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Fun time at the dorm
Posted:Apr 15, 2020 5:56 am
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2021 8:29 pm

Lily & I were /off while we were in college. Some day I may share how she & I started fucking like rabbits (and practically wore me raw) another time. But we were in an off time at the moment, but neither of us were seeing anyone else (not like that stopped us either). We were on one of the rare instances when we were both off school, but still living around campus. She had moved into a new room with a new roommate and they were having a mini party while the RA was out for the long weekend. There were about 6 of us hanging out, drinking a little when she & I went for a walk around the building. I seem to recall we were flirting as we often did, letting someone the room. But instead of us going back upstairs, we ended up going downstairs and started make out.

Let's put things in perspective here. Lily was a dancer when she was younger, and had the slim slender frame of a ballet dancer. And when she got a little worked , she was a lot worked . If we started make out, it wasn't long before we were going fuck. She had a lovely tasty pussy that was so fun lick, and she released the most wonderful moan when I'd slide my cock in her pussy. And after a short make-out session, she wanted fuck. But with her room full people, we didn't have a place do it. That's when we went downstairs and discovered the emptiness of a dorm basement break. This is back in the day where there'd be no cameras in the halls, and there was no one around. While this dorm was all women now, it had been coed at some point. So as we were looking for a place fuck, we ended going into the Men's room.

We weren't messing around, and got right to it. We dropped our pants and got to fucking. I needed a place to put her ass so I could plunge into her lovely pussy, and put her a sink. I fucked her hard against the cold porcelain, her arms wrapped around , while I noticed myself in the mirror. There is something very primal about looking into your own eyes while you fuck someone. Not to be outdone, I turned her around and told her to look in the mirror as well while I entered her doggy style. Fucking in a mirror is another world, especially when you go back and forth to looking at yourself to looking at each other, all while being a voyeur in your fucking.

Lily & I both came & cleaned ourselves . She wanted stay, I wanted her come back with me my room. Neither happened. That was the dilemma of our relationship. But Lily still comes into mind from time to time, and I always think of our many sexual encounters with a hard cock not far off.
Anal training
Posted:Apr 14, 2019 9:03 am
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2019 6:19 am

Many women have an aversion to anal sex, and it's understandable as to why. Done wrong it can hurt! But it's a fascination of many men to have anal sex, and when done RIGHT, many women actually experience better orgasms than they previous thought they could. I've been with women who are into anal, and they knew how to climb on board without any trouble. The ones who are not interested are simply not interested and you won't change their minds (guys, let's stop trying). But the ladies who are curious or were curious & had bad experience can be redeemed. I'll tell my story of how I led one lady down that path.

Becky was a beautiful blonde. Large breasts, great ass, tall. She was very sexually charged, but sadly had been repressed for many years, and never really allowed to experience a good lover (that's a long story for another day). We had met, and she slowly introduced me to her world & desires. She really wanted to be the submissive in a trusting relationship, and we hit that dynamic off pretty well. She had a chest full of toys, that gave rise to her kinks. Among the toys were hand cuffs she never used, a vibrating egg and a cock shaped vibrator that had broken, so it was essentially a dildo.

We were exploring each others limits, and we were discussing anal. She said she was interested, but was apprehensive. Oh, and to put the perspective of her kinks into the picture, she said I could have her ass if she could have mine. This is before 'pegging' was a full on thing! I figured sure, I'll agree to it, but I get to go first with her. It was a couple of weeks before we moved on anything though.

I don't remember the circumstances, but we both left work early one Friday afternoon & headed back to her place. We were both horny, but I was in a mood. I told her I was going to play with her ass, and she agreed, but wanted me to be gentle. I had a plan. first, we got her naked. She had a 4-post bed that was perfect to bend her over with her hands handcuffed behind her. We had batteries for the vibrating egg, so we got that out, and I grabbed the dildo as well out of her toy box. a pussy connoisseur heart, so certain I licked her pussy some, but my goal was playing with her ass. Her pussy was wet, and easily took a finger or . I started there because she loved having her pussy & clit played with. I started to use the dildo on her pussy then, filling her up & moving in & out of her pussy to get her excited. Nothing fast enough to , but certainly enough that she was wet & moaning for more.

While playing with her pussy, I started to get her ass warmed up. Gentle caresses, a little bit of moisture from her pussy was within the realm of what we've done in the past. This is where the vibrating bullet comes in. I turned it on at a gentle level, just enough to excite her and started to put at the entrance to ass. One hand teasing her ass with the bullet vibe, the other working her pussy with the dildo. I got her more and more worked up, getting her closer and closer to orgasm over the next 20 minutes while slowly working the bullet vibe into her ass. Just a little every few minutes, pushing the vibe a little further in each time as her pelvic floor muscles contracted back and forth around the dildo. After about 20-30 minutes of this, her sphincter was opening more and more, accepting the vibe, almost aching for it to go in. And so it did!

At this point, her arms were aching, and we took off the cuffs. I finally undressed and fucked her pussy doggy style for a few minutes before rolling on top of her & fucking her missionary till we both had a huge orgasm. All while the vibe was in her ass. When we finished, she lay there panting & said that I can have her ass any time, which I think I had later that weekend.

We broke up a few months later, with her never having a chance to really play with my ass or do any pegging (something honestly more open to now than I was then). But this is still one of my most memorable experiences, and one that I enjoy reminiscing about to this day.

If you enjoy this, let me know & I'll share more stories. Especially hoping for some feedback from the ladies on this.

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