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CONTACT ME at geemale
Posted:Dec 23, 2019 10:18 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 7:20 am

Contact me directly, pddp99 at geemale. com
Posted:Jun 2, 2020 7:19 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 7:02 am

By the way, when reading my blog if you encounter typos it is likely due the AdultFriendFinder system. It seems after posting, certain words or letters are randomly deleted. When I go back edit, it will temporarily correct the missing text, then next time I check, it is missing again. I’ve contacted AdultFriendFinder several times about it, they acknowledge the problem but don’t seem very concerned about fixing it.
Posted:May 15, 2020 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2020 5:06 am

I use the term “transgender" here as a catch as some M - F crossdressers have transgender issues beyond just a dressing fetish.

Many guys that have interest in trans may not have a good understanding of what we are about and what it takes 2 present as a gurl. I believe many admirers develop their fascination from watching tranny porn where these rare gurls are naturally beautiful transexuals… males that SHOULD have been born female. The spectrum of transgender ranges from panty dabbling hairy football player sized guys 2 truly gifted males that were born the wrong gender and are naturally beautiful women just a chromosome away from being genetic females. Obviously the range is broad as 2 how convincingly gurls can present, this is what counts for the majority of guys.

For most people that indulge in dressing and transitioning 2 become feminine takes significant time and skill. We simply do not wake every day and are automatically feminine and gorgeous. The average person that presents as fem has numerous challenges… facial and body hair, body size and shape, facial appearance, voice, deportment, makeup and hair / wig styling mastery, taste in wardrobe and acquiring a wardrobe and how committed they really are to be feminine, are just a few.

From my experience the typical trans admirer does not understand this with some that must believe us gurls wake up feminine and sexy then sit around constantly dolled up waiting for some admirer to call so that we can instantly accommodate their current impulse. My purpose here is to dispel this myth.

Some guys want to initially meet for coffee to check one another out or come to my home and if I don't like what I see they will leave. It takes me a couple hours to prep and dress then if meeting somewhere having to travel to a location is awkward. Then as passable as some people comment that I am, I’m still self conscious so daytime meetings at locations that may not be particularly trans friendly adds to the difficulty. It all takes valuable time which can be wasted if its determined we're not compatible. This is why I prefer if the guy is willing to establish compatibility with talking on the phone and sharing photos. If we are satisfied then I can entertain them at my home. Obviously many guys, (as I’ve spoken about in my other blogs and profile) are suspicious and untrusting and will not send photos. As I have stressed I have no interest in being indiscreet and am trustworthy. Many quality guys are ok with sharing, and these are the ones who I enjoy being with most. It makes me feel open and free to explore new activities and we have magnificent times together.

Many inexperienced guys seem nervous, suspicious and unnatural which only makes the situation difficult, and us gurls feel awkward. I suggest to relax, let go of any fears, just think that you’re dating a genetic girl and go with it. Indulge your fantasies.

Some guys that contact me by e- (theirs usually contains half a sentence) do not want share photos or basic personal info, will not talk on the phone but expect 2 invite them into my home for . I do not care partake in such activities.

Communicating with a trans seems to cause many normally well mannered guys to completely forget common etiquette. I never know what kind of person is contacting me so resulting from this typically inhospitable behaviour I don’t volunteer my phone number and will only call with a blocked number to which I will get guys I’ve never met or spoken to disapproving of.

I hope this piece improves understanding of trans gurls.
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Posted:May 3, 2020 6:51 am
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2020 12:43 pm

It would be difficult for the average person 2 understand some of the frustration, disappointment and disrespectful behaviour I've had 2 endure over time in trying find a compatible partner by posting ads on various dating sites. Over literally hundreds of replies significant percentage are everything from undesirable and unattractive guys, creepy perverts and stalkers, disrespectful arrogant dorks that believe I'm automatically obligated to have .sex. with them, guys that I stopped seeing some years ago that to this day will still phone me sometimes at very awkward moments looking for more. There are attached guys who can only get very limited time away or guys that live some distance away making the reality of meeting unlikely. Secretive paranoid suspicious guys that must believe I’m going 2 out them, or that suffer Tranny remorse preferring not even talk, just enter a darkened room orgasm and leave. Newbie guys that will lead. me on. just .to get information .to. satisfy their curiosity about trans that after several favourable exchanges will impolitely end never .2. be heard from again, presumptuous guys that ask personal questions of the inappropriate type they would never ask a genetic girl or stranger. I realize that ultimately this is about .sex. but I don’t think it necessary .2. be blatant, especially before even determining whether there .is. compatibility.

Then there are guys that even after screening them over numerous messages and with a phone conversation will stand me u.p after I’ve spent several hours prepping 2 meet, with no communications afterwards no excuse no apology. Or guys that I’ve arranged 2 meet that show u.p at my door that have lied about their appearance, age, or other things. This is why I request photos and to speak on the phone before any meeting. All of this rude, mistrustful or nervous behaviour makes a gurl feel undignified and subhuman and sets a cold unwelcoming environment for being intimate.

Being trans / CD and finding a partner is like nothing in life other people would ever experience. A trans person 2 guys is strictly a .sex. object, and guys are interested only when they have an impulse for this particular type of arousal, which I understand and am ok with, but for some men this is once / yr and they can be very fickle, aloof or rude otherwise. Many normally well mannered guys completely forget common etiquette. I am picky and do not meet with just anyone, and I’m also a decent trustworthy discreet person and all of this becomes so demeaning.
Sorry I didn’t mean 2 rant, just explaining the way it is for many of us gurls.
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Posted:Apr 26, 2020 11:42 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2020 7:22 am
The utmost demonstration of femininity and submission is deliberately transforming 2 appear and act as a sexy alluring female for the purpose of attracting the sexual attention of well endowed men. Knowing this provokes men 2 ultimately want sex and fully knowing that I lack proper female anatomy and that this will result in only being able to offer my bum as a substitute for a vagina for their penetration and sexual satisfaction.

After my lover with his challenging sized cock penetrates me I love the exhilaration and sensations that begin to occur when my bum stops resisting his largeness and becomes conditioned to expansion to the point his cock can now be removed and re-entered without any discomfort and only provides magnificent sexy and over the top pleasurable sensations of expansion and submission to him, also a sense that I am able to sexually satisfy him. I love it when he pins me down and becomes lost in just slamming me hard!

To remind of my purpose and my role as a little fem to serve large cocked Gentlemen for their sexual enjoyment, I wear tiny silken women's panties at all times, feeling the gentle pull of soft satin on the crack of my smooth hairless bum and crotch, their silkiness rubbing against my shaven gurl cock with every step, sometimes inserting a butt plug to condition for upcoming expansion. To keep front of mind that I’m a slave to the sensation of being penetrated and expanded for the purpose of my suitors sexual pleasure.
Posted:Apr 16, 2020 6:54 am
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2020 10:57 am

The people that do not have photos, you’re missing out on others contacting you. Even if its you initiating contact with someone they may not bother to investigate you further without knowing what you look like or not want the hassle of trying to negotiate a photo from you. Lets face it much to do with all this is physical attraction, so photos are essential if you are serious to meet someone.
There are so many other people that do offer photos you could just be passed over, never given a second thought.
I understand that people are concerned about discretion but a photo does not necessarily have to be revealing of your identity. Any decent photo is better than no photo... wear sunglasses or hat or photo from a non revealing angle or just post a decent body or cock photo.
Cameras are so prevalent these days so not having a photo can give others an impression that you are paranoid or unappealing in some way.
The same goes for lack of basic personal data.
Posted:Dec 22, 2019 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2020 10:59 am
There exists a phenomenon in societies that a percentage of males who identify as straight have a sexual interest in transgendered (Male Female M - F), cross-dressers (CD) or effeminate males. This seems be a phenomenon that exists within cultures, religions, races, ages and regardless of social status or wealth. These men come from walks of life are often married some with families and do not identify themselves as homosexual with some acknowledging being bisexual. Homosexual men tend not be attracted sexually females or the female form.

The Trans / CD admirers are drawn for somewhat varying reasons ranging from a desire give oral sex a male but find doing so a masculine male unappealing, finding Trans / CD's more sexually alluring than genetic women due their usually excessive femininity and sexy attire, or they are affected by the CD phenomenon and have desires CD themselves, wanting receive anal penetration, are some of the reasons. It is not uncommon for heterosexual men enjoy anal stimulation or penetration during sexual arousal. Would this scenario automatically categorize this type of male as homosexual?

Most all admirers are especially concerned about discretion and paranoid about being discovered due to society's view towards homosexuality, transgendered or non masculine males as inferior. In consideration of the rarity of hearing socially about someone that has been caught pursuing his trans interests by his wife, girlfriend, family or friends it is peculiar that more is not heard about this phenomenon of some men sexually attracted to M to F transgendered.

Transgendered, Trans, Cross-dresser, Drag queen? "Transgendered" can be somewhat of a catch all term because CD's have transgender issues too.

Most CD's are not homosexual but bisexual because they are typically sexually attracted to women. Their propensity to dress is more to satisfy a sexual fetish and to attract males for sexual purposes, but may have transgender issues to some degree. True transgendered people feel they were born the wrong gender. Drag Queens are typically gay males that dress for reasons of expressing a flamboyant form of art as in Drag performance and to attract straight males for sexual purposes.
Posted:Dec 11, 2019 8:12 am
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2020 7:47 am

Does anyone on this site actually meet? I have politely initiated contact with numerous guys who in their profile say they are interested in TS/TV/TG but I usually hear nothing back. Or there are guys that contact me, I have a welcoming favourable exchange with, then they disappear, do not respond to any further messages, not even a courtesy “sorry not interested”. And I've been stood up after spending a month arranging to meet.
Is this all just a fantasy for people, a meeting place for discourteous wet dreamers?
Posted:Dec 1, 2019 9:49 am
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2020 11:01 am
I'm just an innocent little Trannygurl NOT some conniving, devious, scammer or whatever it is guys believe us gurls are.

I am becoming discouraged, disappointed, frustrated with this dating thing. There's a lot of talk but no action and terribly slow response times all of which makes it so difficult meet decent people. They all seem be paranoid about indiscretion, fickle, non committal wishy washy about meeting, attached and can't get away, or can't meet in the evenings, or live a 00 miles away, or are disrespectful, or they are overweight or not attractive, can't get it up, small cocked, or poor communicators that after exchanging a few favourable messages suddenly go silent, then weeks or months later on a whim with no prior notice will want to meet... or impolitely just go silent forever. Then some guys must think us gurls just sit around all dolled up and waiting for a call expecting me to be instantly available to accommodate their needs. It takes me a few hours to prep and dress plus mental preparation so good planning and communications are important.

Ok, sorry for the rant!

I'm just an innocent little trannygurl that wants a decent easy going guy with ABOVE AVERAGE SIZED PACKAGE that I can entertain once a week on a casual basis so I can satisfy him orally and him slam me hard. Nothing more, no hidden agenda, no scamming, deceit or indiscretion. I understand that guys need to be discreet with meeting. Good guys are difficult to find and I would probably want to meet with him again, so I would not want to do anything that could possibly jeopardize our relation.
A gurl needs her satisfaction too. So guys, get over it! And get on with it!
Surely Mr. Right is there?

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