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lusciouslisa2019 45T  
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5/3/2020 6:51 am

It would be difficult for the average person 2 understand some of the frustration, disappointment and disrespectful behaviour I've had 2 endure over time in trying find a compatible partner by posting ads on various dating sites. Over literally hundreds of replies significant percentage are everything from undesirable and unattractive guys, creepy perverts and stalkers, disrespectful arrogant dorks that believe I'm automatically obligated to have .sex. with them, guys that I stopped seeing some years ago that to this day will still phone me sometimes at very awkward moments looking for more. There are attached guys who can only get very limited time away or guys that live some distance away making the reality of meeting unlikely. Secretive paranoid suspicious guys that must believe I’m going 2 out them, or that suffer Tranny remorse preferring not even talk, just enter a darkened room orgasm and leave. Newbie guys that will lead. me on. just .to get information .to. satisfy their curiosity about trans that after several favourable exchanges will impolitely end never .2. be heard from again, presumptuous guys that ask personal questions of the inappropriate type they would never ask a genetic girl or stranger. I realize that ultimately this is about .sex. but I don’t think it necessary .2. be blatant, especially before even determining whether there .is. compatibility.

Then there are guys that even after screening them over numerous messages and with a phone conversation will stand me u.p after I’ve spent several hours prepping 2 meet, with no communications afterwards no excuse no apology. Or guys that I’ve arranged 2 meet that show u.p at my door that have lied about their appearance, age, or other things. This is why I request photos and to speak on the phone before any meeting. All of this rude, mistrustful or nervous behaviour makes a gurl feel undignified and subhuman and sets a cold unwelcoming environment for being intimate.

Being trans / CD and finding a partner is like nothing in life other people would ever experience. A trans person 2 guys is strictly a .sex. object, and guys are interested only when they have an impulse for this particular type of arousal, which I understand and am ok with, but for some men this is once / yr and they can be very fickle, aloof or rude otherwise. Many normally well mannered guys completely forget common etiquette. I am picky and do not meet with just anyone, and I’m also a decent trustworthy discreet person and all of this becomes so demeaning.
Sorry I didn’t mean 2 rant, just explaining the way it is for many of us gurls.

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 58M
560 posts
5/20/2020 7:37 pm

I totally agree! Just because you are transgender, you are still a woman/Gurl and should be treated as a woman? I am always a perfect gentleman with whom ever I am with, and treat a woman like a woman should be treated. Open doors, pull out their chair, help them out of the car, or into the car, help them on with their coat ect. I went out with a trans once and I didn't treat her any different than i would have acted with a biological woman! I was honored to be in her presents and have her on my arm as we walked thru downtown.

20form 50T  
86 posts
6/2/2020 5:09 pm

I totally agree with your blog.
I am living it too..


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