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How to begin developing your lovers breast for nursing
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 11:45 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2021 5:34 pm

A gentleman just emailed asking how create a lactating relationship. Hope this helps you sexy men out in our AdultFriendFinder world.

*Her body will take months before she develops milk. Why so long? Because the process is tied the time takes develop a . Treat this process just like she is pregnant. This is a team effort.
*These hormones are addictive. They are called, in laymen terms, the s-x drug. Because of her new high hormone development, I suggest you are sexually intimate twice a week if possible. Attention differently helps her body balancing out the hormones. But if you are twisting and pulling her nipples she most likely is wanting intimacy more often.
*Your suckling is most important. When you start suckling, you will get the deepest areas of her breast. A pump does not totally clear out her breast. So she can use the pump but often leaves a women at risk of becoming engorged and this engorgement can cause infections in the milk ducts. This is extremely painful. So you are most needed. Kisses
*Please note that if you decide to use drugs, to induce milk production, you will be drinking that drug. Also, you will, almost always, find she will not create a heavy milk flow.
*If she has not nursed before please please know she must hydrate!!!! Water makes milk period! Eight, eight ounce glasses of water constantly a day. Even if she is not producing milk yet she needs , eight ounce glasses of water a day. As a loving partner a sweet gesture fill her bottle, without asking her if she has had her water. Bring it her, kiss her and tell her you love her

*Important note for rotation for breast feeding. After you finished one side, which will be half of the time at the breast for suckling, begin the second side. After you finish the second side, put some type of sticker or pin. Know which side you stopped on. Why? This is the secret. You need drain that last one suckled. If you do not the breast will not make more milk. The hormones will signal the breast that they all the milk needed. So start the last side ever time. Also gives you the creamiest milk in her body The first milk of the day is the nutritional value. The second time around it is the richest with higher fat content. Think whipped cream he he

PREPARATION inducement:
Start by gently pulling and gently twisting her nipples. After two weeks, pull and twist just a harder. After this time, ask if she can take a harder tug and pull, if not stay at that intensity.

two minutes each time
at least five times a day four months
suggestion: you can also do this with a wash cloth in the shower tub

Start with a gentle weak suckle. Babies build jaw muscles and so will you. Also, this is hard on her nipples and she needs slow gentle suckle so she can adapt the skin being pulled .

When start: weeks after you begun twist and pull her nipples.
Time: Every five minutes about four minutes
Duration: five times a day. Do this about one week
At night she can use a pump that can be warn in the bra. the pump set on the lowest setting.

When start:
After week of constant gentle suckling, change suckling time and intensity.
Every fifteen minutes five minutes
Continue process about one weeks.

When change :
after the one week above
twenty thirty minute suckle every two hours.
continue the process one week

When it is time change :
Time: change every four hours twenty thirty minutes longer if she can take he suckle
Duration: two weeks
This time and duration can stay that way you can move a hour suckle and hour twice a day. This means she will pump twice a day twenty minutes each time.

This process is take both of you from dry suckle wet suckle.
You should milk in months if you continue with this process.

Gift list your love:
*She will need know she is loved doing this her body you.
* gifts once a week make all the difference in the world.
*You do not spend a lot. is the effort you put in thinking about her. You can give gifts at relate lactation.
Go the Dollar Store
Always bring, even the smallest or even a less expensive gift, wrapped or a gift bag with wrapping tissue in it keep a surprise. You can get these in a group so is less expensive over time.
Always a cheap white cardboard that you can cut and punch a hole in it and tie it with a ribbon, on the handle of the gift bag, Saves on buying a card.
Buy a red marker just for this job because you will be using often.

Gifts you can give:
*Go online and get the recipe for lactation cookies. Go the store or online and the ingredients. Put them in a gift box. Make a card shaped like a heart or boobs and write love. Tape it the top of the box. That must be a beautiful box! Get at amazon Copy the recipe onto nice paper and make red hearts all over . the recipe the first thing in the box.
* If You can not think of what put the card write a part of the body you love about her. example: lips when you kiss mmm
*go the Dollar Store. Walk the isles and think about what she likes. Earing work well because she can wear them and if someone complements them she can say you got them for her. But first see what she has and similar items.
* A water bottle for keeping with water intake.
*prenatal vitamins (these are a must because she will be using many vitamins when nursing and need replace them or she could loose a tooth or two
* breast pads for when she will be leaking. Get them amazon
* Kroger stir fry vegetables. Pop them in the microwave. Fry ground turkey . Mix them together add soy Sause. Wala dinner for two.
* expensive but a must to when you know is getting serious and she is close having swollen breast. A breast pump. the one she can put in her nursing bra. Save this one. They are $500.00.
If you are feeling like the man! Every gift can one white rose on top. Tell her it represents her milk she is trying to share with you. Do not throw away the rose. tie a string to the stem and hang it upside down in a door way dry. After it dries put it in a vase. When she sees them each time she will think about the gifts you given her.

NOTE: Every women is different but over 85% of women can successful create milk Even men and older women. A wet nurse in England nursed until 83. That does not mean every women wants be suckled. Good luck kisses

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