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Strip Club  

lump1966 54M/54F
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1/14/2016 9:36 pm
Strip Club

We had gone to the Southern part of the state for a family event and gotten a room to spend the night afterward. Having planned out our mini-vacation so well I took it upon myself to look up local strip clubs. We had been to strip clubs in the past, but she never really seemed to get into it much. Earlier that year we had gone with a Bachler/Bachelorette party and gone to a strip club where the dancers were very interested in the females of the party. She told me she had fun and would have been more fun if we hadn't been with people we know.

Fast forward: The family event was over by mid-afternoon and we headed back to the motel. After a quick shower I told her to put on one of her sun dresses with nothing on underneath. After realizing that her questions weren't going to get any answers she complied. When we got in the car and started to drive she asked where we were going? I simply told her it was a surprise!

We arrived at the club about a half an hour away and she smiled at me as we entered. Once inside we had a couple of drinks and watched the dancers. After a while we hooked up with a couple of more mature dancers that she liked and the party started. She placed a bill in her cleavage and the dancer went down after it, so I decided it wasn't down far enough and place the next one deeper down her dress, Found out it doesn't matter how hard you try to hide the money a stripper will find it, and by the look on their faces neither of them minded! From then on my wife would just turn her boobs towards me to place the money At some point my wife returned the favor with one of the strippers and the stripper replied you really know what you're doing as my wife released her nipple from her mouth. My wife just smiled and said of course I'm a woman too.

After a while we got a double lap dance from the girls. To my surprise my wife dropped her dress to show the girls that she had nothing on underneath also. After several hours and a few more lap dances we headed back to the motel, with only part of my wallet intact yet. As we left the girls said goodbyes and when one of the girls said hope to see you again, my wife responded, "Don't worry, we'll be back."

When we got back to the motel we stripped each other and rolled onto the bed. As we started to make love she told me she wanted it in her ass. I slowly entered her rear door trying not to hurt fer, but before long she was begging for it deeper. Being that we had been drinking all day and half the night it took me a while to finish and she just kept taking it. We finally finished with both of us in a sweat. It was amazing!!!

The next day we headed home and she wore another sun dress with nothing on underneath. We stopped at an adult store on the interstate and wanted to go to the video booths in the back, but there was some really creepy dudes hanging around there so we passed. One guy looked sort of like the tall guy from "Who's Line is it Anyway" and was wearing shorts, knee high socks and sandals. Can't blame her for not wanting that dude trying to peek in on us. LOL So we bought a couple of DVD's and hit the road again.

Can't wait for the family get together next year! Until then she got the same stripper oil that one of the girls was wearing so I know she's feeling frisky when I smell it on her. I think it's called "Come Here Boy" or something like that.

fast6996 51M/52F  
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1/15/2016 6:48 am

great story!! we've been there done that! very exciting!!

lump1966 54M/54F
10 posts
1/16/2016 8:17 am

Glad you enjoyed reading it, have been wondering if something was wrong, lots of views but no comments. Nice to get some feed back. Thank You!

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