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Time with my Partners friend.  

lovelylegs19692 51T
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5/15/2014 10:52 am
Time with my Partners friend.

I guess it has been a while since I have posted anything so I thought I would tell you all about my first virgin experience. Me and my partner have been going to the cabin for a little while now and things seemed to be working out well. We would go out to eat, go out into the town, go for drives, all the while I was dressed and no one seemed to notice. One week he told me that he had a surprise for me up at the cabin. I could barely contain myself all week as his surprises always turned out good. I drove to his house and we started the trip off as normal. We stopped at a little wooded area so that I could change my clothes and make the rest of the trip as Tina. My head kept racing as to what my surprise may be, I asked many times but he would not let me in on the secret and told me I would have to wait until we got there.

Upon arriving we went inside, he started a fire and told me to go ahead and get ready for bed, it would be an early night. I went in and put on my favorite purple teddy with matching panties and purple hoses. I then took one of his fanel shirts from the closet and threw it around me, not buttoning it up, but just letting it lay on me. I could hear him in the other room coming and going out of the cabin, I just figured that he had forgotten something in the car. as I began to become aroused as I always did when I went up there and dressed up, I figured maybe I could get in a quickie in front of the fire. I opened the door and began to walk out, his shirt gently blowing open as I walked into the room, only to notice that he was sitting next to another man of his age. I quickly grabbed my shirt and closed it the best I could but the shirt could only cover so much. My stockinged legs and garter straps where still exposed. Looking at him and his friend I did not know what he wanted. I could tell that his friend could not take his eyes off of my exposed legs. I must have looked like quiet the site to him.

My partner stood up and came over to me, gently kissing me he turned and introduced me to his friend (I cant remember his name but I think it was Steve) He said, Steve, this is my girl Tina. He then turned to me and told me that Steve had never been with a girl like me and was very interested in experiencing it. I looked at him and said hello, as this was not the first time I have been shared up at the cabin (see earlier blog) this was the first time that he had brought someone to the cabin. I was not put off by it, as I was horny anyway and the way that Steve was looking at me, I knew it would prove to e a good time to be had by all.

My partner looked at me and said Tina hun, would you be so kind as to show Steve the cabin. I nodded my head and went to Steve, I reached my hand out and as I did my shirt opened up and he got to see my body for the first time. He looked amazed and I heard his whisper that I was beautiful. Taking his hand I got his off the couch and we walked around the cabin. I showed him the kitchen, then closets, the bathroom and ending at the bedroom. we walked in and I guided him to the bed. Sitting on the bed I asked him it was comfortable was it not? He just sat there staring at me. I leaned in and told him that we should see just how comfortable it is. Gently kissing him I could feel his lips quivering and knew that he was nervous.

I pulled back and looked at him, I could tell that he was fully erect through his trousers so I reached over and slowly stroked it through his pants. I could tell he really enjoyed it and I told him I would help to lighten the mood. Slowly undoing his zipper I noticed that he was not wearing any underwear and his hard cock fell right out.. jokingly I told him that he came prepared and I bent over and gently kissed his soft head. Pressing my lips against his cock I could taste his precum and I knew he must have been very excited for alittle while. I opened my mouth and allowed his hard cock to slowly slide into my warm and wanting mouth. I didnt suck on his cock more then 3 good strokes and I could feel him tensing up. Pushing his cock as far as I could into my mouth he began to cum hard. He came alot more then I thought he would and I didnt mind a bit. After he came he laid back and as I wiped my lips I laid next to him.

Looking into his eyes I slowly stroked his throbbing cock.. I said, now that we have you comfortable, what is it you want to do.. My fingers slowly slid up to his heaving chest and I soflty brushed his nipples. I leaned in and kissed him, passionately and to my surprise this time he kissed me back just as hard. He paused and told me that I would have to wait a bit and I laughed... not as long as you think I told him, quickly reaching back down to his firm sack I gently massaged him and leaned forward and started to kiss his soft cock.. it didnt take long and I could feel him growing. He sat up took off his shirt and dropped his trousers. standing there naked and hard he just watched me with my open shirt, laying on the bed. He told me that he wanted to make love to me and asked me how I wanted it. I sat up took off my shirt and got up on my knees. I asked him, how do you want it.. laying back on teh bed I raised and spread my legs gently touching myself then turning onto my stomach I raised my firm ass into the air and pushed back on my hands. Looking over my shoulder I slowly began to turn and I could feel him climb on the bed and hold my ass. I could feel him kiss my firm cheeks and felt his hands slide down my legs then back up to my back. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tight little hole and I pushed back into him. I could feel his strong hands on my hips as his cock entered me.. he slowly slid his cock all the way in and he paused.

I thought I did something wrong and he told me no, not like this. I felt him pull out of me and turn me over..I want to look into your eyes, he said.. spreading my legs open for him I could feel the weight of his body as he lay on top of me and guided his cock into my tight pussy again. wrapping my legs tightly around his hips and pulling him in, he leaned forward and kissed me.. I returned the favor and he began to slowly thrust into me.. I began to moan and shift and try to match his thrusts. looking into his eyes I told him to fuck me harder... he reached down, grabbing my legs and placing them on his shoulders he thrust into me again, fully and forcefully... my eyes rolled back and I moaned loudly again.. crying out this name I could tell he was now fully engaged. watching my reactions he thrust again and again, then one more strong thrust and I could feel him cumming... pulling him in I kissed him and felt him lay on top of me, totally relaxed and at peace. I got up later and went out into the other room and sat with my partner. He told me that he knew I would accept the challenge and he wanted Steve to have the best for his first time. I never seen Steve again, but often think of that night.

lovelylegs19692 51T
14 posts
5/16/2014 5:00 am

Believe me when I say that if I am ever in your area I will be looking you up.

rm_StaciGail 63T
18 posts
8/23/2014 5:48 am

I was with a man who shared me frequently. I loved it!

EverReady4X 63M  
18 posts
2/25/2015 8:46 pm

Very hot! You, him and the story!

Black_Hills 48M
189 posts
2/1/2016 2:53 pm

The magic of the cabin!

lovelylegs19692 51T
14 posts
6/22/2016 8:36 pm

Sorry no, texas is a little ways for me

play4curiousfun 48M
36 posts
7/7/2016 10:11 am

very hot wish u were in cent fla

splitcrotch 56M
9 posts
8/24/2016 9:57 pm

Tina ,
I wish it was me that fucked you and kissed you ,thanks for sharing a great story !


Janet4fun2016 59T  
882 posts
5/2/2017 2:29 pm

I LOVE your post, so sensual and sexy. Thanks.........Janet.

granite97 64M  
23 posts
2/3/2018 10:00 pm

Great story thank you!

69mike6973 48M
26 posts
1/17/2019 6:36 am

very hot. would love to join you sometime for some fun too

SirPeterStone 63M  
155 posts
4/2/2019 4:11 pm


What a wonderful telling of an exceptionally sensuous encounter. Reading it was like I was actually present and watching you and Steve. (I had just looked at some of your photos so your face mixed up with my reading).

keishacd69 57T
50 posts
8/24/2019 8:12 pm

Just found your blog! These stories are hot! Got me so wet.


SirPeterStone 63M  
155 posts
11/7/2019 1:07 pm

We maybe able to chat or exchange messages commenting on your blog. OR Contact me by using my name here at a - o - l ........

Jaydee444777 55M
78 posts
12/21/2019 1:43 pm

Such an incredibly erotic story!! Just going into the cold shower now!!

indyguy3019 46M
9 posts
5/4/2020 4:09 am

post more please. you have me fully erect. very sexy lady!

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