be feeling right now. It was turning me on watching it, so God knows how they all felt in there.
Sue throw her head backwards and she bobbed up and down faster, was she about to cum, I thought. Moments later her legs gave way, buckling underneath and she fell to her knees. Her head was bent down towards the floor and she seemed to be panting. I then noticed the guys stripping off and taking up positions round Sue. All their cocks were hard and begging for attention. Sue looked up and saw what was being presented to her and reached out either side of her with both hands, clasping a rock hard cock in each. She leaned forwards and took the remaining cock in here mouth, eagerly sucking on it. My cock to was now straining at my zip to be released from it confines.
One by one Sue took each cock in her mouth sucking them in turn as she stroked the others. One of the guys moved behind her and knelt down and gently began to rub her pussy from behind. Sue raised herself up letting him better access. I began to stroke my cock wondering how her mouth must feel.
One of the guys laid down in front of her placing his legs either side of her. She bent over and took his cock in her mouth, her head bobbing up down it’s length. This gave the guy behind her to be the first to fuck her. As he pushed his cock inside her, Sues mouth letting go of the cock she had been sucking and it seemed she was gasping as it slid in. His hips began to sway and her mouth once more returned to sucking on the cock she had left. The feeling a little left out, knelt beside her in the hope that she would pay him some attention as well. She obliged by sucking on it for a few moments before return to the other, then from time to time swapping. The guy fucking Sue began to fuck her faster and more vigorously, then pulling out of her and shooting his cum onto her back. He was quickly replaced by the guy who was kneeling beside her. He placed himself behind her but as he rubbed his cock up along her pussy he came shuddering with each spurt.
I now wanted to know the joys of her body and walked over to the patio doors waving to one of the guys now putting on his cloths. He quietly opened one of the doors and I slipped in with Sue hearing. As I entered the kitchen the guy she was sucking began to shudder as he to now came. She took his cock out of her mouth and let him come over her face, rubbing his cum into her skin with his cock. Once he had gone limp she slumped in a heap as the guys quickly got dressed and left leaving me alone with Sue. My cock like the three before me need attention so knelt beside Sue and placed a hand on her head. She looked up at my cock then at my face.
“It’s about time you showed up.” she said smiling and taking hold of my cock. Her mouth quickly enveloped it and sucked it eagerly, moaning as she did. I looked at the cum on her back as it pooled in the dip her spine made. I wanted to add to that, I thought as her mouth and hand worked in unison along my cock. Sue had other ideas though and with a quick shove, pushed me onto my back. She crawled up my legs and placed herself above my cock. A hand reached down and held it steady as she lowered herself onto it. She groaned slightly as he raised and lowered herself on it and squeezed her breast, pulling on her nipples. My hands reached out and held on to her hips, enjoying the sensation of her hot, wet pussy working It’s magic. Sue lent forwards placing her hands on my chest as her hip movements changed and she now rubbed her pelvis against.
Our eyes locked as she said “This is much better then that dildo you got.”
She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, then moaned as her hips moved faster. Soon she was panting and rolling her head, her pussy was getting tighter on my cock. She slumped forwards her elbows rest on my chest and panting loudly. It was now my turn and I moved my hips upwards quickly as I began to fuck her.
“Fuck.” she cried out and squeezed her eyes tightly shut.
“Fuck me, fuck me.” she cried out once more as sounds of squelching rung as my cock plunged into her. I wrapped my arms round her waist to aid my upwards thrusts as I sped up.
“Oh fuck….oh fuck…..oh fuck.” Sue gasped as I felt something warm flow over my groin.
“Oh, shit….do it, do it.” she once more cried out as her pussy now grasped me like a vice. After a few moments she became like a rag doll and laid motionless on my chest. I stopped fucking her and reached up and moved the hair from her face. Hr eyes were tightly shut and she was panting quickly, her tongue licked her lips as sound of gratification slowly flowed from her. She slowly began to move after a while, raising herself up and looked me In the eyes.
”I haven’t fucking cum like that cum like that in a long time.” said softly as a hand gently ran over my brow sweeping away the sweat. She slowly rolled off and knelt beside me.
“Now it’s your turn. She said as hand took hold of my cock and her mouth sucked it deep. I could feel it touch the back of her throat then she removed it gasping loudly. Once more she took my cock in her mouth and worked it in and out until she felt me tense up and knew I was going to cum. She took it out and stroked it as she had the guy from earlier close to her face. My cock suddenly throbbed as cum shoot out over her face, she quickly moved it to her open mouth taking some of it in there before taking the last remain spurts over her face. Sue ran my cock over her cheek and looked me in the face.
“You didn’t have to go through all this, this past week to fuck me. You could have just come and ask. Now you have had you wicked way with me, all this will have to stop. If those guys talk we’ll both be in trouble.” I nodded in agreement as Sue laid next to me removing the cum from her face with her finger and licking it clean.
I placed my cock back inside my trousers and got up off the floor, looking down at Sue as she rolled on her back, placed a hand under her head and waved at me as I turned and left her there. As I walked to the door I could hear giggling coming from down the hall, I closed the door behind me and never seeing seeing Sue again. And I never had to buy a drink in the rugby for the rest of that season.
The gift
Posted:Dec 18, 2017 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:17 pm

It had been a week since I returned from my holiday and finding out about my friends. In one way I felt sorry for them, yet glad also because I wouldn’t of been able to do the things I had if they had been there. It was also a shame that it did happen again after they had left, but then I may of needed a holiday to get over hat one if they stayed.
On Friday morning a friend popped round to see if I’d give him a hand picking something up from a shop in another town later that day. It would needed two people to load into his van, i agreed if he left me there, as it would also give me a chance to do some shopping. There wasn’t any decent shops in my home town and I could make my own way home after. He agreed and later we arrived at the shop located well away from the town center but still close enough to walk. We loaded the item into the van and we said our goodbyes. I noticed a strange shop over the road that was half boarded up with just small windows at the top to let light in and to show it was open. I crossed and noticed a sign on the door stating it was for adults only and the opening times, Intrigued I went inside.
There was small counter by the door with a guy not much older then me sitting reading a magazine. He nodded at me as I entered and returned to reading. The walls at the front of the shop was crammed with boxes butting up against each other without a gap between them. There were dildos, vibrators, inflatable dolls, butt plugs galore and it was hard to tell where one section started and another ended they were so closely packed. At the back were shelf after shelf of Videos and Magazines. I perused the titles, chuckling occasionally at the play of words used. I picked up a magazine of readers wives and flicked through the pages. Thinking back to what had happened over the last few months with my encounters with older woman. I picked up a second one and as I flicked the pages and stopped on one woman who looked a bit like a friend of my mums, Suzanne, Sue for short. A much bigger chest, long blonde hair but, still it was uncanny. Thoughts of, were all older woman as sexual as the ones I had encountered. My mind drifted to Sue and whether or not she was like the others.
I left the shop and started off towards the town trying to put the thoughts out of my head. I got myself a cold drink and sat down by a fountain in the town center and watched people going by with their shopping. My eyes seemed to be drawn to older woman and thoughts of whether or not they had been in readers wives. Were a lot of these women up for some fun as well, or had I just been lucky. Once more my mind drifted back to Sue. I felt a twitch in my jeans as my thoughts became unclean and what I would do to Sue given the chance. It was time I got home before I had an accident I thought and so made my way to the train station.
I awoke the next morning and straight away my mind went to Sue. As every young man will tell you, you wake up every morning with a hard on, but this morning it was painful as thoughts of Sue filled my head. Without thinking my hand reached down and began to stroke my cock. My eyes closed as the thoughts got more and more erotic until I felt my legs tighten and warm cum splash onto my chest. I had to know if she was up for some fun, but how do you find out without getting slapped or making a fool out of yourself. I hatched a plan but I would need to go back to the adult shop again.
Later that afternoon I entered the adult shop again and looked at the different types of dildo they had on offer. I picked the biggest one which looked the most life like, with veins and bumps that was in my price range. I then went off and bought a pair of talkie talkies, my plan was coming together nicely. I wrapped the dildo and one of the talkie talkies together as best I could and waited for tomorrow to come. I knew Sue would be alone tomorrow as her husband works with my farther and Sue has a that’s only just started secondary school. I had breakfast quickly knowing she had to drop off at school at a certain time so leaving the house empty. I rushed to her house which is in the next street and placed my neatly wrapped package by the front door. I went round to the back garden and hid behind the shed which gave me a clear view through the patio door windows into her living room. Every time I heard a car I would peer round the shed to see if it was her in anticipation of her arrival. Then she suddenly appeared in the living room with the package in her hand. I turned on my talkie talkie and waited for her to open up the package getting both nervous and excited at the outcome. Sue placed it on the kitchen counter and removed her coat to reveal a little summer dress with a flowery pattern. She reached over and ripped the package open and looked at the talkie talkie, which I had placed a note on saying, switch on and press button.
Her voice suddenly sprung out of my talkie talkie saying “Hello?” loudly almost making me jump and I quickly turned the volume down.
“Hello” I replied trying to sound calm, “You have found my gift for you.”
“Who is this?” asked a little angrily.
“A friend, your going to like what I got for you” I said trying to get her to open the box with the dildo in it to see her reaction.
“Is this a joke, is this you Ray?” she asked sounding cheerful.
“Open up the box, there’s a surprise inside” I replied as the nervous started to make me shake. She picked up the box and opened it, quickly she throw it down again on the counter letting out a little scream.
“Who the fuck is this” she screamed into the talkie talkie.
“I’m going to call the police if you don’t stop this now” she said screaming louder.
It was then I suddenly realised that there was no way out of the garden without being seen. I would have to wait for to leave the room before I would be able to make my escape if she did call the police.
“This will stop once you have enjoyed your gift” I said hoping she could hear the nervousness in my voice.
Sue grabbed the dildo and throw it in the bin along with the talkie talkie. She passed around for a moment or two then flipped the kettle on and sat down on a stall by then counter.
Bugger, she was going to be there a while, I thought. But at least she hasn’t rang the police yet which might give me a chance to get out of this. She made a cuppa and sat back down, flick the pages of the news paper over quickly as if angry. An hour passes and she hadn’t moved an inch and I’ve had no chance to making good my escape. Sue rose from her stool and once more flicked the kettle, but a few seconds later flicked it off and instead reached into a cupboard pulling out a glass. She reached out once more and produced a bottle of wine and poured it out, taking a big gulp of it and sitting back down. Another hour passes and the nerves were now being replaced with panic as the chances of me getting caught were getting high the longer she staid there. Sue suddenly rose from her stool and went over to the bin and opened it. She stood there for a moment, then reached in and pulled out both the dildo and talkie talkie. She placed both of them in front of her on the counter and refilled her glass before once more taking her seat. Her hands were toying with the box the dildo was in. What was going through her mind, I thought. Was she going to call the police and had got it out to show them.
I saw the box being flung back down onto the counter and Sue sitting there with the dildo in her hand giving it the once over. Her other hand reached out and began to stroke it feeling it’s raised veins and bumps. Panic was quickly replaced with nerves again, was she going to use it, I thought. Sue lent back on the stall and the dildo disappeared between her legs. Her head feel backwards and her body began to move slowly. I could see her arms moving back and forth and only imagine what she was doing with it. A foot suddenly was placed on the counter quickly followed and the other, her knees bent slightly. I watched moments later as her body began to convulse and a hand reach up a grab her breast and squeeze it as the other hand moved rapidly. Her back was now arching, her head as back back as it could she stopped and gave several small twitches before relaxing and letting her foot fall to the floor. She flung the dildo on the work counter and slumped on the stall. I watched for a few moments as she began to compose herself.
“You do like you gift” I said into the walkie talkie.
Sue, quick as a flash spun round on the stall and looked out the window. I ducked back round the back of the shed,Fuck, had I just given away I had been watching, I thought. I waited for at few moments before taking a chance and peered round the shed slowly. Sue had her back to the window and was running her fingers through her hair. She reached over to where the dildo and walkie talkie were, picked them up and walked over to the bin, but stopped. She looked at them both for a short time and pulled open a cupboard under the counter and throw them in there then left the kitchen. This was my chance to get away, so I quickly made a dash for it. Once home I laid on my bed, my heart pounding in my chest, thinking to myself, it was luck I didn’t get caught.
I awoke the next morning and my thoughts returned to Sue and the previous day. Should I risk going round again or think myself lucky I didn’t get caught. The urge was to great at I was once more hiding behind the shed await her arrival home. A couple of hours pass and there was no sign of Sue. I was about to give up when I heard a car stop and the car door slam shut. Moments later Sue appeared in the kitchen with shopping bags and started to put them away. Once all was away she flicked the kettle on made a cuppa, then sat in the stall to read the paper. I watched for a while when a thought occurred to me, had she switched off the walkie talkie. My pulse began to race and there was feeling of butterfly's in my stomach.
“Hello” I said into my one. Her head turned round quickly, I imagine looking to see where the sound had come from.
“Hello” I said again.
Sue jumped off the stall and opened the cupboard where she had thrown the dildo and walkie talkie yesterday. She pulled them out and held them and looked over to the bin.
“Hello, who is this?” she said in a demanding tone as she lifted up the walkie talkie to her mouth.
“Are you ready to enjoy your gifted again today?” I asked trying to act calm.
“This is not funny and has to stop” she demanded.
“I’ll make you a deal then. Do what I say and I’ll stop.” I replied.
“If I do what you say, you promise you’ll stop and never contact me again?” she asked sternly.
“I promise” I said as the butterfly’s increased.
“What if I tell my husband about you, you’ll be in trouble if he found out who you are.” she said with a smile.
“You could do that, but then I’d have to explain what you were doing with it yesterday.” I replied.
“You wouldn’t.” she exclaimed.
“Do as I say and I’ll never mention this to anyone.” I replied hoping she’d agree.
“Place the walkie talkie on the counter and pick up your gift.” I said in the hope she could hear me.
Sue reached over and picked up the dildo.
“Stroke your gift, like it was your husbands cock.” I demanded.
Sue began to stroke it slowly. Her hand moving up and down in but with a look of contempt on her face. Is this what she thinks of he husbands cock or of what I’m making her do, I thought.
“Place your gift on the counter and suck it” I once more demanded.
Sue did as she was told and began to suck on it. My cock hardened and I began to rub it through my jeans.
“Take it deep in your mouth.” I demanded again enjoying the view of her bobbing up and down. Again she did as she was told and took it in deep.
“Your going have to get it nice and wet, now spit on the end of it.” I asked as my cock grow stiffer. I think Sue knew that what I was saying was turning me on from the tine of my voice because she started to smile as she lent over the dildo and dribbled some saliva onto it tip.
“Remove your underwear and lay on the floor with your gift.” I said trying to sound more demanding, but my cock was starting to ache and I had to get it out of my jeans.
Sue put her hands under her dress and pulled down her knickers and placed them on the counter. She pick up the dildo and laid on the floor with her leg facing towards the patio doors. Did she know this is where I was watching her from, I thought.
“Spread your legs and lift your skirt and rub your gift along your pussy.” I demanded as my voice began to quiver with excitement.
Sue pulled her feet closer to her body letting her knees fall to the side and raised the hem of her skirt. I had a clear view of her pussy as the dildo began to move down over it spreading it open. It was completely shaved I thoughts of how it tasted filled my head. I watched as the speed which she moved it increased and her toes curl. She really is enjoying it.
“Put it inside you.” I said quickly as I pulled at my zip and thrusting my hand inside to yank my throbbing cock. I stroked it vigorously as I watcher her push the dildo slowly inside her. If only that was me, I thought.
“I want to you to fuck yourself with your gift. Take it deep and slow.” I commanded as I stroked my cock in time with her movements. I didn’t know how much more on this I could take when I suddenly came as my legs shuddered under my weight. I take a few deep breaths and placed my cock back inside my jeans. I turned now and paid all my attention to Sue.
“Move your gift faster.” I now managed said in a calm voice.
Sue did as she was told to move it faster. She removed a hand from the dildo and rubbed her clit. I could see her arse rise off the floor after a few moments and her legs begin to shake. The hand that was rubbing her cling reached up and pulled at her dress freeing her breast and squeezed it.
“I want you cum with your gift deep inside you and I want you to hold it there until I say take it out.” I said as I watched her thrust the dildo deeper inside her until she stopped moving and held it there as her hips pulsated in the air then falling to the floor along with her legs. I counted out the seconds before I commanded to remove the dildo. Sue removed her hand from it and it slowly dropped out to the floor and rested against her pussy. After a minute or so she rolled over and pulled herself to her feet using the stall. Reaching over to the counter she lifted the walking to her mouth.
“Satisfied are you now?” she panted.
“Very much so, by the sounds of it, so are you. I’ll see you tomorrow” I said waiting to see what she would do. She slumped on the stall and rested her head on the counter for some time before picking up the dildo and throwing both the dildo and walkie talkie back from where they came. Sue slowly walked into the living room and fell onto the sofa giving me the chance to slip away.
I rose early then next morning in anticipation of what was to lay ahead. I once more made my way round to Sue’s house and waited to see if we could continue having fun. She arrived home and as before entered the kitchen, but instead of flicking on the kettle pulled out the walkie talkie and dildo.
“Are you there?” she asked.
“Yes, are you ready to enjoy your gifted?” I asked as my cock began to stiffen again.
”Yes” she replied placing the walkie talkie down and picking up the dildo.
We carried this on for the rest of the week until the weekend when she wouldn’t be alone.

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