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Fun time at the dorm  

love2likpussy73 48M
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4/15/2020 5:56 am
Fun time at the dorm

Lily & I were /off while we were in college. Some day I may share how she & I started fucking like rabbits (and practically wore me raw) another time. But we were in an off time at the moment, but neither of us were seeing anyone else (not like that stopped us either). We were on one of the rare instances when we were both off school, but still living around<b> campus. </font></b>She had moved into a new room with a new roommate and they were having a mini party while the RA was out for the long weekend. There were about 6 of us hanging out, drinking a little when she & I went for a walk around the building. I seem to recall we were flirting as we often did, letting someone the room. But instead of us going back upstairs, we ended up going downstairs and started make out.

Let's put things in perspective here. Lily was a dancer when she was younger, and had the slim slender frame of a ballet dancer. And when she got a little worked , she was a lot worked . If we started make out, it wasn't long before we were going fuck. She had a lovely tasty pussy that was so fun lick, and she released the most wonderful moan when I'd slide my cock in her pussy. And after a short make-out session, she wanted fuck. But with her room full people, we didn't have a place do it. That's when we went downstairs and discovered the emptiness of a dorm basement break. This is back in the day where there'd be no cameras in the halls, and there was no one around. While this dorm was all women now, it had been coed at some point. So as we were looking for a place fuck, we ended going into the Men's room.

We weren't messing around, and got right to it. We dropped our pants and got to fucking. I needed a place to put her ass so I could plunge into her lovely pussy, and put her a sink. I fucked her hard against the cold porcelain, her arms wrapped around , while I noticed myself in the mirror. There is something very primal about looking into your own eyes while you fuck someone. Not to be outdone, I turned her around and told her to look in the mirror as well while I entered her doggy style. Fucking in a mirror is another world, especially when you go back and forth to looking at yourself to looking at each other, all while being a voyeur in your fucking.

Lily & I both came & cleaned ourselves . She wanted stay, I wanted her come back with me my room. Neither happened. That was the dilemma of our relationship. But Lily still comes into mind from time to time, and I always think of our many sexual encounters with a hard cock not far off.

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