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whoa!! that worked pretty good...  

lottafreetimefla 58M  
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8/22/2021 11:31 am
whoa!! that worked pretty good...

I posted an update on my main page trying to cut down on the number of beautiful young "women", often "widows", who were interested in me for reasons which pretty clearly weren't going to match my reason for being here. It has cut way down on the spam contacts. It has also cut way down on me being flirted and hot listed. That's all fine with me. I suspect those two things may have only been used as administrative tools by grifters in here. For example hot list could be guys close to the "lady" and flirts could be for a guy not so close. And of course being either flirted or hot listed will hopefully make a guy initiate contact and place this potential victim at the top of the list to be worked. The grifters are here 'en force'. If theses kinds of people would devote more time to "getting ahead" instead of "getting over on someone", the world would be a better place. And so would AdultFriendFinder.
I've even come to the conclusion I can spot a lot of these grifter profiles just by looking at them. They'll be a<b> bare </font></b>bones listing. One pic (of a very attractive woman). (The other dozen pics the profile owner has of the woman will be baited out in the future.) No questions answered. And a minimal statement of what they're looking for. Posting pics, answering questions, and writing descriptions takes time. Why waste it when your only intent is to dangle a hook?
Now I'll snap back to the positive side. I might be the dream-come-true, life's love of a beautiful young widow out there. Maybe, lol.

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